Katy Perry And Taylor Swift Fuel Collab Rumors With A Cryptic Cookie Post

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift‘s notorious feud is pretty much old news by now — remember the (literal) olive branch Katy sent Tay last year? — but their reconciliation has just reached sweet new heights.

On Tuesday (June 11), Perry took to Instagram to share a pic of some chocolate chip cookies. This would be wholly unremarkable news on its own, except for the fact that she tagged Swift in the photo and in her caption, which read, “Feels good @taylorswift.” On top of that, the phrase “peace at last” is written in frosting on the plate of cookies. And on top of THAT, she geotagged the location on her post as “Let’s be friends.” A subtle peace offering, this is not.

Swift, for her part, left a comment with exactly 13 (her fave number, duh) pink heart emojis, which, knowing Taylor, may be an easter egg of some sort.

Needless to say, Perry’s cryptic cookie post leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions, and has already fueled collaboration rumors between the two former rivals, possibly for a song titled “Peace at Last” or “Let’s Be Friends.” That wouldn’t be totally out of the question, considering both pop stars are currently readying new albums — Perry dropped “Never Really Over” a couple weeks back, while Swift launched a lighter and brighter new era with “ME!“. A reconciliation anthem wouldn’t seem totally out of place for either of them, so let the conspiracy theories commence!

FINNEAS Lets His Falsetto Fly On The Heavenly New Song ‘Angel’

Finneas O’Connell — the singer-songwriter and producer who records as FINNEAS — has been practically everywhere in 2019, joining his sister Billie Eilish on tour in New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., and, currently, the U.S. and Canada. Amid the extensive globetrotting, he’s somehow found time to continue releasing music, and his latest offering is a heaven-sent love song that’s as timeless as it is majestic.

The new song is called, appropriately, “Angel.” Much like some of the music he’s produced for his sister, it opens with soft ambient noises; you hear birds chirping, then delicate piano chords, then FINNEAS’s honeyed voice: “Congratulations, you’ve been / Pretending to be human so well.” The lovestruck lyrics continue into the chorus, where his falsetto takes flight as he sings, “I know we’re not the same / You’re an angel / In disguise / You’re an angel / In my eyes.” And just when you’ve pegged “Angel” as a standard piano ballad, FINNEAS keeps the surprises coming, adding more harmonies and textures to what ends up being a true epic.

After premiering “Angel” on Beats 1 on Tuesday morning (June 11), FINNEAS explained that he wrote the song in Arizona last year, and finished it in between Coachella performances with Billie earlier this spring. “It’s got this kind of retro, synthy, drum delay vibe that reminded me of Beach House and Mac DeMarco,” he said of the new tune. “It was a feeling in a recording that I had never gotten to explore and I was just really excited to go there.”

The 21-year-old added on Instagram that the new song is a tribute to his girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski: “To Claudia for being the best thing that’s ever happened to me and without whom this song and this image would not exist in any way,” he wrote. She gushed in her own post, “My favorite song in the world is out today. Honored I can inspire you in any capacity but this, my heart can’t even take! I love you. Go listen to angel by @Finneas and cry with me!!”

“Angel” is the third new song FINNEAS has released this year, following “Claudia” and “I Lost a Friend.” He said on Beats 1 that he plans to release more singles in the coming months, and teased a music video for “Angel” that will be coming “really soon.” In the meantime, check out FINNEAS’s illuminating track-by-track breakdown of When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?.

Flipp Dinero’s Future Lover Is Guarded By A Fatherly Dragon In ‘If I Tell You’ Video

Flipp Dinero isn’t trying to leave a woman alone in his new video for “If I Tell You.” In the song for the video that he released yesterday (June 10), the raspy rapper’s all about swooping a girl off her feet like a handsome prince of a fairytale kingdom. In the video, directed by Teyana Taylor, he’s a modern day savior for a girl being fiercely guarded by a dragon that doesn’t have green scaly skin or horns. This one has a bald head and glasses and has a paternal attachment to her.

Catching the eye of someone across the room, or across a parking lot, is often how a relationship starts. Both parties smile, one introduces themselves to the other, and weeks later, they’re walking through the park with their hands interlocked. Flipp Dinero catches the eye of a beautiful woman who smiles and keeps an eye on him. They happen to eat at the same restaurant and end up at the same rollerskating rink where they finally come together. It turns out to be brief because her guardian dragon comes to her defense – her father with creased eyebrows and clenched fists. The prince loses. But there’s always another day to save the princess again. He just has to prepare better next time.

Flipp Dinero released “Feelin Like” late last year as the follow-up to his viral 2018 single “Leave Me Alone.” His debut EP, The Guala Way, came out in 2017.

Watch Flipp Dinero chase love and get blocked like Kyle Lowry in Game 5 of the NBA Finals up above.

