From Jonas Brothers To DRAM, All The Must-Hear Original Holiday Songs Of 2019

Kelly just does Christmas right. Almost two decades after Destiny’s Child gifted us the classic 8 Days of Christmas, Rowland is back with a feel-good bop taken from her upcoming Lifetime movie, Merry Liddle Christmas. “Nothing could be better than this night with you, making angels in the snow,” the R&B veteran sings. “Seeing you laugh just lets me know, happiness is everywhere we go.” By the time the chorus rolls around, she’s getting “cozy-close” with that special someone and cooing, “Baby, honey, sugar, you know I love you even more at Christmas time.”

Billie Eilish’s Mom Fought Back Tears When She First Heard ‘Everything I Wanted’

Billie Eilish totally made her mom cry in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Okay, maybe not in the way you might have imagined, but there were definitely tears flowing in a new clip from Beats by Dre. In the brief look at the making of Billie’s new single “everything i wanted,” which was recorded at Billie and brother Finneas’s home studio in Highland Park.

The video shows the pair finessing the track until it’s polished to their satisfaction, and then Billie calls up her mother, Maggie, to give her a taste of the finished product via FaceTime. Afterward, the two are seen in person in their California home, where Maggie excitedly asks Billie to “play the song.” Billie plays coy before pressing play, at which point Maggie’s already starting the waterworks.

“Everything makes her cry,” Billie joked about Maggie’s emotional reaction to her song. “Look, she’s literally getting teary!” It was a truly memorable moment between mother and daughter, and it was clear how much love the two have for each other.

The clip also features Billie and Finneas describing the work they put into the song, as well its original working title, “Nightmare.” It’s a yarn all about the relationship between you.

“We decided to make it about our relationship and how we help each other and do things together [and that] completely paved the way for the rest of the song,” Billie explained.

The entirety of the clip is a touching one, offering a somewhat rare glimpse into Billie’s process and how things come together. Here’s hoping that every new song or milestone she shares with her parents doesn’t make them burst into tears, though we’d definitely understand if that were the case. Billie’s career only has one way to go from here, and that’s all the way up to the stars.

YBN Cordae Predicts A Couple’s Miserable Holiday In ‘Thanksgiving’

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have and also, for a lot of people (including me), it’s a time for stuffing your gullet with macaroni and cheese, yams, turkey, stuffing, and just about anything else that’s being so graciously cooked. YBN Cordae‘s new video for “Thanksgiving,” from his debut studio album The Lost Boy, is about an unforgettable holiday experience with a particular family. As the narrator, he stands on the sideline and delivers the mood while the story unfolds, providing the soundtrack for a couple having the worst luck ever.

The video centers around a couple heading to a family’s Thanksgiving get-together. The guy and gal are clearly nervous for this to happen and so it seems like just about everything doesn’t go their way. First, they have some car troubles. Then, when they get there, they have issues when the gal gets a little too close to one of the guy’s family members, an attractive young guy who gives her nothing but wide smiles. An amazing feast gets underway as YBN Cordae continuously, melodically, carols, “Mac and cheese up in the oven‚ grandma finished cookin’/Thanksgiving around the corner‚ need banana pudding” on the chorus. After showing some absolutely beautiful dishes off, there’s one final kerfuffle as the guy’s family finds silly reasons not to be too fond of the gal.  Regardless, the epic feast continues on.

YBN Cordae was recently nominated for Best Rap Album (The Lost Boy) and Best Rap Song (“Bad Idea“) for the 62 Grammy Awards. He dropped The Lost Boy in July.

Watch YBN Cordae’s story of a miserable holiday in “Thanksgiving” up above.

A Look At Everything Rihanna Did In 2019

This is a tale of two posts from Rihanna – a promo for Fenty Beauty from December 2018 and a selfie uploaded earlier this month. Underneath the ad, Rihanna responded to a fan inquiry of when her long-awaited R9 album would finally come out. The artist simply responded, “2019.” But nearly a year later, aside from hints at a possible reggae theme, there hasn’t been much else from Rih on the music front. This brings us to the second post.

