New DVD Releases March 2019: All The Latest Movies And TV Shows

Although the summer months are geared toward plenty of outdoor activities, kids are also home from school and have plenty of free time. Which means there’s plenty of time for kids to plant themselves in front of a screen. Sure, there’s always YouTube and Netflix, but for the latest releases, look no further than this June list of titles.

This summer, we’ll see some big hits like Captain Marvel and Us finally being available in homes (the former will also be housed on Disney+). But don’t take it from me, check out the full list of the titles coming to DVD, Digital and Blu-ray below.

Early Digital releases are mentioned in the early Digital column; same day Digital releases come out when the DVD and Blu-rays do. As for DVD release, if you’re looking for May titles head here. In addition,

New DVD Releases June 4, 2019

Available currently for pre-order, this week will feature some indie hits, as well as Tyler Perry finally saying goodbye to Madea, a character that helped him to become a household name.

New DVD Releases June 11, 2019

A big new Marvel release is usually something to celebrate, and this week will be no exception, as Marvel’s first titular female superheroine will be getting her own DVD release with Captain Marvel! In addition, there are quite a few fun TV releases out this week.

Early Digital Releases Week of June 11, 2019

High Life
The Aftermath
Hotel Mumbai

New DVD Releases June 18, 2019

Following a successful run at the box office, Jordan Peele’s latest horror flick Us is making its way onto DVD and Blu-ray this week. It’s one of several high profile releases coming out, although some fared better at the box office than others. Take a look.

Wonder Park
The Beach Bum
Hotel Mumbai
Will & Grace (The Revival) Season Two
Patrick Melrose
Killing Eve: Season Two
Suits: The Complete Season 8
Slaughterhouse Rulez
Lords of Chaos

New DVD Releases June 25, 2019

So far, there are fewer new releases this week than I’ve seen in some time. Of these, the highest profile release is probably The Aftermath, a period drama starring Kiera Knightley. When Knightley was doing press for the movie, she revealed why she’s not longer excited about doing nude scenes.

The Aftermath
The Hummingbird Project

Eagle-Eyed Fan Seemingly Spotted A Touching Avengers: Endgame Nod To The Dusted Characters

It was shocking to see half of all life in the universe turn to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but it was arguably equally as devastating seeing the reactions of those who survived having to watch their loved ones disappear. Avengers: Endgame showed the survivors coping with these losses five years later, and in Rocket Raccoon’s case, it appears he paid tribute to the fallen Guardians of the Galaxy, namely Peter Quill, with a wardrobe choice, as you’ll see below.

Over on Reddit, an eagle-eyed Marvel fan noticed that Rocket Raccoon is wearing the same crimson scarf that Peter Quill wore in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, or at least one that looks just like it. I’m leaning towards the former, because Quill wasn’t wearing that scarf during Avengers: Infinity War, so it wouldn’t have turned to dust with him.

Those familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, particularly the ones from before the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie’s release, will recognize that Bradley Cooper’s Rocket Raccoon finally wore the same costume as his comic counterpart did. The scarf isn’t part of that ensemble on the printed page, but it’s a subtle, yet nice way for him to honor the Guardians, i.e. his family.

Rocket Raccoon was one of the only two Guardians who survived Avengers: Infinity War, Nebula being the second. Those two were hardly close in the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, they held hands in grief over their fallen allies.

In the following five years, it looks like those two worked closely together on various missions, and when the opportunity to came to time travel through the Quantum Realm, retrieve the Infinity Stones and snap the dusted back into existence, naturally both were on board with the plan. Rocket accompanied Thor to 2013 Asgard and Nebula joined War Machine on Morag in 2014.

One time heist and massive battle against 2014 Thanos and his army later, and the Guardians of the Galaxy are whole again. Peter Quill, Drax the Destroyer, Groot and Mantis were among the many heroes who arrived during the portals sequence, and while the present day Gamora is still dead, her 2014 self followed in her earlier self’s footsteps and betrayed Thanos, which luckily meant she wasn’t turned to dust when Tony Stark sacrificed his life to destroy the Mad Titan and his forces using the Infinity Stones.

Even though it’s been five years since Rocket Raccoon last saw the Guardians of the Galaxy together again, he didn’t miss a beat getting back into his usual rhythm with them, offering knives to Peter Quill and Thor for a fight to decide who will lead the team. I also wonder if Quill is going to ask for his scarf back or let Rocket keep it.

Now that all the Guardians of the Galaxy members are back in action, that sets the stage for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is rumored to begin filming sometime next year. No plot details have been revealed yet, but along with Thor potentially coming along, it also looks like we’ll follow Peter Quill searching for the past version of Gamora, who doesn’t have that history with the Guardians that her older self did.

You can still see Avengers: Endgame in theaters now, and we here at CinemaBlend will let you know once Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has an official release date. For now, you can browse through our Marvel movies guide to learn what other movies this superhero franchise has coming up.

