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Shia LaBeouf: 5 Wild Shenanigans The Actor Did Before His Tax Collector Tattoos

Shia LaBeouf Became A Los Angeles Art Exhibit

After Shia LaBeouf was placed under fire for plagiarizing work, he started his infamous paper bag “I Am Not Famous Anymore” performance art that began on the red carpet premiere of Nymphomaniac, which has its own wild story involving LaBeouf sending a dick pic to the producers. Following the viral look, LaBeouf opened his own art exhibit that involved the actor sitting silent in a room while fans could visit him in short intervals. Upon entering the room with LaBeouf, guests were told to choose an object, with the selection including an Indiana Jones whip, a Transformers toy, a pair of pliers, Hershey’s kisses and a bowl of notes containing Twitter comments about the actor.

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