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John Wick And 7 Other Movie Characters You Really Don’t Want To Piss Off

Samantha Caine – The Long Kiss Goodnight

The most badass schoolteacher on the planet, Samantha Caine (played by Geena Davis) is living a peaceful life in the suburbs. Sure, she has a bit of memory loss and hires the occasional private investigator to make sense of her forgotten past, but otherwise, life is peachy. That is until she gets into a car accident that knocks her brain back into place and activates her killer mode since she was an assassin in her past life. Now, she can cut carrots like a pro, knock thugs out cold with a pie (a pie!), and (why not?) dye her hair platinum blonde. 

Getting her memories back didn’t seem to bother her much, but the people who came after her shortly after did. Big mistake.

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