In it, Rihanna’s decked out in gold chains and rings, an Abraham Lincoln-esque top hat, and a shirt that says “ART SCHOOL DROPOUT.” She purses her lips as if she’s in the midst of delivering some bad news. Her caption is a bummer for fans clamoring for music but a nice reminder of her own limits as a human: “This year has been quite an overwhelming one, and I’m working on that ish called Balance,” she wrote. “Brb.”

Still, even if the follow-up to 2016’s Anti is not out for some time, it’s definitely in the works. In a June interview with Interview magazine, she revealed that she was in the thick of the recording process. “I’m really happy with a lot of the material we have so far, but I am not going to put it out until it’s complete,” she said. “It makes no sense to rush it, but I want it out.” Here’s the thing: She probably couldn’t even rush it if she wanted to.

Rihanna’s been so busy outside of recording that it seems absurd to even expect a new song, let alone a new album before the year is over. She’s done so much in 2019, from starting a new fashion house to releasing a visual autobiography, that her having to take some recovery time makes a ton of sense. It’s also a lesson that we really have to stop bugging Rihanna. As we reflect on our own expectations, here’s a breakdown of everything Rihanna did in 2019.

  • January 6: She starts off the year by teasing new music

    After suggesting that R9 would be coming out in 2019, Rihanna lit the fire of expectation in January with a 15-second Instagram clip.  Though it was just a quick studio snippet with a spacey filter, it was proof that she wasn’t playing around and was actively in the studio working towards an LP.

    Later, in May, she confirmed that R9 would presumably be the name, thanks to fans that “have haunted” her. In August, she revealed that she was “really happy with a lot of the material we have so far,” which sounds like proof that she’s working on it. Want more? She apparently even registered a new song, “Private Loving,” with performance rights organization BMI.

  • March 25: She made plans to enter into the skincare business

    Fenty Beauty has been a smash in the cosmetic industry since its 2017 debut, so two years later, Rihanna looked to expand into skincare; in March, she trademarked the name “Fenty Skin.” News about it has been quiet since, but it aligns with a fan find in 2017 that suggested various lotions, creams, and more had been registered under “House of Fenty.”

  • April 12: She stars in Donald Glover’s Guava Island 

    Technically, the movie that Rihanna shot in Cuba with Donald Glover was filmed last August, but it didn’t come out until this April. The film, directed by Glover’s Atlanta collaborator Hiro Murai and featuring Black Panther’s Letitia Wright, debuted at Coachella before streaming on Amazon Prime. Rihanna plays a seamstress named Kofi, a partner to Glover’s Deni Maroon, and plenty say they wish she would have sung in the movie. But that would have required recording more music.

  • May 10: She starts a new fashion house

    Back in January, reports abounded that Rihanna was in the middle of signing a historic fashion deal with LVMH. It wasn’t until May that the conglomerate officially unveiled news that the singer would create a Paris-based luxury fashion house named Fenty. In doing so, Rihanna became the first female designer of color for the brand and propelled her to become the wealthiest female musician in the world. She shared the clothing collection that “takes shape with her vision in terms of ready to wear, shoes, and accessories, including commerciality and communication of the brand” on May 22.

  • June 20: She goes day drinking with Seth Meyers

    In the raucous segment for Late Night, she played a couple drinking games and sipped on some Rihanna-inspired drinks like “Under My Rumbrella,” “Diamonds in the Rye,” and “We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place.” Afterward, the pair acted as bartender and barfly when Rihanna posed an interesting question to Meyers: “If I were to quit music, what should I do?” When Meyers brought up her business deals, Rihanna side-stepped it, and the pair came to the conclusion that she should be a pilot, something that she’s wanted to do since she was a child.

  • September 12: She raises $5 million for her nonprofit

    Her yearly benefit gala, the Diamond Ball, drew more than 500 attendees, including Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, and Meek Mill. The hip-hop stars donated sums of money, directly and through auctions, to Rihanna’s nonprofit charity, the Clara Lionel Foundation, which benefits impoverished communities around the world.

