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What Men In Black: International Will Be About

As we saw in the Men in Black: International teaser trailer, Tessa Thompson’s Agent M discovers the existence of MIB on her own, and seeing her potential, Emma Thompson’s Agent O, who we met in Men in Black 3, recruits her into the organization. But just like what happened when Agent started working with Agent K, M is being thrown into the proverbial deep end of the pool for her first assignment. Her new partner, Chris Hemsworth’s Agent H, is one of MIB’s best agents, but who, as producer Water Parkes told EW, has “fallen on some hard times.” Making matters worse, an alien emissary is killed on H’s watch, requiring him and M to team up to identify the killer and track down the mole within MIB who is threatening the organization’s ability to protect Earth from alien evildoers.

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