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Everything Cecile Richards Knows, She Learned From Other Women

March 8 is International Women’s Day. To celebrate, we asked women like Jackie Aina, Cecile Richards, Andrea Mitchell, and more to reflect on how other women have lifted them up—mentored them, advised them, represented them, and above all showed them what was possible. We’ll be sharing their stories here all week.

After I graduated from college, I wanted to be a union organizer. And the first real job I had on the ground was in New Orleans, organizing with hotel workers. These women were making minimum wage, living in housing projects. They were often single moms or responsible for taking care of other relatives. Their jobs were physically very hard, but also emotionally very hard—working in the hospitality industry in a city like New Orleans is not that easy. And on top of all that, these women were willing to go out and try to organize a union. I still remember them. I was right out of college, and I can remember their names now—Ella Curtis, Aubrey Carr. These are women whose lives were nothing like mine, and they were the bravest, most affirmative, most life-loving women I had ever met.

I have always been attracted to people who understand that power and prestige and notoriety aren’t really worth anything unless you can share with others. A lot of those people have been women. When I started working in the labor movement, men really ran things. But if you went out into the field, you’d find these pockets of women getting organized and changing the face of labor. When I later went to work for now-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, I found in her someone who never forgot why she was in office and who always remembered the people that she was there to represent. That was important to me. With Planned Parenthood, I tried to take the same approach.

I’ve had so many opportunities in my life, but the time I spent working with nursing home workers, janitors, and healthcare workers still stands out. I was so fortunate to work with them and to learn so much from them. It’s kept me honest, I think. Working in the non-profit space, or even sometimes in the political space, I think people talk a lot about how hard their jobs are. And when I started working in those spaces, I could tell people, “Listen, until you’ve cleaned 14 rooms on a shift in a hotel, you don’t know what hard work is.” Sometimes, that’s been to my detriment. But it has always helped me check my privilege. I remind the people that I work with that we have had choices in every career decision we have made, and most women do not. Working with those women for so many years who had very few options in terms of how they could make a living and still wanted to fight for better conditions for everyone—that has just carried me for my entire life.

I spent last week in South Carolina and heard a lot of people talking about national politics. But I learned when I was an organizer and at Planned Parenthood that so much change happens on the local level. One of the last things I got to do before I left Planned Parenthood was attend a ceremonial ribbon cutting on a health center in Charleston for Planned Parenthood, and that center is right now able to provide abortion services and transgender-care services. It’s a reminder that even when the focus is on a presidential race, there are still meaningful opportunities to make a difference, whether it’s volunteering at a shelter or volunteering on a local campaign or running for school board. That’s how big things start to change.

BTS Can’t Be Contained To Just The Stage In Theatrical ‘Black Swan’ Video

BTS‘s majestic new “Black Swan” video chronicles the group’s haunting transformation into metaphorical black swans. They assemble within a grand theater and use the stage to show where they’ve gone, where they are now, and how they feel about the tempestuous journey.

A black swan isn’t just a common Australian avian, it’s also an unforeseen event that often has earth-shattering consequences. This second meaning is at the center of “Black Swan” because the seeds of disillusionment with music have been planted in the group’s psyche. With them then realizing that music is all that they have, their love must endure. That poisonous feeling isn’t going to leave though. Their feathers have been blackened by fear.

Humans can’t grow feathers (yet), so BTS depicts this pivotal transformation in a different way throughout the dynamic visual. It kicks off with the group wearing white suits, symbolizing innocent white swans, as they morph their bodies into sharp poses.

One by one, we’re introduced to the members now dressed in black, feather-like suits, signaling that the shift is complete while they dance, mimicking the delicate movements of a wedge of swans. Through serious and sullen expressions, they chart a path to despair that manifests once wings sprout into the air.

It ends with one last glance at the stage that they know as home before they leave, undoubtedly to go upon it again sometime soon. No matter what they wear for the next go around, their black suits will be underneath.

“Black Swan” appears on BTS’s latest album, Map Of The Soul: 7that dropped in February. The LP also features “On,” a spin on their 2013 track, “N.O.” BTS revealed to MTV’s Fresh Out Live how the song came about. “The name of the track wasn’t ‘On’ in the beginning, but we came together and we had a meeting trying to decide what we wanted the title track to be and what we wanted to call it,” vocalist Jungkook said. “Because this was a reboot, we wanted to take our old song ‘N.O’ and turn into ‘On,’ so I just threw that out, and we really liked it, talked about ‘bring the pain on,’ and we put that into the lyrics — and that’s how we came up with the title track.”

Check out BTS’s royal new ‘Black Swan’ video up above. And check out MTV News’s interview with the superstar septet below:

NCT 127 Just Kicked Us In The Face With New Single ‘Kick It’

NCT 127 is shaking things up with latest single “Kick It,” an in-your-face banger that highlights the group’s signature swagger. The Korean artists are known for their bass-heavy beats and high-energy concepts, and “Kick It” delivers that kind of unwavering bravado fans have come to expect — but it also ushers in a bold new era for NCT 127. They’ve always been confident and stylish in their delivery, calling themselves the “biggest hit on the stage.” But now they’re fully owning that title by becoming heroes in their own right.

