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Haim’s New Cover Pays Homage To Robyn’s Amazing Artistry

HAIM have an awesome new cover for your listening ears. It’s what they do; recently they’ve made Lil Nas X‘s “Panini” and Leonard Cohen‘s “If It Be Your Will” into their own fuzzy renditions that channel the softest elements of folk-adjacent caroling. This time, they’re back with a soothing cover of Robyn‘s classic jam, “Show Me Love.” They’ve done it again.

HAIM performed Robyn’s classic 1997 jam on BBC Radio 1’s Chillest Show With Paul Taggart in one of its Piano Sessions. Their delicate rendition removes much of the bouncy drum patterns that make the original so infectious, opting for a more mellowed out and emotional turn.

Este Haim takes the forefront for the cover, powering her vocals to surging crescendos on the chorus while her sisters support her with soft, yet powerful notes. Words can’t describe how truly beautiful it is to find these voices in conversation with each other.

After their rendition of “Show Me Love,” HAIM also sang their new song “Hallelujah.” It was just as riveting live as the official audio is.

HAIM released “Hallelujah” in November. Earlier this year, they released “Now I’m In It” and “Summer Girl.”

Check out the videos of HAIM’s new covers up above.

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