Free People’s Annual Sale Is Here for 24-Hours Only

Black Friday is around the corner, and like plenty of other retailers (hi, Nordstrom and Madewell), Free People is launching its holiday blowout early. The annual Free People sale is happening from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. PST on November 13—and everything on-site will be marked down.

Loyal customers know that a site-wide Free People sale is rare (they typically only happen once a year). During the flash sale, you can get 20% off your purchase of $250–$499 and 25% off when you spend $500 or more. Even though the promo only lasts a day, anyone with the Free People app can preview the deals ahead of time (3 p.m. PST on November 12 to be exact).

Need to refresh your arsenal of cozy sweaters and leggings for winter? Cozy up for less coin. Want to snag stocking stuffers for your loved ones? Check off that gift list. And in case you need more reason to shop, the retailer is also offering free shipping on orders over $100. (Psst…you can also make in-store returns, which is a perk if you live near a Free People store and feel comfortable venturing out into the world.)

A site-wide sale can be overwhelming, especially when it’s associated with the word flash. So to help you find the pieces worth your money, we cherry-picked the 21 best Free People sale items to add to cart now. (Spoiler: Meghan Markle’s beloved Veja sneakers are in the mix.) Check out our must-have picks below, and grab them while you can. 

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Your First Look at the American Horror Story Spin-Off Is Here

If you can never get enough of American Horror Story, here’s some good news: Ryan Murphy has announced a new spin-off series.

Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, Glee, Pose, and more of your TV favorites, took to Instagram to share the news. The spin-off is called American Horror Stories—that’s gonna get confusing—and it’s basically a bunch of one-off episodes in the same vein as the scary anthology series.

American Horror Story cast Zoom call…where we reminisced about the good times…the spin-off we’re doing called American Horror Stories (one-hour contained episodes)…when we will start filming the next season of the mothership…and other stuff I cannot print,” the showrunner wrote in his caption on May 11. “It was so much fun and I’m glad we caught up. I miss everyone!”

On Tuesday, May 26, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that FX has picked up American Horror Stories and that the format will be similar to Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone: a different, self-contained story for each episode.

Here’s everything we know about the series so far: 

We have our first look. He shared a poster for the series on Twitter in mid-November 2020. 

American Horror Story cast members will appear in the spinoff. Murphy also confirmed this on Twitter in November 2020. “It’s the AHS spin-off,” he wrote. “We are doing 16 one-hour standalone episodes delving into horror myths, legends, and lore…many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love. More to follow…”

The premiere date. Unclear, though production on this was probably affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The start date for American Horror Story season 10 was. “You know, nobody so far has called me up and said, ‘Okay, we have a plan to move forward for shooting,’” Murphy told The Wrap earlier this year about AHS 10. “So until that day, everybody is kind of on pause. I honestly don’t know. But it’s a great season and I know all the actors are chomping at the bit to get into it, so that’s all I know.” Cast member Finn Wittrock said in an October 2020 interview that the cast will start filming “soon.”

We will update this post with more information as it comes in. 

A Bachelorette Fan Theory Suggests Tayshia’s Ex-Husband Comes on Her Season

Tayshia Adams’s season of The Bachelorette properly kicked off on Tuesday, November 10, and it’s already so much better than Clare Crawley’s. Sorry, I had to say it. No shade to Crawley—I’m happy she found love with contestant Dale Moss (albeit quickly). But because we knew that’s where her heart was, the stakes were incredibly love. With Adams, though, we don’t know who she’s feeling right now. She gave her First Impression rose to Spencer, but then had the cutest date with Brendan. Who will she choose in the end? It’s a true mystery!

Also a mystery: why Adams’s ex-husband, Josh Bourelle, seemingly makes a voice cameo in a promo for her Bachelorette season. ABC has not confirmed this, but a TikToker who goes by @bigmoodbayley pointed it out. 

In a now-viral post, @bigmoodbayley calls out how a man off camera in the Bachelorette promo says, “It’s only a matter of time before she realizes the truth.” The subtitles credit that voice to Bourelle, a.k.a Adams’s ex. What is happening?! 

