Senate Unanimously Passed a Bill Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

Juneteenth is on its way to becoming a federal holiday. The Senate unanimously passed a decision on Tuesday establishing June 19 as Juneteenth National Independence Day, a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the United States.

The day has long been celebrated within the Black community, but legislation gained traction during the Black Lives Matter uprising following George Floyd’s murder by police officer Derek Chauvin. Couple that with the Democrat majority in Congress and the bill was passed with little pushback. Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson did express opposition to the bill in 2020, but said in a statement that he will support it since “there is no appetite in Congress to further discuss the matter.”

Vice President Kamala introduced the bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday in 2020 when she was still a Senator. “Juneteenth is a day to remember the millions who died from enslavement in America, and those who survived and fought to end it,” Sen. Harris tweeted on June 18. “And it needs to be a national holiday. We’re introducing a bill to do just that.”

Juneteenth will become a federal holiday once passed by the House of Representatives. However, the announcement is not without criticism, with many pointing out that this is a distraction from important racial issues.

As columnist Renée Graham tweeted, “The Senate unanimously passed legislation to make Juneteenth a federal holiday, yet many of these senators don’t want schoolchildren to be taught why Juneteenth is relevant or the centuries-long atrocities that preceded it.” 

Others point out that while Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday is important, so is teaching about it in schools. “Getting Juneteenth recognized as a National holiday doesn’t stop the fight for police reform & reparations. It’s an opportunity to TEACH the masses about an important part of AA history,” one user tweeted.

Others are calling out the hypocrisy of the bill:

Twitter users are also reminding people of the huge reform that needs to be done within the police force and voting laws. “I have mixed feelings about making Juneteenth a federal holiday,” Terrance D. Carroll, the former speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, tweeted. “It’s probably a good thing, but I refuse to get too excited about something that doesn’t fundamentally change the status quo. A game changer is passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

The John Lewis Voting Rights Act is proposed legislation that would restore and strengthen parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, especially certain portions that were altered by the United States Supreme Court in 2013 after the Shelby County v. Holder decision.

And then there is the conversation surrounding the reparations that were promised to victims of slavery and their descendants that were never received. 

The reaction to the Juneteenth news is a reminder that although this is a step forward, there’s still a long way to go.

Christiane Amanpour Reveals Her Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis With a Message to Women Everywhere

Trailblazing journalist, former Glamour Woman of the Year, and chief international anchor for CNN Christiane Amanpour has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Returning to broadcast after a four-week hiatus, she made the announcement on June 14 during her global-affairs program for CNN International.

“I’ve had successful major surgery to remove it, and I’m now undergoing several months of chemotherapy for the very best possible long-term prognosis, and I’m confident,”  she said from her home studio in London.

“I’m telling you this in the interest of transparency but, in truth, really mostly as a shout-out to early diagnosis—to urge women to educate themselves on this disease, to get all the regular screenings and scans that you can, to always listen to your bodies, and of course, to ensure that your legitimate medical concerns are not dismissed or diminished,” she continued.

According to the American Cancer Society, ovarian cancer, a type of cancer that begins in the ovaries and mainly develops in older women, ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Amanpour’s call to action encouraging early detection is especially vital considering that only about 20% of ovarian cancers are found at an early stage. When ovarian cancer is found early, about 94% of patients live longer than five years after diagnosis. While there is no conclusive screening test for ovarian cancer in women without symptoms, a pelvic exam performed by a gynecologist during an annual checkup can be a helpful tool.

By harnessing her platform as she’s done for decades, reporting from the front lines and drawing urgent attention to global crises, Amanpour is raising ovarian cancer awareness and promoting that early diagnosis can, quite literally, save lives. Leave it to Amanpour to not waste any time championing women’s health—and to do so with matchless grace and courage.

Find more information on how to check for ovarian cancer here.

This story originally appeared on Vogue. 

