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The Rise of Tweakments: Why Facial Optimization Is Trending

Tweakments are also fair game for anyone and everyone, even those in their twenties. Palep files preventative procedures, such as “baby Botox,” in the tweakments category, as its benefits aren’t really seen until years after the injection. “It’s not about age when you start with Botox,” she says. “It has to do with the strength of your muscles.”

If you’re expressive and tend to use your facial muscles more—whether to glare at a passive-aggressive email or smile at a random dog on the street—they can create grooves and lines where you use them most often. (Think of folding a piece of paper repeatedly in the same spot…but with skin.) A micro-dose of Botox can go a long way by relaxing those muscles.

Plus, tweakments are just a good place to start if you’ve never gotten injectables before. “When I went in, my dermatologist asked if I wanted to get my problem areas around my eyes done, which I declined because I wanted to still look natural,” Molony says. “But now that I’ve done other parts of my face, I feel more confident in getting just a little bit more.” And the beauty of injectables is that if you start small, you can always scale up. “Injectables layer very well, which allows a subtle transformation and improvement over time,” says Devgan.

There’s no right time to level up your injectables, so to speak—since it primarily depends on genetics, sun damage, and other factors in how your skin ages. “I don’t plan on changing my routine visits anytime soon, but time will determine that,” says Davis. “As I age and my skin loses elasticity, I may alter my approach.”

Injectables are only the beginning when it comes to tweakments. Similarly subtle, natural results are possible with a number of procedures, even those that are more invasive. “For example, a resurfacing laser can be done at a milder setting to reduce downtime; a breast augmentation can be performed with a small implant to achieve a more subtle contour; and eyelid surgery can involve a conservative excision in order to maintain the natural character of your eyes,” says Devgan. As cosmetic procedures move towards bespoke outcomes, tweakments will naturally follow.

However, it may be some time before you can get your tweakment. “The spa I go to has been closed for the last few months because of the coronavirus, but I’m hoping to get into a dermatologist office for some Botox before the end of the summer,” says Abell. Molony feels similarly. “When I look in the mirror, I miss my Botox,” she says.

Unfortunately, the one thing that isn’t a given with tweakments is a gentler hit to your wallet, since the price of injectables largely depends on your concerns, your location, and your provider. Still, it could potentially be more budget-friendly, as some doctors charge by syringe. “I just need one syringe to cover multiple areas,” says Palep. In general, that can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000. (To put it better perspective, the “Insta look” for lip filler usually consists of two or three syringes.)

Last but not least, temper your expectations accordingly. If you’re looking for a life-changing transformation in any way, a tweakment probably isn’t for you. “That’s the whole point of this,” Palep explains. “If my patient looks like they did something, then I did a bad job.”

Deanna Pai is a writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @deannapai.

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