Watch the promo for yourself, below: 

And the TikToker’s theory video here: 

Is this a glitch or a tease of what’s to come? Does Bourelle somehow play a hand in Adams’s season of The Bachelorette? I was already intrigued before, but now I’m dying to know what happens. 

Tayshia Adams and Josh Bourelle were married for less than two years and split in late 2017. “I felt a lot of pressure to make sure that my marriage worked,” Adams told Bach alum Dean Unglert about her marriage on his Help! I Suck at Dating podcast in 2019, per Us Weekly. “So at the same time I made sure to do everything I needed to do in order to know that I did everything I could at the end of the day. It definitely was scary to tell my parents it’s just not working out. Before my divorce, I really wasn’t open with my parents about every single thing that was going on in my relationship-slash-me in general. But because of my divorce, I opened up a lot more and they are now my closest friends in a way.”

CMA Awards Question: Why Was Nobody Six Feet Apart or Wearing Real Masks?

The CMA Awards 2020 went down on Wednesday, November 11 and it was, in many ways, your standards awards show. Which presents a problem, seeing as though we’re still in the middle of a global pandemic

While pre-show reports suggested the CMA Awards would follow social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines, the actual ceremony painted a different story. Some of the artists in attendance were photographed wearing masks, but a shocking number of them weren’t. Many were seen holding these mask-like contraptions that weren’t fastened to your face. You had to hold them the entire time, which seems cumbersome and ineffective.

Maren Morris and Miranda Lambert 

John Shearer/Getty Images

Carrie Underwood and Lauren Alaina 

John Shearer/Getty Images

Other snaps show country’s biggest stars clinking glasses seated at tables that don’t seem that far apart. Again, there’s nary a mask in sight. 

(L-R) Katherine Blasingame, Eric Church, Jon Pardi, Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking 

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

It’s standard protocol in our new normal to wear a mask when standing up in indoor spaces. However, I’m not sure celebs who went to the CMA Awards know that: 

 Luke Combs and Nicole Hocking

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Six feet apart? They don’t know her. 

(L-R) Caylee Hammack, Miranda Lambert and Lauren Alaina 

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Fans called out the CMA Awards 2020 on Twitter for these oversights. “Am I the only person on here who is wondering why NOBODY in the audience socially distant of course are wearing masks at the CMA awards?!?!!” one person tweeted. 

“Why are the CMA awards filled with a bunch a people with NO MASKS??? It’s a global pandemic people!” added another. 

“CMA awards are totally ignoring COVID practices. No mask no social distancing. So irresponsible!!!” wrote a third. 

The CMA Awards has not responded directly to criticisms of its social distancing practices. As a friendly reminder, though: Remember to keep your mask on in crowded spaces, remain six feet apart from people when possible, and avoid large indoor gatherings as much as you can. In other words, don’t do what many of the folks at the CMA Awards just did. Insert side-eye emoji. 

Here’s What You Didn’t See on Tayshia’s First Bachelorette Episode

We don’t have our finale date announced yet. What I can say is that we did announce Matt James’ premiere date, which is January 4. Tayshia’s season will end before that, but you’ll definitely feel Tayshia did not get shorted. You’ll see what feels like an entire season with Tayshia, but it will end before Matt’s season starts.

So January 3rd? 

It will end in 2020, I can tell you that.

What about After the Final Rose and Men Tell All tapings? Typically those are filmed with an audience, so how will those look? 

The Tell All, which is never live, won’t have an audience like normal. But I think everybody felt like these guys are too good not to give them a Tell All and see what they’ve been up to. With After the Final Rose, it’s a still a little bit more up in the air. We’re still working on that.

Matt James’s season is currently filming, so how is that going? And will Tyler Cameron be a part of it in some way? 

Filming is going great. Matt is an absolutely fantastic Bachelor. He’s a little bit of a different Bachelor because he doesn’t come from a prior season, which is nice to see. He’s everything you want in a Bachelor, which is a guy who is looking to find somebody he can be with and settle down with and be in love with. You might see a little bit of Tyler, but this is really Matt’s journey.

What about Matt’s mom?

