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The Next Time You Watch Hamilton, Pay Attention To His Jackets

Shades of Brown: Starting From The Bottom

Hamilton starts the show wearing beige/off white. This likely signifies the past, as the story being told is of his childhood. He’s poor, he’s alone, and he’s got a lot to prove. After narrator Aaron Burr (Leslie Odom Jr.) sings “in New York, you can be a new man” Miranda removes the beige jacket. He hands it to Odom Jr. who takes it off stage as Philipa Soo (Eliza) enters with Hamilton’s brown jacket. For the rest of the song, the cast tells us what’s to come, and Hamilton travels up the stairs, across the catwalk, and down the stairs on the other side, symbolizing his journey to New York. When the song ends, Hamilton is a teenager, living in New York, ready to take on college, the revolution, and the world.

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