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Joaquin Phoenix And Todd Phillips Shoot Down A Crazy Joker Theory About Clocks

Joker is enjoying continued success at the box office, possibly due to the fact that fans of Todd Phillips’ movie rewards repeat viewings. There are ongoing debates about what the ending of the movie might mean. No clear-cut answer exists there. And DC Comics fans have spent a lot of time scouring the backgrounds of scenes looking for indications that Phillips meant to include a DC mention or a Batman reference.

We thought we saw a good one, and have seen people speculating about it online. So when we had the chance to sit down with both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix to discuss Joker on the ReelBlend podcast, we asked them specifically if the 11:11 on the clocks meant anything. Phillips was coy as he stated:

We had two concrete references to 11:11 on clocks spotted in Joker. The first occurs in the early meeting with Arthur’s therapist. Later, an obvious one occurs when he punches the time clock off of the wall as he exits his former job. The fact that they both say 11:11 stands out, even though Phillips claims it is a coincidence.

Another obvious clock, however, was when Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) is in the green room at Murray’s late-night talk show. It’s 10:40 pm. Meaning, if you do the math between when the show starts at 11:00, and when Joker is on as a guest, it’s highly possible that Arthur Fleck might shoot Murray in the face at 11:11 pm.

Joaquin Phoenix isn’t really buying it. When we put the question to him, he hit us with a subtle Beatles reference, saying:

The “Paul is Dead” line refers to an age-old Beatles conspiracy theory that claimed that original Fab Four member Paul McCartney had DIED in 1966, and was subsequently replaced by a Paul by a lookalike. The theory picked up steam after fans somehow realized that if you played the Beatles track “Revolution 9” from the White Album backwards, a portion of the song either says “Paul is dead” or “Turn me on, dead man.” Either way, very strange.

Phoenix clarified the reference in an interview after ours with Collider, where he added:

So they claim that the clocks hold no significance, and that it’s all a coincidence. Do you believe them? Or do you think that there ARE no accidents on a film set, with everything captured by the camera being 100% intentional? Hit the comments section and let us know your thoughts! And while you are at it, listen to the entire interview with Joker director in the latest episode of ReelBlend, included above.

Jennifer Aniston Makes Her Instagram Debut With a Friends Reunion

Just call it “The One Where Jennifer Aniston Joins Instagram”.

That’s right, the woman who has been a household name since Friends premiered in 1994 has finally entered the social media age. Could it be that her pals Reese Witherspoon and Courteney Cox—both avid users of the platform—finally convinced her? It’s also probably not a coincidence that Morning Show (her latest project with Witherspoon) is premiering next month on Apple’s new streaming service.

Whatever the reason, however, we’re just happy to see our “friend” on the platform. Aniston kept things simple in her bio, writing, “My friends call me Jen.’ She’s currently following 81 accounts, including Comments by Celebs, Julia Roberts, Adam Sandler, Kate Hudson, Oprah, and her Friends co-stars David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Cox, and Lisa Kudrow. (Matthew Perry isn’t on Instagram.)

For her first post, Aniston knew to give the people what they want: a group selfie of all six Friends. “And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻,” she wrote in the caption.

People were very excited by this new digital development. “YASSSS!!! Welcome to Insta Jen!!! ❤️✨😍,” Witherspoon wrote.’Oh, yeah tushy!,” Chelsea Handler said.

“I guess you didn’t go with the nude like I suggested, but this pic is cute too. So happy you are here!!!!!!!❤️,” Sara Foster added.

It would appear that this photo is from the group dinner that Aniston spoke about on Howard Stern’s show last week. ““We just had dinner this week, on Saturday night,” she said. “The whole gang. Everyone was there. Schwimmer was in town. We all happened to have a window of time, so we all got together.”

Even after all these years, it’s fun to see Rachel, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe all together. Cox loves to tap into that Friends nostalgia on her feed too. Her very first post involved a recreation of Central Perk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Honestly, if all Aniston ever posts is Friends-adjacent content and throwbacks, we’d be happy.

