Watch Macy Kate Gleefully Burn Some Ken Dolls In ‘Cry For Help’ Video

If you, too, can’t seem to get your shit together, then Macy Kate has the song for you. The YouTube sensation-turned-pop star released “Cry For Help” last month, and it’s since gone on to become a viral hit on TikTok — which is no surprise, once you hear the super vivid lyrics. But in the newly released video, Macy really dials up the drama thanks to an array of eye-popping ensembles and hilarious set-ups.

The vid opens on Macy lounging in a bathtub, clutching a glass of red wine, and having an all-too-relatable inner monologue. “Why am I always stuck up on my fucking problems? … Why am I always acting like I’m still in college?” she muses, before the chorus comes crashing in and she resolves to give up on guys completely. Onscreen, the 21-year-old throws a solo outdoor BBQ where the main dish is kebabs made out of Ken dolls — and she shows no hesitation chucking them onto the grill and watching them burn, baby, burn.

Press play on the gleefully dramatic, Michelle Parker-directed vid below, and catch it airing all day long on mtvU and MTV Live.

Diplo Is Niall Horan’s Doppelgänger In Trippy ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ Remix Video

Niall Horan‘s latest single, “Nice To Meet Ya,” was released just over a month ago, and we can 100 percent confirm that it’s still a certified bop. But now, the singer has teamed up with Diplo for a clubby remix of the track. And if there’s one thing we can promise, it’s that you won’t be able to stop dancing.

“My good friend @diplo made a remix of Nice To Meet Ya and it’s out now everywhere,” Niall wrote on Instagram early this morning (November 7) alongside a short clip from the trippy music video, which is inspired by his vertical video for Spotify. “Video is out as well on YouTube , go give it a watch,” he added.

If you haven’t seen it yet, run, don’t walk. The video is over three and a half minutes of deepfake goodness that meshes the DJ’s face with Horan’s. And if we didn’t know any better, we’d think that this hybrid version of the two musicians was just Horan’s long lost twin brother. Technology really is incredible, isn’t it?

Diplo also took to social media early this morning to direct fans to the video. “The cutest boy in the world just got a whole cuter,” he wrote. “Nice to meet ya remix out now.” And while many fans responded to the video positively, others were extremely confused. “Tell me why I thought this was Niall disguised with a mustache and much older,” one fan tweeted. “I thought I had too much wine last night, because Niall looks a little bit different,” another person wrote.

Whether you’re loving the music video or you’re totally creeped out by it, there’s one thing we can pretty much all agree on: Niall and Diplo’s friendship is truly something else. And honestly, we would’ve loved nothing more than to have been a fly on the wall when this idea was first being discussed.

Rosalía Debuts A Unibrow That Won’t Quit In Spooky ‘A Palé’ Video

Shipping ports are mysterious places where things, presumably, get shipped. But what happens at night when things aren’t being shipped? Or when the shippers who ship aren’t available to, in fact ship? Rosalía tells all in her new video for “A Palé,” a seductive and scorching new single that’s more rapping than singing. When the ships are away, the shippers play.

Rosalía loves to have a ship ton of fun in her music videos, so it’s no surprise that the visual for “A Palé” is breathtaking. Rosalía has a fearsome unibrow and dresses in a flowing white outfit that has, what looks like, wings. She runs and jumps off of shipping containers and she slides down conveyor belts while shippers watch her in disarray. Rosalía apparently wins them over because at the end of the visually stunning dance sequences that comprise the video, they join her for a smooth routine that matches the simmering sexuality of the song. I was going to add another ship-related pun but I think you get the idea.

Rosalía, with J Balvin, took home the award for Best Collaboration (“Con Altura“) at the MTV EMAs earlier this month. In August, they also won the award for Best Latin (“Con Altura”) at the 2019 VMAs.

Check out all the ship that goes in Rosalía’s shipyard in “A Palé” up above.

Lucy Dacus Brings In A New Year With A Sigh In ‘Fool’s Gold’

Lucy Dacus has spent this year making a diary of her feelings for the holidays. After six rousing covers that touched on everything from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, she’s wrapping up her legendary run with “Fool’s Gold,” a soft, trembling-voice led anthem about a destructive relationship that continues on well into the New Year.

