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Disney+ One Year Later: Is This A Success Or A Failure?

On the flip side, however, that has meant that as these preexisting deals expire, Disney has been able to drip feed more content into the service, making it feel like something of value was always on the way. Many might feel that many of these items should have been on Disney+ a long time ago, but better late than never, I suppose. Having said that, a combination of what was probably an intentional front loading of content, and the expediting of material due to the pandemic, has resulted in the last few months being a bit lackluster when it comes to new material. Movies like Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which we would have expected to see arriving in the summer, hit much earlier. This allowed Disney+ to grab some big headlines and probably add to the subscription numbers when those announcements were made, but it meant that when we got to the summer and early fall, there was very little of note hitting the service.

What The Jojo Rabbit Cast Is Doing Now

Scarlett Johansson (Rosie)

Playing Rosie, Jojo’s good-hearted mother who’s secretly hiding a Jewish woman in her home, Scarlett Johansson played an emotional role in Jojo Rabbit. The actress was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for this performance, one of her first Oscar recognitions alongside her Best Actress nomination for Marriage Story that same year. She has also garnered praise for her past performances in Her, Match Point, Lost In Translation, Under the Skin, The Prestige, Vicky Christina Barcelona, and Ghost World.

Additionally, Scarlett Johansson is well-known for her performances in films like Don Jon, The Nanny Diaries, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, In Good Company, The Island, He’s Just Not That Into You, We Bought a Zoo, Chef, Lucy, and Ghost in the Shell. Also, she plays a recurring role as Black Widow in the MCU.

Next, as noted here, Scarlett Johansson plays the title role in Marvel’s Black Widow and she’ll be heard in Sing 2. She’ll also star in Bride, an artistic re-imagining of Bride of Frankenstein’s lore, and she’s expected to star in the upcoming Little Shop of Horrors remake.

Why Emma Roberts Chose Netflix’s Holidate Instead Of A More ‘Serious’ Movie

It’s all part of the balancing game that an actor has to engage in so that their career doesn’t cease to be such an enjoyable experience. And now, with one Holidate under her belt, Emma Roberts might be more inclined to do a sequel, should Netflix decide that they want to turn this latest hit into another fruitful franchise. After all, when you’re having that much fun at work, can it really be considered work?

Amber Heard Responds To Those Aquaman 2 Dismissal Rumors

Behind the cameras, Aquaman co-writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick will return to pen the sequel, and James Wan is expected to sit back in the director’s chair. As for when Aquaman 2 will begin filming, Amber Heard said the plan is for cameras to start rolling sometime in 2021. However, given how the health crisis continues to impact productions, we’ll have to wait and see if the Aquaman 2 cast and crew can indeed begin work next year, or if drastic circumstances will force principal photography to be delayed.

Vince Vaughn Explains Why Swingers Still Matters 25 Years After Its Release

Unless you were around as it was happening, it’s easy to overlook just how massive Swingers was when it dropped in 1996. No one knew, at the time, who Jon Favreau or Vince Vaughn were. But all of a sudden, movie buffs were screaming about going to “Vegas, baby!” and everyone was using “money” as the highest form of compliment. (Example: “You’re so money, baby, and you don’t even know it.”) Swingers tapped into a rising zeitgeist of outsider cool, making overnight sensations out of swing bands and using Cinema Verite to make L.A. nightlife appear to be the thriving dream of an up-and-coming generation.

Disney Parks Division Lost Another Billion Dollars Last Quarter, But There Is Good News

The global pandemic has negatively impacted nearly every company on the planet, but few have been hit quite as hard as the Walt Disney Company. The closure of movie theaters and the end of filming of live productions took one leg out from under the company, and the closure of theme parks took out another. Disney’s theme parks got to come back in a limited way during the past financial quarter, but it was certainly not business as unusual. Today, Disney announced a Q4 loss in operating result in the parks division of $1.1 billion. Which is massive, but there is something of a silver lining.

Mank: Gary Oldman Had Blunt Thoughts About Countless Takes Requested By David Fincher

Charles Dance, who plays notorious media mogul William Randolph Hearst in the Netflix film, recently spoke to Total Film about his experience working with David Fincher on the project, and he recalled a particular day when there was some friction created between the director and star Gary Oldman. The cast and crew were shooting a scene that is crucial to the climax of the story, with Oldman’s Herman J. Mankiewicz crashing a dinner party hosted by Hearst, and at one point the Oscar winner seemed to hit a point of exhaustion. Said Dance,

Chrissy Teigen Shared the ‘Magic’ Face Oil She Swears By for Glowing Skin

If you’re one of the people constantly in Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram comments asking her to drop the skin-care routine, this post is for you.

