Borat 2: Watch Police Body Cam Footage From An Officer Who Allegedly Pulled Him Over

The video was reportedly filmed in January 2020 by Lamb, who had a body-worn camera on during the police response to the call made in Lilburn, a Georgia city 25 miles from Atlanta. As the video shows, Borat was questioned by Lamb, who asked him for his identification during the interaction. Sacha Baron Cohen’s character first took out an “honor certificate” that he claimed proved his daughter was “one of my properties.”

8 Great Anthony Anderson Performance You May Have Forgotten About

Terry Nolan – Big Momma’s House

By the time the 21st Century rolled around, Martin Lawrence was a massive star and his summer 2000 hit comedy Big Momma’s House only made a stronger case for the box office draw. Seriously, the movie remains one of the funniest of Lawrence’s career and that era in general, 20 years later. In addition to Lawrence, the movie also featured a star-in-the-making with Terrence Howard, Paul Giamatti, Nia Long, and none other than Anthony Anderson.

Appearing as Terry Nolan, the dim-witted security guard who always finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, Anthony Anderson pretty much steals every scene he’s in, but those appearances are few and far between. Anderson wasn’t quite the movie star he would become when he appeared in Big Momma’s House, which is probably why he’s not as remembered here.

5 Things Disney’s Space Mountain Movie Needs To Include

An Actual Mountain In Space

The first Disneyland roller coaster was the Matterhorn, built to resemble the actual mountain found in the Alps. So, since then, the major Disney attractions of significant size, mostly roller coasters, all were given the name “mountain.” Some of them, like Thunder Mountain Railroad, make some sense, as there is an actual, albeit scaled-down, mountain in the attraction. But what exactly is a Space Mountain anyway? Clearly the only reason it has that name is that it’s a large roller coaster. The coaster itself is the “mountain.”

Haunting Of The Mary Celeste’s Emily Swallow Talks Challenges Of The ‘Claustrophobic’ Sets

It was claustrophobic. [laughs] We didn’t do any of it on a soundstage. Everything that we shot on the boat was on that teeny little boat, and you couldn’t take out a wall to fit in the camera. Like, everyone that was in the scene needed to fit in there. And then all of the equipment needed to fit in there. And our DP, Raquel Nuñez, is just such a superhero. And I feel like she has shapeshifting abilities because she would cram herself into corners to try to get a certain shot and she would climb up on top of things and hang over things. And that was definitely helpful for us as actors, to actually be in that tiny space. And to be honest, to feel like we were on a boat that could sink at any minute because that thing was so beat up. So that was very helpful, and I’m glad that it came across as feeling claustrophobic. We also did a lot of the shots kind of in the middle of the night out in the San Francisco Bay area. So getting to actually shoot at night, getting to feel that claustrophobic space? It was very helpful in actually conveying that.

Kevin Smith Reveals How Ben Affleck’s Mallrats Character Fits Into The Sequel

Just a few days ago, director Kevin Smith’s second movie, Mallrats, celebrated its 25th anniversary. With the filmmaker having recently returned to his View Askewniverse through Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, he’s gearing up to jump back into this shared continuity through Mallrats 2, which was initially envisioned as a movie, then shifted to a TV series, and is now back to being a movie.

The Weird Back To The Future Prop Lea Thompson Saved From Part 2

For those that don’t recall, the prosthetic in discussion here is part of the costume that Lea Thompson wears as the alternate 1985 version of Lorraine, a.k.a. Lorraine Baines Tannen. In the horrible timeline created when 1955 Biff gets a sports almanac from his future self, Lorraine winds up marrying him and lives like a prisoner in a hotel/casino penthouse that her husband owns. When Marty shows up, it winds up causing a major fight, during which Lorraine reveals that Biff basically forced her to get breast implants. She yells in anger that her rotten spouse can “keep them,” which is funny to think about now knowing that Lea Thompson was actually the one who kept them. This delightful moment is captured in the screenshot below:

The Battlestar Galactica Movie Is Back On With Some X-Men Talent

According to THR, Simon Kinberg will write and produce the Battlestar Galactica movie, and rather than work off a preexisting script, he’ll be tackling the story “from the ground up.” Kinberg will work alongside producer Dylan Clark, who has been attached to the Battlestar Galactica movie for many years. Here’s what Kinberg had to say about joining the project in a statement:

New Porn Stats Reveal The Worst Hollywood Chris, And It’s Not Chris Pratt

I’d be interested to see how the worst Chris/best Chris debate plays out on other porn sites, but so far all we have is this one graph to go off of. Of course, we’ve done our own research at CinemaBlend previously, and — spoiler alert — Chris Evans won a poll on our site too, though that was when asked a simple question about who is the best Chris. (To clarify, we were not asking about porn searches.) Unfortunately, in that poll Chris Pine was eventually voted as the least best Chris as well.