A Star Is Born Review

Of course, the driving factor of A Star Is Born’s success is the intense chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. As individual actors, they’re both at the top of their game, with Gaga standing toe to toe with her director / co-star in her first leading film role. But whenever they’re on screen together, you can feel how natural it was for the two of them to slip into these characters, and bounce off of each other’s energy. Conversely, Bradley Cooper stands up to Lady Gaga’s vocal talents, delivering a singing voice that’s more impressive than we ever would have imagined. While there’s definitely a vital and impressive supporting cast with the likes of Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle, Andrew “Dice” Clay and Anthony Ramos, the unquestionable center of this film’s universe is Cooper and Gaga, and they burn with the heat and intensity of a furnace.

Birdo Is Coming To Mario Tennis Aces

This past summer Nintendo released Mario Tennis Aces as a sort of hybrid sports-fighting game. It was a breakout sensation for gamers looking for something that wasn’t a first-person shooter, a rogue-like, an action-RPG, or a Dark Souls clone. The game has been receiving some steady updates over the last couple of months, and Nintendo doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop. The latest update for Mario Tennis Aces will see a familiar face make a return to the series, and make her debut for the first time in this particular outing. It’s none other than the pink-skinned, red-bow wearing Birdo, sporting a giant diamond ring and a whole lot of sass.

Venom End-Credits Scene: What It Means, And Why The Director Included It

Modern comic book movie audiences have been trained: Stay in your seats when the end credits roll, because there’s usually a scene or two that tease what’s to come in potential sequels. Sometimes they are used to comedic effect, as when Captain America showed up at the very end of Spider-Man: Homecoming to mock people who waited to watch his scene. Sometimes they are so far out of context, they leave the audiences baffled (looking at you, X-Men: Apocalypse scene). Venom joins the ranks today, dropping a major tease for the possible direction of Venom 2, should that movie ever happen. We tell you what the scene means, as well as what Ruben Fleischer told us about the scene, so read on.

*Obviously, the rest of this article is ALL spoilers for Venom, so if you somehow landed in here without first seeing the movie, bail out now, and come back after you have checked Venom out. *

Before Venom reaches its end credits, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), while speaking with his newly reunited girlfriend Anne (Michelle Williams), is teasing an important interview he has locked down. He can’t tell Anne who it’s with, but just notes that it’s important. We don’t figure that we are going to find out, immediately, who it is. The scene basically exists so that Anne can discover that the symbiote survived the final confrontation with Riot, and still lives inside of Eddie. Yes, it looked like Venom sacrificed himself to stop Riot, but some piece of him lived, and he and Eddie will continue to bond.

Movie over? Not quite. Venom has a lengthy end-credits sequence, and it starts with Eddie and Venom driving to San Quentin Prison, located north of San Francisco. Eddie (Tom Hardy) is telling Venom to keep it in check, that this interview is important to HIM, and has nothing to do with the symbiote. But we know, as comic book fans, that won’t be the case for very long.

The scene has a prison guard leading Eddie down to a cell for the interview, warning him that the guy in the cell is totally unredeemable, a mental case and a total psychopath. If you have read any Spider-Man or Venom comics, you know exactly where this is going, even before it’s revealed that the man in the prison cell is Cletus Kasady, the lunatic murderer who’ll go on to become Carnage.

Cletus Kasady is a serial killer. He was introduced in the Amazing Spider-Man comics as a rival host to Eddie Brock, but a man who — unlike Brock — had absolutely NO moral guidelines, and would only use the powers of the symbiote to bring more pain and death to the world. Cletus was modeled after The Joker, was established as a cold-blooded killer from an early age, and only picked up the powers of the symbiote when he happened to share a prison cell with Eddie after Venom lost a fight to Spider-Man. The symbiote left “offspring” in the prison cell, and one of them merged with Kasady. The homicidal Carnage was born.