Avengers: Endgame Has Officially Beat One Of Avatar’s Box Office Records

Like Captain Marvel blazing through the sky and cutting through enemy ships, Avengers: Endgame came out fast and furious at the box office, felling many records. But Endgame’s run isn’t done yet and there are still records left to conquer, particularly those belonging to the almighty box office champ, Avatar. Now, after this past weekend, Avengers: Endgame has officially beat one of Avatar’s box office records.

Prior to this past weekend, it looked like the MCU’s massive culmination film would pass Avatar to become the second-biggest film at the domestic box office all-time. All the money has now been counted and we can finally say that officially, The Russo Brothers’ latest film has done just that. According to Box Office Mojo, Avengers: Endgame now stands at $774.5 million on the domestic charts, surpassing Avatar’s $760.5 million.

It’s a remarkable feat considering that Avatar’s domestic record held all the way until 2015 when it was beat out by the return of Star Wars in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens. No film since then has passed Avatar domestically, including box office titans like Black Panther, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Avengers: Infinity War. But records are made to be broken and Avengers: Endgame has done that in less than a month.

The $774.5 million and counting Avengers: Endgame has made cements it as the second-biggest domestic film ever, now trailing only The Force Awakens. It may have to settle for No. 2 though because the record held by Episode VII will require extraordinary legs to catch. Star Wars: The Force Awakens holds the top spot on the domestic charts with a historic $936.6 million, over $160 million more than where Endgame is currently at.

On the worldwide record front, things are more competitive and interesting. Avengers: Endgame may have passed Avatar’s domestic total and James Cameron’s other box office champ Titanic worldwide, but Avatar’s all-time, worldwide box office record remains intact.

Avatar is the No. 1, biggest movie ever at the box office, with $2.788 million worldwide. Right now, Avengers: Endgame sits at $2.620 million worldwide. Like the domestic record, Endgame will have to make over $160 million more around the world to catch Avatar and stand alone atop the worldwide box office chart.

Whether it can do that remains to be seen, but we may be in for a photo finish with box office aficionados watching Endgame’s every dollar come in like political pundits on election night. As of now, Avengers: Endgame has won a battle against Avatar, but the war is undecided and James Cameron still sits upon the throne.

Avengers: Endgame is now playing while Avatar 2 has been delayed (again) until 2021. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see all the movies you can look forward to the rest of this year.

Why Daisy Ridley Loves Rey’s Shot At The Start Of The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer

After over a year of anticipation and speculation, the first trailer for the conclusion to the Skywalker Saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, was revealed last month at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. As expected, the The Rise of Skywalker reveal has only increased anticipation and speculation from fans as the release date approaches at the end of the year.

There’s especially a lot of interest surrounding Rey, who is in possession of Luke Skywalker’s legendary lightsaber and showed off a badass flip to dodge Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer. The scene is a standout moment from The Rise of Skywalker teaser. Daisy Ridley recently gushed about her character’s presence in the record-breaking trailer, even nudging at its significance to the upcoming installment. In her words:

When Rey was introduced in The Force Awakens, she was discovering her powers and starting her journey that has since had her training the ways of the Jedi with Luke and going head-to-head with Kylo Ren. After finding her place with the resistance, Episode IX looks to show her with a more defined role in the story and with more control over her strengths. It’ll be exciting to see Rey finally shine to the best of her abilities now that she really knows what she’s capable of!

There are some other questions floating around concerning Rey as well though. The Last Jedi revealed that Rey is not a Skywalker, she’s the daughter of “no one,” i.e. her parents were insignificant. After the divisive response of Episode VIII, some think the film will retcon some of Rian Johnson’s choices, including Rey’s lineage. J.J. Abrams did recently tease that there is more to the story then what was revealed in The Last Jedi, so the film will likely explore her past more in depth.

A key reason for fans’ speculation that Rey is actually a Skywalker after all is the film’s title, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about the upcoming release, and may details will likely be under wraps until the movie hits theaters. Another loose end fans will be looking to be addressed is the fate of Rey and Kylo’s relationship. While some have dreamt up a budding romance, Daisy Ridley has voiced her disinterest in this because of the emotional abuse and violence Kylo has shown.

Per Daisy Ridley’s words to Vanity Fair, The Rise of Skywalker will show off a more confident and capable Rey. Daisy Ridley returns alongside John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson and Kelly Marie Tran when the Star Wars conclusion hits theaters on December 20.

Apparently Quentin Tarantino Got Snippy When Asked About Margot Robbie’s Limited Role As Sharon Tate

Quentin Tarantino’s eagerly anticipated and star-studded ninth film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday, alongside the release of a new trailer. On Wednesday morning, director Quentin Tarantino and stars Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie fielded questions about the film from reporters at the festival and that’s where things got a bit testy.

Quentin Tarantino got snippy about a question from a New York Times reporter about Margot Robbie’s role in the film, according to Variety. Specifically, the reporter mentioned Margot Robbie’s acting talents and reeled off the names of some of the acclaimed films she’s been in. They then mentioned that Robbie doesn’t get many lines as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and asked why that was, to which Quentin Tarantino responded:

The auteur seemed none to thrilled at the question and left his answer at that. He didn’t bother to actually address why Margot Robbie didn’t have more lines in the film, instead limiting his response to a terse rebuke of the question’s very premise.