Visually, “Kick It” is a powerful display of Asian identity. The lush music video is heavily influenced by iconic kung fu films of the ’70s, including Enter the Dragon, and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill series. The song itself also explicitly references legendary martial artist Bruce Lee on the hook with a boisterous refrain that, translated to English, goes, “I throw a straight punch right left Bruce Lee / I’m flying around all day long Bruce Lee.” (The Korean title of the single, “영웅,” translates to “Hero.”)

With vivid aesthetics and dynamic visuals — not to mention, several pivotal shirtless moments — “Kick It” is essential NCT viewing. It also gifts fans with center Jaehyun and center Haechan, in addition to shirtless biker Johnny “I’m Going To Ruin Your Life” Suh, which easily makes it one of their best videos ever. Exhibits A, B, and C below:

SM Entertainment
SM Entertainment
SM Entertainment

“Kick It” is the lead single off NCT 127’s new full-length album, Neo Zone. True to the NCT brand, the album is a diverse mix of genres and vibes, from the hip-hop heavy bass and attitude of “Sit Down!” to the bubbly EDM-pop of “Love Me Now” — a true Song of the Summer 2020 contender — to the funky groove of album opener “Elevator.” For NCT 127, the goal has always been to take their eclectic, confident vision worldwide. With Neo Zone, that dream is within reach.

Knives Out Fans Have Flooded Marta’s E-Mail, And Rian Johnson Approves

It is a bit silly to see so many people sending e-mails to a fictional character, but then again, it shows how many people really loved Knives Out. You can be sure every single one of the people who sent one of these e-mails, minus the possible trolls, is thrilled that there’s already a sequel on the way. The first movie was something of a surprise when it came to just how successful it became. Suddenly, theoretical conversations about seeing Daniel Craig reprise his role in a franchise of mystery stories became actual conversations and before the movie was out of theaters, because it’s actually still in theaters, the sequel was given the green light.

Matt Reeves Revealed The Batman’s Batmobile, And Wow

The DC live-action universe has been on a roll over the past few years, producing a slew of critically acclaimed movies that helped put faith back into the overarching franchise. There are some super exciting blockbusters heading down the pipeline, chief among them being Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The long gestating solo flick will introduce Robert Pattinson’s Batman to audience, including unique new costumes and gadgets. Well buckle up Bat-fans, because Reeves recently revealed the new version of the Batmobile, and it’s a doozy.

Sweater Sets Are Back for Spring 2020: Shop the Cardigan Trend Now

Out of all the weird and wonderful trends of the early 2000s, sweater sets might be the last one you predicted would make a comeback. Yet here we are, eons since fashion fixtures like Jawbreaker and Gossip Girl inspired our closets with the quirky trend, and cardigan-and-tank duos are cool again. Instagram It girls and the fashion set are cementing the divisive look as a springtime staple—and we honestly love to see it.


Just look at Kendall Jenner galavanting through L.A. in a (now sold-out) Alessanandra Rich cardigan, plant in tow. The pure joy emanating from this photo surely has at least a little to do with the positively delightful knitwear.

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

Hailey Bieber leaned into the cozy, coordinated vibe with a Bottega Veneta ribbed cardigan and a matching midi skirt at Paris Fashion Week. Does it not make you want to curl up into a very chic ball?


We can’t talk about matching knitwear without mentioning Katie Holmes’ iconic cashmere cardigan and bra from Fall 2019, and it’s finally back in stock. You know, if you enjoy spending $500+ on your undergarments.

With mild spring days ahead, this transitional look is the perfect way to bring some playfulness to your wardrobe without freezing in the process. Shop nine of our favorite sweater sets across the web, below.

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Surprise, The Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani Says The Marvel Movie Doesn’t Use Much Green Screen

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a unique place right now, as we’re currently occupying the interim period between phases. But the studio has big things in the works for the next slate of storytelling, which will include both TV and movie adventures. Chief among the upcoming movie installments is Chloé Zhao’s The Eternals, which will be following the release of Black Widow. Kumail Nanjiani is playing the cosmic powered Kingo in the blockbuster, and he recently revealed that the movie uses very little green screen work.

Wow, No Time To Die’s Release Has Officially Been Pushed Back

In the midst of the global health crisis surrounding the Coronavirus, and the request of 007 fans to postpone the release of No Time to Die in light of such pressing concerns, there has been a suggestion that the 25th James Bond film might see itself pushed back to another release window. Today, it’s no longer a suggestion, but a considerate reality, as the official announcement has been made that Daniel Craig’s final James Bond adventure will now be released in November of this year.

Hobbs And Shaw’s Jason Statham And Kevin Hart Won’t Reunite For An Action Comedy After All

Either way, The Man From Toronto is now looking for a replacement for Jason Statham, who was set to play an assassin who has a run in with a “New York screw up” at an Airbnb. The need for that replacement is somewhat urgent as the movie is set to start shooting with The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘s Patrick Hughes directing, in just about six weeks, with a release date of November 20 already on the calendar. The reason Statham’s deal didn’t close is unclear, but it’s certainly possible the quick scheduling just didn’t work out for him.