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Joker 2: 8 Major Questions We Have About The Potential Joker Sequel

Will Other DC Characters/Villains Appear Throughout The Movie?

With the exception of our title character and the Wayne family, most of the characters seen throughout Joker were either invented for the movie or weren’t major DC characters. The focus of Joker is intently on our memorable villain, portraying this famous comic book character in a grittier, more grounded way. But with the possibility of a sequel on the horizon, and the movie’s outstanding box office success (notably compared to its humble budget), Joker 2 could introduce other DC characters — possibly other villains — into the fold, particularly with more money to play with. The possibility of seeing, say, goofier Batman bad guys like The Riddler and The Penguin are unlikely, but we might be introduced to another version of Harley Quinn, for instance, or maybe Todd Phillips’ interpretations of Harvey Dent and/or Catwoman. It’s not out-of-the-question.

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