Katy Perry Brought A Giant Pink Poodle Onstage For Her Ellen Performance

Katy Perry‘s debut television performance of “Small Talk” was anything but small. Or simple.

True to form, KP pulled out all the stops while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (September 18), singing her breakup bop in front of a giant, pearl-wearing poodle made of pink balloons. But it was Katy who truly stole the spotlight, thanks to one heck of a blinding ensemble — she wore a glittery mini dress with a giant bow that matched her similarly bedazzled pink microphone. As for the performance itself, Perry and her band gave “Small Talk” a little more “oomph” than on the recorded version, treating the crowd to a sparkly and impeccably sung show.

Prior to her gleaming performance, Perry sat down with DeGeneres to chat about the new single, which she co-wrote with Charlie Puth. She didn’t spill any details about her rumored new tune “Harley’s in Hawaii,” but the singer did explain that she’s taking a fresh, casual approach to her music this year, releasing new songs every couple months or so. “I’m just having fun,” she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Perry discussed her engagement to Orlando Bloom, her dog’s cameo in the “Small Talk” video, and ending her feud with Taylor Swift. Of the latter subject, Perry said, “I’m all about redemption and forgiveness and for setting an example for those younger people that it could be cool to ask for forgiveness and to confront someone you may have an issue with or problem with and to talk it out.” Check out that bit of the interview below.

Tove Lo Reveals The Power Of New Single ‘Sweettalk My Heart’ Ahead of Sunshine Kitty

Although Tove Lo‘s fourth album, Sunshine Kitty, is out on Friday (September 20), the Swedish pop stalwart is not slowing down releasing new music ahead of it. Just a few weeks ago, she unleashed “Really Don’t Like U,” a glitzy collab with Kylie Minogue, and we’ve also heard the clubby “Jacques,” the consoling “Glad He’s Gone” and the confessional “Bad As the Boys.” They’re all indicative of a brighter yet still probing album experience, the kind Tove’s made her name investing in.

Our latest taste of Sunshine Kitty, though, is a bit rainier. “Sweettalk My Heart” is led by the kind of soft plinks and deep vocal deliveries that might characterize a club banger, but there’s a distance and an airiness to the whole thing, like a bassy bop heard from just outside the club. It also sounds like the memory of an aching dance song you heard once, experienced while you’re in the middle of a forest.

The power of “Sweettalk My Heart” is palpable, and Tove shed some light on the song’s origin on social media.

“It was when I wrote this song I realized my 4th album was in the works,” she wrote. “It’s very special to me for a lot of reasons I will get into when I see you guys around the world :).” While her tour doesn’t kick off properly until February, Sunshine Kitty is here in only a few days.

In July, Tove previewed what to expect from her lighter Sunshine Kitty era in an interview with MTV News. “It’s a bit happier, and production-wise, there’s a lot of songs on there where the lyrics and the story is more the driving part,” she said. “I guess it just means I’m happier.”

Listen to “Sweettalk My Heart” above, then watch Tove’s MTV News interview below.

Taylor Swift’s Rolling Stone Interview Was Her Best And Only Therapy Session Ever

Taylor Swift has never been to therapy. Like, ever. But despite never having spilled her guts to a trained professional, the pop star opened up about everything — and we mean everything — in a brand new interview with Rolling Stone. Along with a sunny, watercolor-inspired cover that appeared online this morning (September 18), Swift rehashed 13 years of her muddled public persona, from her highly publicized feuds to all the misconceptions about where she stands politically.

Throughout the tell-all interview, Swift spoke about learning to cope with the public’s ever-changing perception of her. Whenever she made a mistake, she was crucified for it. And whenever she did something positive, she was endlessly criticized. The constant switch from being loved to being loathed certainly took its toll, and it made Swift, on several occasions, wonder if she should quit music altogether. “I definitely thought about that a lot,” she said. “I thought about how words are my only way of making sense of the world and expressing myself — and now any words I say or write are being twisted against me.”

This constant manipulation of Swift’s words only got more difficult to navigate when other celebrities were involved, such as Katy Perry and Kanye West. The “You Need To Calm Down” singer recounted both of those highly publicized feuds. And although she and Perry managed to set their differences aside and become friends again, Swift made it clear that her years-long drama with West, who she called “two-faced,” still makes her blood boil.

