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10 Ways to Support the Women in Your Life

I was genetically bred to be an unruly woman. I was raised in Los Angeles by a Jewish, French Moroccan father and a Serbian mother in a Brady Bunch family of strong female figures—four sisters, two stepmothers, three godmothers, and a mom who dedicated her life to bringing up independent daughters. These were all women I aspired to become—ones who co-existed despite marriages, divorces and different backgrounds; who supported one another unconditionally, and taught me that being soft-spoken was not an option. Not at our dinner table.

When I was two, my parents enrolled me in ballet, which I stuck with until the age of 18. I practiced after school and on weekends, toured every summer and performed as often as I could. Being a ballerina was like living in a state of constant adversity. I woke up every day and dressed to blend in with my class—pink tights, black leotard, hair in a tight bun — but then dance under the immense pressure to outshine. I worked as hard as a professional athlete but was expected to appear delicate and feminine–frail even. As a young woman, I was trained to demand attention and never question my place as a woman at center stage.

Today, I live with that same demand for the world’s attention because there is no space I will ever accept less for women than center stage. All the opportunities in the world are ours for the taking and ours to be shared. I’ve made it my mission to be an ally to the women in this generation and to and create a community grounded in supporting one another. Because I’ve learned that being a feminist isn’t so much about your own voice, but how you use your stage to encourage and support other women to find theirs. Here are some of my favorite ways to do this:

Show up for women, physically and emotionally. Whether it’s sending your girls a daily text to check in, being a shoulder to cry on, calling your mother, supporting female-founded companies, or smiling at a woman on the street, be an advocate in any and every way.

Create environments for women to take up space. In my experience of hosting panels, events, talks, interviews, or a girls’ night, there’s nothing more gratifying than watching women thrive in an environment where they feel able to be themselves and use their voice.

Be transparent with each other. Be open about jobs, salaries, relationships, sex life, hardships, successes, Botox, everything. Secrecy breeds jealousy because the unknown makes us insecure. By having these conversations with each other, we empower our experiences, good or bad, and create a foundation of shared experiences that make us feel supported rather than alienated.

Collaborate, don’t compete. Competition thrives on insecurities. Identify those women you feel you’re sitting across the table from and sit next to them. Find a common ground. Wanting women to succeed without jealousy is the definition of grace.


Strive to say more than ‘You look pretty’. Remind the women in your life that the space they take up in your life and the world is not dependent on physical attributes.

Never miss an opportunity to facilitate moments of learning between men and women. It’s easy to fall victim to stereotypes by saying a man is “just being an asshole” or “men will be men” when helping women to cope with gender issues, whether it’s in the bedroom, the boardroom, or beyond. Be an active ally for both genders by advocating accountability and a level playing field.

Hire women, train women, mentor women. Be the vehicle that turns a young woman with big dreams into the badass women she is destined to be.

Carry lipstick, Tylenol or Aspirin and Tampons, always. Save a sister, make a new friend!

Step up to the spotlight. Not just as an example for others but for yourself. Take every opportunity, challenge and risk that comes your way without questioning your worth, ability or place as a woman. And once you find your light, don’t be afraid to be a little unruly.

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From “Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (And Other Lies)”, curated by Scarlett Curtis, to be published in the United States by Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.

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Watch Alessia Cara Review Her First YouTube Covers

Alessia Cara is one of the brightest new stars in music right now, but it took her years of hard work to get there. That hard work, more times than not, took place in the form of making and uploading YouTube cover videos.

Yes, like Justin Bieber before her, Cara was discovered on YouTube after posting several clips that showed off her impressive pipes. YouTube fame quickly turned into a full-fledged pop career: Cara released her first album, Know-It-All, in 2015, and she has a second one on the way. Her song with Zedd, “Stay,” was one of the most popular songs of 2017, reaching number seven on Billboard‘s Hot 100. Oh! And let’s not forget the fact she won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018. All of this stemmed from the groundwork she laid down on YouTube, dating as far back as 2011.