Here’s A Guide To Future’s Three New Impossibly Sad Videos

Who else do you know drops three videos at one time? Future‘s a different kind of beast, especially now that his new EP, Save Me, is out. Instead of rolling out singles and videos over the span of weeks for the recently released body of work, Future’s thrown caution to the wind and released three new videos today (June 11): “Government Official,” “Love Thy Enemies,” and “Xanax Damage.” The visuals, all directed by Henri Alexander Levy, the founder of punk fashion line Enfants Riches Déprimés, are varying degrees of sullen and disgruntled. You may need a pick me up after looking at them. I suggest a snowcone.

  • “Government Official”

    First up is “Government Official.” The spacey number gets a visual that’s about as random as Future’s artistic extensions usually come, finding him riding shotgun in a vehicle and then dancing around what looks like an art museum. The camera flashes and different paintings and illustrations are shown, revealing some fantastically creepy and nonsensical work. If Future painted these, he could be the next Picasso.

  • “Love Thy Enemies”

    “Love Thy Enemies” is an emotional affair that moves slower. Here, it looks like pain and suffering are the emotions that he wants to get across. Close-ups of his sullen face and the frowns of surrounding women reveal people dealing with “breakups and revelations” as the song so lovingly puts it. You’ll just want to buy everyone a snowcone there so that you’ll see at least one smile.

  • “Xanax Damage”

    The last of the three is “Xanax Damage” that takes things in a more cartoonish direction with the incorporation of classic anime. Future’s sad and destroyed again, sighing and crying into a phone while talking to a lover. There are more snapshots of suffering, but instead of in one room, it’s across an entire house. We see cell phones submerged in water and spoons with mysterious substances powdered upon them and televisions with anime that no one is paying attention too. It ends with a shot of cartoonish car driving towards the screen. Slightly unsettling.

Future teased Save Me last week with a surprise Instagram announcement. It’s his second project of the year following his seventh studio album The Wizrd dropping in January. Last year, he released Wrld on Drugs with Juice Wrld and Beast Mode 2. 

Take a look at Future’s three perplexing videos up above.

Watch The Jonas Brothers Give ‘Sucker’ The Kindergarten Treatment

The Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” is goofy, feel-good fun of the springiest nature. It sounds like a karaoke night favorite, the kind of song that you put on repeat in the shower when your family or roommates aren’t there so you can sing it better than the Jonas Brothers can because the shower’s voice modification gives you confidence like that. Here’s a new way that it sounds good: live, in a small room, to the tune of an elementary school clapper. Yeah, a clapper. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, in a new edition of the Classroom Instruments segment, the Jonas Brothers, The Roots, and Fallon himself, sung the number to the tune of a clapper, a kid’s mallet set, and a number of other random instruments.

This merry band of entertainers provided a thrilling experience. The Jonas Brothers were front and center, of course, while Fallon and The Roots surrounded them with bongos, maracas, and other instruments you could find in a middle school band room. The colorful mallets were the most visually catching, while Kevin Jonas’ triangle helped amplify his voice beyond his brothers. It was an interesting new dimension to “Sucker” that makes you wonder what some of their other songs would sound like if given the Classroom Instruments treatment. My money’s on “S.O.S.” being a game changer.

The Jonas Brothers released their fifth studio album Happiness Begins, their first album in ten years, on June 7. It features “Sucker,” which they released at March after announcing their return in February. The song debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its first week.

Watch the Jonas Brothers and the Fallon team sing ‘Sucker’ up above.

Notorious B.I.G.’s Street In Brooklyn Has Officially Been Named

If you head over to Brooklyn, New York, sometime soon, you’ll want to head to the corner of Fulton Street and St. James Place in Clinton Hill to see and stand on a piece of hip-hop history. Yesterday (June 10), this area gave up its old name and now has a new one that comes from a rapper who has become one of the genre’s legends: Christopher ‘Notorious B.I.G.‘ Wallace Way.

The ceremony took place yesterday under the cloudy skies and pelting rain of Brooklyn where Lil Kim, Lil Cease, the rapper’s mother, and countless fans gathered with New York City Council member Laurie Cumbo for the official reveal. Lil Kim reportedly spoke at the ceremony. In a video posted on Twitter by BET, the official street sign can be seen hanging from a street light. The timing of the official unveiling couldn’t be any better. The rapper’s 47th birthday would have been on May 21.

The renaming of the street has been a long time coming. A petition for it was approved by the Brooklyn Community Board and Mayor Bill De Blasio in November.

Bazzi Set To Bring A Sliver Of ‘Paradise’ To The MTV Movie & TV Awards Stage

The countdown is on for the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, and even though the awards show is only days away at this point, exciting news about what fans can expect from this year’s event continues to unfold. So what is it that fans can totally freak out about this time? Well, another performer was just announced, and we’re thrilled to share that Bazzi will be taking the stage during the show to perform his hit song “Paradise.”

Despite the awards show being mainly about all our favorite films and shows of the past year (Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones included, obviously), we think we can all agree that no show is complete without an epic roster of performers to play some of our favorite songs of the year. Last month, it was officially announced that Lizzo would be taking the stage — an excellent choice given the success of her most recent album, Cuz I Love You — and now that Bazzi’s been announced, it’s clear that this year’s MTV Movie & TV Awards are not messing around.