  • September 20: She amps up Savage x Fenty

    At the same time, Rihanna continued with her lingerie brand Savage x Fenty that’s since enlisted Normani as its first-ever brand ambassador. During Fashion Week, she hosted a show in Brooklyn that featured Normani, Halsey, Big Sean, A$AP Ferg, Migos, DJ Khalid, and 21 Savage all taking the stage, making it feel more like a concert than a fashion show. More than 200 countries streamed it from Amazon.

  • October 7: She designs and releases her own photo book

    Rihanna’s pictures tell a story of an evolving pop star whose likeness has captivated the world since she entered the industry in 2005. In October, she released a self-titled “visual autobiography” that consists of 1,000 photographs of her “life as a musician, performer, designer, and entrepreneur.” It’s a hefty book that sits at 15 pounds and was carefully curated from over 400,000 photos taken by her personal photographer, Dennis Leupold. It’s the perfect vessel to take some time to reflect on Rihanna’s journey, and her latest selfie is the dedication to balance that she needs. After seeing just how much she did in 2019, how could anyone pester her for music? Save it for 2020.

City Girls Stick Their Tongues Out At Their Haters On ‘You Tried It’

City Girls are back to stick their tongues out on their new single “You Tried It” that’s an extended laugh at haters you don’t want to miss. Yung Miami and JT have a couple of things to brag about to those that doubt them and you’ll want to hear how they navigate being young, flashy, and wealthy. It doubles a cheek-bouncing anthem that you’ll definitely hear popping out of car speakers and club speakers for awhile. Just look at the animated twerking in the lyric video that has been released with it.

“You Tried It” is about winning when others want you to lose. City Girls are up 30 on their competition and they let them know with teasing rhymes that have to sting a little going through the ears. “You tried it hoe, that shit ain’t work” is the first, penultimate, and last lines of the chorus that could also be read as asking “you mad?” over and over with a hearty laugh. Their verses, largely about how they command attention from anyone that they come across, reference everything from legendary R&B singer to 360 deals that artists often sign.

The lyric video pops like a comic book, so it’s awesome to see some cartoons twerking perfectly. It exceeds your expectations of just seeing, you know, lyrics, and it gives you the blueprint of what you should be doing whenever this song comes on. Putting your hands on your knees and making those cheeks jump for joy.

Take a listen to “You Tried It” up above.

Harry Styles And Shania Twain Plan To Collaborate: ‘We’ll Find That Right Song’

If you woke up this morning to headlines about a possible collaboration between Harry Styles and country icon Shania Twain, no, you weren’t dreaming. Yesterday (November 26), Twain opened up to Access about potentially working with Styles, and if what she said is true, we should be expecting a duet at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

“We’ve been back and forth already about collaborating on a song, so yeah,” Shania revealed before continuing to gush over the “Watermelon Sugar” crooner. “We really love each other, we’re fans of each other, so we’ll find that right song and we’ll get into the studio and do it.”

This isn’t the only time the “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” singer spoke fondly of the former One Direction star. At the American Music Awards on Sunday (November 24), she told Us Weekly, “We’ll have to sit down and write a song together … I’m a very big fan. I love him. He’s incredible.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the feeling is totally mutual. A week ago, on November 21, the “Lights Up” singer revealed on Later… With Jools Holland that he’s a “massive Shania Twain fan,” adding, “It’s not surprising. She’s amazing.” And after growing up on Twain’s music, Styles payed homage to the country songstress by inviting Kacey Musgraves on stage at Madison Square Garden in June 2018 for a duet of “You’re Still the One.”

Clearly, Styles and Twain have been supporters of each other’s work for years, so it only makes sense that the two would combine forces and whip something up together in the studio. And although it probably won’t happen anytime soon since Styles has plans to tour his upcoming sophomore album, Fine Line, next year, just knowing that they plan to collaborate at some point in the future is good enough for us.