Halsey Teams Up With Dominic Fike For Bamboozling ‘Phone Numbers’ Video

If you get hired somewhere, in this economy, it’s probably–no, definitely– in your best interest to maybe, um, not engage in criminal activity? Dominic Fike doesn’t seem to understand that in his new video for “Phone Numbers.” He’s a swindler extraordinaire, using his uncanny ability to get a job at any company of his choosing to act as a front for his dastardly deeds. He must have one hell of a cover letter and/or interview presence.

While he can get a job anywhere, Fike isn’t slick. The cops are onto him, evident by the board of polaroid pictures with rubber bands and tacks that connected everything together, just like the ones in hardboiled detective movies featuring investigators rubbing their chins while looking at them. Fike then hops out of a pest control van with producer Kenny Beats (who orchestrates the song’s mellow and slightly optimistic beat) and they spray a house for bugs while stealing cash, gold, and awards. It’s later revealed to be Halsey‘s house! She screams to officers to figure out who took her stuff while an adorable dog yips in her arms.

Kenny Beats gets caught and Fike runs. Instead of helping his friend, he goes on to find other jobs. He’s a fireman, airline pilot, and boilerplate office worker. He shouldn’t even need to resort to crime with the steady amount of legal income that he has coming in. Fike eventually gets caught by the police and escapes by distracting them with a water gun and hopping into a vehicle with a waiting friend. We’re meant to presume that he’s heading back to the job board to get another gig.

Watch Fike go through a ton of jobs in “Phone Numbers” up above.

Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil Reviews Are In, See What Critics Are Saying

Disney owes a great debt to the success of Maleficent. The film’s massive success was one of the major reasons that the Disney live-action remake is now a genre unto itself. Now, five years later, the film gets a long anticipated sequel in Mistress of Evil. Reviews for the film hit the internet this morning and while a few critics believe the sequel was worth the wait, most find the film lacking, at least in something.

CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg reviewed Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and gave the film a middle of the road 2.5 stars, saying that, much like the original Maleficent, the new film has some interesting ideas that unfortunately never come together into a satisfying whole.

Once again there are some interesting concepts floated – like a magical mother vs. mother showdown, and a manipulated war between faeries and humans – but none of the material sticks together.

The new film picks up five years after the events of Maleficent. Aurora is the Queen of the Moors, inhabited by various magical creatures and the home of Maleficent herself. Prince Philips has finally worked up the nerve to propose, but that means it’s time for the families to meet each other. Maleficent, still largely distrustful of humans, tries her best, but things eventually go about as bad as possible, leading to the possibility of war between humans and fairies.

That’s actually a pretty bare bones summary of the plot. There’s actually quite a lot going on in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Potentially too much. Slashfilm credits the movie with having lofty and ambitious goals, but feels that, in the end, the movie isn’t able to live up to them.

This lofty sequel sacrifices all the storybook whimsy in favor of political intrigue and dark plots that are far too complicated to be wrapped up by a typical Disney happy ending, and end up landing with a thud.

One gets the distinct impression even from reading the mostly negative reviews that the overwhelming feeling there is one of disappointment. The performances on display, from Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ellie Fanning, are largely praised. The movie just fails to be as good as it has the potential to be. The movie has themes, but, as Indiewire states, they’re just not as important as they want to be.

Embrace the imagery and Mistress of Evil almost works on its own terms, but anyone grasping for the bigger picture will find that it often evaporates under scrutiny.

Of course, if you’re looking forward to Maleficent: Mistress of Evil regardless of what critics are saying, there’s probably one reason for that. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent is just a perfect piece of casting. Whatever else happens in the movie, we know she’s going to be great, and USA Today certainly believes that’s the case here as well.

Jolie’s magnetism, plus the way she toes the line between being a fairy version of Batman and a menacing mistress of not-quite-evil-but-pretty-close, is why these Maleficent movies work.

Of course, while the majority of reviews are currently on the negative side, that doesn’t mean that every critic is as disappointed with Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. For all the first film’s faults, it was also a singularly remarkable film if only for being a Disney-produced rape revenge story. Fans looking for similar levels of batshit insanity might be pleasantly surprised. Forbes thinks the sequel is better than the original, and no less nuts.

It’s better than the first, features strong performances and goes unexpectedly wild in the third act, suggesting the unholy offspring of a union between Gargoyles, Avatar and Aquaman. (Yes, that’s a compliment).