Naj Austin Drops her Routine

Launching a social and wellness club right before a pandemic and then pivoting it into a thriving a digital community during an unprecedented time in history is no easy feat. And yet that’s exactly what entrepreneur Naj Austin has done.

When Ethel’s Club opened in November 2020, it was the first social club established to serve people of color. But when the pandemic hit New York, Austin made the difficult (and incredibly forward thinking) decision to pivot the club into a digital platform. Members wouldn’t be able to see each other in-person but they could still connect for workshops, yoga sessions, and browse the rotating online shop to pick from one of the ethically sourced, featured products. 

Austin, who serves as the CEO of Ethel’s Club, has made it her mission to make sure people of color have access to a community through which they can nurture and thrive, even through the darkest times. And she’s able to do the work by prioritizing her self-care. 

When it comes to Austin’s skin philosophy, she’s 100% a minimalist. “Skincare routines and products always seemed very daunting to me,” she says. “There were so many options, and you’d have to read all the reviews, like, it always felt like a big list. So I just optimized so that I could just sort of stick to the routine that I have. My approach is definitely less is more.”

For the latest Drop the Routine, Austin breaks down how she keeps her combination skin calm and moisturized before she gets to work. 

My AM Cleanser

Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser


Krave Beauty

In the morning, I’m using the Krave Matcha Hemp Cleanser. I like it because it makes me feel really squeaky clean, which is how I like to feel in the morning you know, like I just got out of the shower. It just feels like everything is good. I usually don’t double cleanse and it’s usually just one cleanse in the AM.

My PM Cleanser

Milky Jelly Cleanser



In the PM, I use the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. My room gets pretty dry at night– well, I guess it’s dry all the time– and because I’m sleeping here for eight hours, I felt like my skin was starting to get really dry as well. Since I started using this cleanser, I’ve noticed that my skin is literally less ashy and gray, and it just feels better. So I use that one at night before I do the rest of my evening skincare routine.

My Toner

OLEHENRIKSEN Glow2OH Dark Spot Toner



I’m really obsessed with the tone and texture of my skin, but more so the tone. If I’m oily, whatever, but if I have a spot, I’m like stressed out. I use the OLEHENRIKSEN Glow 2OH Dark Spot Toner, typically at night. I don’t use this in the morning, just because I don’t want anything too strong on my face. 

My Serums

Cocokind Vitamin C Serum



Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum


Hyper Skin

Topicals Faded



After I’ve washed my face in the morning, I’ll then apply a serum. I just finished the Cocokind Vitamin C Serum. I really liked that, but last Christmas I asked for Hyper Skin’s Hyper Clear Brightening Serum which I’m currently using. In the evening, I’ll put on Topicals Faded Gel, and it’s literally almost out. I used to have a lot of hyperpigmentation from past breakouts. I was like, oh, maybe I should work on fixing this and that kind of kicked off  my interest in skincare.

My AM Moisturizer

Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+



Because I have this new product, I’ll apply the serum to a clean face and then follow up with a thick moisturizer. The one I’m using right now is Selfmade’s Secure Attachment Comfort Serum. It’s really thick and it smells really good, like grapefruit. 

MY PM Moisturizer

Balm Dotcom



Topicals Like Butter



If I’m feeling like I’m still really dry after I’ve applied the Faded Gel, I’ll either use the Glossier Mango Balm Dotcom, just on top, because I know I can get really dry at night in the apartment or the Topicals Like Butter. And that’s it. 


The Beet Shield


Krave Beauty

To finish up my face, I’ll add a touch of The Beet Shield by Krave, which always makes my skin all  smooth and it feels great. It’s one of my favorite products and I actually need to order more.

My Supplements

Rae Pre + Probiotic Dietary Supplement Capsules



This isn’t a beauty product per se but I take Rae Wellness Pre+ Probiotic Capsules in the morning too, because gut health is just as important as skin care. 

