Paramore’s Hayley Williams Plays The Slasher And The Final Girl In Creepy ‘Simmer’ Video

Paramore‘s Hayley Williams solo era is here, and it has arrived like a horror movie monster standing in a suburban house doorway. She’s released “Simmer,” a dread-inducing new track of angry feels that comes with an equally scary video about evading a slasher. Wait until you see the twist-ending. You’ll look at yourself in the mirror a bit differently afterward.

“Simmer” sounds like the first zombified arms bursting from the ground at a cemetery in the middle of the night. It’s neck hair-raising groove comes from the whispering guitar courtesy of Paramore guitarist Taylor York who imbues the midnight playground with an intense fog. Williams’s soft vocals add to the intensity as she sings about a wide range of emotions like rage and contempt. “Rage is a quiet thing/You think that you’ve tamed it/But it’s just lying in wait” she mumbles into an imaginary crystal ball, setting up the song to explore the dark feelings that make us into primal beings.

In the video, Williams flees from a masked killer who can take the form of a red cloud. After running through a forest and taking refuge in a nearby house, the killer chases her there. By putting mud all over her body, Williams escapes from the entity chasing her, then turns the tables by clobbering it over the head and knocking it out on the floor. Suddenly, Williams looks horrified as she looks down upon it and sees her own face staring back at her. Is she suggesting that the past is dead and she’s moving boldly into the future?

Williams is set to release a solo project, Petals For Armor, soon. It’s the start of her solo era that she’s been teasing for a little while, revealing in December that she’d be ringing off the new year with some fresh tunes. Paramore has been on something of an unofficial hiatus since 2018.

Check out Williams’s scary new “Simmer” video up above.

Lizzo Always Knew She’d Be At The Grammys — Her Old Tweets Are Proof

On September 16, 2015, a singer, rapper, and flutist from Minneapolis fired off a tweet from her iPhone: “Heads up: imma be me at every stage— Grammys, to ya granny’s backyard.” It earned five retweets, 17 likes, and was probably nothing more than a tiny, if somewhat presumptuous blip on her followers’ timeline. Nothing spectacular, in other words.

Oh, how things have changed.

The tweet in question came from Lizzo, who, at the time, was fresh off a stint opening for a Sleater-Kinney tour and was gearing up for the release of her second album, Big Grrrl Small World. She wasn’t signed to a major label; rather, she was headlining small clubs and hustling hard. But she clearly believed in herself. And when the 2020 Grammys touch down in Los Angeles this Sunday (January 26), we’ll see just how majorly that hustle paid off.

It’s Lizzo’s year to lose, with the “Truth Hurts” singer leading the pack of nominees with eight nods to her name, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. Oh, and she’ll hit the stage for a live performance, just like she predicted she would five years ago.

In celebration of Lizzo’s Grammy debut, take a look back at some of her old tweets about the awards show that, in the wake of her dominating breakout year, have aged remarkably well. She always knew she was 100 percent that bitch.

  • February 8, 2015: Lizzo cheers on Haim and Bastille at the 2015 Grammys.

  • September 16, 2015: She makes it known she’ll slay any stage.

  • February 15, 2016: She’s floored that one of her songs played during the Grammys telecast… in a commercial for Barbershop: The Next Cut.

  • February 13, 2017: She shouts out her glam team for their work getting her ready for various Grammy parties — and then congratulates all her nominated pals.

  • September 19, 2017: She unknowingly predicts her Grammy success when responding to a fan who praised her for having “real talent.” The fan’s comment came on the same day Lizzo released a little song called “Truth Hurts.”

  • January 29, 2018: The day after the ’18 Grammys, she posts a fierce topless video with the caption “*practices my Grammy speech.*”

  • May 24, 2018: Her version of the Grammys was being a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  • February 17, 2019: She once again predicts she’ll be at the Grammys — months before her nominations or performance were even announced.

  • November 20, 2019: It all comes full circle when Lizzo earns eight Grammy nominations.

Taylor Swift Needs To Be ‘On The Right Side Of History’ In Miss Americana Trailer

The official trailer for Taylor Swift‘s new Netflix documentary, Miss Americana, is finally out and the stirring two-minute preview peeks behind the screen and shining smile. The film, that’s out on January 31, is more than clips of her sold-out arenas and screaming fans; it’s scenes of her emotions overtaking her with additional context that shows her journey from a budding pop star into a once-in-a-generation talent with a voice for the people. Get ready to break out the tissues – this one’s heavy.

