Camila’s Red-Hot Romance, BTS’s Surprise Guest, And More Jingle Ball L.A. Highlights

Halsey got real about her 2019.

The Manic singer got refreshingly candid with the crowd, admitting, “2018 was one of the hardest years of my life, which miraculously turned into 2019, which was one of the best. … I had to make a lot of mistakes — and you know, because they were all over the internet.” What kept her going, she said, is her unconditional love from her fans, who shamelessly screamed along to “Bad at Love,” “Eastside,” “Graveyard,” and “Without Me.”

Camila Cabello’s Romance Has A Song For Every Single Mood

Listen to it when you’re feeling: blissfully, annoyingly in love

Key lyric: “All I do, the whole day through, is dream of you / All I do, since I met you, is dream of you”

Bless you, Camila, for following up the soul-crushing “Feel It Twice” with an easy-breezy love song. She promises to always love a guy who, sure, is a bad dancer, but who helped breathed new life into her. “Please say you dream of me too,” she sings, her voice cracking into an airy plea.

Who Among Us? Selena Gomez And Julia Michaels Bonded Over ‘Shitty Ex-Boyfriends’

Julia Michaels was penning hit songs long before she dropped “Issues” in 2017. But equally as important as her own songs have been the songs she’s helped write for others — including several of Selena Gomez‘s biggest hits, from 2013’s “Slow Down” to her recent single “Lose You To Love Me.” Now that they’ve known each other for years, the 26-year-old songwriter opened up to Variety about the co-writing process and how bonding over their ex-boyfriends helped them create a hit song.

“When [Gomez and I] first started working together [in 2013], it started as me writing the songs,” Michaels said. And when she returned to the studio one day to alter some lyrics, the two realized just how much they had in common — particularly when it came to past relationships. “[Gomez] was like, ‘We must be going through the exact same thing because you’re writing everything that I feel.'” Michaels recalled. “And I was like, ‘Oh, cool, you had a shitty ex-boyfriend too? Let’s go!'”

(Emma McIntyre/AMA2017/Getty Images for dcp)

For Michaels, spending time getting to know the artist she’s working with is an essential part of the songwriting process. “The thing that inspires me the most is conversations, conversations I have with other people and ones I have with myself. That helps me figure out what I want to say lyrically,” she told the mag. But ultimately, she finds the most success when she writes as if she’s confronting someone directly. “If you could say it to somebody, why couldn’t you say it exactly how you would in a song?” she said.

That tactic is the one that’s worked well for both Michaels and Gomez. And now, the two immediately divulge their innermost thoughts and emotions as soon as they step into the studio together. “She walks into the room and we instantly start pouring out our feelings,” Michaels said of their process. “There’s a blending of perspectives, and then we write.” And while it’s true that the bond they’ve developed is responsible for several of Gomez’s best work, Michaels has had fulfilling experiences writing with other artists as well.

At this point, Michaels has written songs with and for music industry heavyweights including Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, John Legend, and countless others. And now that she’s been in the game for a minute, she feels, above all else, extremely fortunate for the opportunities she’s been given. She told Variety, “I’m really grateful to have people believe in me enough to have me in the room and talk about how their lives are going and trust me enough to help me put them on the paper and into the world.” And honestly, we’re grateful for that, too.

Oliver Tree Battles The Human Sun Over The Ownership Of Golden Bars In ‘Cash Machine’

Oliver Tree has come through, just before the end of 2019, with, perhaps, the most what-the-hell-is-going-on video of the year. The 26-year-old singer’s new video for “Cash Machine” is a manual that shows you why it’s important to not smirk creepily out of the passenger side window while you’re driving, how stressful it is to tow a heavy stack of gold bars across a river, and what the consequences are for using a Molotov cocktail to try and knock someone off of a jet-ski.

Get this. That’s all in the first half of the video.

If you haven’t figured it out yet from this opening, Tree is one wild fella’. The 26-year-old singer/songwriter went viral in 2017 with “When I’m Down,” a peachy, piano-pounding song that just makes you feel all dandy inside. Since then, he’s released two EPs, Alien Boy and Do You Feel Me?, and established himself as of music’s most eccentric and alluring new personalities.

Any doubts? Just watch the visual for “Cash Machine.” It’s immediately clear that Tree’s a big fan of the color pink. Throughout, he arrives in a pink limousine, drives a pink car across a river, and then flies in a jet pack with a pink helmet. When he’s not doing any of that stuff, he’s making you slightly uncomfortable with his hilariously creepy smile. For some reason, his goal is to transport some gold while being chased by someone dressed like the sun.

Eventually, an antagonist in the form of someone dressed as the sun pulls up next to Tree on his jetski and the singer gives him the middle finger before throwing a Molotov cocktail. Tree hijacks his vehicle after the guy jumps into the water and leaves the gold behind. A short time later, Tree gets to fly around in a jetpack before falling in the river and getting blown to chunks in an underwater minefield. The video ends with this sinister sun and two random security guards inexplicably driving away with Tree’s boat and the gold bars.

