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Dark Phoenix Final Trailer Shows Off New, Dark Powers For Jean Grey

Breaking news: a random mutant sighting has been reported this morning, and it’s a pretty big one. That’s right, Fox has dropped another trailer for Dark Phoenix, and it’s all about Jean Grey and her newer, darker powers. Better still, this is probably the best trailer for the latest, and last X-Men film we’ll see for a while. But don’t take my word for it, as you can see for yourself below:

Perhaps the greatest asset this trailer for Dark Phoenix presents is the fact that we see a clear line of story for Jean’s ascendence into darkness. From the shuttle rescue that she and the rest of the crew are sent to execute, straight to her confrontation with Magneto, we see some slick storytelling at work. But of course, there’s quite a bit of powers that are used to tell that story as well, and we see Jean not only absorb the alien power force that will turn her into the Phoenix, but she also deflects lightning attacks launched by Storm, and even shatters Magneto’s helmet into pieces. That’s some pretty damned powerful mutation at work there.

As we previously saw in Dark Phoenix trailers of (future) past, Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey is going through a bit of a crisis. Something so big that the mysterious Jessica Chastain is trying to spur it on, and the rest of the X-Men universe is still trying to decide how to handle. That something is, of course, the revelation of Jean’s Dark Phoenix persona, complete with mind-bending powers that could rend the world apart if not contained.

The kitchen sink is proverbially thrown in Dark Phoenix, as there looks to be quite a bit of heartache heading our way, with Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique being one of the many victims we should expect in this final installment of the series’ revitalization that started with 2011’s X-Men: First Class. It’s truly an end of an era, and it looks like Dark Phoenix is planning to close this saga out with some heavy firepower.

Dark Phoenix marks the end of the X-Men saga as we know it on June 7th

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