In April, the “Mine” singer released an emotional track titled “Caught In The Fire.” Days later, the 21-year-old superstar gifted fans with “Paradise” and its corresponding music video. Considering the positive fan reaction, a live televised performance sounds like exactly what diehard Bazzi fans need, and like you, we’re looking forward to witnessing a few minutes of paradise in the midst of all the inevitable awards show craziness.

Stoked for both Lizzo and Bazzi’s performances? Uh, same. And let’s be real: Missing these performances is simply not an option. That being said, it’s important to be mindful that the MTV Movie & TV Awards are fast approaching. The show will air on Monday, June 17 at 9:00 PM ET/PT, so it’s officially time to check your popcorn inventory before the big night!

Rihanna Really Wants To Be A Mother ‘More Than Anything In Life’

Rihanna is a woman of many titles: just a few of those are legendary singer, dancer, businesswoman, and fashion designer. One thing she isn’t, yet, is a mother to a child. There’s no word if that’s coming in the near future. But Rihanna made one thing clear in a recent conversation with Ocean 8‘s castmate Sarah Paulson for Interview Magazine: she wants to be a mother.

She’s also extremely shy, too. Rihanna and Paulson connected over the phone for an amusing conversation that peeled some of the layers back on Rihanna the person, not just Rihanna the musician. One thing you’ll never get from seeing Rihanna’s confidence is that she’s shy, but, it turns out, that this confidence is fake. “Because I kind of pretend it’s not happening, people read me as being confident. But I’m so shy I don’t even want you to know I’m shy,” she says. After the conversation steers away from her personality kinks, Rihanna then gets personal. When asked if she wants to be a mother, she simply responds with “More than anything in life.” There’s no further elaboration on the topic.

Inevitably, the conversation does turn to music, but Rihanna doesn’t budge when prodded about her forthcoming reggae album. “It really does suck that it can’t just come out, because I’m working on a really fun one right now,” she says. “I’m really happy with a lot of the material we have so far, but I am not going to put it out until it’s complete. It makes no sense to rush it, but I want it out.” Paulson then asks how much longer the wait will be and Rihanna responds with “I wish I knew.”

That wait is probably going to be for quite a while, at least. Rihanna sits on top of a $600 million empire that largely sits on her new luxury fashion house for LVMH. She unveiled the first pieces for it last month in Paris. For now, we just have the possible name of the album to latch on to: R9.

Bushwick Bill, Geto Boys Rapper, Dead At 52

Bushwick Bill, a member of the legendary Houston rap group the Geto Boys, died Sunday night (June 9) after a battle with pancreatic cancer. His publicist confirmed his passing to Rolling Stone. He was 52.

Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, Bushwick Bill was introduced into the Geto Boys in 1986 as a dancer named Little Billy, eventually transitioning to dropping rhymes on the group’s debut album, Making Trouble, in 1988. The group — consisting of him, Scarface, and Willie D — would grow to become genre stalwarts thanks to their pioneering efforts in horrorcore rap. Their third studio album, We Can’t Be Stopped, would go platinum in 1992. Over the course of seven of the group’s eight albums, Bushwick Bill’s voice can be heard punching in smooth and spicy flows.

He also found infamy appearing on the cover of the group’s We Can’t Be Stopped album in 1991 in a hospital gown after suffering a gunshot wound to the eye. He discussed the incident on his song “Ever So Clear,” rapping, “And I’m glad that I’m here, gee / But it’s fucked up I had to lose an eye to see shit clearly.”

Away from Geto Boys, Bushwick Bill was equally as tenacious. He dropped his debut solo studio LP, Little Big Man, in 1992, which peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 200. He released six solo albums as well; his last studio LP was 2010’s My Testimony of Redemption. He was currently planning on heading out on a solo trek called the “Phuck Cancer” tour before his death.

Members of the hip-hop community, including longtime icons Juicy J and Bun B, have come forward to pay their respects.

Mabel Dares You To Give Her ‘Mad Love’ In Eye-Popping New Video

After striking gold with her spunky breakthrough hit “Don’t Call Me Up,” Mabel continues to take charge with “Mad Love.”

The new single, which arrived on Friday (June 7), reunites the British pop star with “Don’t Call” co-writers Steve Mac and Kamille, but she notably changes her tune this time around. Instead of reveling in her independence, “Mad Love” is all about, well, demanding some good loving.

“Boy, you lookin’ like my type / But tell me, can you hit it right?” she asks on the opening lines, before putting it more directly on the inescapable hook: “All night, give me mad love / Yeah, don’t let me down.” In the accompanying video, she flaunts her chameleonic style, wearing a blunt black bob one minute and wavy pink tresses the next. Get lost in the slick dance sequences below.

“Mad Love” is the latest single off of Mabel’s hotly anticipated debut album, High Expectations, arriving on August 2. Judging from what we’ve heard so far, you can, ahem, expect more sizzling bops from her this summer.