The on-screen version of Carnage, as is revealed in the Venom end-credits scene, is played by Woody Harrelson, an actor Ruben Fleischer worked with on Zombieland. And yet, when we spoke with Fleischer about casting Harrelson in the role of Carnage, it was a different movie in Woody’s background that had the Venom director convinced that he was perfect for the part. Fleischer tells CinemaBlend:

He was the first person I thought of to play Cletus Kasady. And what will be fun is, if you think about Woody in Natural Born Killers, and that darkness and that menace that he can bring to a serial killer like Cletus Kasady, you know, he can go real dark and explore that. Carnage is going to be… just thinking about Venom pitting off against Carnage is just so exciting. And hopefully fans leave the movie really looking forward to that next one. Because I think also just seeing Tom and Woody go head to head, you know, those are two great actors that I think can really create some exciting scenes.

Woody Harrelson’s version of Cletus Kasady already is locked up. He’s detained in what amounts to a Hannibal Lecter-type cell, where he isn’t exactly restrained, but he isn’t going anywhere. Though, he thinks that he is. After trading some meaningless psychobabble with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), luring him closer to the cage as their interview is about to begin, Cletus turns to the camera and promises that as soon as he gets out, there will be carnage.

And the screen cuts to black.

Now, that leaves two major questions unanswered. One, how does the symbiote leave a trace of itself behind in the prison cell to bond with Cletus? At the start of Venom 2, will we see some variation of this classic comic book panel?

But the second question — an even bigger question — is, “Will Venom 2 even happen?” The movie, at the time of publication, is sitting below 30% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but a strong showing at the box office could signify to Sony that they need to push forward with this character and his universe, to keep selling more toys (naturally), but also to expand the world so that by the time Spider-Man is able to swing back from Marvel Studios, he’ll have Venom, Carnage, Morbius, Black Cat and possibly Kraven the Hunter to play with.

For now, Venom is in theaters. The end-credits sequence sets up Woody Harrelson as Carnage, and we know that Ruben Fleischer really wants to see Harrelson and Tom Hardy going toe-to-toe as actors, and also seeing the Venom symbiote ripping Carnage to shreds. Do YOU want to see that? Now that you have seen Venom, let us know below where you stand on this movie, on the post-credits scene, and on a potential sequel.

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Star Wars’ The Mandalorian Series Is Putting A-List Talent Behind The Camera

Star Wars is coming to TV in a brand new way with the very first (and super pricy) live-action series, which was recently revealed to be called The Mandalorian. Executive producer Jon Favreau announced the big news via social media, although details beyond the title and premise were scarce. Now, more information has released, and it turns out that Taika Waititi of Thor: Ragnarok and a number of others are on board to bring new stories to that galaxy far, far away.

Fans of Star Wars, get excited! Production has officially begun on the new series, and Taika Waititi will direct an episode for its big premiere on the Disney streaming service. Also directing episodes will be Dave Filoni of Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars, Jurassic World star and Solemates director Bryce Dallas Howard, Deborah Chow of Jessica Jones, and Rick Famuyiwa of Dope. As previously announced, Jon Favreau is on board as executive producer and writer. Sharing executive producing duties are Kathleen Kennedy and Colin Wilson on top of Filoni and Favreau.

There’s no news yet as to what will happen in the episodes these directors are set to tackle, but it’s worth noting that these directors have worked on wildly different projects throughout their careers. Both Taika Waititi and Deborah Chow have helmed superhero projects, although for under different banners and with very different tones. And that’s only one example! Despite some criticism of The Last Jedi in the aftermath of The Force Awakens, Star Wars movies are often similar in tone and structure within their trilogies. Is the variety of directors a sign that the series won’t necessarily feel like one big story? Will there be standalone episodes, or will The Mandalorian be completely serialized?

Unfortunately, we can only wait and see at this point. Of the directors who have signed on to helm episodes of The Mandalorian, Dave Filoni is the one with Star Wars saga experience. He’s slated to direct the very first episode of the new show, and his involvement is one of the elements of The Mandalorian that I’m most excited about. Filoni has directed episodes of Star Wars Rebels, will direct new episodes of The Clone Wars, and contributed to Star Wars Resistance.