“Fool’s Gold” feels like the quiet space that you sink into at a party when everyone else around you is preoccupied and you’re too busy mentally distancing yourself to pay attention. Dacus circles around an emotional whisper as the earnest track opens up for her to predict how the next year will play out with a partner. “I threw the party so I could stay put/You brought the bottle like a promise I forgot/A new year begins, it ushers us in/The knot in my gut is coming with,” she sings gloomily. There’s a “been there, done that” air to her delivery; everything that she’s experiencing is destined to happen again unless she makes a must needed change.

“Fool’s Gold” will appear on Lucy’s new EP, 2019, that’s out on November 8. The project will also feature the other holiday tunes like her covers of “Last Christmas” and “In The Air Tonight,”

Take a listen to Dacus’s soft-spoken heartbreak anthem, “Fool’s Gold” up above.

Doja Cat’s Colorful New LP Features Gucci Mane, Tyga, And More

Doja Cat‘s sophomore album, Hot Pink, is out today (November 7) and after turning up the heat over the last few months with a variety of completely different sounding songs, the LP comes right on time to shake up your holiday season. There are only three features so this is mostly Doja Cat’s show to rap or sing. You should be practically hyperventilating to travel into her warped new world.

At just 12 tracks, Hot Pink is concise, just a track short than her debut album, Amala. Doja Cat’s latest effort has features from Gucci Mane, Tyga, and Smino who bring facets of rap with them. This means –  aside from Smino’s guilty whispering melodies – that Doja Cat is the only singer here. The LP contains her recently released singles “Bottom Bitch,” Juicy (Remix),” and “Rules,” the track that proved to the world that Doja Cat can rap with the best of ’em.

Doja Cat dropped Amala last year. Most recently, she dropped the villainous “Rules’ video that featured humanoid cats, slithering snakes, and a plethora of evil deeds.

Stream Doja Cat’s new album, Hot Pink, up above.

Meghan Trainor Details Her Self-Love Journey On New Song With Sasha Sloan And Lennon Stella

Here’s a treat for Meghan Trainor fans: The singer’s long-gestating third album, Treat Myself, is finally on the way.

The follow-up to 2016’s Thank You was initially slated to drop last year, but got repeatedly delayed, with no indication of a new release date. In the interim, Trainor released the six-track EP The Love Train in February, a loved-up collection inspired by her marriage to Daryl Sabara. Now, however, Treat Myself is back on the docket, and the singer announced on Wednesday (November 6) that it’ll arrive on… drumroll please… January 31, 2020!

On Instagram, Trainor shared the album’s updated cover art and wrote, “We’ve worked so hard to bring this album to life and I cannot wait to finally share it with the world.” The 25-year-old then cheekily added, “For realz this time.”

In celebration of the good news, Trainor also treated fans to a brand new song. “Workin’ On It” features Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan, and finds the trio detailing their ongoing journey to self-love. “You say I’m beautiful / And I say you’re full of it / Nothing personal / I’m still not used to this,” they admit, before vowing on the feel-good hook, “But I’m workin’ on, workin’ on it.”

“Workin’ On It” is confirmed as one of the 15 tracks on Treat Myself, along with the recent single “Wave,” which Trainor performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday. As for the rest of the tracklist, it appears Trainor has kept the dancefloor-ready “No Excuses,” but has unfortunately cut the certified jam “Let You Be Right.” Hopefully that only means MT has filled the LP with a slew of other bops. We’ll find out in 2020!

Drake Takes A Trip Through Memory Lane In Funky New Remix

When Drake gets a hold of a song that he loves, he has to do the remix. It’s like getting a golden ticket when he sends a verse, propelling the song, and the artist, to the kind of spotlight that continues to give over the course of their careers. Drake’s popped up again on a new song, and this time it’s “Ela É Do Tipo” (it means “She Is The Type”) by Brazilian artist MC Kevin O Chris. With a floating opener and lovestruck singing by the Toronto crooner, this new version of the hit song will ring between your ears long after it cuts off.

Drake steps up to plate at the beginning of the remix and it’s like hearing a first grader sing about love in an adorable, slightly embarrassing way. “First time that I saw you I wasn’t thinking of you and I/I was just thinking of I,” he longingly explains while soft notes twinkle in the background. He then reminisces about his first time with a woman that he’s interested in as the beat drops into a dance floor smash. MC Kevin O Chris comes in and picks up the pace for the absorbing, shoulder-bopping record as Drake’s spirit lurks around the number, his ad-libs coming in on occasion. It’s a smooth and sexy smash for club nights.

Remix King Drake hopped on a new rendition of Summer Walker‘s “Girls Need Love” earlier this year. In August, he released the video for “Money In The Grave” with Rick Ross.