We Tried Everything From Olaplex, Here’s What’s Worth the Money

If you’re a hair aficionado—or desperately trying to fix a botched bleach job—then the best Olaplex  products might need no introduction. The haircare brand is beloved by celebrities, top stylists, and reviewers alike, and has made a name for itself as a must-have for color-treated hair

But despite the acclaim, there still seems to be a little confusion around what the products actually do. We’ll clear things up: Unlike other hair treatments that add moisture and shine to the outer layers of your hair (pretty straightforward stuff), Olaplex works on the molecular level to repair the bonds that make up our hair—and was the first brand to make this technology available in an at-home formula. By restoring these bonds, it makes hair stronger, healthier, and softer, which is how Olaplex came to be recommended by almost every hairstylist out there. This technology is particularly beneficial for anyone with bleached or color-treated hair, but it can also help reverse damage done from brushing, chemical processes, heat styling, and environment aggressors.

While the products aren’t as expensive as say, a Dyson dryer, they’re still more than your usual drugstore picks. That leads us to the obvious question: Is Olaplex actually worth the money? The short answer would be yes, it is. For more in-depth reviews, we asked Glamour editors with different hair types to put the line to the test. Scroll on for the best Olaplex products you’ll want to add to cart, stat.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

PDA Is Back, Baby, and Bennifer Is Proof

If you’d asked me for my opinion on public displays of affection pre-pandemic, I would have grimaced (and possibly fake gagged, depending on my mood). Maybe it was the embittered spinster in me acting up, but P.D.A. always seemed so, well…unnecessary in the before times. We get it! You’re in love! Save it for the privacy of your home or at least a bar bathroom!

Now, though, after a year-plus in which even touching other people was taboo, my tune has changed. Suddenly, I’m 100% down to celebrate love in all its disgusting forms; and when I learned that none other than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, a.k.a. Bennifer, had been spotted making out at a family dinner at Nobu in Malibu, my heart soared. 

As I peered at Page Six’s grainy image of Jen and Ben, locked in what was clearly a passionate clinch (with her hand on his face, no less! In front of family!), I realized the momentousness of the occasion. This was no elbow tap, no smooch through masks; the all-star pair was quite clearly Frenching (yes, I’m a sixth grader), and their exchange of saliva (ew, sorry) augured the return of full-fledged P.D.A.

James Devaney
Ben-Ari Finegold
New York Daily News Archive

In a few months or weeks, I predict we’ll be seeing young lovers all over the country wrap their arms around each other in public. Indeed, anecdotally, while out and about in Brooklyn this past weekend, I saw no fewer than five pairs of amoureux making out everywhere—on public parks, crowded dance floors, and—tragically, beautifully—the line outside Cobble Hill Cinemas. Between the advent of summer and New York City creeping toward a 70% vaccination rate, it seems nobody is remotely inclined to control their lust; and with celebs like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez bravely paving the way for sloppy mid-dinner kisses everywhere, why should they?

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Attended Their Daughter’s Graduation Together

Amid the reunion America can’t stop talking about–that is, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, not the cast of Friends, no offense–life goes on for students, and graduation season is upon us. Which is why Affleck took a break from sucking face with J.Lo to attend his daughter’s graduation alongside his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, their first documented outing together since the Batman actor got back with the “On the Floor” singer.

On June 14, Affleck and Garner attended their daughter Seraphina’s graduation from sixth grade; their other kids, Samuel and Violet, were also in attendance, as was Ben’s mom, per HollywoodLife

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck on February 27, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. Bauer-Griffin

That’s just one day after Affleck and Lopez were spotted at Nobu celebrating Lopez’s sister’s fiftieth birthday. Lopez’s twins Max and Emme joined them there, as well. So many big events! 

It seems like despite the inherent drama of one of the biggest celebrity couples of the 2000s rekindling their romance, everyone is handling the situation very (dare we say it?) maturely. According to multiple reports, Garner is happy for her ex and his ex. She reportedly just wants Ben to be happy, and she knows Lopez enough to sign off on the relationship. Besides, she’s allegedly got her own good thing going on with CaliBurger CEO John Miller.