Not only is Filoni well-versed in Star Wars lore with experience working alongside George Lucas, but his work on Clone Wars and Rebels makes him an expert on all things Mandalorian in current Star Wars canon. Given that The Mandalorian takes place after the fall of the Empire post-Return of the Jedi and before The Force Awakens, it’s also possible that Rebels‘ explosive Mandalorian Sabine Wren could appear in live-action. Why not bring Katee Sackhoff on board as Mandalorian leader Bo-Katan as well?

Only time will tell what’s in store with The Mandalorian. The next Star Wars project coming to the small screen is Star Wars Resistance, which was impacted by Rebels and Clone Wars in some interesting ways. Resistance is also set in the era between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens (although much closer to Force Awakens), so perhaps we should keep our eyes peeled for any Mandalorians on Resistance this fall!

Jake Gyllenhaal Penned A Sweet Tribute To Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds

There are few actors as loved and admired as Ryan Reynolds is at the moment. The man behind the Deadpool mask was pivotal in bringing the hilariously foul-mouthed superhero to the screen not once, but twice. Each of his tweets is either a buzzworthy headline or a beautifully sarcastic quip. If you look up “relationship goals” in the dictionary, you’ll even find a picture of Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively angelically posing next to each other with their two children. But if that’s not enough, read this deeply touching tribute to him, written by none other than Jake Gyllenhaal:

Anyone else have a few tears coming on? His comments come via a letter Variety asked Jake Gyllenhaal to write for its distinguished New Power of New York list. The list of 50 also includes other actors such as Crazy Rich Asians breakout star Awkwafina, young Oscar nominee Timothée Chalamet and A Quiet Place stunner John Krasinski amongst musicians, athletes, etc. In the letter, Gyllenhaal talks about how the two met years ago and soon became close friends. He discussed the actor’s history as a frequenter in romantic comedies who never had the chance to “fire all cylinders” until he created his own chance to with Deadpool. In the touching tribute, Gyllenhaal revealed that Reynolds works “tirelessly,” writing all night so he can be a husband and father during the day.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds shared the screen in 2017’s Life, a sci-fi thriller set on the International Space Station. During their press tour, the pair showed off their hilarious chemistry together, especially in this interview, where they just couldn’t keep it together. It’s no surprise to his fans that Reynolds is as talented as Gyllenhaal says he is in the letter, but knowing Reynolds, he’ll likely spin it into some form of off-color joke or over-the-top affair to downplay it.

If rumors that floated over the summer of Jake Gyllenhaal’s casting as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home are true, the actors may get a chance to collaborate under Marvel or at least be a part of the same universe as Disney starts to cash in on the Fox deal. Ryan Reynolds talent and success can be found in this week’s news of Deadpool 2 returning to theaters just seven months after its release. The PG-13 release reportedly has a running title of The Deadpool Before Christmas and will be released on December 21.

Steam Begins To Define ‘Straight-Up Trolling’ By Banning Over 170 Games

Steam’s new guidelines when it comes to what they will and will not make available on their storefront are a bit vague, but thanks to the recent removal of nearly 200 games, we’re starting to get a clearer picture. These games all fall under the umbrella of what Steam calls “straight-up trolling,” meaning the company’s determined their purpose was little more than to get a rise out of folks.

With more developers taking advantage of Steam’s loose policies when it comes to games publishing in recent years, the company decided to go the opposite direction of what was expected and basically opened the floodgates. Instead of creating a thorough “decency policy,” we’ll call it, and sticking to it, it instead decided to let just about anything onto the platform, with a notable exception for games that were deemed to be “straight-up trolling.” That particular term was eventually clarified and, thanks to the removal of 179 games in recent days, we finally have an example of their new standards in practice.

The names of the banned games will likely give you a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about. The folks over at PC Gamer have cherry-picked a handful of the titles, including Boobs Battleground, Dad’s Co-Worker, X-Ray Hospital, Boobs Puzzle and MILF. Also axed were 32 games in the Achievement Hunter series and a handful of games that have the word “hentai” in the title. Those Achievement Hunter games were designed, as the name implies, to let players pad their virtual trophy shelves and their icons even sported letters that players could use to spell out various phrases in their profiles. You can imagine how creative folks got with that.