In many ways, these videos are like Cara’s yearbook photos, so she doesn’t revisit them often. That’s where we came in: Cara stopped by Glamour‘s office a few weeks ago, and we had her watch her old YouTube covers and give us some backstories. No surprise: She cringed several times.

“I hate this,” Cara said about her first cover video from 2011, in which she sang “Price Tag” by Jessie J. “I hate it so much! I’m playing the guitar 20 times louder than my voice. I’m just, like, strumming and screaming over the guitar.”

Watch Cara watch more of her own covers in the video, above.

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Hocus Pocus’ Thora Birch Didn’t Love Her Cat Co-Star

There are many holiday fans out there for whom October 1st marks the beginning of Halloween season. And aside from the candy and costumes, this includes plenty of annual TV and movie watching. For many cinephiles, there is no Halloween movie quite as beloved Hocus Pocus. The 1993 Disney classic has gained a cult fandom in the years since its release, with every line of dialogue becoming a quotable part of the autumnal experience. American Beauty actress Thora Birch played young Dani Dennison, who was often seen looking out for magical cat Binx. But the actress actually didn’t get along with her feline co-star, both machine and real. As she tells it,

It looks like Thora Birch was never able to truly relax with Binx, despite sharing so many scenes with the talking cat. Instead, she had to either worry about the technology of the robots, or hope that she got along with the myriad live cats on set. Binx really did have nine lives.

Thora Birch’s help to paint a more realistic picture of Hocus Pocus. Because its been playing on TV annually for years, the Kenny Ortega classic has a special place in viewer’s hearts. The nostalgic feels and childhood memories make Hocus Pocus exciting every single Halloween, and it’s hard to imagine what it was like on set. Birch was just a young girl at the time, but her memories regarding Binx seem to be clear.

Thackery Binx served as the provider of exposition for Hocus Pocus, after living as a black cat in Salem since 1693. And because it was the 90’s and everyone loves talking animals, Binx was able to retain his ability to speak in cat form. Binx instantly formed a bond with Thora Birch’s Dani, protecting her from the Sandersons as he couldn’t with his sister Emily. But he wasn’t so well put together IRL, and Thora Birch had a hard time with her cat-focused scenes in Hocus Pocus.

In her same conversation with ABC, Thora Birch also expressed how much she still loves Hocus Pocus, and cherishes her time on set as a young actress. While she went on to star in projects like American Beauty, she claims Hocus Pocus was the most fun she ever had on set. But what’s not to love? There’s Bette Midler, special affects, and musical numbers. And while Dani didn’t end up keeping Binx as her house cat, her relationship with her brother Max ended up stronger by the film’s end.

Hocus Pocus will get some new love this year, as Freeform is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash. The special will air October 20th, featuring interviews with the cast, including Thora Birch. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

The Best Hand Lotion for Dry Hands, According to Surgeons

Asking a beauty professional—whether it’s a celebrity hairstylist, makeup artist, or Instagram influencer (hi, 2018)—for advice is always a safe bet. But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find there are plenty of other women out there who are legitimate authorities in their own right. In our new column, Unlikely Experts, they’ll give real reviews and recommendations. Whether it’s surfers on the best conditioners, bikers on the best cleansers, or ballerinas on the best foot creams, it’s fair to say these women know best.

If you ask a room full of surgeons—regardless of their specialty or status—what their most important tool is, there’s a good chance each and every one will tell you it’s their hands. And how could they not be? Their hands are behind every incision, stitch, and decision they make, so it only makes sense that surgeons would know all that there is to know about keeping them in good shape.

“Surgeons are battlefield experts in hand care because, whether we want to be or not, frequent hand washing, dryness, chapped joints, and need for full function are real parts of our lives,” says New York City surgeon Dr. Lara Devgan. “I wash my hands hundreds of times a week—sometimes more than 50 times a day—so I’m always thinking about how to best take care of them.”

