Bop Shop: Songs From Fall Out Boy, Kim Petras, Wyclef Jean, And More

Run for your life! Spooky songstress Kim Petras is back with new songs that go bop in the night. With a combination of classic horror references and dark synth beats, Turn Off The Light is a welcome next chapter of the Halloween song game. “There Will Be Blood” is a track that no doubt demonstrates Petras’s love for mixing horror with pop, and we’re all better off for it.

“There will be blood, you’re gonna die / You’ll never make it, never make it through the night,” Petras screams, giving us “Carrie debuting a new pop song on prom night” vibes. Kim positions herself as a serial killer, creating infectious beats that viciously murder the pop game. – Dan McKenna

Summer Walker Just Dropped Your New Feels-Inducing Fall Soundtrack

Summer Walker‘s sophomore studio album Over It is out today (October 4). It follows her debut project, Last Day Of Summer, that dropped last year and broke her to the world. Her new album features a ton of artists like Jhené Aiko, Bryson Tiller, and of course Drake, to go along with its massive eighteen-song tracklist. Walker has given us more than enough material to bask in our feels during these cold months.

Over It, by name alone, sounds like the ultimate breakup album. Its tracklist largely reads like the singer is frustrated with a past situation and ready to mingle. There’s “Drunk Dialing…LODT,” “Off Of You,” and the title track itself that seemingly confirms it. Other songs like “Stretch You Out,” “Come Thru,” and “Potential” seem like evidence of some flirtatious activity (and possibly more) on the horizon. In addition to Aiko, Tiller, and Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 6LACK, and Usher all appear. That’s a lot of vocalists and a lot of melodies.

Walker recently appeared with 21 Savage on Aiko’s “Triggered (Freestyle) Remix” that dropped earlier this month. In February, Walker dropped the remix to “Girls Need Love” with Drake.

Stream Walker’s new album Over It up above.

Justin Bieber’s New Dan + Shay Collab ‘10,000 Hours’ Demands To Be Played At Weddings Everywhere

Justin Bieber‘s had a pretty busy (and not to mention, romantic) week. The “I Don’t Care” singer kicked it off on Monday (September 30) with his highly anticipated wedding celebration, and today (October 4), his swoon-worthy collaboration with Dan + Shay officially dropped. The track, titled “10,000 Hours,” is just about as lovey-dovey as you’d expect from a country duo and a pop star who just tied the knot (again).

The song opens with the country stars, who really set the tone for what’s about to be an intimate two minutes and forty-seven seconds. They begin by asking questions that would melt anyone‘s heart. “Do you love the rain, does it make you dance / When you’re drunk with your friends at a party?” they croon before asking the object of their affection to tell them, well, everything. “When you close your eyes, tell me, what are you dreamin’? / Everything, I wanna know it all.”

The track only gets better when Bieber jumps in for the second verse, serving us romance that’s reminiscent of some of his dreamiest hits ever, including “As Love As You Love Me” and even 2010’s “U Smile” (a throwback, we know). “Do you miss the road that you grew up on? / Did you get your middle name from your grandma?” he sings, probing deeper into his significant other’s life before asking if they see a lifetime of happiness with him. “When you think about your forever now, do you think of me?”

But perhaps the most romantic part of the whole song is the chorus, when they promise to learn their lover’s heart — even if it takes forever. “I might never get there, but I’m gonna try / If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life,” they sing.

Clearly the song’s a necessary addition to any wedding playlist ever made. And if you’re feeling sad because it didn’t come out before Justin and Hailey’s big day, don’t worry — they know a guy.

Travis Scott Gets Into A Street Fighter-Style Brawl With A Robot In ‘Highest In The Room’

Trippy videos are so 2018. So Travis Scott‘s video for “Highest In The Room,” his new single, is downright absurd, realistic, cartoonish, sexy, and creepy. It’ll make your skin tingle. Maybe itch. But it’s good. The song is built around a tinkling guitar and is a lot simpler and more mellow than a lot of what Scott brings to the table. So, in contrast, it’s not hard to believe that “Highest In The Room” is one of the most complex, and unpredictable videos that he’s ever had. Think of it as a bunch of puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together. On purpose.