As noted above, Steam has these game’s under the straight-up trolling category, which was further described as something “simply trying to rile people up with something we call ‘a game-shaped object.'” The Steam blog further explained that these are crudely-made pieces of software that are “technically” games, but games that nearly all reasonable individuals would argue are not good. Examples of troll games were those that try to scam folks into giving up their private information, earn money through schemes or let developers use Steam keys in questionable manners. And then there are those that “are just trying to incite and sow discord.”

So, obviously, you wouldn’t expect to find a Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed game under that umbrella, but you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find a game like Putin, Boob and Trump or Make Border Great Again.

Many argue that Steam is still being too loose with their efforts and causing even more problems for themselves, while the company holds that it doesn’t feel it should be able to judge what should and should not be considered a “game,” except in those cases where they feel a game is “trolling,” apparently. We’ll have to wait and see where things go from here.

Why Fortnite Removed A Popular Item

If you’re only jumping into Fortnite here in Season 6 and have no idea what the Bouncer is, it’s an item that players could place on the ground similar to a trap, only it served the purpose of launching players into the air. Sure, you could use the item in clever ways to dispatch your foes but, nine times out of 10, players used it for the intended purpose of making traversal a bit more easy. If you wanted to get up high without relying on building, a Bouncer could do the trick. If used from a decent altitude, it could even be used to reinitiate your glider, allowing players to cover some serious distance or get the heck out of harm’s way.

The Walking Dead: Our World Will Launch Exclusive Missions After Each New Episode Of The Show

The point-and-click Telltale Games‘ endeavors to capture the spirit, drama and thrills of Skybound and AMC’s The Walking Dead may have come to an end for now, but it doesn’t mean that video games surrounding the property have come to a halt. In fact, more games are still being made and released based around The Walking Dead. The latest venture to capture the post-apocalyptic zombie tale is The Walking Dead: Our World, which will work as a tie-in game to the Season 9 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, with interactive missions based on what happened in the episode.

The game will sport exclusive missions where players will be rewarded with characters from the television show for completion the missions. The mobile game will include what’s being described as “single-encounter” missions, along with larger group-based runs that are known as “Infestations” where there will be a series of individual missions strung together where you’ll need to complete anywhere between three to five missions in order to unlock more valuable items and prizes.

The game is very much like a Walking Dead version of Pokemon Go. Yes, the same game pocket-monster catching game from Niantic Labs. It utilizes AR-style visuals for the combat and a similar Google Maps-inspired overworld.

You’ll travel around the real world, using various characters from the television show, using the likenesses from AMC’s horror-drama while fighting off zombies and attempting to recruit more characters to grow your stable of heroes and survivors.

Much like Pokemon Go, the game supports both solo runs and group events where you can team up with your friends and take down hordes of walkers or clear out nests.

The game is about attempting to clear out the zombies from around the world, using group efforts and solo ingenuity to travel around your neighborhood (or the city at large) and gather items, defeat walkers, and continue to make a name for yourself.

You’ll be able to recruit many of the popular characters from the TV show in The Walking Dead: Our World, including Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Abraham and Eugene, to name a few. The whole hook for the game, though, is that there will be scavenge missions, rescue missions, or recruitment missions all updated and turned into events based around each weekly episode of Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. So there’s incentive to both watch the show and play the game at the same time.

So when can you play The Walking Dead: Our World? Well, the game is actually available right now. Developer Next Game released it in partnership with AMC for Android-powered devices on the Google Play storefront and on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. However, the special tie-in between Season 9 and the game won’t begin until Season 9 premieres. So you’ll likely want to get the game now and start leveling up your characters and recruiting some heroes for your efforts before the new season gets underway.

Twin Peaks Is Getting A VR Experience

Virtual reality hasn’t really picked up in the casual space. Not only that, but it seems to have been dwindling in the hardcore space, according to some sales data. Even still, just because VR has ran into another hiccup with trying to appeal to the mainstream audience over the course of the last 30 years, it doesn’t mean that developers aren’t going to try to win people over with some experimental new projects tapping into unlikely brands. One of the brands being tapped to indulge our senses beyond the television screen and the computer monitors is Showtime’s Twin Peaks. Collider Games has teamed up with the cable outlet to work on a Twin Peaks VR experience that will change the way you’ve viewed David Lynch’s strangely fascinating tale.