The trailer kicks off with Swift showing her signature spunk before a show, getting ready to take over a stage. Her narration takes us over the course of her career as we see clips of her early on, learning the industry. “Throughout my whole career, label executives would say that a nice girl doesn’t force her opinions on people, that a nice girls smiles and waves and says thank you,” she narrates. “I became the person that everyone wanted me to be.”

Her journey continues to play out over the screen as clips from talk shows and news stories that poke fun at her lifestyle choices paint the picture that she’s been the talk of the town for years and still is. Then, we see her, eyes puffy at home, tired of it all as she says, “nobody physically saw me for a year and that’s what I thought they wanted.”

Afterward, she reveals that changing her mindset, by focusing on what she believed in, helped to make her happier than ever. This meant speaking out about what was important to her and being uncompromising with her values.  “I need to do this to be on the right side of history,” she says in one of the clips as news stories talk about her using her voice for important social and cultural reasons. “It feels fucking awesome,” she says in another, grinning from ear to ear.

As the trailer ends, we see brief shots that show a bit of behind-the-scenes footage from the “You Need To Calm Down” video as well as one of Swift’s birthdays when she blew out candles on top of a small cake. From top to bottom, Miss Americana looks to zero in on the big events and the small to show how Swift has become one of pop’s most important musicians who utilizes her voice to sing for the people as well as herself.

Take a look at the Miss Americana trailer up above.

Lolo Zouaï Embraces Her Lost Roots In ‘Desert Rose’ Video

The new video for Lolo Zouaï‘s “Desert Rose” is here, and like the song that it captures the spirit of, the mesmerizing clip hones in on the feeling of displacement when you’re not quite familiar with your surroundings but desperately want to be. In it, the rising R&B-pop singer arrives in a new land and monitors the customs and cultures that define its people. The longing in her eyes lurks just beneath the slight frown that occupies her face, if you look hard enough.

Zouaï is of Algerian and French descent, and the “Desert Rose” of the song’s name is “a rose-like crystal that forms in the desert of Algeria,” according to the singer herself, which is also “said to have healing properties.” Zouaï’s emotional tune finds herself grasping for safety in a partner or culture that exists once she crosses the Sahara desert into the country that she has ties to.

In the video, she heads to an unnamed town and revels in its beauty, sailing on the seas underneath seagulls and learning customs from citizens who show her the ropes. While she hangs out with kids and meets others though, there’s a pained look on her face that never lets up. By the time that the video ends, she’s got clear pools under her eyes as she rides away. She wants to be a part of what she sees and hopefully, she can in the future.

“Desert Rose” appears on Zouaï’s debut studio album, High Highs to Low Lows, that dropped in 2019. The LP features an appearance from California rapper E-40, someone Zouaï revealed that she listened to growing up in an interview with MTV News last year.

Check out Lolo Zouaï’s stirring new video for “Desert Rose” up above.

MTV Push Live Announces March 2020 Concert Series With Stunna Girl, Lonr, And Flipp Dinero

Since 2019, the MTV Push Live series has spotlighted sizzling emerging talent spanning locations and genres. Conan Gray, Lolo Zouaï, Jack Harlow, and more have all graced the stage at Chelsea Music Hall in New York City for past gigs; the upcoming February show boasts acts as diverse as JUFU, Kid Buu, and Kidd Kenn. And the hits keep coming.

On March 3, MTV and Live Nation are teaming up for an Epic Records showcase featuring a trio of rising stars: Stunna Girl, Lonr, Flipp Dinero. Get to know all three below, then find tickets for the concert right here.

  • Stunna Girl

    The deal: “Runway,” the viral TikTok hit from this 20-year-old California rapper, is just the beginning. You’ve heard those galaxy-rumbling bass accents — splattered across her 2019 YKWTFGO album, not just on her breakout song — but what resonates is the ferocity of her voice. “I was just saying: Be brave. Fuck it. You know?,” she told Genius.

  • Lonr

    The deal: After helping pen some of H.E.R.’s Grammy-winning album, Lonr is making a name for himself with his own cuts. “A.M.” is a great place to start, a slinking party anthem with a touch of melancholy in his voice. “My music can be serious, but there’s also a fun side,” he’s said previously.

  • Flipp Dinero

    The deal: He conquered 2018 with “Leave Me Alone,” and this raspy-voice Brooklyn rapper’s 2019 might’ve been even better. By dropping the relentless “Westside” at the end of the year, he’s ensured 2020 is already off to a great start. “My sound is my face and I have to show my face,” he told MTV News last year. Watch his full conversation with MTV News here.