Scott seamlessly blends reality and CGI together as if he were James Cameron when he released Avatar in 2009. In the video, Scott is standing outside on a rainy day in some futuristic city, looking oddly disconnected for some reason. He opens his mouth twice and exposes steam coming from his windpipes to show us that he’s, quite literally, the “Highest In The Room.” From there, it gets weird(er). Scott slides his head through a sea of other faces (???), gets his mouth full of hooks like a fish, and also gets a metal arm tattooed before fighting a robot, 2D Street Fighter-style. I’m willing to bet that he has a constantly-changing wheel of music video ideas that he spins and throws a dart at multiple times, then pieces together a treatment after that. There’s no other explanation for something like this. 

Scott’s last album was 2018’s AstroworldIn August, he released the documentary, Look Mom I Can Fly, that follows his career thus far.

Watch Scott’s wild video for “Highest In The Room” up above.

Jessie Reyez’s ‘Far Away’ Video Depicts The Painful Reality Of Deportation

On first listen, Jessie Reyez‘s “Far Away” is a sweet, sentimental love song about being in a long-distance relationship. But pay close attention, and you’ll notice the social and political tension brewing beneath the soothing beat: “You’re still a world away / And you’re still waitin’ for your papers / Been feeling like the government wants us to break up,” she sings on the first verse, before repeating to her partner, “I feel what you feel when you’re far away.”

In the accompanying video, Reyez takes the song’s potent message a step further by depicting the painful experience of losing a loved one to deportation. As Reyez dances alone, her partner appears looking tired and scared; in a flashback, we see him being seized in an ICE raid by gun-wielding officers. All the while, TV screens show images of President Trump and of the border wall separating the U.S. and Mexico. The vid ends with a heartbreaking scene of Reyez embracing her lover inside a metal cage, surrounded by other couples facing the same devastating consequences of Trump’s anti-immigration agenda.

The “Far Away” video, which premiered on Friday (October 4), will be airing throughout the day on mtvU and MTV Live. Meanwhile, Reyez has set up a website — — with information on organizations that protect immigrants’ rights, like ACLU, Al Otro Lado, and The Florence Project.

In a statement posted to the website, Reyez wrote, “Attachment to someone is both something beautiful and something painful. Imagine finally finding your home in another human being but they’re stuck on the other side of this rock we’re all on. You’re left wanting nothing more than a hug -their hug- that simultaneously feels like a pillow and a drug. Somehow when they hurt, you hurt, when they smile, you smile.

“This is love suspended in animation, before it’s tainted by reality (because eventually all hearts break again) but in this moment, neither of you are running from one another- it’s only water and borders and God keeping you apart. Water and borders and God keeping you from home. This is pre heart break; when both sets of lungs are still working and when you miss them and they miss you back- and you feel each other even when you’re far away.”

Niall Horan Is Back And He’s Dripping Swag In Flirty ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ Video

Oh, Niall Horan… it’s nice to re-meet ya.

Two years after releasing his debut solo album, Flicker, the singer-songwriter has returned in ultra-stylish fashion. On Friday (October 4), Horan released “Nice To Meet Ya,” a decidedly rockier single about chasing a fickle woman. “One minute you’re there / The next one you’re gone / Been waiting on you all night, so c’mon,” he sings over a funky full-band arrangement. “You know what I need / You know what I want.”

All that flirty tension comes to a head in the accompanying video, which marks Horan’s most swaggering and self-assured visual yet. One minute, he’s casually strolling in the rain with his shades on, and the next, he’s scoring a girl’s number in a bar. He even sings in French, so you know the suaveness is legit.

Even though “Nice To Meet Ya” marks a big departure from the gentle folk-pop of Flicker, it appears Horan kept his circle of collaborators tight. The new song was produced by longtime collaborator Julian Bunetta, and co-written by Horan, Bunetta, Tobias Jesso Jr., and RuthAnne, all of whom worked with the 26-year-old on his smash single “Slow Hands.”

No word yet on when Horan’s sophomore album will arrive, but he did tease the project in a new press release. He said, “It’s been nearly two years since I released Flicker and I can’t wait to get going again. Writing ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ in particular, was a special one for me. It gave me a chance to experiment musically and I’m so excited to finally share it with everyone.”

Camila Cabello Sends A Biting Message To Her Ex On New Song ‘Cry For Me’

Look out: Camila Cabello is feeling “a whole lotta rage,” and she’s not afraid to scream it out loud. That’s what the 22-year-old warned fans hours before releasing her latest single, “Cry For Me,” and now that it’s here, we can definitely see what she means.

