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Looks Like RoboCop’s X-Rated Cut Is Now Streaming

Ok, so nowadays we’d think of it as the NC-17 version of RoboCop, but nevertheless, as noticed by, rather than showing the traditional R-rated one, Amazon Prime has the more gruesome version of RoboCop available for its subscribers. It’s unclear if this was intentionally done, as the movie is not labeled as the “X-rated” or “unrated” cut. Nevertheless, if you’re a RoboCop fan, it becomes immediately clear that this version of the movie is not the one that’s usually readily available. That being said, this certainly isn’t the first time that the X-rated RoboCop has been released, as it’s previously been released several times on DVD and Blu-ray. For streaming, on the other hand, this appears to mark its big debut.

How Chicago P.D.’s Voight Is Dealing With Olinsky’s Death In Season 6

As Jason Beghe noted, Voight hasn’t fully come to terms with what happened to Olinsky yet. Obviously, the main cause of his murder was the vendetta that was held against him by a criminal he’d crossed paths with in the past, but we all know that Olinsky wouldn’t have been so easy to take out (trapped in jail at the the time of his murder, as he was) if he hadn’t been so dedicated to Voight that he was willing to take the fall for a crime that his old friend had really committed. So, not only does Voight realize that he’s to blame for that, but while he was wheeling and dealing with Denny Woods and others to try to get Olinsky released while also protecting his own hide, he left his friend vulnerable to the point where it cost him his life. Voight knows that if he’d come clean immediately after Olinsky was arrested, he would probably still be alive, and, according to Beghe, that’s eating the man’s soul up right now.

Teen Hit ‘Be More Chill’ Hopes to Age Well on Broadway

Even before it landed on off-Broadway this summer, the science-fiction musical “Be More Chill” had the makings of a hit, fueled by young fans’ fervor on social media.

But with the show having concluded a sold-out, two-month run at the Pershing Square Signature Center last weekend and now readying itself for a February arrival on Broadway, the question is whether the breakout sensation can maintain the momentum.


All The Fantastic Beasts Actually Seen in the Fantastic Beasts 2 Trailer

The next entry in the Fantastic Beasts series is sneaking up on us, and it’s all about Grindelwald. The marketing for Fantastic Beast 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald has been big on growing conflict led by the infamous dark wizard, with young Dumbledore recruiting Newt Scamander to be his eyes and ears. The final trailer for the movie teased that big things were in store for Newt and the gang, and while the focus is undoubtedly on Grindelwald and his crimes, we can’t forget the actual fantastic beasts of Fantastic Beasts 2.

The first film was heavy on the beasts, with Newt’s hunt to recapture his escaped monsters taking up a sizable amount of screen time, but the creatures have always felt like a means to an end. They feel more like an afterthought this time around as Grindelwald’s war takes center stage, but that doesn’t mean we should just ignore the beasts! The final trailer introduced some new and familiar faces, and while earlier footage included other creatures, these are the majorly beastly characters who appeared in the latest trailer.

Pickett The Bowtruckle

Newt’s little buddy is back! Pickett is a tiny twig-like creature called a bowtruckle, and he appeared in the first film. Unlike the other beasts in Newt’s care, Pickett sticks to Newt like glue and rides shotgun in his pocket (he has separation anxiety). Other than providing cute, Groot-like moments, bowtruckles are exceptionally good at picking locks, a skill that comes in very handy for Newt and will likely continue to do so in Crimes of Grindelwald.


It may look like a spell due to its spirit-like appearance, but this is actually a fantastic beast called a kappa. Derived from Japanese mythology, the kappa is a water demon that feeds on human blood. They kind of look like monkey-turtle hybrids and the water stored on their hollow, dish-shaped heads are the source of their strength. People thought they could appease kappas by throwing cucumbers inscribed with that person’s name on it. I don’t know if Newt Scamander has any cucumbers handy, but he’s making some use out of the creature. As to what this water demon is doing on dry land, well, you’ll have to see the movie.

