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CNCO Tell Us Why New Song ‘De Cero’ Is Like A Sequel To ‘Pretend’

CNCO‘s latest single, “De Cero,” is about wanting to start over with someone you love. “De cero empezamos / Otro chance nos damos tú y yo,” the five guys — Christopher, Richard, Joel, Erick, and Zabdiel — implore on the chorus, asking to start from scratch after they presumably messed things up. The video, which dropped today (June 24), plays up that angle: Zabdiel is literally behind bars, while Joel mopes over a handwritten letter sealed with a kiss.

It’s fitting, then, that CNCO — the MTV Push artist for the month of June — consider it to be a spiritual sequel of sorts to their song “Pretend.”

“I feel like some of us could relate, you know?” Richard tells MTV. “It actually sounds like a follow-up [to] ‘Pretend.’ It’s like, I cheated on you, I’m sorry — let’s just start from zero.”

Musically, the song was a chance for the group to showcase its members’ unique vocal talents and diverse backgrounds. “It’s the vibe that we like a lot because it’s reggaeton, but we can also have those melodies that define us as a band,” Zabdiel said.

Learn more about CNCO’s “De Cero” in the video interview above, then check out the song’s new music video below.

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