Considering the average person isn’t performing dozens of surgeries a day, we figured any hand cream a surgeon swears by is good enough for the rest of us. From drugstore favorites to luxury treatments, check out their recommendations on the best hand lotions and creams ahead.

Kate Middleton Is Back From Maternity Leave, and the Photos Are Worth the Wait

After about five months of maternity leave, Kate Middleton is officially back on the job. On Tuesday (October 2), the Duchess of Cambridge returned to her regularly scheduled royal programming with a low-key solo official outing to the Paddington Recreation Ground. Once there, she divided her time between the assembled adults, who spoke to her about the aims and benefits of the Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden, and a group of young students, who helped her dig for bugs and tend to the garden.

Middleton dressed in theme for her outdoorsy appearance, wearing earth-toned clothes that allowed her to get down in the dirt with the kids. She wore an olive green sweater over a polka-dotted collared shirt, brown skinny jeans with stitched detailing on the knees, and a hooded green weatherproof jacket. She sported a pair of leather knee-high riding boots with tassels on the side zippers that, according to People, she’s owned for 14 years. The duchess also appeared to have gotten a subtle haircut since the last time we saw her with her hair down, at Wimbledon in July. Her new ‘do seems to be just about an inch shorter and slightly more layered than her previous cut.

Kate Middleton Is Back from Maternity Leave 1

PHOTO: Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Kate Middleton Is Back from Maternity Leave 2

PHOTO: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

Kate Middleton Is Back from Maternity Leave 3

PHOTO: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

Kate Middleton Is Back from Maternity Leave 4

PHOTO: Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images

Kensington Palace shared several photos and videos from Kate’s visit, explaining that she was on hand to learn about “the positive impact Sayers Croft Trust’s activities have on children’s emotional and physical well-being.” She also had the opportunity to experience those hands-on activities herself: As seen in the palace’s posts, Middleton helped the kids make leaf crowns, water plants, and go on a “minibeast hunt,” and sat with them as they ate snacks and were read a story.

The mom of three seemed to enjoy her time at the garden, happily explaining to some of the other parents that, while digging for minibeasts, “All I found were tiny slugs!” per People. She also reportedly stopped to chat with another onlooker to remark, “There are amazing facilities here.” If only every royal outing consisted of digging for slugs and enjoying a nice mid-morning snack time.

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One Walking Dead Star Doesn’t Think Rick’s Exit Will Hurt The Show

While some cast members of The Walking Dead may have nervously started packing their bags when they heard Andrew Lincoln was leaving the show, others were more optimistic about how Rick Grimes’ absence may affect the long-running drama. Jesus portrayer Tom Payne is one of those actors, and recently stated he thinks Rick’s exit won’t hurt the series, and may even help it in the long run:

Tom Payne is banking on the mystery of how a Rick-less society survives to keep viewers invested in The Walking Dead throughout Season 9 and thereafter. He’s right that there will undoubtedly be some novelty in seeing how the show carries on without the beard-boasting character who has been the heart of the show and comic books. One could also argue audiences have already see a bunch of survivors finding their way in the world without Rick Grimes on Fear The Walking Dead.

Of course, it’s not as though Rick is the only member of the series fans care about, so there’s no denying there will be an appeal to see what other fan-favorite characters will get more screentime with Rick gone. Not to mention the kinds of storylines that will come involving power struggles for leadership, and seeing how those comic-specific narratives get adapted for TV without Lincoln around.

Tom Payne explained to Digital Spy that Rick’s leaving shakes things up in a good way, as Season 9 turns the traditional structure of the typical season of The Walking Dead on its head. Payne laid out the usual story structure of the average season, and then explained how Season 9 will do things differently:

As far as how long The Walking Dead will survive on AMC without Rick Grimes, Tom Payne isn’t all that concerned. Payne said he sees the show lasting at least as long as the comics keep coming, and mentioned that creator Robert Kirkman has stated he’s not stopping anytime soon, possibly for another 100 issues at the least. That could ensure the show still has plenty of content and characters to continue to build its on-going story for the next decade, if not longer, provided fans are still tuning in. Who knows, maybe The Walking Dead is really on its way to becoming the next Coronation Street? At least in terms of employing British stars.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for Season 9 on Sunday, October 7, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Keep tabs on all television shows premiering or returning over the next couple of months with our fall premiere guide.