Yeah, I think everybody wants to see the family. We’re cognizant of that. It’s great that we’re able to get people tested and quarantined pretty easily now, so we will take that under advisement. Everybody loves Matt’s family.

Finally, let’s talk about Bachelor in Paradise. Could it start up earlier in the new year instead of the summer? It feels like the perfect show to do since you’re all in one location.

We have every intention of figuring out how to do Bachelor in Paradise. We have a little bit of time because we need to see where the world is, but if you think about it, we have Peter’s cast, we have Tayshia’s cast, we will have Matt James’s cast, and then whoever the next Bachelorette is. That is four really great groups of men and women to stock the pond with, so of course you’re going to have a great season of Bachelor in Paradise. We’re committed to figuring out how we can make that work.

Would you consider switching The Bachelorette from the spring and putting Paradise in its spot, with The Bachelorette in the summer? 

You never say never. What helps getting the Bachelorette done earlier is that if a Bachelor is going to come from there, you can get him announced and cast women for him earlier. There are a lot of great guys in Clare and Tayshia’s season that I think could be potential Bachelors. But had we done that, and taken the Bachelor from this season, the girls we cast would not have known who he was as opposed to now—they all know who Matt is. That’s something to think about, but I know people want Paradise as soon as possible. We will absolutely take it under advisement.

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Twitter at @JRadloff and on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14.

A Complete History of Michelle and Barack Obama’s Relationship

Barack and Michelle Obama spent eight years in the White House, modeling a loving, happy relationship for the country and world. But their love story goes back way further than that, to their days at a Chicago law firm that eventually led to a first date, a family, and a partnership admired by millions. 

Let’s take a trip back in time and reminisce about one of the all-time great love stories with some of the couple’s most important moments. 


Michelle Robinson is a 25-year-old attorney at the Chicago firm of Sidley Austin when she is tasked with showing the new guy, Barack Obama, around. “Because I went to Harvard and he went to Harvard, and the firm thought, Oh, we’ll hook these two people up,” she told ABC News. “So, you know, there was a little intrigue, but I must say after about a month, Barack, about a month in, asked me out, and I thought, No way. This is completely tacky.”

“Not once, though, did I think about him as someone I’d want to date,” she wrote in her memoir, Becoming. “For one thing, I was his mentor at the firm. I’d also recently sworn off dating altogether, too consumed with work to put any effort into it.” 

Eventually they do go on that date, which involves ice cream, a long walk, and a movie. In fact, a fictionalized version of the day was even turned into a movie: Southside With You

“We clicked right away…by the end of the date, it was over…I was sold,” Michelle said. Meanwhile, Barack told O, “I treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer, our dinner table doubling as the curb. I kissed her, and it tasted like chocolate.” 


After two years of dating, Barack and Michelle get engaged on July 31, 1991. 

Michelle wrote about that night in Becoming: 

Barack Obama Is Opening Up About the Toll the Presidency Took on His Marriage to Michelle

Barack Obama‘s highly-anticipated memoir, A Promised Land —the first volume, at least—doesn’t officially come out until November 17. But we’re already getting some clues to what the 44th President of the United States will be talking about thanks to a new excerpt obtained by CNN

Of course, his wife, Michelle, is a major figure, and in the excerpt Obama opens up about how the presidency affected his marriage. 

“And yet, despite Michelle’s success and popularity, I continued to sense an undercurrent of tension in her, subtle but constant, like the faint thrum of a hidden machine,” he writes. “It was as if, confined as we were within the walls of the White House, all her previous sources of frustration became more concentrated, more vivid, whether it was my round the clock absorption with work, or the way politics exposed our family to scrutiny and attacks, or the tendency of even friends and family members to treat her role as secondary in importance.”

“Lying next to Michelle in the dark, I’d think about those days when everything between us felt lighter, when her smile was more constant and our love less encumbered, and my heart would suddenly tighten at the thought that those days might not return,” he continued

Both Obamas are quite open about their affection for each other, so it’s also great to see how they’ve worked through these tougher times. “Every day with @MichelleObama makes me a better husband, a better father, and a better human,” he wrote on Instagram for their anniversary last month. 