This X-Men News Has Us Ready For The MCU To Work Its Magic

This year has been an interesting one for Fox’s X-Men films. Deadpool 2, The New Mutants and Dark Phoenix were all set to release this year before things happened and now only the Merc with a Mouth will show up in 2018 (twice actually). The Disney-Fox deal has loomed large and there have been a lot of questions about the future of our favorite mutants. This past week, we finally got some clues about what that future might look like, at least as far as Fox sees things absent a finalized Disney deal. We learned more about Dark Phoenix and got the first poster and trailer for the film and we also got some insight about the long in-development Gambit movie. Yet, rather than renewing our enthusiasm about Fox’s X-Men films, this latest news just makes me more ready than ever for the MCU to work its magic with the mutants.

Despite some truly great superhero movies, including X2, X-Men: First Class and Logan, 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies haven’t all been successes, and fans have been particularly harsh towards a few of them. Perhaps the one that receives the most flack, and arguably the worst offender as far as the disparity between hopes and reality, is 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. That film dropped the ball in its adaptation of the Dark Phoenix Saga, which is not only one of the most iconic X-Men arcs, but one of the most iconic stories in all of comics full-stop.

Which brings us to Dark Phoenix. Thanks to the timeline shenanigans of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the upcoming film represents a mulligan, a rare opportunity at a do-over to get things right and do the story justice. Which is what makes the Dark Phoenix trailer all the more heartbreaking. The Dark Phoenix trailer certainly teased an emotionally intense film, but you know what it didn’t do? It didn’t show us that this would be the Dark Phoenix Saga movie we’ve been waiting for, and worse yet, it looked far too familiar to X-Men: The Last Stand.

CinemaBlend’s own Matt Wood made a list of the 6 things we wanted to see in the first trailer for Dark Phoenix, and let’s just say that the trailer didn’t get a passing grade by that metric. This is just the first trailer, but there was barely any space stuff and no Shi’ar. Even if Jessica Chastain’s character is an amalgamation of Lilandra and another character, it just seems unlikely at this point that the integral cosmic elements of the classic story will be in this movie, at least not in the way X-Men fans want them to be. Dark Phoenix just looks like another instance of Jean Grey having a repressed (or alien) personality inside of her that Xavier does questionable things to contain.

Right now this movie just feels small. That could be merely the marketing and maybe this movie will be truly cosmic like the comics, but that’s not what it’s being sold as to audiences. Well, not yet anyway, and that’s a problem. This is all before we even get into the fact that we were just introduced to this new Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse. This film is putting Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey at the center of the story and asking the audience to invest in her when we just met her. That’s why the Dark Phoenix Saga is something that you build to over time, so that Jean is a tenured and beloved member of the team before the tragic arc.

The Dark Phoenix Saga could have been a massive two-film event on the scale of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, split between Phoenix and Dark Phoenix, and I have to think if the MCU had the X-Men, it would be. Instead, it looks like we are getting another watered-down, pale imitation of that iconic tale that looks to be doing the same thing as X-Men: The Last Stand did and failed at. Maybe the film getting delayed again will change what it is and my opinion of it, but this many delays and what I’ve seen so far do not inspire confidence.

If that all wasn’t disappointing enough, there’s Gambit. This movie may never see the light of day considering that the Disney-Fox deal should go through sometime next year, but just to remind us why it shouldn’t, Simon Kinberg updated the fans about this perpetually delayed project. Talking about the film, the Dark Phoenix director said that Gambit being a hustler and womanizer lends itself to the film having a romantic/sex comedy vibe. Now, there is nothing wrong with romantic comedies, and Gambit’s flirtation with the ladies is definitely a hallmark of the character. Also, it’s not like I think they want to make How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It’s just that while Gambit should be a ladies man and a lothario in the movie, it should not have the tone of a romantic comedy. I think that puts too much weight on that one aspect of the character’s personality and reeks of trying to make Gambit just like the first Deadpool.