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Got Married And Without A Prenup

It has been speculated recently that Justin Bieber is not only engaged, but married to his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin. The couple hasn’t made their publicized affections for one another any sort of secret since they got together earlier this summer, and the escalation of their relationship status is one that would rival the acceleration of Ariana Grande’s cuddly relationship to SNL performer Pete Davidson. And while the high-profile singer and model once claimed that they weren’t rushing to the altar and would tie the knot sometime in 2019, those plans have seemingly changed in an instant. According to recent reports, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have already said “I do” to one another. And to top it off, Bieber didn’t sign a prenup, believing instead in the power of their love. Is that heartwarmingly sweet or willfully naïve? We’ll break down what we know about his speedy marriage.

While the reports about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage were divulged a few weeks ago, this latest report from TMZ seemingly confirms that the marriage did, indeed, take place in that New York City courthouse. Though one often has to take celebrity rumors with a grain of salt, this one might appear to be true. As they confess, the preacher for the ceremony was Jeffrey Quinn, who lives near the courthouse. The witness for the event, meanwhile, was Bieber’s buddy Josh Mehl. And since the wedding happened so quickly and with great haste, the couple didn’t sign up for a prenup.

While previous reports believed Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin weren’t interested in getting a prenup, that might not necessarily be the case. As it is reported here, the couple was indeed looking to get a prenup, but they requested the paperwork the day they decided to get interloped. The lawyers who were asked to draft the paperwork couldn’t get the pages drafted, and signed in such a short span of time, so it didn’t come to be.

A prenup is now reportedly out of the picture, and the two are wed. But Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin can still get a postnup, which is the same thing (as you might imagine), except that it is signed up and drafted after the wedding. But according to the sources, there have been no efforts in the month since the celebrity couple allegedly got married to get that paperwork in order. So it seems, at the moment, that the couple is still caught up in the bliss of their recent wedding. If they have any plans to get their affairs in order for a postnup, however, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on what that might entail for the recently wed. If the couple decides to split, Bieber is estimated to be worth an impressive $250 million.

Additionally, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are still planning to host a formal wedding, but that’s only for the friends and family of the bride and groom. For all intensive purposes, Bieber and Baldwin are married, and they appear to be over-the-moon about their decision — prenup be damned.

Pamela Anderson Went to Chanel’s Beach-Themed Show, so Of Course She Had a ‘Baywatch’ Moment

When it comes to its fashion shows, Chanel loves a good theme. And for spring 2019, the iconic French brand went for a seaside-inspired vibe, complete with a fake beach serving as the runway inside the Grand Palais in Paris. You know, normal Tuesday-at-Fashion-Week things. That wasn’t the only detail really hammering home the inspiration for Chanel’s latest collection: Right there, sitting in the front row, was none other than Baywatch‘s own Pamela Anderson. The actress swapped her iconic red bathing suit for a less sand-friendly look from the label—a white skirt-suit, black and beige Mary Janes, and a white quilted bag. Still, she couldn’t resist revisiting her lifeguard roots once the show wrapped.

After the models had made their way up and down the sandbar, Anderson stripped off her shoes, hiked up her skirt, and—yes—ran down the beach. (We’d like to think she did so in slow-motion, but we can’t confirm.) Photographers caught the moment, for any fans hoping to indulge in some Baywatch nostalgia.

