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Ed Skrein Wants Midway To Honor All Of The Men Who Fought In That Battle

Director Roland Emmerich’s new war film Midway just opened in theaters on November 8, ahead of Veterans Day on Monday, November 11. Midway is based on the true story of the pivotal World War II battle, with U.S. and Japanese naval forces clashing six months after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The film stars Ed Skrein as Lieutenant Richard “Dick” Best, and he has a specific goal for the movie.

Ed Skrein told CinemaBlend he’s a proud Londoner but also “a global citizen.” The Deadpool and Game of Thrones (but not Hellboy) star said he wanted Midway to stand for all of the men who fought in the battle — the Japanese soldiers as well as the Americans. Here’s what he told us:

As Ed Skrein’s Midway co-star Dennis Quaid noted in his own interview with CinemaBlend, the Battle of Midway was a turning point for the U.S. in World War II, marking a decisive victory for the Americans. The world could’ve looked very different if the June 1942 battle turned out differently.

Here’s Ed Skrein’s hope for Midway to represent the bravery of all of the men involved:

The 138-minute movie didn’t seem to have any trouble attracting major names for the cast — including Woody Harrelson, Luke Evans, Aaron Eckhart, Nick Jonas, Darren Criss, Alexander Ludwig, and Mandy Moore — in addition to Ed Skrein, Dennis Quaid, and Patrick Wilson.

Midway is hardly the first war film, or the first to spotlight a major World War II battle — from Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor to Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and the many in between.

However, director/producer Roland Emmerich struggled to get funding for Midway. While the film is said to have a $100 million budget, it was made outside the studio system, leading Variety to dub Midway one of the most expensive indie films ever made. Because he couldn’t get a major studio to back a higher budget, the Independence Day director told Variety he had to cut $25 million by shaving down shooting days and compromising on his initial ambitions for battle sequences.

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