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Movie Theater Chain CEO Discusses Challenges Facing Smaller Theaters, Describes ‘Safe Environment’ For Patrons

We’ve received pretty much nothing but positive feedback [from the patrons]. I think there is a perception that there is going to be people all over each other, kind of thinking back to when they went to the movies to the days of old. That just isn’t the case. I think that we’ve done an excellent job of reopening and spacing and everything. … The idea is, it is a safe environment. We, as an industry, need to work to communicate that better. I will say, in our particular case, there’s some people saying, ‘Well indoor air…,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, hey, we added 50 to 100% more fresh air into the building. We’re using a higher degree of [MERV] filter that eliminates all the particles in the air.’ We really do take this seriously, and it really is a safe environment. And candidly, it really is like the days of old, where once you get into the auditorium, you escape. You just let everything unfold, and I think everybody needs that now. And getting out of the house, let’s face it, I think we’ve spent a little bit too much time in the house. Going out in a safe environment, experiencing new movies and content, is a great option.

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