Forbes isn’t the only one that is able to find something to appreciate in Mistress of Evil. In the end, the movie is supposed to be a fairy tale and logic doesn’t always apply in those situations. As the Los Angeles Times states, the villain’s plot in the movie is so over the top and crazy that there’s a sort of beauty to it.

It’s hard not to appreciate the sheer derangement of the plot that Ingrith has concocted, which is so cruel and so elaborate… as to make even the original Maleficent’s machinations in Sleeping Beauty look tame by comparison.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is currently sitting on Rotten Tomatoes with a 39% score, which is far from shining, but with fewer than 25 reviews submitted as of this writing, there’s always the possibility its fortunes will shift. By comparison, the first Maleficent ended up with a 54% score on RT. While the number is better, the first film was certainly not a critical darling, and that didn’t prevent it from grossing three-quarters of a billion dollars at the global box office.

Having seen the new movie myself, I sort of agree with everybody here. I’ve always appreciated the original Maleficent for the risks that it took, even if the story never really found its footing. Mistress of Evil isn’t quite as daring as the original, but neither does it play it safe. A lot of it doesn’t work, but it’s nice to see it try. 

Currently, Mistress of Evil is tracking toward a $50 million opening weekend, which will likely be enough to take first place, but the original film made nearly $70 million in its opening weekend, so the sequel may already be falling a little behind.

Even in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a hit with fans, it will likely look like small potatoes considering that Disney is the studio that has five films that have grossed $1 billion worldwide this year alone. Even if the sequel is able to live up to the box office of the original, it’s still going to be overlooked.

While most critics may not be in love with the Maleficent sequel, it is, in the end, the box office that will take charge. If audiences want to see more stories about these live-action versions of DIsney characters, then we’ll almost certainly see them. We know Jon Favreau is still planning a sequel to The Jungle Book and a follow-up to Aladdin is already being considered. It’s likely Disney will be watching how this movie does very closely when it comes to considering future sequels.

Universal Orlando Resort Reveals New Jason Bourne Stunt Show

The future of Jason Bourne on the big screen may not clear, but if you need your fix of Jason Bourne in action, you need only make your way to the Universal Orlando Resort next spring, as it has now been confirmed that a rumored stunt show, called The Bourne Stuntacular will be making its debut at the theme park next year.

The Bourne Stuntacular is set to be a live action stunt show, but according to Universal Orlando, it will also integrate large LED screens “making it impossible to discern where the live action ends and the cinema begins.”

It seems the show will be bigger than the set that’s built for it, with part of the show happening live in front of the audience, and more of it taking place on screens, with the two parts blended together in a way that it will all appear live. If you get a new live show and a new Bourne short film out of the same experience, that sounds like a win-win.

We haven’t see Matt Damon as Jason Bourne since 2016’s Jason Bourne but the Bourne franchise is still going a strong. A new TV series, titled Treadstone will actually debut on the USA Network tonight, this stunt show announcement is certainly not being made in a vacuum, and a new film is on the drawing board, even if we know essentially nothing about it.

If you’re going to adapt the Jason Bourne franchise into a theme park attraction, a stunt show is a pretty solid way to do that. You could create some sort of chase sequence roller coaster or trackless ride, but there are so many different types of action associated with Jason Bourne that a stunt show seems like the only way to get it all in.

And stunt shows at Universal theme parks have a strong track record. Waterworld: A Live Sea War Spectacular has been running at Universal Studios Hollywood nearly continuously since 1995. The movie isn’t nearly as universally loved as the Jason Bourne franchise, but the show is fun, exciting, and full of cool stunts, and so it has survived.

Stunt Shows are a place where Universal can potentially differentiate itself from the competition. While Disney’s Hollywood Studio still has an Indiana Jones stunt show, the attraction is a holdover from the days when that theme park was focused on movie making. That’s not really what that park is about any more, and so it seems likely the show’s days are numbered.

With no specific opening date beyond ‘Spring 2020″ it will be some time before we get a real chance to see what this new show has in store, but it certainly sounds like something that fans of the movies are going to want to check out. Keep reading CinemaBlend for more information on The Bourne Stuntacular as it is released.