It’s a good thing, too, because the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 2.0 relationship might be here to last. Sources say the formerly engaged couple want to spend “as much time together as possible,” and Lopez is reportedly looking to buy a house in Los Angeles and enroll her kids in school there in the Fall so she can be near Ben. She’s even been spotted wearing what looks like her boyfriend’s flannel. As anyone who’s ever seen a rom-com can tell you, borrowing his clothes means it’s for real.

Even A-Rod got in the get-back-together mood this weekend. What’s in the air, seriously?

16 Nursing Bras That Are Supportive and Comfortable

If you’re thinking of breastfeeding, you’ll need (1) a lot of patience and (2) the essentials—starting with the best nursing bras. Aside from accommodating your ever-changing breasts, a supportive and comfortable nursing bra can help provide easy access, catch leaking breast milk, and just help you feel more like yourself. 

Whether you’re nursing your first baby or your third, breastfeeding is anything but easy—or comfortable. But there are plenty of regular and plus-size options—moisture-wicking sports bras that you can pull down, lace bralettes with detachable nursing clips, and T-shirt bras with removable pads, to name a few—that can help you (and your boobs) make the transition.

We know too much choice can be overwhelming, especially if all of it is new to you. So we went to women who have been there—15 moms (slash designers, writers, bloggers, podcast hosts, and chefs)—to find out which brands and bra styles worked best for them during breastfeeding. (They also shared their favorite maternity underwear in case you’re looking for other intimate upgrades.) 

Ahead, shop the 16 best maternity and nursing bras—and in the meantime, learn more about what to look for in nursing bras, when exactly to buy them, and how they can make life much easier for breastfeeding mamas.

Why should I buy a nursing bra?

If you’re thinking about breastfeeding, it’s important to have a bra that fits well, protects you from potential leakage, and allows for easy nursing access. New York-based doula and Motherfigure advisor Robin Douthit, explains that a good nursing bra has twofold appeal: It can provide support “[when] breasts become heavier from colostrum (baby’s first milk), increased blood volume, and breast tissue plump with increased body fluids” as well as easy access to your boobs.

What are the benefits of wearing a nursing bra?

“There are so many different benefits you can get from wearing a nursing bra,” the experts at Hatch tell Glamour. For starters, they explain, you’ll be able to breastfeed without having to entirely take off your bra, because most lingerie pieces for nursing moms come with unique features you won’t typically find in nonmaternity styles. Think wire-free racerbacks, extra hook and eye closures, adjustable straps, space for extra nursing pads, clip-down cups (or drop-down cups), and soft seamless fabrics you can easily pull aside.  

Having the freedom to whip out a breast at a moment’s notice to feed a baby is obviously very important, but so is remembering that your breast size will change throughout the day as you build up and release milk supply. Hatch’s experts also point out that buying a bra that can stretch without losing shape is key to accommodate those fluctuations.

What’s up with pumping bras? 

Not every parent has the ability to nurse a tiny human from their breasts around the clock, and pumping bras can be a great solution for lactating mothers who like to keep extra breast milk on deck. They differ from nursing bras in that pumping bras are “designed to accommodate the pumps themselves with inserts or flaps that you can place, hold in, and pump hands-free,” the experts at Hatch say.

Most pumping bras resemble tight bandeaus with slits at the nipples where you insert the breast pumps, so unless you buy a convertible bra, you may need to alternate between your nursing and pumping bras. What pumping bras may lack in style (except if your Rachel McAdams), they make up in convenience by freeing your hands to do other things, like text, type, or take selfies with your little one. 

What to look for in a nursing bra…

Like pretty much everything in this world, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what nursing bra will (or won’t) work for you. That said, there are a few things women should consider when shopping for nursing bras. 