Still, Swift made it clear that no betrayal hurt more than when the president of her formal label, Scott Borchetta, sold the master recordings from her first six albums to music manager Scooter Braun as part of a $300 million deal. “These are two very rich, very powerful men, using $300 million of other people’s money to purchase, like, the most feminine body of work,” she said. “And then they’re standing in a wood-panel bar doing a tacky photo shoot, raising a glass of scotch to themselves. Because they pulled one over on me and got this done so sneakily that I didn’t even see it coming.”

While the interview certainly addressed much of the mess Swift’s been entangled in throughout her career — including not just her many feuds, but her political silence and, of course, her controversial “squad” — it wasn’t merely a retelling of all the times the pop star’s been burned and bruised. Swift got real about career strategy as a woman in the music industry, her relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and her new album, Lover, which, according to her, is “completely just a barn wood floor and some ripped curtains flowing in the breeze, and fields of flowers and, you know, velvet.” Hm, sounds about right.

For more, check out Taylor Swift’s complete Rolling Stone interview here.

Liam Payne’s Crisp New ‘Stack It Up’ Is A Celebration Of Getting Paid

Liam Payne has money on his mind. After releasing his debut EP First Time last year, he spent much of 2019 in the studio — or as his new single “Stack It Up” puts it, he’s been “working for it.”

“So if you wanna stack it up, man, you gotta work for it / Ain’t nobody gonna be doing it for ya,” he sings on the slick track, propelled by a charming organ riff and the sing-rap style his pal Ed Sheeran has filled stadiums perfecting. It makes sense to learn that Sheeran helped craft the track along with Fred Gibson and Steve Mac, who also helped Liam launch his solo arc in 2017 with “Strip That Down.”

It’s not easy to convincingly pull off what Sheeran can do, and with a lesser vocal talent, the overall Sheeran-ness of “Stack It Up” might cause it to crumble. But Payne’s got the chops, bounding from low croon to higher-register sultry swagger with ease. Those fluctuations are perhaps fitting for a capitalist anthem to getting paid (and working to make sure you keep getting paid).

“Stack It Up” is a swift 2:46 in length, but it still manages to lend 30 seconds to a boastful verse from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie that also gives some life advice based on experience: “And if I ain’t have money, I woulda been lost her / The loudest ones was the brokest, I was a shit talker.” It’s the latest in A Boogie’s good year of pop appearances; he’s also surfaced on songs by Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, Khalid, and more.

On social media, Payne said “Stack It Up” is “about working hard, being inspired and achieving your dreams.” It’s also very much about getting that money. Listen to it while you’re chasing paper above.

See Blue Ivy Lay Down Vocals For ‘Brown Skin Girl’ In Beyoncé’s Intimate New Documentary

After blessing our screens with last year’s Emmy-nominated Homecoming, Beyoncé has come through with yet another must-see documentary.

The ABC special Beyoncé Presents: Making The Gift premiered on Monday night (September 16), giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her album The Lion King: The Gift. And while much of the intimate doc centered around the star-studded compilation project — which arrived back in June in conjunction with the Disney reboot — it also treated fans to some crazy-adorable scenes featuring all five members of the Knowles-Carter clan.

In one stand-out moment, we witness Blue Ivy laying down the vocals for “Brown Skin Girl,” an uplifting track from The Gift that celebrates girls of color and that’s bookended by solos from the 7-year-old. Suffice to say, Bey and Jay-Z’s eldest daughter is a prodigy. Take a look:

In the doc, Beyoncé reflected on Blue’s involvement in the album, saying, “When I see fathers singing ‘Brown Skin Girl’ to their daughters, to know that my daughter can have the same opportunities and feel confident and feel like she doesn’t have to take her braids down and she can comb her afro out and she can glisten in her brown skin… that’s why I make music.”

Blue Ivy also made another memorable appearance while lip-syncing “Mood 4 Eva” with her mom and showing off some formidable dance moves.

But it wasn’t just Blue Ivy who stole the show in Making The Gift — the doc also featured plenty of cameos from Bey and Jay’s 2-year-old twins, Sir and Rumi. Check out a clip of Beyoncé making animal noises with Rumi below, and try not to cry at the cuteness.