Now to be fair, there is no guarantee that any of the problems I have with the direction of Fox’s X-Verse will be fixed under the Marvel Studios banner. The Marvel Cinematic Universe films don’t do panel for panel adaptations, so even an MCU Phoenix Saga wouldn’t be exact. What the MCU does do, though, is maintain the spirit of a storyline and the characters. You didn’t hear a lot of complaints that Captain America: Civil War wasn’t the same Civil War as in the comics. We may not have gotten a pure Planet Hulk movie, but did we see Hulk throw down in a gladiator ring? You’re damn right we did. I’m also pretty confident that Marvel would have made Apocalypse look like Apocalypse and not Ivan Ooze. Marvel simply gets these characters and what makes people love them, and isn’t afraid to trust the audience.

I could be wrong. Dark Phoenix could live up to the source material and be an epic that ranks among the best superhero movies ever. The X-Men in the MCU could be a total bust. But there’s a reason that comic book movie fans are so excited about the Disney-Fox deal, and it’s not just about seeing Wolverine in the Avengers. It’s about seeing the X-Men and their stories done right. Fans wouldn’t feel that way unless they felt that wasn’t the case presently. Marvel has earned the audience’s trust so completely that it’s not even a question of whether the MCU could deliver on the X-Men.

We’ve already seen what magic Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios can do with Spider-Man and how easily they fixed what another studio was screwing up. This latest X-Men news is just further reason to be excited for them to do the same with the X-Men. 20th Century Fox ushered in the superhero movie age with 2000’s X-Men, gave us the big screen Wolverine for all time and proved the box office potential of an R-rated superhero. That can never be erased, but it is clear now that it is time for the X-Men to come home and the MCU to work its magic.

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Get Ready For Taylor Swift’s First Awards Show Performance Of The Reputation Era

Later this week, Taylor Swift will pack up her flame launchers and giant inflatable snakes as she wraps up the North American leg of her massive Reputation tour. But before jetting off to Australia for the next installment, she’ll make a pit stop at the American Music Awards on October 9 to do something very, very bad.

The pop star announced Tuesday morning (October 2) that she’s opening the AMAs next week with a performance of the Reputation banger “I Did Something Bad.” She and her kitty/bestie Meredith broke the news in a cute video, with Swift quipping, “Don’t be too excited about it, my god,” as Meredith slunk away mid-announcement (Mer wanted “Getaway Car” as the next single, I guess).

Though “I Did Something Bad” was never a single, it’s an easy fan-favorite thanks to its warped vocals and venomous lyrics like, “If a man talks shit them I owe him nothing / I don’t regret it one bit ’cause he had it coming” and “They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one / So light me up.”

Even more exciting, this is Swift’s first awards show performance in almost three years, and her first of the infamously media-shy Reputation era. The last time she graced an awards show stage, believe it or not, was back in February 2016, when she opened the Grammys with “Out of the Woods.”

Besides performing at the AMAs, Swift is nominated in four categories, including Artist of the Year, alongside Ed Sheeran, Drake, Imagine Dragons, and Post Malone. The show airs on Tuesday, October 9 on ABC.

On Weight, Fertility, and What This Is Us Got Right…and Wrong

When Kate Pearson found out she was pregnant last season on This Is Us, fans rejoiced. But then she miscarried, and the loss felt personal—even to actress Chrissy Metz. “I would literally go home and not want to talk to anybody,” she told Glamour about filming the storyline. “It was difficult because you’re crying and all these emotions are right there all the time.”

Her journey didn’t end there, though. This season’s premiere showed Kate and her husband, Toby, visiting a fertility specialist to discuss their options. But when the doctor delivers her assessment to the couple, she says this: “At your weight, the chances for a successful pregnancy are very slim—even with IVF.”

The doctor frames the prognosis around Kate’s weight, even though she also knows Kate has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and is 38, which is medically considered “advanced maternal age.” (This category actually applies to all pregnancies in women over 35 — just another example of the BS women face at the doctor’s office.) Both of these factors complicate one’s ability to get pregnant, but her doctor chose to focus on one thing: the number on the scale.

