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Gifts for Mother-in-Law: Here are the Ones She’ll Actually Love

Search “gifts for mother-in-law” on Google and you’re bound to find options that feel…well, a little lackluster. Add a layer of will-you-or-won’t-you visit your significant other’s family over yours for the holidays, and the pressure can feel on.

But no matter how close you are (or aren’t) to your mother-in-law (or MIL), you still want your gift to feel special—something that shows her how much she means to you and your partner.

Start with some basic questions to help you narrow the field: Are you getting her a gift alone, or are you splurging on something with your partner? Has she recently gotten into a hobby, or does she just need some TLC? Whatever kind of MIL you’re shopping for, we found options for all sorts of personalities and budgets. Oh, and if you’re short on inspiration, some of these could double as gifts for your own mom. Ahead, shop 20 gifts for mother-in-laws that will leave her seriously impressed.

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