MTV Push Live hits Chelsea Music Hall on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Find tickets here.

Map Of The World: BTS Are Going On Tour This Spring And Summer

BTS aren’t only preparing to release a new album, Map Of The Soul: 7they’re also planning to break out their maps of the world with the recent announcement that they’re going on a new world tour. The 18-date trek takes the world’s biggest K-pop group through North America, Europe, South Korea, and Japan. Tickets go on sale on February 7th at 3 PM local time so be ready.

Officially dubbed The Map Of The Soul Tour, BTS’s new trek kicks off in Seoul, South Korea for four shows at the Olympic Stadium starting on April 11 and wrapping up on April 19.  The trek ends right before fall on September 2 at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. On June 13 and 14, there’s a question mark on the tour poster, seemingly revealing a mystery location that’s yet to be filled. Who knows where it’ll be, but keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be a city near you if you can’t make it to any of the other dates.

BTS’s tour reveal comes just days after they released the first single for Map Of The Soul: 7, “Black Swan.” Their new LP is scheduled to drop on February 21. It’s about time! The world’s been hungry since the release of Map Of The Soul: Persona last April – even following collaborations with artists like Charli XCX and Zara Larsson.

Take a look at BTS’s official tour poster up above.

The Weeknd Channels His Inner Joker In Mind-Frying ‘Blinding Lights’ Video

There’s a scene in Joker where Arthur Fleck (portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) dances in slow motion on a set of stairs between Shakespeare and Anderson Avenues in the Bronx’s Highbridge in New York City. His choreography is creepy and off-center; it’s a man, teetering at the edge of reality, finally deciding to step over into the unknown. There are traces of this feeling in The Weeknd‘s new video for “Blinding Lights” which features similar, unhinged dancing. The singer goes on a nighttime journey that he’ll definitely never forget.

“Blinding Lights” continues the story from the visual for “Heartless which involved The Weeknd being on a psychedelic prowl after licking a frog. In that video, he lost touch with the world and found himself in increasingly strange events. By the time that “Blinding Lights” has rolled around, The Weeknd’s trip has gone farther into unexplored territory. He zooms through the streets in an expensive car and when his lights aren’t bleeding red, he’s dancing in the middle of the street like there’s clown paint on his face. It’s a wild scene that radiates electric energy. It also makes you never want to lick an amphibian. Ever.

Tripping (frog) balls, the singer ends up at a club where he gets kicked out of it, but not before he finds himself locked into a romantic gaze with a woman who’s singing on stage. After flashing her a devilish grin, she waves her hand his way and he literally floats towards her. In the midst of everything happening, The Weeknd eventually loses sight of what’s going on and ends up dancing by the side of the road. Everything seems to have happened in his head. Hopefully, someone comes to get him out of the street before he hurts himself.

The Weeknd released “Heartless” last November. At the time, “Blinding Lights” was teased in a Mercedes Benz commercial. If he’s planning to release a new album, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to wonder if Drake would be a part of it since the rapper suggested that they were both cool again on “War.”

Check out “Blinding Lights’ up above.

Nipsey Hussle Is Getting A Tribute At The 2020 Grammys

The upcoming 62nd Grammy Awards are set to honor the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle with an epic tribute performance featuring some of the late rapper’s friends and collaborators like YG and Roddy Ricch. Along with them are DJ Khaled, Meek Mill, Kirk Franklin, and John Legend who will celebrate the rapper’s contributions to hip-hop culture.

There’s no word of what will be performed across Nipsey’s wide catalog of 14 projects (13 mixtapes and one studio album), but one thing that’ll most likely happen on stage is that DJ Khaled and Legend perform some variation of “Higher.” The track features Nipsey Hussle – and Legend on the chorus – front and center, rapping from a reflective stance on what he saw over the course of his life. It appeared on DJ Khaled’s eleventh studio album Father Of Asahd that dropped last May.

Hussle is up for three posthumous Grammy Awards for Best Rap Performance (“Racks In The Middle”), Best Rap/Sung Performance (“Higher”) and Best Rap Song (“Racks In The Middle”). Last year, he was nominated for Best Rap Album (Victory Lap) at the 61st Grammy Awards.

The Grammys are set to air on January 26. In addition to the tribute performers for Hussle, Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Tyler, The Creator, the Jonas Brothers, and more are set to take the stage.

