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Los Angeles Protest: 8 People on Protesting in the Middle of a Pandemic

Every single human on earth needs to be held accountable for each other. Because we are all in this together. There is no Black and there is no white. Everyone needs to be holding everyone accountable. No police officer should be allowed to let white people go completely free yet Black people are killed in broad daylight every single day. That is why we are here. That is why we are standing and that is why we, my friends who are white, my friends who are Black, that is why we are all coming together because no one should be living in fear of someone we are paying to protect us. — Anjelika Washington, actor, Dear Vivian

“My kids, my grandkids, my siblings, are going to walk these streets free”

Protestors stand on a bus at 3rd Street and Fairfax in Los Angeles on March 30. Photo by Stacey Leasca

The fact that we are doing what my grandmother was doing when she was alive, and she was fighting for literally the exact same thing. What our ancestors have been doing for years. And if I have to bow behind my color then that’s just what’s going to have to happen because my kids, my grandkids, my siblings, are going to walk these streets free. That’s it. Point blank. Period. — Gionna Kamille

“I’m here in solidarity”

Protestors march through the streets of Los Angeles on March 30. Photo by Stacey Leasca

This isn’t the first one, unfortunately, that I’ve had to come to. It’s my baby girl’s first. We came from St. Louis. We were in Ferguson. So, it’s tough to keep seeing the same things happen and it’s important, it’s significant, it’s vital, that these officers be held to account. Furthermore, that society be held to account as well. If we keep funding people to do the same things then we can only expect the same result. So I’m here to show my family what it looks like I’m here in solidarity. I can’t be in Minneapolis. I can’t be in Louisville right now and I can’t be in Georgia, so we’re here. That’s what we’re doing. — Anonymous

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