Family goals all around! Watch the 42-minute Beyoncé Presents: Making The Gift on ABC’s website right here.

Skrillex, Vince Staples, Kyle, And More Will Heat Up SnowGlobe 2019

Get your ski boots and parka ready: The 2019 SnowGlobe Music Festival is coming up fast. The annual event — which touches down this year in South Lake Tahoe, California, and runs December 29-31 — is always a proper carnival of colors, sounds, and rhythms. But this year’s experience just got a lot more exciting.

The one and only Skrillex is this year’s New Year’s Eve headliner, and he’s joined by an all-star lineup of other acts who will hit the stage during the fest’s three days. Among them: Vince Staples, Kyle, E-40, Dominic Fike, Doja Cat, Louis the Child, SG Lewis, and Whethan. Check out the full roster of performers below.

And it’s not just a celebration of music. SnowGlobe also features a mix of new art fixtures, as well as the Big Air installation, a joint venture of skiing and snowboarding alongside live music.

Last year‘s winter getaway saw G-Eazy, Rae Sremmurd, Tyga, Diplo, and an onslaught of other electronic, pop, and hip-hop acts, who stormed the stages across the fest’s three days. MTV News was there on the ground talking to Sofi Tukker, Duckwrth, Leven Kali, and more.

Judging by today’s announcement, 2019 will be yet another epic year. See all the ticket info for this year’s fest right here.

Taylor Swift Announces Lover Fest — Here’s Where She’s Going

It hasn’t even been a month since Taylor Swift unleashed Lover upon her legion of devoted fans, and Swifties are already gearing up for her next tour. Swift took to social media today (September 17) to confirm that while a tour is happening, it’s going to be a lot different than her past treks. So different, in fact, that she’ll only be playing at two venues in the United States — one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast. Uh, what?

Before you freak out, Swift’s plans for what she’s dubbed “Lover Fest” actually sound pretty awesome. After hitting up some music festivals in Europe throughout July 2020, including Denmark’s Roskilde Festival and Portugal’s Nos Alive, Swift will play two shows at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on July 25-26, making her the first woman to open an NFL stadium. After that, she’ll play two shows at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA on July 31-August 1.

“The Lover album is open fields, sunsets, + SUMMER,” the “You Need To Calm Down” singer tweeted, announcing her unique plans for summer 2020. “I want to perform it in a way that feels authentic. I want to go to some places I haven’t been and play festivals. Where we didn’t have festivals, we made some. Introducing, Lover Fest East + West!”

If you live outside of the U.S. and you don’t see a city near you listed, don’t worry — additional U.K. and international dates will be announced soon. In other, less pleasant news, no further U.S. dates have been mentioned, which means North American Swifties only have two options — at least for now.

Despite only announcing four shows in the U.S., news of a Lover tour, in any capacity, is quite exciting for longtime fans of the singer. It’s also a relief following her recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, in which she teased that a traditional stadium tour — like the ones for 1989 and Reputation — wouldn’t be happening. “Stadiums are fun,” she told Seacrest on his On Air Show. “Stadiums are amazing — I love stadiums, I just don’t know if we’re going to do the same thing as we did last time.”

As promised, Swift’s plans for this summer are certainly different, but they’re also very exciting! And if you live near L.A. or Foxborough, or if you’re willing to travel, you better get ready. Tickets go on sale to the public on October 14, but Tix verified fans can get early access on September 19. Good luck, Swifties!

Charli XCX And Troye Sivan Are The Best Jet Ski Riders In The World In ‘2099’ Video

Charli XCX and Troye Sivan have their sea legs! In the new video for “2099,” the pair pilot some jet skis next to a burning boat in what looks like the future. They both show that when the inevitable Fast And Furious sequel comes out that’ll involve a daring chase through ocean waters, movie directors won’t have to look far to find stunt drivers who can look fierce while they slice waves. Troye Sivan, in particular, has some of the wildest jet ski skills known to humankind.