We told you. This is one wild video.

Along with the release of the visual, Tree has revealed that he’s planning to release his debut studio album Ugly Is Beautiful. Be prepared to kick off next spring with it on March 27.

Mentally prepare yourself and then tune into “Cash Machine” up above.

Kacey Musgraves Sings Through All Of Our Christmas Faves In New 14-Song Medley

We’re just about a week into December, which means that if you’re not yet in the holiday spirit, it’s time. Luckily, Kacey Musgraves and James Corden are here to help, delivering a seven-minute, 14-song medley of some of our all-time favorite Christmas hits across nine different sets. And the best part? They do it all in one take!

That’s right! Just one week after debuting The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show on Amazon Prime, the country songstress appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden for perhaps the most magical holiday medley we’ve ever heard. It started off as any good Christmas performance should — by decorating a tree with glittery ornaments while singing one of the classics. In this case, she began with “Jingle Bell Rock.”

After clocking out of work, Musgraves bumps into Corden outside as he frantically tries to make some last-minute holiday purchases (we’ve all been there, right?). It’s there that the two duet on a more recent Christmas hit: Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe.” The performance only gets more festive from there as they belt out Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmastime” while building a snowman, “The Christmas Song” while drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, and more.

Later on, after Musgraves is caught “kissing Santa Claus,” she and Corden break up over a rendition of Darlene Love’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home.” Then, the singer graces us with a lonely Christmas ballad of her own, titled “Christmas Makes Me Cry.” The singer doesn’t stay down for long, though, because soon, she’s flipping off Corden as she passionately sings “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”

But wait, there’s more. As Musgraves sits on a bench listening to carolers sing “Silent Night,” Corden comes through with some sweet (and hilarious) cue cards — a clear reference to the Christmas rom-com Love, ActuallyFortunately, the host and country star’s love story works out in the end, and they close out their performance with a joyous and cheerful version of Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.” Ah, don’t you just love a happy ending?

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Kacey Musgraves ft. Troye Sivan: “Glittery”

If you’re looking to have a country Christmas this year, look no further than Kacey Musgraves‘s “Glittery” featuring Troye Sivan. The slow-moving, sparkly duet is chock-full of holiday imagery, from snow globes and presents to Christmas trees and snowy gray skies. But underneath the warm holiday visuals, the track is actually a sweet exchange between two people in love. And if there’s one song that’ll melt your heart this holiday season, it’s this one.

“Outside it’s coming down / But here inside it’s warming up,” Sivan croons on the second verse, setting the scene for a cozy night in with his lover. On the chorus, Musgraves chimes in to swoon as well. “Glittery / You light me up like starlight on a Christmas tree,” she sings. “Every single kiss is like a gift to me.” And although she loves to decorate for the festive holiday with twinkling lights and shimmery ornaments, there’s one thing she loves more. “I love the way you decorate my heart,” she sings gently. Christmas is here, and with this song, we truly feel its magic. —Jordyn Tilchen

The Weeknd Puts Your Brain On Spin Cycle In Mind-Scrambling Colbert Performance

The Weeknd‘s spaced-out and delirious performance of his new single, “Heartless,” for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, will make your cerebellum do origami. It was wild, to say the absolute least, and you’ll probably grow a phobia for long, winding corridors. When it ends, you’ll say “huh?” and scratch the left side of your head, wondering where the trick was at.

Colbert introduced The Weeknd by panning the camera to where the singer was supposed to be on stage. The host’s band looked back at him curiously and then Colbert himself began to wonder where The Weeknd was. The cameraman then goes to look for the singer who’s apparently in the back enjoying a glass of wine before the show. So he won’t get lost again, the camera follows his journey to the stage. Neither of them could have had a clue about the journey that they would be undertaking.

The Weeknd trades in the glass for a microphone and gives an impromptu performance of “Heartless” on his way to the stage, jumping, thrusting, and sliding like some kind of dancing magician trying to loosen his legs for the real show.

It’s here that things get weird.

The lights begin to flicker whenever he moves and, suddenly, entire stretches of hallway begin to shift into nothingness. But out of the black void comes other hallways and whenever they change, the lights cycle from a neon blue to the red of a fire truck’s siren. Before long, The Weeknd isn’t even worried about getting to the stage; he’s fully immersed himself in this in-between realm, having a blast playing the song while he’s literally lost in late-night show limbo.

As he finishes the song, he continues to walk down one of the many changing hallways and he, surprisingly, ends up on the stage of Colbert ready to perform for real this time. No time has passed since he came from backstage before his performance. You’re left with so many trans-dimensional and time-traveling questions that you have no choice but to give a slow clap to the singer for scrambling your brain like that.

The Weeknd released “Heartless” in November. He shared the trippy video for it earlier this month along with another single, “Blinding Lights.”