The Weeknd Really, Truly, Loves Being Single On ‘Heartless’

The Weeknd‘s back with a few things to say! His new release, “Heartless,” is now out, and boy if it isn’t a statement to fans and old flames alike. The Weeknd’s enjoying being single so much that he’s practically laughing in your face, giving you a detailed breakdown of what he does during his free time. It’s a song that fuels toxic energy so resist the urge to leave everyone on read after hearing it.

“Heartless” is what happens when, after a few rounds at the bar, you call your ex in a bathroom stall to let them know that you’re better than ever. You look at the phone as you chuckle into it, pointing at the screen while delivering jolt after jolt of electric lines. The Weeknd sounds sharp and acutely furious on the track’s sinister instrumental that sprinkles malaise over its bountiful bass drums like steak seasoning. It’s a nice change of pace from his mellower sound, giving him the chance to really hone in the fact that he’s good. And if there’s any wonder as to if he’d settle down anytime soon, he snuffs it out with a boot on the chorus: “Trying to be a better man, but I’m heartless/Never be a wedding plan for the heartless.”

The Weeknd’s new jam for toxic singles is his first release since his 2018 EP, My Dear MelancholyCombine that with the fact that his last full-length album, Starboy, came out in 2016 and it’s easy to believe that there’s going to be another album in the near future. And if you want another fresh Weeknd fix, the singer has teased a new song, “Blinding Lights,” that appears in a new Mercedes Benz commercial.

Earlier this year, The Weeknd released “Power Is Power” with SZA and Travis Scott for For The ThroneMusic Inspired by the HBO Series Game of ThronesHe also collaborated with Gesaffelstein for “Lost In The Fire.”

Check out The Weeknd’s celebratory single anthem “Heartless” up above.

Omarion Will Headline The Millennium Tour 2020 — But You Won’t Find B2K On The Roster

Are you ready for another taste of early-to-mid 2000s R&B nostalgia? If not, there’s plenty of time, but it’s best to know early whether you’ll need to break out the du-rags, extremely large basketball jerseys, and band-aids to plaster on your face. Omarion has revealed the new lineup for The Millennium Tour 2020 and it’s ready to whisk you back in time to when things were just a little more awesome. There’s no B2K this year, but that’s fine because Bow Wow, Lloyd, and others will be in their place.

The lineup for this year is made up of Omarion, Bow Wow (the co-headliner), Soulja Boy, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, the Ying Yang Twins, and Sammie. This collection of early 2000s heartthrobs will be coming to a city near you. The list of performance locations will be unveiled on December 2 and the actual pre-sale of tickets kicks off on December 5 at 10 AM.


The first Millenium Tour took place earlier this year and featured B2K, Mario, Bobby V, Ying Yang Twins, Chingy, Pretty Ricky, and Lloyd.

Check out Omarion’s reveal up above.

Taylor Swift Made ‘Lover’ Ten Times More Romantic With New ‘First Dance’ Remix

It’s dark in the dance hall. You look up from your phone to see the person you’ve been eyeing all night smiling in your face, requesting a dance before they head out and home for the night – they’ve got a final exam and they weren’t supposed to be here anyway. Smiling you grab their hand and get close, just as Taylor Swift‘s new “First Dance” rendition of “Lover” comes on the speakers. Based on the orchestral arrangements from her epic performance of the tune at the American Music Awards, you bond over this awesome new tune, right before planting a kiss that they return with intense passion.

Swift’s “First Dance” edition of “Lover” is beautiful and the perfect signifier of a fiery new romance. The heavy strings and soft piano back her warm vocals in such a way that they bring a stray tear or two to your eye. This is the song that plays underneath the first kiss that happens during a flash flood. Or after professing your feelings to your best friend who looks shocked and you walk away, only for them to call your name and run to you with tears in their eyes, happy that you finally spoke up. Swift captures these intense emotions, and more, in this new remix. It’ll make you feel even fuzzier inside than you do when listening to the regular version.

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Swift took home five awards at the AMAs and won the honor of Artist Of The Decade. In her acceptance speech, she thanked fans for being the support that she needs. “Thank you for being the reason why I am on this stage, from the very first day of my career until tonight,” she said. “I love you with all of my heart.”