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James Blake’s New Video For ‘I’ll Come Too’ Is Unbirdlievable

Birds are such beautiful creatures. If you’re interested in birdwatching, James Blake‘s new video for “I’ll Come Too” is perfect for you; if not, you’ll find yourself contemplating picking up the activity after checking it out. In this four-minute clip of unused footage from the BBC documentary Planet Earth II, albatrosses and penguins have a relaxing day off the coast of Southern New Zealand.

When I say relaxed, that’s just it – it’s really about relaxing. It turns out, birds, no matter the kind, are some of the most chill organisms on the face of the planet. The penguins scan the horizon from the trees, watching other birds take to the skies. The albatrosses shake their heads back and forth rapidly and peck at their own skin.

When they aren’t doing either of these things, both the albatrosses and penguins have a little fun. Albatrosses take to the skies and lock beaks with each other in an adorable kissing-like motion. Penguins also do something a bit similar with their beaks but it’s a bit more awkward and stilted. It’s a blushingly adorable sight. There’s no hidden message or any overarching narrative to focus on. So while zoning out to Blake’s dreamy voice, just stretch your feet on your desk and watch some birds having fun.

I’ll Come Too” appears on Blake’s fourth studio album, Assume Form. In August, he released an equally epic video for “Can’t Believe The Way We Flow.”

Take a look at some relaxing bird fun in “I’ll Come Too” up above.

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