  1. Comfort: The appeal of a nursing bra is first and foremost comfort. Unlike with maternity bras and regular bras where you concentrate on support, ob-gyn and PH-D Feminine Health adviser Ruth Arumala, D.O., says you’ll want to be at ease for long periods of time in your nursing bra. Think of it this way: If it’s good enough for napping, it’s definitely good enough for nursing.
  2. Padding: Next up is padding, which Arumala says can help absorb any leaking breast milk. A long-line bralette with foam cups or a strapless nursing bra with molded cups that unhook in front are both solid options if you want to feel free but also supported.
  3. Bra extenders: The number of hooks is also key, Arumala says, “which can expand the bra size to accommodate your breasts as they grow.” Bra extenders, which can give your bra band a few extra inches (and yourself some wiggle room), can help you avoid having to purchase another bra if your cup size stays the same.
  4. Breathable fabric: Pregnant and lactating mamas can experience hot flashes due to fluctuating hormones, so Douthit recommends keeping an eye out for breathable, natural materials like cotton to help you stay cool (and be more gentle on sensitive nipples).
  5. Wireless bras: It all depends on what feels good to you, but most women prefer wireless over underwire nursing bras. Douthit warns underwire “can pinch or compress breast tissue and possibly cause a clogged milk duct or even worse, mastitis [breast infection].”
  6. Alternative bra styles: A.k.a sports bras and nighttime bras. Arumala specifically vouches for nighttime bras (or nursing sleep bras), which can absorb leaky breast milk while you snooze and be easily pulled aside for feeding thanks to the soft, stretchy fabric. Board-certified perinatal R.N. Tanya Singleton also recommends considering styles that are supportive and flexible for daytime use, like a spandex sports bra with wide shoulder straps that won’t dig into the shoulders.

When should you buy a nursing bra? 

While nursing tank tops or bras can be purchased during various stages of pregnancy, Singleton suggests holding off on buying a nursing bra until the very end to get an accurate sense of your new cup sizes and band sizes. “Breasts change so much in the first two to six weeks after birth [and] what’s comfortable during pregnancy might not be during that early transition,” she explains. 

Douthit echoes this sentiment and says that “fit is everything.” She too recommends waiting to add to a nursing bra to cart until the mature milk has come in and your breasts have reached their most “swollen-with-milk size.” With that, read up on 16 recommended nursing bras from the women who swear by them.

Simone Biles Finds Her Balance

Simone Biles is the greatest gymnast in history. No caveats, no gender qualifiers, no getting around the fact that at 24, she’s broken just about every record there is to break. Twenty-five World Championship medals, four never-before-been-done moves named after her, and a performance level so fearless, it raised the bar for the entire sport. And she’s still at the top of her game, making her one of the best all-around athletes of our time, a competitor whose name will forever belong in the same breath as Serena Williams and Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps.

But for all the gold and GOAT talk, it’s easy to forget that this is a woman who redefined the limits of what the human body is capable of while carrying the mental burden of competing for an organization that failed to protect its athletes—including her—from a documented culture of abuse. And that was before the stress of 2020 hit and the fate of the Tokyo Olympics—which were meant to be Biles’s last—became uncertain.

But more on all that later. Right now Simone Biles is just like the rest of us—signing onto Zoom from home, waiting to get back out there.

David Koma dress. Schiaparelli necklace. Tiffany Rose hair ties. Third Crown ring.

During the last year, Biles used her unexpected downtime to buy her own house in Texas, a space she designed for her and her two Frenchies, Lilo and Rambo. This is where she’s sitting when we virtually meet, settled comfortably in a sun-filled room, a loose gray sweater wrapped around her shoulders, at ease in the way we really only ever are in our own space.

Biles spent most of quarantine here during the early, anxious days of the pandemic, but while we were baking banana bread and tie-dyeing sweatshirts, she was grappling with the fact that her chance to finish the career she’d sacrificed her entire life for might be stolen by the pandemic. Navigating a postponement would mean another year of pushing her body to its limit; and Biles’s job relies on her body—a finely calibrated machine conditioned by thousands of hours of workouts to peak at precisely the right moment every four years.