It’s a gutting moment for Kate, who has been reduced to her weight many times on the show. And after the episode aired, many women took to social media to voice their opinion on the storyline:

But for others, it hit home. Sarah Meres, 30, told Glamour her story of trying to get pregnant is eerily similar to Kate’s in many ways, including having PCOS and a husband with a low sperm count. (The doctor tells Toby his sperm count is low because he’s on antidepressants.)

“I saw one gynecologist who told me I need to lose another 40 pounds because my weight, along with having PCOS, was causing me to continue to be infertile,” Mares says. “He told me that my weight [plays] a major role in my PCOS, and the faster I lose [it] the better. What he doesn’t understand is how hard it is to lose weight with PCOS.” Mares says she’s lost 75 pounds so far, but still hasn’t been able to conceive.

Another fan of the show, Ivanka Sanchez, 36, who also has PCOS, agrees. “It was relatable, though maybe not realistic,” she says. “I lost a massive amount of weight in 2016 when I got pregnant for the first time. When I asked how it was possible, the doctor’s answer was the weight loss. But I’ve had struggles with infertility for 16 years, at every weight.”

While simply saying “lose weight and you’ll get pregnant” definitely sounds out-of-touch, there is a reason why a doctor might bring it up: It’s one of the only factors a woman has immediate control over when it comes to fertility. (There’s currently no cure for PCOS.) “We want to look at where can we make an intervention, and weight loss is a place where we can achieve a real increase in chances of a successful pregnancy,” says Nathaniel DeNicola, M.D., an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at George Washington University and the environmental health expert for the American Council of Gynecology. “Even losing five percent of body weight helps.”

This is Us - Season 3


But why? As Dr. DeNicola explains, obesity leads to excess estrogen in the body, which can mess with ovulation. “It’s sort of the same mechanism as a birth control pill,” he explains. “If you produce more estrogen, that creates feedback that you don’t need to ovulate.” If you reduce fat tissue, you lessen the effect.

Still, Dr. DeNicola says there’s actually no definitive answer to whether or not body weight is a factor with IVF. “There’s no question obesity decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but for IVF, body weight as a factor is unclear,” he says, adding that, in his opinion, it was also not entirely realistic to have a doctor say she won’t be able to take Kate on as a patient because of how her BMI might affect the outcome. (The doctor later changes her mind.) “The standard is informed consent,” he explains. “The patient should have the autonomy to make a choice whether they want to continue treatment.” In other words, a doctor should lay everything out for the patient and let her decide.

Co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker told Glamour in a previous interview that the show did consult doctors on Kate’s storyline. “Once we started to hear that [PCOS] is common, then we brought in doctors and said, ‘What does the reality of this look like? And how do we get it right?'” he said. “We showed this episode to a fertility doctor, and he was like, ‘Thank you. Nobody is doing this, and it’s so common. I see it every day.'”

Ultimately, Kate does decide to move forward with IVF. Whether or not she’s able to conceive, the storyline will hopefully continue to help women who’ve dealt with similar struggles feel seen.

“I felt all the emotions Kate did when they suggested adoption or fostering,” Mares says. “There was a sting, because you want a baby and you are two people so in love who deserve children and it just isn’t happening. And being overweight or obese just makes dealing with fertility even more difficult. I felt her pain.”

Related: Everything We Know About This Is Us Season 3

The Mule

Good day, avengers of all things closet-bound and feared. Hollywood kicked off the Halloween season with the Conjuring prequel Annabelle and audiences were ready to watch it. The supernatural thriller brought in an estimated $37.2 million over the weekend, taking second place to David Fincher’s mystery thriller Gone Girl. How about we get a mash-up between the two where a doll gets possessed by the spirit of Ben Affleck and turns a young innocent family into Oscar winners?

Bad Times At The El Royale Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Think

Amidst the comic book movies, fantasy blockbusters and awards contenders releasing this fall is a star-studded film that looks weirder and more intriguing than many of them. Bad Times at the El Royale is the second feature film helmed by writer-director Drew Goddard, who made his directorial debut with 2012’s The Cabin in the Woods. The trailers for the film have been a strange brew of a mysterious plot, colorful characters and fun dialogue. The initial reviews for the film are in, so does it live up to its cast and trailers? It seems that for the most part, it does.

CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell caught Bad Times at the El Royale early like many critics. You can read his initial thoughts in his tweet reaction, but overall, he seemed to still really enjoy the movie and feel that it is definitely worth your time, despite having some issues with the ending. As for full reviews, Collider‘s Haleigh Foutch really seemed to love the film, giving it an A- in her review, where she highlighted Bad Times at the El Royale‘s sumptuous visuals and perhaps something you wouldn’t expect, its heart.

In her alliterative take, Haleigh characterized Drew Goddard‘s film as both visually stunning and propulsive. It’s that latter point that seems to be one of the points of contention about the film. Some reviews didn’t find the film propulsive enough, calling it overly long or a slog. Despite that potential pacing problem, ScreenRant‘s Molly Freeman still found the juice to be worth the squeeze thanks to how entertaining the film and its stellar cast are, saying:

The large cast full of talented, big name actors spouting fun dialogue is one of the most compelling things about Bad Times at the El Royale, and based on many of the reviews like this one for the film, that cast did not go to waste. However, there were some dissenting opinions. For The Hollywood Reporter‘s Sheri Linden, the film seemed to be all style and no substance, with the length once again being an issue.

Overall, the prevailing theme that I see is that Bad Times at the El Royale is not a perfect movie, but it does have a lot to like. There are very few people that seem to loathe it with many appreciating it despite its flaws. Jim Vejvoda at IGN seems to sum this up in his review.

Right now Bad Times at the El Royale is sitting at 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, but plenty more reviews will come in once the film opens on October 12. Check out our release schedule to see all the biggest movies still to come in 2018.

Apparently Lady Gaga’s Fans Are Telling People Not To See Venom In Theaters

Since Sony’s announcement of a solo movie for Venom without Spider-man was made, fans have been eager to see just how the offbeat release would play out. Last night, Venom had its world premiere and some early reviewers took to Twitter to offer some first impressions. The reactions revealed the film to be disappointing to many, while others found it oddly entertaining and fun. At the same time an outpour of Twitter users also started badmouthing Venom just because … well they like Lady Gaga more. Plus, her leading lady debut A Star is Born will be released on the same day.

Lady Gaga fans, also known as The Little Monsters, look to have no problem taking on the alien symbiote, according to a Buzzfeed News report. It started when a few Twitter users noticed a string of tweets from multiple users commenting the same exact disappointing comment about Venom, word for word. Other similar tweets directly referenced their decision to see A Star is Born next after bashing Venom as well. Users who noticed this sudden trend attributed it to bots attacking the movie, while others pointed to Lady Gaga fans fabricating negative reviews for Venom in order to turn the conversation back to A Star is Born.

Some of the “Twitter trolls” were contacted in the report, showing the trend wasn’t just a bot problem. One user who had the same tweet with multiple other users explained he was just bored, and it was a joke between him and a few of his mutuals to steal each other’s tweets. Another user explained that she collaborated with other fans to create fake IDs on Twitter to trash the Venom premiere. In the past, Lady Gaga has reached out to her fans on Twitter before, to ask them to stop trolling the internet on her behalf so this anti-Venom trend isn’t completely surprising. The pop star has a colossal fan following and seeing her succeed this weekend at the box office might be the intention behind some of these widespread tweets criticizing Venom.

Since A Star is Born was first screened about a month ago, it electrified audiences, bringing in an overwhelming amount of rave reviews its way. This supposed wrath from The Little Monsters may not be necessary, as Lady Gaga fans and excited cinephiles head to the theaters this weekend. Venom certainly will have the curiosity of comic book fans on their side, but as more reputable critics express their distaste for the movie, it could be looking at a bomb. Following the Venom trolls, fans have been lightly firing back, with some expressing their desire to see it despite the reviews while others used the language of the trolls to flip it in favor of Venom.

The two upcoming releases are polar-opposites, making for an exciting box office brawl this weekend when Venom and A Star is Born come to theaters on October 5.