“2099” doesn’t have walking buildings, flying cockroaches with metal wings, smoothies made of metal shavings, or whatever other weird visions of the future that you’ve probably thought of. There’s water in this version, surprisingly. Lots of it. Charli and Troye zoom like speeding bullets through the water on their jet skis, past a smoldering ship at one point, and try their best to hold their straight faces as they clearly have a lot of fun. Troye’s jet ski skills are out of this world as he flips around like a hamster on Red Bull, practically defying gravity. Charli opts for a more relaxed approach, sitting on the back of her ski in sneakers, dangerously hanging off as if she could fall in the water. At the end of the video, Charli and Troye are joined by other people on jetskis eager to join in on the fun.

“2099” appears on Charli’s recently released self-titled album. Last night (September 16), Charli and Christine and the Queens were the musical guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and they performed ther hit collaboration “Gone.”

Watch Charli XCX and Troye Sivan do all kinds of jet ski tricks in “2099” up above.

Charli XCX And Christine And The Queens Were Malfunctioning, Dancing Androids On Fallon

Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens were the musical guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and gave one hell of a performance of their recent collaboration, “Gone.” On a stage decked out in furniture and ropes, they took styles of dance that you may be familiar with and took them into warped new dimensions. It was an experience, to say the least.

Their collaborative performance was dark and brooding as they reclined on mysterious rope-covered furniture and wore all black. Charli’s hypnotizing body rolls and pops distracted until Christine emerged from a chair off-screen, snapping with quick movements. They were two gothic, malfunctioning androids charged with giving a hellish performance of their human avatar’s magnificent new hit. At the end, they hopped on the rope-covered bed and screamed the song fiercely into each other’s face. Then the lights flashed and Charli and Christine dipped into their bags of eclectic dancing skills – Charli’s zombified twerking and Christine’s mummy-like movements –and they closed out the performance as wild and zany as only they could have.

“Gone” appears on Charli XCX’s recently released self-titled album that dropped on September 13. The LP also features other singles like “1999” with Troye Sivan, “Blame It On Your Love” with Lizzo, and “Warm,” with HAIM.

Watch Charli and Christine’s weirdly groovy performance up above.

With The Intoxicating ‘Fear,’ K-pop Hitmakers Seventeen Continue To Evolve

After making pulses race with their late-summer banger “HIT” last month, Seventeen are back with “Fear,” a simmering single that ups the dramatic ante — both sonically and lyrically. The stylish release signals the official arrival of what their fans affectionately call “Darkteen,” a concept that finds the 13-member Korean group experimenting with more mature themes, moodier visuals, and diversifying their signature bright, effusive sound with a distorted bass line, haunting falsettos, and a hard-hitting hook.

Produced by member Woozi and the group’s frequent collaborator, Bumzu, “Fear” is a track that also keeps you guessing with subtle flourishes — like the startling use of silence on the second verse; Jeonghan’s airy whispers are a contrast to the sudden emptiness of the production. For a single, it’s yet another evolution for Seventeen — a transition into the dark intensity of the unknown. (Though, admirers of the group’s playful “Freshteen” sound can listen to “Snap Shoot,” a lively B-side off their latest album, An Ode, out now.)

According to the official description of the song on YouTube, the single “explores fear as an emotion they face during their creative process. As the members search within for insight, the agony they endure help them develop one step further as artists.” The lyrics speak of the poisonous feeling of fear. Rapper Wonwoo kicks off the song with a blistering statement: “I’m poison.” The striking choreography finds the members drinking drinking from a chalice made from their hands. As the song goes on, the poison consumes them.

Pledis Entertainment
Pledis Entertainment

As a visual, “Fear” is similarly intoxicating. Rich hues and a variety of textures give the video a dark, cinematic feel. The mood matches the intensity of the song, as each member exists in their own dramatic setting, alone and detached from the others. They only come together for the mesmerizing performance sequences.

“Fear” isn’t what we’ve come to expect from Seventeen, a group known for their engaging performances and boyish charms. The last time the group delivered such a sonic switch-up was 2017’s EDM-heavy “Don’t Wanna Cry.” But “Fear” is even heavier; it’s more potent, more brutally honest. But boys eventually become men, and “Fear” is the manifestation of such growing pains. “As we’ve made each album, we’ve come to realize the music we want to make and what we want to say to our fans have started to converge,” Woozi told MTV News in July. “The stories we want to tell are the same stories we want to tell our fans.”

And as long as Seventeen keep pouring themselves into their music — the highs, the lows, and all of the ugly emotions in-between — then their fans will keep listening.