Pamela Anderson Chanel 1

PHOTO: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson Chanel 2

PHOTO: Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson Chanel 3

PHOTO: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Pamela Anderson Chanel 4

PHOTO: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images

While Pamela Anderson isn’t quite as much of a Paris Fashion Week front-row fixture as, say, Kim Kardashian, she actually spends much of her time in the City of Love: According to Vogue, she has been dating French soccer player Adil Rami since 2017 and is appearing on the current season of France’s version of Dancing With the Stars, Dans Avec Les Stars. TBD, if one of her routines features running in slow motion, but we’d give her 10/10 for that, for sure.

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Demi Lovato Is Working ‘Really Hard On Her Sobriety,’ Says Her Younger Sister

Demi Lovato’s family continues to open up about the singer’s overdose and recovery. Late last month, Demi’s mother, Dianna De La Garza, commented on her daughter’s hospitalization for an apparent overdose and how, at the time, she wasn’t sure whether or not her daughter was going to survive. Now Demi’s sister Madison De La Garza is opening up about the ordeal as well.

“Demi’s doing, she’s doing really well,” De La Garza said during an appearance on the Millennial Hollywood with Dakota T. Jones podcast, per Perez Hilton. “She’s working really hard on her sobriety and we’re all so incredibly proud of her. It’s been crazy for our family.” The young actor also acknowledged that her family has been through a lot over the years, but that they “always come out on the other side a hundred times stronger than before.”

Madison was also asked what she plans on doing with Demi when she leaves the rehab facility where she’s receiving treatment. “I guess I’m really excited to…I mean there’s so many little things,” she said. “It sounds so small, but go to Menchie’s [Frozen Yogurt]. Honestly, I’m more of a Pinkberry person, but she likes Menchie’s, so we, like, we usually go there.”

There doesn’t yet seem to be a timetable for Demi’s release from the treatment facility, but according to her mom, she’s on the road to recovery. “She’s happy. She’s healthy. She’s working on her sobriety, and she’s getting the help she needs,” Dianna said last month. “And that, in itself, encourages me about her future and about the future of our family.”

You can listen to Madison’s full podcast appearance below, and skip to the 41:37 mark to hear her speak about her sister Demi.

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Kate Middleton Re-Wears Her Favorite 14-Year-Old Boots

Kate Middleton had her first official royal engagement since the birth of Prince Louis today, October 2, visiting the Sayers Croft Trust’s Forest School and Wildlife Garden in Surrey. For the outdoor event, she kept her look casual with slim-fit pants, a sweater, and a jacket. The Duchess of Cambridge did, however, bring back one familiar (and beloved) item of her wardrobe for the occasion: a pair of boots that have been in her wardrobe for over a decade.

Specifically, this favorite from the Kate Middleton Archive are Penelope Chilvers’s Long Tassel Boots, a pair of shoes that Middleton’s owned since 2004, according to People. They’re that good.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Sayers Croft Forest School

PHOTO: Chris Jackson

The boots are still available for purchase on the brand’s e-comm, retailing for £475 (about $617.)

Middleton was last photographed wearing the Penelope Chilvers boots in November 2017, when she visited a school in southwest London.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Robin Hood Primary School

PHOTO: Neil Mockford

Before that, the Duchess would normally bring them out for her travels. In 2016, she wore it on two different overseas trips—first, to the Himalayas…

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Visit India & Bhutan - Day 6

PHOTO: Samir Hussein

… And then, again, while on a royal tour of Canada.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Bella Bella And Victoria, British Columbia

PHOTO: Pool/Samir Hussein

Middleton was first photographed in her Penelope Chilvers boots in 2004 at the Game Fair at Blenheim Palace, in Oxfordshire.

Kate Middleton at Game Fair, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, Britain - Aug 2004

PHOTO: Stephen Lock/REX/Shutterstock

“It’s great to see the Duchess wearing the first boots we made for her in 2004—10 years on,” Chilvers told People in 2016, after she wore them on her travels that year. “The boots only get better with age. She looks fabulous in them.” Not a bad endorsement.

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