Listen to Drake and MC Kevin O Chris’s  “Ela É Do Tipo” up above.

Lady Gaga Opens Up To Oprah About Self-Harm And Lasting Effects Of Trauma

Lady Gaga has gone from becoming one of the biggest pop stars in the world to a pop star/mogul/Grammy-winning actress, further cementing her legacy for eons to come. But this journey wasn’t always easy.

In a new interview for ELLE magazine, the singer, actor, and fashion icon sat down with Oprah  to discuss her new makeup line, Haus Laboratories; coming more into herself over the past decade; proverbially killing her bullies with kindness; and how she learned to better channel her pain and trauma from her past.

During one particularly raw moment, Gaga opened up about her past issues with self-harm, which she says she hasn’t talked about a lot, but believes it’s “an important thing for people to know and hear.” She revealed that, in doing so, she was portraying her struggles so that people could see what she was going through.

“I was a cutter for a long time, and the only way that I was able to stop cutting and self-harming myself was to realize that what I was doing was trying to show people that I was in pain instead of telling them and asking for help,” she explained. “When I realized that telling someone, ‘Hey, I am having an urge to hurt myself,’ that defused it. I then had someone next to me saying, ‘You don’t have to show me. Just tell me: What are you feeling right now?’ And then I could just tell my story.”

“I say that with a lot of humility and strength; I’m very grateful that I don’t do it anymore, and I wish to not glamorize it,” she added.

The singer also explained that she no longer self-harms, and underscores the importance of asking for help if and when you need it. “I’m on medication; I have several doctors. This is how I survive,” she said. “I would also beckon to anyone to try, when they feel ready, to ask for help. And I would beckon to others that if they see someone suffering, to approach them and say, ‘Hey, I see you. I see that you’re suffering, and I’m here. Tell me your story.’”

Gaga, who has been open about her experience with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, as well as the PTSD she incurred as a sexual assault survivor, also told the mogul she “once believed that there was no way back from my trauma. I really did. I was in physical, mental, and emotional pain.” For her, recovery came from a mix of both medication and therapy, as well as adopting coping mechanisms that work for her when she feels her ideations begin to manifest.

Still, she credits the work she’s done internally with helping her soar to new heights — which include nabbing the Oscar for her song “Shallow,” which she sang in A Star Is Born. “I was raped when I was 19 years old, repeatedly. I have been traumatized in a variety of ways by my career over the years from many different things, but I survived, and I’ve kept going,” she added. “And that kid out there or even that adult out there who’s been through so much, I want them to know that they can keep going, and they can survive, and they can win their Oscar.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with their emotional health, head to for ways to get help. If you or someone you know are seeking help for self-harm, text CONNECT to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

AJ Mitchell Wants ‘Slow Dance’ To Soundtrack Every Prom

The world melts away when you’re in your lover’s arms. When you’re locked in an embrace. When your lips are magnetized to each other’s and your foreheads connect at the seams.

“Slow Dance,” AJ Mitchell’s recent collaboration with Ava Max, is made for this tender feeling and sounds like the score to a rom-com’s happy ending. But as Mitchell — the MTV PUSH artist for the month of November — told us in a recent conversation, it’s also perfect for something else: to soundtrack those lovey-dovey moments on the dance floor at prom. That’s exactly what was on Mitchell’s mind when he initially got a taste of it.

“When I first heard it, I was like ‘That song’s so catchy,'” he said. “I can hear that playing at every prom, every dance.”

Over the last three years, Mitchell has come up from YouTube covers and Instagram videos, making songs by Julia Michaels and Jon Bellion his own with a smooth croon. He dropped his first EP, Hopeful, in 2018 and recently followed up with the Slow Dance EP in August. To fully feel its title track, you’ll have to get into a serious disagreement with your partner, realize hours later – presumably during the middle of the night – that you were wrong and they were right, then race across town, in a blinding downpour, to proclaim your love to them at the top of your lungs. And then maybe end up dancing together at prom.

Mitchell knows a thing or two about proms. He also revealed that he went to not just his own (his friends had no idea that he was coming, so it was an epic surprise), but another one as well, in Denver. “I was on tour at the time, and my manager’s little sister — I surprised her and went with her,” he said.

Check out Mitchell’s smooth, prom-ready performance of “Slow Dance” below and see the rest of his exclusive PUSH content right here.

