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Daniel Craig Recalls Trading Injuries With Dave Bautista While Filming Spectre, And Both Sound Gnarly

We were doing this scene, it was a fight sequence on a train in Spectre. We learned this for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, and weeks. You basically spend a week shooting it and Dave was being really great with me, but he’s a big, big guy, and I forget how big he is. He was sort of throwing me against this wall and he was being very gentle, because so he should– it’s pretend. I just said, ‘Dave, Dave, mate, it’s alright. C’mon. You can chuck me a bit. Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.’ So, he did. I ended up on the wall, but my knee was sort of over there somewhere. I was like, ‘Oh god.’ I knew it was horrible. Anyone who’s had that kind of injury, you just know in your head that something is wrong.

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