The Cravings author took to Instagram Stories on November 11 to share something other than delicious recipes and impromptu John Legend concerts for once—although he did chime in with some Christmas tunes

“This is not an ad, you always think I’m tricking you,” Teigen began before jumping into her two-step nighttime skin routine that she says “changed me.” Yes, you read that right. Just two steps. (Actually, I’m not sure Legend singing to you in the bathroom doesn’t also count as a trick for glowier skin. The FDA should look into that.)

Teigen begins by using Eyeko’s Mascara Off Wipes, but all over her skin. “It’s for your eyes, but I use it on my whole face,” she says while pressing gently on her eyes—not wiping—for a few seconds before removing her false lashes. “It’s good to put on your lashes for a little bit so they gently come off.” 


But frankly, that’s not the step she’s really here to tell you about. Next, Teigen revealed the “magic” oil that makes her skin “plump, supple, and even.” It’s called Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil and it’s $72. The bad news? It’s currently sold out. There is, however, a wait list.

Don’t believe any face oil can be that spectacular? Chrissy Teigen didn’t either but tried a sample size at the behest of a friend. “I thought she was giving me a sample of something her friend made, but it turns out it’s real and for sale,” Teigen says. “It is 100% pure plum oil made in California and I use it all day. If I’m not wearing makeup I just put it on and let my face soak it up. And I’m actually out of it now, so I have to go back to the tiny bottle that I made fun of Nova for giving me.”

Eyeko Mascara Off Wipes

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil


Le Prunier

“I wanted to share ’cause it changed me,” Teigen continued, adding that she will sometimes add a cream on top to keep the oil on her face, but that step is optional. “It is holy—it’s amazing.”

Dwayne Johnson Looks Ultra Stylish In Red Notice Set Photo

It’s hard to say whether Red Notice will drop on Netflix before or after Dwayne Johnson’s next theatrical feature, Jungle Cruise, which he filmed back in 2018. Once upon a time, Jungle Cruise was slated come out in October 2019, but it’s been delayed twice since then, with the plan now being for it to arrive on July 30, 2021. So maybe there’s a chance Red Notice could keep us entertained beforehand, but don’t rule out having to wait until around the end of 2021 for it to play on our screens.

Stacey Abrams Reportedly Plans to Run for Governor Again in 2022, Thank God

Stacey Abrams—lawyer, civil rights activist, Buffy super fan, and the leader who registered so many voters in Georgia and other states that her efforts likely played a decisive factor in Donald Trump’s defeat last week—plans to run for governor of Georgia for a second time in 2022, according to a report in the Daily Beast. If she runs and wins, she could be the first Black woman governor in American history. 

“Stacey Abrams intends to run for governor again,” Wendy Davis, who is on the executive committee of the Georgia Democratic Party, told the Daily Beast. “I think that is a secret to no one.”

In 2018, Abrams ran her first campaign for Georgia governor. Her opponent Brian Kemp was Georgia’s Secretary of State, and his duties included overseeing elections. During the race, Kemp removed registered voters, making it impossible for them to vote in the governor’s election, using a legal voter suppression tactic called “purging” the rolls. In one day in July, months before the election, 8% of registered voters in Georgia were purged. It was part of a pattern for Georgia—between 2012 and 2016, 1.5 million voters were purged. By the final tally, Abrams lost by about 55,000 votes

Though Kemp became governor, Abrams has refused to concede her loss to this day, arguing that suppression had robbed voters of a truly democratic election. “Concession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper,” Abrams said, shortly after the election, in 2018. “As a woman of conscience and faith, I cannot concede.”

Abrams was widely expected to follow her gubernatorial campaign with a run for president in the democratic primary. She was popular and ambitious, and thought to be a serious contender. Instead, Abrams—whose career includes such diverse credentials as published romance novelist and tax attorney—did something wholly unexpected. Instead of pursuing her own election, she launched a national voting rights organization, Fair Fight, which pledged to fight voter suppression and insist on free and fair elections in Georgia and across the country. 

The results from the 2020 election seem to show that victory has been hers, all along—her organization registered an approximate 800,000 voters, turning Georgia into a swing state and helping to deliver the electoral victory to President-Elect Joe Biden. And Abrams doesn’t seem to have so much as taken a nap since Biden clinched the win. She has already raised millions for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, the two Democratic candidates for Senate whose runoff elections in January will determine whether Republicans or Democrats have control of the Senate. “This is going to be the determining factor of whether we have access to healthcare and access to justice in the United States,” Abrams said this week on CNN, of the runoff elections. 

A spokesperson for Abrams told the Daily Beast: “Leader Abrams has made no decisions about her political future and is solely focused on electing Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on January 5.”

But if there’s one thing we know about Stacey Abrams, it’s this: She’s a woman who can multitask. 

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