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Lady Gaga’s Makeup Artist Taught Me Her Best Eyeliner Tips

“I would tell you to do both dots at the same time,” says Tanno.  “And then when you’re done, you don’t even have to erase the guide. That’s also very helpful for a makeup artist, because if Gaga’s moving a lot, and I don’t have a lot of time to keep cleaning it, she can go back to talking or doing whatever, and I know where it needs to be.” 

Layer Up

Another classic makeup artist tip Tanno swears by is using both a pencil and liquid liner to create a perfect cat eye. Start with your pencil to create your shape and your guide, since it’s much easier to get your basic shape. “My guide is there, and you’re able to sharpen and define it without going over it a million times,” says Tanno. Then, go in with your liquid liner like Haus Laboratories Eye-Lie-Ner to add definition and depth. “I would always say to define using your liquid eyeliner, especially if you’re just starting out and are scared to jump in,” she says. “Most makeup artists never jump into a liquid liner without using a pencil first.” 

Clean it Up

The one tip Tanno kept repeating no matter what look she was demonstrating? Clean up your work with a cotton swab. If you’re creating an everyday wing, dramatic graphic look, or an under-eye smudge, don’t worry about it being perfect on the first try. “It’s not about perfecting your application nor so about the technique, it’s more about cleaning it up after,” she says. Especially when working with a gel or pencil, get your basic shape down, and then use a cotton swab and some micellar water to perfect it.

If you want something to look really “perfect and snatched,” Tanno recommends taking a bit of concealer on an angled brush like a brow brush, and using that to perfect and clean the edge of your wing.  

Try a Metallic 

You heard it here first, folks, Tanno predicts that metallic eye make up will be having a huge moment going forward. But while you absolutely can go all-out with a Gaga-approved silver or green wing, there are also subtler ways to incorporate shimmer into your everyday look. Tanno says she likes to highlight only certain areas with the metallic liners, like a dash of the silver pencil Blade on her inner corners. 

Another way she’s been loving it is by doing her usual wing in Go Diva, a rich matte brown, and layering Antique Rose, a glimmering rose gold, on top for just a touch of shimmer. 

“Sometimes what I do is wear them [metallic liners] like I would eyeshadow,” says Tanno. “I’ll just take a little along the lower lashes, and it just brightens up your look a little. Even if you were to do that with your everyday look and added just a little tiny pop of color, or just drag it on top a little bit, it’s just a cool way to do your makeup, especially that we have to wear a mask.” 

Take a Risk 

Now that I had the basics down, Tanno walked me through the “Rain on Me” liner step by step. The gag is, it not only looks amazing, but it’s crazy easy to do. “It’s really something that didn’t take a lot of time, and it’s so achievable, no matter what your artistry level is, or whatever you’re comfortable with,” says Tanno. “Even if it’s just layering the black and white eyeliners in a simple clean way that you would do everyday, and just popping the white liner over the black. It’s a fun trend, it’s super easy, and the white liner is so powerful.”

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