The new song finds Cabello channeling that all-too-relatable bitterness when an ex rebounds before you have. “You’re so good to her, it’s vicious / Yeah, she should be thanking me,” she snaps, before admitting, “I want you to cry for me, cry for me… ‘Cause you haunt me when I’m dreamin’ / And it’s time you know the feeling.” All of that anger builds to a guitar-driven bridge where Camila really releases that pent-up anger. It’s not so much about wanting your ex back, but wishing they would hurt just a little. Because doesn’t everyone want to be cried over at some point?!

Talking up the new song ahead of its release on Friday (October 4), Cabello tweeted, “I think everyone has felt this at one point or another, when your ex moves on faster than you and of course you want them to be happy but just….. not so fast.” She added, “This has been one of my favorite songs off this album since we wrote it, it’s a whole lotta rage.”

“Cry For Me” marks the third taste of Cabello’s upcoming sophomore album, Romance; it follows the joint release of “Shameless” and “Liar,” which she performed live for the first time at last month’s iHeartRadio Music Awards. Romance doesn’t arrive until early next year, but the “Señorita” singer hinted this week that she’ll be “releasing a bunch of new music over the next couple of months” leading up to the hotly anticipated LP. Gotta love a generous pop queen!

Lauv Wishes He Could Live Inside The ‘Sims’ On His Wistful New Song

After steadily releasing new singles all year long, Lauv has finally made the announcement we’ve been waiting for: His debut album is on the way!

That’s the good news, but the bad news is that his hotly anticipated LP, ~how i’m feeling~, won’t arrive until March 6, 2020. To tide fans over until then, the singer-songwriter has graciously shared yet another new tune, and it’s a sad bop in the vein of “fuck, i’m lonely” and “…i’m so tired.” Those tracks featured Anne-Marie and Troye Sivan, respectively, but Lauv rides solo on “Sims,” which, yes, takes its name from the beloved computer game.

“I wish that you and I lived in the Sims / We could build a house and plant some flowers and have kids,” he begins. “But we’re both at some trashy Halloween party downtown / And I’ll probably never see you again.” The predictably catchy chorus continues the theme of meeting the right person at the wrong time, with Lauv lamenting, “I wish we would’ve met on another night, baby / In another life, baby.”

Along with sharing “Sims” and announcing ~how i’m feeling~, Lauv also shared the album’s quirky cover art, which features mini versions of himself wearing colorful threads.

Speaking about the upcoming project in a press release, the 25-year-old said, “I’ve been working on this album for a long time, but today marks the true beginning of the new era. ~how i’m feeling~ is about embracing personality and all its different aspects. I created 6 different characters represented by purple (existential Lauv), blue (hopeless romantic Lauv), green (goofy Lauv), yellow (positive Lauv), orange (fuckboy Lauv) and red (spicy Lauv™️), all of which make up my identity. While my last project was focused on one aspect of my life, ~how i’m feeling~ is the first time I’m embracing all the parts that make me who I am.”

He also added that “Sims” will get an official music video soon, which he says will “bring the album concept and characters to life for the first time. I’m more proud of this project than anything I’ve done in the past. For the first time, I’m fully me.”

Zedd And Kehlani Turn A Restaurant Upside Down In ‘Good Thing’

Zedd and Kehlani‘s new collaboration “Good Thing” is about boldly claiming your positive energy and love for yourself. So it makes sense that in their video for the jubilant cut that they focus on that moment when you realize just how much that you’re worth and cast aside the bullshit. It’s an exciting look at what real happiness looks like. And Kehlani is the perfect person to showcase this epic pizazz.

When the video starts off, we’re shown Zedd and Kehlani working for a restaurant with a horrible boss. Zedd plays the piano while Kehlani is a server who has to deal with snooty people the entire night, save for one guy, in particular, who is giving her the eye. As the song goes on, Kehlani becomes more fed up with her job before finally walking away from it and doing what she wants. This includes licking someone else’s spoon and performing a steamy dance routine with other members of the restaurant’s staff who presumably have quit with her. The guy that is interested in her gives her a tip of a bunch of crisp $100 bills and shoots his shot, but she declines and takes the money. She doesn’t need him. She’s got herself.

Zedd and Kehlani dropped “Good Thing” last week. Earlier this year, Zedd released “365” with Katy Perry.

Watch Zedd and Kehlani’s video for “Good Thing” up above.