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Watch Macy Kate Gleefully Burn Some Ken Dolls In ‘Cry For Help’ Video

If you, too, can’t seem to get your shit together, then Macy Kate has the song for you. The YouTube sensation-turned-pop star released “Cry For Help” last month, and it’s since gone on to become a viral hit on TikTok — which is no surprise, once you hear the super vivid lyrics. But in the newly released video, Macy really dials up the drama thanks to an array of eye-popping ensembles and hilarious set-ups.

The vid opens on Macy lounging in a bathtub, clutching a glass of red wine, and having an all-too-relatable inner monologue. “Why am I always stuck up on my fucking problems? … Why am I always acting like I’m still in college?” she muses, before the chorus comes crashing in and she resolves to give up on guys completely. Onscreen, the 21-year-old throws a solo outdoor BBQ where the main dish is kebabs made out of Ken dolls — and she shows no hesitation chucking them onto the grill and watching them burn, baby, burn.

Press play on the gleefully dramatic, Michelle Parker-directed vid below, and catch it airing all day long on mtvU and MTV Live.

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