Everything We Know So Far About Harry Styles’s Fine Line Era

Harry Styles‘s Fine Line era is upon us, folks, and if you have questions about what you can expect from the singer’s sophomore album, well, you’re certainly not alone. Ever since Styles dropped his dreamy new single “Lights Up” back in October, the fandom has been flooding his mentions with questions about his upcoming album, the tracklist, potential tour dates, and how and when they can purchase tickets to see him perform life.

Fortunately, more and more details about what we can expect from Styles’s next era are slowly revealing themselves. On Monday (November 4), for example, the singer took to social media to officially announce the title and release date of his upcoming LP. And, good news! Fine Line will be here before you know it.

Of course, we don’t have all the answers about Styles’s next release. Not yet, anyway. But we have been scanning Twitter non-stop over the past few days for any possible clues about this next chapter of his career. Here are all of your burning questions about the Fine Line era, answered. You can thank us later!

  • When does the album come out?

    ICYMI, Christmas is coming early this year. On Monday, Styles took to social media to announce the title of his upcoming album along with its release date. Lucky for us, we won’t have to wait long at all. Per the official announcement, Fine Line will drop on December 13, so add it to your holiday wish lists now.

  • Is Fine Line available to preorder?

    YES! Styles hopped on social media to confirm that Fine Line is available to preorder as of November 5. But what’s the benefit of preordering when you can just purchase the album as soon as it comes out? Well, preordering the album will provide you with a presale code to a really awesome event. Intrigued yet? Just wait…

  • Does he have any live shows planned?

    Good news, Harries! Styles has one (yes, one) live show planned so far, and it seriously sounds like a can’t-miss event. The “Lights Up” crooner took to social media this week to announce that he’ll be celebrating the release of Fine Line with a show at The Forum in Inglewood, California, on December 13. Want a presale code so you can snag tickets to the show? All you have to do is preorder the album and you’re golden.

  • What about a tour?

    Styles hasn’t announced a tour quite yet, but that certainly doesn’t mean he hasn’t hinted at one. In a recent interview with Capital FM, the singer let it slip that he’ll most likely be heading out on tour in 2020. “They shoot for so long,” he said when asked why he turned down the role of Prince Eric in the upcoming live-action version of The Little Mermaid. “I want to tour next year, maybe, potentially… haven’t announced that yet.”

  • What will Fine Line sound like?

    In his Rolling Stone cover story from September, Styles gave a one-sentence overview of what we can expect the songs to tackle: “It’s all about having sex and feeling sad.” And if that interview was any indication, the remainder of the album will likely be just as psychedelic. “We’d do mushrooms, lie down on the grass, and listen to Paul McCartney’s Ram in the sunshine,” he said of his creative process. “This is where I was standing when we were doing mushrooms and I bit off the tip of my tongue. So I was trying to sing with all this blood gushing out of my mouth. So many fond memories, this place.”

  • Besides “Lights Up,” has Harry revealed any other song titles?

    The short answer is no. Styles has not explicitly revealed any additional song titles. However, he did hint at a probable title on October 22, when he tweeted, “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run.” Since the pepped-up rocker “Kiwi” was a fan favorite from his self-titled album, this tweet seems like a major hint that a perhaps somehow more rollicking song called “Watermelon Sugar” could potentially be even better.

  • What is Harry’s favorite song off the album?

    OK, so we know we said we don’t know any of the other song titles. But still, Harry managed to let us know that, yes, he does have a favorite track from Fine Line. Without revealing the title of the song, he tweeted several asterisks in place of letters. We’d try decoding it, but let’s be real: He didn’t give us a whole lot to work with.

  • Can we expect any collaborations?

    Unfortunately, there’s been no word yet on whether or not Fine Line will include any collaborations. But don’t worry, that hasn’t stopped Twitter from speculating. So far, fans have mustered up theories involving everyone from Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande to Kacey Musgraves and Lana Del Rey. And yes, we want them all.

  • How many tracks?

    Since the album announcement, Twitter has been inundated with theories regarding how many tracks will be included on Styles’s upcoming LP. When he tweeted “863,” many fans added those three numbers together and took it to mean that the album will include 17 tracks. Alas, that theory has since been debunked. A quick visit to Apple Music reveals that the album has a grand total of 12 tracks — two of which are over six minutes long!

  • When can we hear another single? Harry hasn’t teased a new single drop just yet, but he is scheduled to pull double duty on Saturday Night Liveon November 16 as both the host and the musical guest. Performers typically do two songs, so it seems safe to assume we’ll hear “Lights Up” and… another new one. Here’s hoping!