9 Celebrity Takes on Denim-on-Denim to Inspire Your Summer-to-Fall Wardrobe

The denim-on-denim look is one that has been memorably embraced by celebrity. That Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake red-carpet moment is obviously No. 1, but there are plenty of other low-key, off-duty interpretations of the Canadian tuxedo that feel a little bit more accessible (and easier to copy). Some key examples: Priyanka Chopra Jonas walking her pup in New York wearing a belted denim jacket with a matching skirt, Kendall Jenner on a summer’s day in head-to-toe American Eagle, Hailey Baldwin on a date with Justin Bieber in a Versace-branded denim jacket and jeans… These outfits don’t feel that far removed from something we’d wear on a weekend, especially as summer winds down and we move toward a more layered approach to dressing. Consider the nine looks ahead a primer on transitional fashion, featuring everyone’s favorite: denim.

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Bachelorette Star Mike Johnson Asked Keke Palmer Out on Live Television

Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette was full of drama, sure, but everything that’s happened since might be even more dramatic. First, we had the intense but short-lived Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron relationship. Then we learned that Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato were reportedly going on dates after some flirting online. And now, Johnson is asking out Keke Palmer on live television?

Let’s back up: During Hannah’s season, way back in July, Lovato posted footage of Johnson on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “Mike I accept your rose.” The two then reportedly met up for a dinner date IRL.

Naturally, Bachelor fans were on board for the new romance—though it seems Johnson had some reservations. “What scares me about [dating publicly] is that if Demi and I were not to become boyfriend/girlfriend, right, how would people perceive that?” he’s said previously. “Which honestly, I shouldn’t give two s—s about it, right? No disrespect to people that, you know, follow us. But it scares me for that reason.”

Now, People is reporting that Johnson and Lovato are “done.” He seemed to confirm as much during an appearance on Good Morning America‘s third hour, Strahan, Sara, and Keke, on October 14 when he asked out Keke Palmer while on the air.

“I made a mistake, I don’t like dating in public,” Johnson said. Then he turned to Palmer and asked, “But, if I were to ask you, if we could go on a date…?” Palmer looked wide-eyed and perhaps even a bit embarrassed to his question. She replied, “What’s the next question? Michael, you’ve got the next question!”


“What’s that? I didn’t hear nothing. He lost me when he asked you out for a date,” Michael Strahan responded. “What did you say? Yes or no?” Palmer never answered, but Strahan did let Johnson know that he was keeping an eye on him but that the pair looked good together. “Mike, I’m going to tell you something, right. Demi is my girl, I love this one here, too. Now, you mess up, I’m coming for you.”

“Ladies, I’m at work. I’m at work, guys. Go ahead,” Palmer said. “I’m at work.” Strahan added, “Okay, at the commercial break, you’ll get her number.”

Even though Johnson says it was a mistake to date in public, asking out another famous person on television is the very opposite of private, no? Anyway, watch the entire exchange below.

The Batman Grabs A Four-Time Oscar Winner To Make Sure It Look Amazing

The DC live-action universe is a fascinating place, full of unexpected changes. While the DCEU began with movies like Batman v Superman and Man of Steel, the shared universe took a turn following the disappointing performance of Justice League. That movie failed to make money or resonate with critics, and Ben Affleck promptly hung up the cowl and departed the role of Batman. Matt Reeves has since cast Robert Pattinson to play the title character of The Batman, and he’s assembling the cast and crew to bring that movie to life. And that includes Oscar winning VFX supervisor Don Lemmon.

Don Lemmon might not be a household name, but the movies he’s worked on certainly are. He’s worked on iconic movies like Avatar, and the last three Planet of The Apes movies (all of which earned him an Academy Award nomination). He eventually took home the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work in Disney’s The Jungle Book. And now he’s lending those talents to Matt Reeves’ upcoming DC blockbuster.

This update on The Batman comes to us from Inside The Film Room, and shows how the highly anticipated movie is coming together ahead of production. After sitting in development hell for a number for years, it seems that the movie is finally coming together. DC fans are eager to see the cast and crew that will help bring Gotham City to life, and any glimpse into the movie’s plot.