Check out The Weeknd’s wild performance on Colbert up above.

Teyana Taylor Is Rich In Heart-Dollars On ‘We Got Love’

Need a feel-good message to uplift you today? Teyana Taylor‘s got you covered with “We Got Love,” a bright and cheery new single that she performed with Kanye West on Saturday Night Live last year. Fans have been waiting a long time for this, so it’s great to have it out during the holiday season when it’s cold and you don’t really want to leave the house. Taylor’s taken it up herself to let you know, personally, that love is the greatest currency in the world.

“We Got Love” is warm, lovely, and the best natural sweetener that you can find today for your morning cup of coffee. The song is equal parts reflective and encouraging as she talks a bit about why her life is so great while also telling listeners how their’s can be too. She’s head-over-heels in love with her husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert, and explores why their marriage is so spectacular, taking it a few years back to tell fans about the birth of their daughter in 2015. “I gave birth on the bathroom floor/Just me, Iman, and headphone cords,” she sings.

It’s the hand-raising chorus that really wins you over though. With three lines, everything just feels better. Especially if you’re surrounded by people that you know and love, exchanging smiles, laughing and having a good time. “Love is the new money/I’m just chillin’ with the homies/Home is where the heart is,” she cheerfully carols.

“We Got Love” was supposed to appear on her 2018 album K.T.S.E. but was cut because of sample clearance issues. In November, she released a seriously sexy video for “Morning” with Kehlani.

Listen to Taylor’s extremely happy new tune, “We Got Love” up above.

Camila Cabello Belted Out Billie Eilish’s ‘Evil Young Boy’

Camila Cabello tackled one of Billie Eilish’s biggest hits on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Everyone knows “bad guy,” right? It’s impossible to ignore, as it’s basically taken over the radio in the past few months. But did you know there was a secret remix floating around that has totally different lyrics? Oh, yes. It’s by Google Translate, a rising star you may have heard of.

Kidding of course, but you may not have known that running a song that’s already in English through the automatic translation machine that is Google Translate will result in some hilarious lyrics. Basically, it works to find synonyms of each word since there isn’t another language to draw from. It’s a common internet pastime to run English phrases through the translator tool and giggle over the nonsensical lines it comes up with.

Jimmy Fallon had Camila Cabello tackle a translated track with Billie’s “bad guy,” which turned into a hilarious shell of its former self. The lyrics really have to be seen to be believed.

Some of the “translated” lines now include “Comfort, Demi’s nose wears a shirt” instead of “White shirt now red, my bloody nose.” But one of the best lines might be the switch from “Think you’re so criminal” to “What if you did some crimes?” What if?

It’s really hard to choose the funniest lyric of all, especially when “Your mom gets kind of weird” replaces “Make your mama sad type.” Mom, stop being so weird!

The pair explored additional Google Translated songs, with Jimmy taking on Smash Mouth’s “All Star” in the form of the side-splitting “Hot Ball.”

“Hey now, you’re an all-star,” was transformed into “Ahoy, you’re the hot ball.” Those lyrics kind of slap, TBH. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be singing the “new and improved “bad guy.” Ghosts!

Liam Payne’s Debut Solo Album Is All Moody Ballads And Bedroom Bops: Listen

The wait is over, Liam Payne fans! More than two years after launching his solo career with “Strip That Down,” Payne-o has released his hotly anticipated debut solo album.

The succinctly titled LP1 arrived on Friday (December 6), filled with a mix of vulnerable ballads and bedroom bops. Most of the singles he’s released since 2017 are accounted for, including “Bedroom Floor,” “Familiar” featuring J Balvin, “Stack It Up” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, the wintry ballad “All I Want (For Christmas),” and his 50 Shades Freed collab with Rita Ora, “For You.” All in all, about half of the tracks are ones he’s already dropped, but it’s the brand spankin’ new ones that demand your fullest attention.

Of the previously unreleased tracks, highlights include the Ryan Tedder-produced “Say It All” and the super sexual “Rude Hours.” The Cheat Codes-featuring “Live Forever” is another highlight, and appears to be Payne’s next single; he’ll be releasing a video for the track later today.

Those bangers aside, the 26-year-old gets confessional on cuts like the moody “Weekend,” which he recently told USA Today is “the most personal” song on the album. On it, he wonders whether he’ll “die on the weekend” after some crazy nights out. “It kind of outlines my struggle with mental health and different things that I had [experienced] living my life the way I used to,” he explained. “It’s probably something I’ll never talk about fully, but there are a couple situations for me that I highlight in that.”

One person who’s definitely got LP1 on repeat today is Payne’s former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, who sent a “MASSIVE” shout-out to his bud on Thursday. “Congrats mate,” he tweeted. “Cant wait to hear!” Gotta love a supportive friendship.

Stream LP1 in its entirety below, and check out Payne’s recent VOL.UME cover story for MTV News, in which he discusses mental health, fatherhood, and much more.