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12 Great Sandra Oh Movies And TV Shows And How To Watch Them

Invincible (2021 – Present)

Last but certainly not least, Invincible is an animated television series that tells the story of Mark Grayson, a teenager who develops superhero powers, passed down from his father, and aspires to become just like his Superman-type dad, Omni-Man.

Let me tell you that Invincible is an Amazon original series that adult audiences should watch. Seriously. Even if you don’t even like superheroes, Invincible is such a fantastic show that you’ll come back wanting more each episode. There are so many twists that you’ll get whiplash, and the story is so detailed that you’ll be wanting the next season soon. The Invincible voice cast is full of big names in Hollywood, including Sandra Oh as the mother of Mark Grayson, and the animation style itself is artistic and almost reminds you of a comic book – it’s just a great show to watch, one that everyone would enjoy.

Just, uh, don’t show it to the kids. That’s all I’ll say.

Stream Invincible on Amazon Prime.

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