Don Lemmon’s involvement hopefully teases a visually stunning adventure with The Batman. The Dark Knight is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and establishing a visual language is important. But considering Lemmon’s particular skill and reputation in the VFX world, it’ll be interesting to see how he brings Bruce Wayne’s signature battle style to life in the upcoming blockbuster.

News of Don Lemmon’s involvement comes shortly after The Batman revealed some exciting casting news. Big Little Lies and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald actress Zoe Kravitz was announced to be playing Selina Kyle/ Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ DC debut. DC fans are eager to see Catwoman join the current shared universe, and Kravitz has proven her ability as an actress, including action-heavy projects like Mad Max: Fury Road. So she seems like a great choice to bring Catwoman to life.

Catwoman’s inclusion in The Batman will also affect Don Lemmon’s job, as he’ll be tasked with bringing she and any other of the hero’s rogues to life in the upcoming blockbuster. Early rumors indicated that a handful of villains will factor into the story. What’s more, Jonah Hill is circling a few roles in the movie, so there should be at least one more iconic character popping up throughout the blockbuster. Although it’s unclear of Hill might play Penguin or The Riddler.

The Batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on June 25th 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Notorious B.I.G. And Whitney Houston Among This Year’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees

This year’s nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s class of 2010 have been announced today (October 15) and the first time nominees include Whitney Houston, Notorious B.I.G (it’s his first year of eligibility),  Nine Inch Nails, and more. We have until January to find out who gets inducted. Fans can get voting underway over on the Rock Hall website.

In addition to the aforementioned legends, Dave Matthews Band, T.Rex, SoundgardenPat Benatar, Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, MC5, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Rufus with Chaka Khan, Judas Priest, Todd Rundgren, and The Doobie Brothers are also nominated. Artists such as Aaliyah, Daft Punk, and Weezer were eligible but weren’t nominated.

Last year’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame class was made up of Janet Jackson, the Cure, Radiohead, Roxy Music, Def Leppard, the Zombies, and Stevie Nicks. The next induction ceremony will be the first since Jann Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone, stepped down as chairman and was replaced by John Sykes.

New Lady And The Tramp Trailer Features The Iconic Spaghetti Scene

The next big live-action Disney remake isn’t coming to the big screen, but rather the small one. When Disney+ launches in just under a month, it will do so with Lady and the Tramp, an original live production of the Disney animated classic. To get people ready for the new film Disney released a new trailer last night, and it includes some of the film’s most memorable moments. Including one involving a plate of spaghetti.

Even if you’re not a massive fan of Lady and the Tramp, there are likely a few moments that you remember if you’ve ever seen it. Maybe it’s the song ‘He’s a Tramp” which was performed by the great Peggy Lee in the original movie. We hear it here performed by Janelle Monae who will be taking over the role of Peg.

However, by far the moment that has helped Lady and the Tramp stand the test of time involves a romantic gesture with a meatball, and the remake has that moment. Check it out in the new trailer below.

While we briefly saw Lady and Tramp sitting in front of their plate of spaghetti in the first trailer, this second one gives us a bit more of the sequence, as well as a basic run down of the plot in case you don’t recall it.

We also see a few other things you might remember from the first movie. We see the Siamese cats that will become an obstacle to Lady’s comfortable life. Although, we know that their song from the animated film, “We are Siamese,” which has not aged well, will not be featured.

Technically Lady and the Tramp looks quite impressive. The dogs are talking, and that in and of itself is quite a sight to see. The only question is if the new film will be able to overcome the problem that The Lion King recently had. While the animals were technically amazing, they looked so real that it was difficult to have them show any sort of emotion.

Lady and the Tramp does do things a little differently than The Lion King. While the latter film was entirely CGI, this movie actually uses real dogs to play the parts of the characters on screen. While this option is almost certainly cheaper, and thus the new Disney+ movie won’t have quite as insane a budget, it’s hard to tell if it will be more successful.

While Disney+ is going to be a high demand streaming service if only for its library of content, the new original movies and series are also going to draw in an audience. Lady and the Tramp may end up being the first thing a lot of people watch when Disney+ launches November 12.