Over on Collider, the site announced that it had teamed up with Showtime and the original creator of Twin Peaks, David Lynch, to create the brand new Twin Peaks VR experience. The game will be previewed for the very first time at the Festival of Disruption set to take place in Los Angeles, California between October 13 and October 14 at the theater in the Ace Hotel.

The upcoming game will be based around the latest cable television run of the show from the 2017 iteration of Twin Peaks: The Return, along with a few moments and locations that you’ll be able to experience from the original television series that aired on ABC back in 1990.

There’s no mention if Fire Walk With Me content will make it into the game, but they do mention that there will be “lines” and “sounds” directly from the show itself that will appear as gamers travel through Glastonbury Grove and other iconic locations from the series such as the Red Room.

The first-person adventure will put players in the role of FBI agent Dale Cooper. I’m not entirely sure about the plot, but it explains that the special agent attempts to make his way back into a life he left behind. I’m sure fans of the series will be more familiar with that description than outsiders.

There isn’t much in the way of gameplay details. We do know that Twin Peaks VR will be made available for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. I suspect that the game will likely be similar to other first-person VR adventure/mystery titles, where you can move around and pick up objects, and then examine them or survey the area for clues, similar to popular PlayStation VR titles like Robinson: The Journey or Batman Arkham VR.

I’m sure there will be additional footage that emerges from the event when it takes place next week during the weekend. Hopefully a trailer will also appear for the game so we can see what it looks like in action. Also, I’m a little shocked that the game won’t be available for the PlayStation VR right now, but perhaps if it captures a decent audience, we might see Sony attempt to get Twin Peaks VR on the PlayStation VR at some point.

Roseanne Spinoff The Conners Cast A New Love Interest For Darlene

Love is in the air on The Conners! Although the show has not even premiered yet as the follow-up to the ill-fated Roseanne, a new love interest has already been cast for Darlene, and sitcom fans may recognize him. Justin Long, who played a memorable love interest on New Girl, is on board to romance Darlene, and hilarity is bound to ensue.

Not too many details are currently available about Justin Long’s character, but his name will be Neil and he won’t be a one-off guest star. He’s on board in a recurring capacity, according to TVLine, so maybe the relationship will go well for Darlene! She could probably use a fun new dynamic in her life considering what happened to her mother, the new responsibilities that will probably fall on her shoulders following Roseanne’s death, and the complications that will come with the return of David.

Yes, Johnny Galecki will reprise his role as Darlene’s former flame and the father of her children in the upcoming first season of The Conners. He was back as David in the first and now only season of Roseanne, and that season was kind of a bummer all around for the Healy family. The revival revealed that Mark had passed away and David turned out to not be the greatest dad to his and Darlene’s kids. Any fans who were hoping for a rekindled romance for David and Darlene may want to resign themselves to the duo remaining separate, at least for now. Darlene isn’t the only one with a love interest.

David’s girlfriend Blue will appear on The Conners, to be played by Juliette Lewis of Secrets and Lies. As of now, Lewis and Johnny Galecki are only slated to appear in one episode, which also points toward no rekindled romance between David and Darlene, even if Darlene still had some lingering feelings for him after his Roseanne appearance. Maybe Neil will be exactly what Darlene needs! She may need the occasional break from her family.

Darlene isn’t the only Conners regular who is getting a new love interest. Love will be in the air for Jackie as well, which may be yet another sign that the show intends to explore new relationships for her character. Steve Zahn will play Jackie’s new guy, and she’ll come to regret asking Dan to “vet him” in the Halloween episode. Something tells me Darlene won’t be asking Dan to vet Neil!

We’ll have to wait and see. Although The Conners is keeping the same cast from Roseanne (aside from Roseanne Barr, of course), there are bound to be significant differences between the shows, and not just due to the recasting of a certain character. Find out what the Conners will look like without Roseanne when the show premieres in the fall lineup on Tuesday, October 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.