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Sam Smith Puts A Digital Coat Of Paint On Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’

Sam Smith has given a fresh coat of paint to Donna Summer‘s disco smash, “I Feel Love.” It was produced by Guy Lawrence of Disclosure, a long-time collaborator, who brings out a futuristic sharpness that seemingly captures the feeling of love in the age of dating apps on smartphones. Maybe that’s too much of a read into it, but Smith’s “I Feel Love” is crystalline and electric. It’s going to be everywhere this holiday, especially for the Target holiday campaign that it was commissioned for.

This rendition of “I Feel Love” feels like cracking open a smartphone, shrinking down to microscopic size, and then going on a journey through the right and left swipes on profiles of people that you think are cute. Lawrence breathes life into the groovy landscape with a little bit of a drum kick here, a touch of ride cymbal there, and fresh waves of synths that ease you into a sense of calm. But for the most part, the air of the original permeates the track, that and a fresh coat of digital paint. Smith reaches dreamy new highs as they traverses this realm like they are frolicking through a field where diamonds are flowers. The last-minute of the track is voiceless. Lawrence turns the percussion up and lets the funk roar louder than ever before. It’s the perfect end to this modern remake.

Smith released an awesomely epic video for “How Do You Sleep?” that featured them in an epic dance routine, hanging out with robots, and a biker shredding a half pipe. Earlier this year, they collaborated with Normani for “Dancing With A Stranger.”

Listen to Smith’s digital cover of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” up above.

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