Then it became official: In late March, Texas went under total lockdown. No more training. For seven weeks Biles sat idle, weighing how to commit herself physically and mentally to the uncertainty. It took a toll. “I got to process all the emotions,” she says. “I got to go through being angry, sad, upset, happy, annoyed. I got to go through all of it by myself, without anybody telling me what to feel.”

Every TV Show That’s Been Canceled in 2021

Almost a decade of crime-solving can hardly be considered a failure.

The Unicorn: two seasons

The dating woes of a widowed father might not have found a massive fanbase, but for those who turned in it was a great mix of fun and feeling.


Bless the Harts: two seasons

This animated comedy was perhaps a little too crass for viewers used to the poignancy of Bojack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie.

Last Man Standing: nine seasons

Guess this won’t be the last show standing? Perhaps not surprising considering the Tim Allen series, which centered the story of a man in a family of all women, failed to find footing with critics. 

Prodigal Son: two seasons

And like the prodigal son, this procedural drama, about the son of a serial killer, returned…and then didn’t.

Filthy Rich: one season

If you’re sad to see this one go, we suggest checking out The Righteous Gemstones instead.

neXt: one season

The premiere for this drama about a cybersecurity team was shuffled around due to the pandemic, likely a factor in its cancellation. 

The CW

Black Lightning: four seasons

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice—but in this case, it never strikes the same place five times. Many will be sad to see the superhero drama go—it even holds a coveted 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Bulletproof: three seasons

Safe from bullets? Yes. Safe from cancellation? No. The cop drama was pulled from the CW’s streaming service after misconduct allegations against actor Noel Clarke.

Trickster: one season

The supernatural coming-of-age drama might be gone, but The CW still has plenty more available for your entertainment. 

The CW/Steve Dietl

Burden of Truth: four seasons

Sadly, the case has closed for this legal drama starring Kristin Kreuk.

Pandora: two seasons

Pandora’s box indeed. This sci-fi action series will not be returning for a third season.

Supergirl: six seasons

Well, there’s always the spin-off, Superman & Lois. 


Siren: 3 seasons

Honestly, it’s a little shocking that a drama about merpeople hasn’t taken off. 


American Princess: one season

They should have waited until our actual American princess was born.


Vagrant Queen: one season

See you at comic-con.

We will update this post as more announcements are made about canceled TV shows in 2021.

Everything We Know So Far About the Beauty and the Beast Live-Action Series

If you were sitting around thinking, I need more Beauty and the Beast in my life, today is your lucky day. 

Expanded universes and the return to popular franchises are all the rage these days, and during Disney Investor Day 2020, the company announced a live-action prequel series featuring two popular Beauty and the Beast characters, playing off the 2017 film starring Emma Watson as Belle. 

That’s right, LeFou and Gaston—played by Josh Gad and Luke Evans—are getting an origin story in a limited series for Disney+. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be six musical episodes in the as-yet-untitled show. We think it would be safe to say that there will be plenty of comedic moments mixed in with the songs as well. 

Here’s everything we know so far about the Beauty and the Beast live-action series.  

The cast. Gad and Evans will be back in their roles. “Luke and I will perform the sizzle live for you all. Don’t worry. Right @TheRealLukevans? #BeautyAndTheBeastPrequel,” Gad tweeted and Evans replied, “Well, ok then.”

THR reports that neither Watson nor Dan Stevens are attached but “sources say there is a possibility that they could pop in for a guest spot.”

The creative team. Gad will also serve as one of the showrunners, alongside Once Upon a Time creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Composer Alan Menken, who did the music for the iconic 1991 animated film, is also in talks to join the series. 

The plot. The series is still in the early stages of development but THR sources say it “will take place well before the events of the film and also expand the Beauty and the Beast universe.”

The release date. No timeframe has been set yet for the premiere—but we cannot wait. 

This post will be updated as more information about the Beauty and the Beast series becomes available.