CNN’s excerpts also include Barack Obama speaking about his former VP and current president-elect Joe Biden. “I liked the fact that Joe would be more than ready to serve as president if something happened to me—and that it might reassure those who still worried I was too young,” he writes. “What mattered most, though, was what my gut told me—that Joe was decent, honest, and loyal. I believed that he cared about ordinary people, and that when things got tough, I could trust him. I wouldn’t be disappointed.”

A Promised Land will be released on November 17. 

A Pregnant Gabby Barrett Crushed Her Performance at the 2020 CMA Awards

Country music star Gabby Barrett had one of the standout performances at the 2020 CMA Awards, held in Nashville’s Music City Center on November 12. 

The evening was co-hosted by Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker, and, much like other awards shows in the era of COVID-19, it had a pared down red carpet and a smaller, socially distanced crowd—but perhaps not distanced enough

Barrett performed “I Hope,” with Charlie Puth accompanying her on the piano, and the moment definitely had Twitter buzzing. Did we mention Barrett is in her third trimester of pregnancy? “If you weren’t singing along to @GabbyBarrett_ and @CharliePuth on the #CMAawards, you’ve never had your heart broken,” the official CMA Twitter account wrote, and we can’t disagree. 

Puth himself tweeted, “I’m a country artist now. Thank you for having me @GabbyBarrett_.” 

Fans, in general, went nuts for Gabby Barrett’s incredible performance. Some noted how amazing it was that she was able to belt out the tune while that pregnant—her breath control was seriously insane. “Gabby Barrett is insane for singing this song while being pregnant. She’s a literal superhero!! The amount of breath control you need for I Hope is unbelievable. #CMAawards,” one person tweeted. 

Barrett is currently expecting her first child early next year, a daughter, with her fellow American Idol alum husband Cade Foehner. “We are very excited,” she told People in August. “The Lord has blessed us with a little one, and we’re really excited to finally be able to share the news with everybody and just have a big old family celebration about it.”

“We started trying pretty much at the start of the whole pandemic,” she continued. “It happened pretty quickly. We were expecting it to take a little while, and it seemed like the first try that it happened, so we were just so excited. We were blown away that it worked so quickly. But yes, we were starting to plan on it, for sure.”

The family was excited to make an appearance together on the red carpet last night. “The 3 of us..What an honor to be apart of @CountryMusic this year. Thank y’all so much,” she tweeted. 

13 TV Finales So Bad They’ll Make You Question the Entire Series

The greatest TV finales of all time are some of the best episodes of television I’ve ever seen. When Rachel gets off the plane on Friends? Tears! When Mr. Big finally gets his shit together and professes his love to Carrie? Wow! But just as good TV finales are at the top of our minds, bad ones are too. 

When a series finale fails to deliver, it hurts. You spend years investing in a TV show and don’t get the payoff. That’s like ordering a Chipotle burrito without guac or hooking up with someone without, ya know, orgasming. If the ending is bad, what was the point of taking the journey to begin with?

These 13 TV shows, below, ask that question. Each one of these series is beloved but had an ending that either underwhelmed or enraged fans. So was watching them in the first place worth it? I think yes, but it’s a bummer showrunners didn’t give fans (or these characters) the payoff they deserve. Lorelai and Rory Gilmore deserved better. All these icons did!

Below, our picks for some of the most disappointing TV finales ever.

The Best Dressed Celebrities From the 2020 CMA Awards

The CMA Awards 2020 ceremony is officially over and out. 

Country music‘s best and brightest showed up for the latest coronavirus-era awards show, and the red carpet was glam—though, unfortunately, maskless and not the most socially distant. Reba McEntire and Darius Rucker co-hosted the event that saw Maren Morris win Single of the Year and Song of the Year for “The Bones.” She also took home the trophy for Female Vocalist of the Year. 

Stars like Miranda Lambert (who won Music Video of the Year), Carrie Underwood, and Kelsea Ballerini were also on hand—and dressed to the nines—for the big night. 

Here are all the best dressed celebrities from the CMA Awards 2020.