Okay Kaya Makes Sex Jams For People With Depression And Yeast Infections

By Emma Madden

Somewhere in Greenpoint, New York, the Norwegian-born model, actor, and musician Kaya Wilkins (a.k.a. Okay Kaya) is holding her phone, waiting for a stranger to call and ask her about her yeast infection, or her experiences in a psych ward, or maybe her boyfriend Stacy — all of which are covered in graphic detail on her sophomore album Watch This Liquid Pour Itself.

The album’s 15 tracks pinwheel across genres at the rate of mood, while they’re held together by a Sade-inspired somnambulism, as she reels through a series of admissions you’d hesitate to tell your therapist. In that way, Kaya communicates in the emotional tenor of our age — depressed, but able to make jokes about it. It’s this dark, vernacular sense of humor that allows Kaya to share her absolute, abject truth. “You know I’m only joking when I mean every word I say,” she sings.

Still, it’s one thing to sing, and another to talk about it, especially when what you’re singing is — and here are a few of my favorite examples from the album — “sex with me is mediocre,” or “sometimes I rub my ghost dick until I can almost see it,” or “what if the pills I take will stop me getting wet?” Which might be why, as she picks up the call to her first interview of several during this press cycle, Kaya sounds a little shaky. While she’s a prolific model and esteemed actress, having appeared in campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein, as well as the acclaimed horror film Thelma in 2017, it soon becomes clear that while not afraid to share the grimiest, bile-filled, and truest parts of herself, she’s terrified of answering the questions that her art asks.

MTV News: Are you in the mood to be interviewed?

Kaya: I’m basically never in the mood.

MTV News: How come?

Kaya: Because I have to answer questions but I don’t feel like I have the answer to anything.

MTV News: Well, here’s something you might be able to answer. When researching the album title, I found a bunch of YouTube videos on something called polyethylene. Am I on the right track?

Kaya: That’s it. It’s half-influenced by that specific video that’s called “watch this liquid pour itself.” It’s a liquid that has a really big mass, but also, the themes on the record are influenced by a purge of a liquid. Some people talk about melancholy as sort of like a black bile that’s in the body. And I guess, what I saw as a visual was this thing coming out — outwards, upwards. In earlier times there were four kinds of liquids which were identified with different moods. You know, blood, yellow bile, black bile. I just found it fascinating that so many different people could describe this feeling with a word or a liquid.

MTV News: That seems like a common theme in your songwriting — using biology or certain sciences to make sense of your own mood. It’s like you’re pathologizing yourself.

Kaya: Yeah, that’s definitely fun to explore. Sometimes it’s all I have to describe what’s going on at a certain time

MTV News: On one song you’re “mother nature’s bitch,” on another the whole world is your “daddy” — is there any value to exploring sublimation in your songwriting?

Kaya: I think I’m just compelled towards that kind of sublimation. In writing, I can embrace those sides of me. Sometimes I feel petty, I feel sad, I feel weak, humiliated, et cetera. Once I’ve written it down I can try and make it into something meaningful and not just something pathetic. I like to work that way because it means I can check myself a little bit. Those emotions are valid but they’re also just funny. It’s like spiraling a little bit and then looking back afterwards and being like, holy shit!

MTV News: When you’re in that spiral, you’re like, OK, this is just the logic of my universe now, but when you come out of it, you’re like, what the fuck, what was I?!

Kaya: [Laughs] Totally. And also, the feelings you had in that spiral were really strong, confident feelings. I think that’s why I can still feel happy when listening back to these songs, because I was in a different place. That’s probably the deal with all records. You feel the way that you do at that certain time — that’s essentially what recording is. And then you’re just like, OK, that happened!

MTV News: But then you must have had some kind of incentive to record and to put those certain feelings down?

Kaya: I still don’t really know the answer to that question. I played a show yesterday and completely lost my voice. I was playing my record for the first time for people and although I wish it could have gone a lot better, it was just a way of communicating with other people, that super interesting connection.

MTV News: You’ve done a substantial amount of modeling and acting, but is music the one avenue that lets you have that connection?

Kaya: I’m not sure. It’s definitely the one where I feel I do the most because it requires you to sit down, to write, and to record. I compulsively make things but I don’t know the reason why yet. I’m trying to figure it out.

MTV News: Because you’re so open in your music about your mental health, now that you’re doing press, are you having to reckon with questions like, “Should I be a spokesperson for these issues as well now?”

Kaya: Thank you for asking that because it is really different talking about it in conversation than it is singing about it on an album. Because I’m still trying to figure my shit out, I don’t really feel like I have prevailed enough to be a spokesperson. It’s all a process — I just try to document it for myself, and hopefully people can connect with that if they’re going through something similar.

MTV News: Do you feel a pressure to be resilient for those people who are listening?

Kaya: I think in some ways I am, but I don’t know how I’ll feel from day to day. I guess that’s why I said I’m scared of questions, because I’m still trying to figure everything out. All I can provide is an openness. Maybe that’s helpful to some people, I’m not sure.

MTV News: When you write a song, what parts of yourself do you want to be understood?

Kaya: I use a lot of tools, but the way I work lyrically, I tend to be as crafty as possible while trying to come across as straightforward. The listener can either come away thinking “that was a sweet little pop ditty,” or they can connect with it in another way. I love leaving it open in that way, but the lyrics are very graphic in what I’m trying to say about myself.

MTV News: I don’t want to skip over the fact that all of these songs are actually pretty funny. I mean, the word “dick” comes up a lot.

Kaya: Yeah, it’s also pretty painful to be funny, but that’s more like how you communicate in real life. It’s also really fun to sing those things, and to sing them as beautifully as I can. I’m definitely having a lot of fun with all the graphic wordplay.

MTV News: I love how a lot of the choruses on this album are literally anticlimactic, like how on “Asexual Wellbeing” you sing, “Sex with me is mediocre.”

Kaya: [Laughs] Yeah, just putting it out there. That line came after I went to a karaoke bar with a friend, where everyone was really good at singing, and I tried to sing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and completely bombed. Then when I got home, I thought, what can I sing about myself that’s sexual and true to how I feel right now? So I started thinking about the Rihanna song where she goes “sex with me so amazing.” I don’t know if that’s true because I haven’t slept with Rihanna, but it feels like it’s true, and I wanted to explore my own truth in that moment. I was feeling unfuckable, ’cause I had a yeast infection.

MTV News: The name “Stacy” pops up a lot on the album. What’s her deal?

Kaya: It’s a joke with my friends where I just call everyone Stacy, and I also really want a greyhound and I wanna name it Stacy, because it would just be a little bratty dog, really nervous, and I would be able to calm her down. I can’t wait to meet her one day.

MTV News: Has Twitter informed the way you write at all? Some of your lyrics — and this isn’t a bad thing — read like @SoSadToday tweets

Kaya: Some of them definitely start out like tweets, because tweets are kind of straight to the point, they’re sometimes catchy. Pop music does that too, so there’s a mix of those worlds. I love to be short and concise, and I love how a lot of writers are playing around with the medium of Twitter. I certainly spend a lot of time on it.

MTV News: Is there anything on this album you didn’t achieve that you wanted to?

Kaya: I’m trying to be kind to myself but yeah, I keep thinking about new ways to write things. For a lot of musicians, when they’re in the album cycle, they’re in a different headspace, and I’m currently in a groove of writing something that’s quite different. What I meant by “being kind to myself” is that I need to just let this record be what it was at the time, and accepting that. Now I can just let it go and people can listen to it and hopefully get something out of it, and I can keep exploring.

MTV News: What stage of exploration are you at at the moment?

Kaya: I’ve been working on a song about wanting to be a DJ for about two months now, which I think is gonna be pretty funny. I can’t wait to make another record but I’m also trying to make a space for myself that doesn’t just involve constant writing.

Meghan Trainor Is ‘Crazy But Sweet’ On Her New Song ‘Blink’

The last time we heard from Meghan Trainor, she was detailing her ongoing journey to self-love, on the feel-good single “Workin’ On It.” Now, M-Train is back with another bop that puts that newfound confidence into action.

“There ain’t nobody like me, baby,” she sings on the floor-filler, later proclaiming herself “a shooting star” and an “innocent bad bitch.” The uplifting energy continues as she boldly asserts, “The only one left / They don’t make ’em like this, oh … You better not blink / ‘Cause you don’t want to miss this.” It’s another danceable bop from Trainor, and a promising taste of what to expect once her long-awaited third album, Treat Myself, arrives later this month.

Treat Myself, the follow-up to 2016’s Thank You, also includes the previously released tracks “Wave” featuring Mike Sabath, “Workin’ On It” featuring Lennon Stellar and Sasha Sloan, and her 2018 single “No Excuses.” The 15-track LP arrives on January 31, and Trainor has said that it’ll be packed with “self-love anthems.” Consider us pumped to hear more.