Quentin Tarantino was clearly unhappy and took issue with either the notion that Margot Robbie was underused in his film and/or the possible subtext of the question as to why an actress of her caliber had such a limited role.

The exchange and Quentin Tarantino’s snippy response appeared to make for quite the awkward press conference moment. The question was also directed at Margot Robbie and she got to cut the tension with her own, more verbose answer, saying:

Margot Robbie seems to be quite pleased with her experience filming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and framed her limited dialogue in the film as something of an acting challenge. The actress got to just live in the character on her own and convey Sharon Tate’s innocence and how wonderful she was in non-verbal ways.

The Oscar-nominated actress views the scenes she is in in the film as honoring Sharon Tate and serving the story, and if she did feel displeased with or underutilized in the role, she didn’t say so. It was deftly handled by Margot Robbie, who was basically being asked ‘Hey, should this guy sitting next to you, who cast you in his movie, have given you more lines?’ Like a true pro, she gave a good answer to diffuse an awkward moment.

Even if this wasn’t going to be one of the points of discussion around Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it probably will now given Quentin Tarantino’s response. However, without having seen the film, it’s tough to evaluate the fairness and merit of the question or Margot Robbie’s role as Sharon Tate.

Those who have seen Once Upon a Time in Hollywood seemed to really enjoy it, with the early reactions out of Cannes highlighting the humor and the performance while also noting that it may be controversial.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens in theaters on July 26. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all of this summer’s biggest movies.

Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In June 2019

The world of streaming content continues to get more segmented and more populated as time goes on. Which only means the monthly drops that a service like Netflix engages in tend to be more and more exciting.

Part of the fun is not knowing what is going to be headed our way in the month to come until the streaming service drops the official list. Looking at June’s incoming line-up, there is some heavy-hitting material subscribers can look forward to seeing added to the platform in the coming month.

If you’re a little behind on what came into town through the month of May, you can check that lineup out in the right corner of our galaxy. For now, it’s time to take those two steps into the future, and see what’s headed to Netflix in June.

Week of June 1

Arthdal Chronicles – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/1/19
Oh, Ramona! – NETFLIX FILM – 6/1/19
50/50 – 6/1/19
A.I. Artificial Intelligence – 6/1/19
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day – 6/1/19
Batman Begins – 6/1/19
Cabaret – 6/1/19
Carrie – 6/1/19
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – 6/1/19
Dynasty: Season 2 – 6/1/19
Good Night, and Good Luck – 6/1/19
Gran Torino – 6/1/19
Life in the Doghouse – 6/1/19
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – 6/1/19
Magic Mike – 6/1/19
Network – 6/1/19
Platoon – 6/1/19
Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World Of Ben Ferencz – 6/1/19
Satan & Adam – 6/1/19
Small Soldiers – 6/1/19
The Dark Knight – 6/1/19
The Phantom of the Opera – 6/1/19
The Space Between Us – 6/1/19
What a Girl Wants – 6/1/19

Week of June 2

Documentary Now!: Season 3 – 6/3/19
Malibu Rescue: The Series – NETFLIX FAMILY – 6/3/19
Miranda Sings Live…Your Welcome – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/4/19
A Silent Voice – 6/5/19
Black Mirror: Season 5 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/5/19
Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch – 6/5/19
Alles ist gut – NETFLIX FILM – 6/6/19
Todos lo saben – 6/6/19
3%: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/7/19
Belmonte – 6/7/19
The Black Godfather – NETFLIX FILM – 6/7/19
The Chef Show – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/7/19
Designated Survivor: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/7/19
Elisa & Marcela – NETFLIX FILM – 6/7/19
I Am Mother – NETFLIX FILM – 6/7/19
Pachamama – NETFLIX FAMILY – 6/7/19
Rock My Heart – NETFLIX FILM – 6/7/19
Super Monsters Monster Pets – NETFLIX FAMILY – 6/7/19
Tales of the City – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/7/19
Berlin, I Love You – 6/8/19

Week of June 9

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet – 6/11/19
Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/12/19
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese – NETFLIX FILM – 6/12/19
The 3rd Eye 2 – NETFLIX FILM – 6/13/19
Jinn – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/13/19
Kakegurui xx – NETFLIX ANIME – 6/13/19
Aggretsuko: Season 2 – NETFLIX ANIME – 6/14/19
The Alcàsser Murders – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/14/19
Awake: The Million Dollar Game – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/14/19
Charité at War – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/14/19
Cinderella Pop – NETFLIX FILM – 6/14/19
Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Season 5 – 6/14/19
Leila – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/14/19
Life Overtakes Me – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/14/19
Marlon: Season 2 – 6/14/19
Murder Mystery – NETFLIX FILM – 6/14/19
Unité 42 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/14/19
Grey’s Anatomy: Season 15 – 6/15/19

Week of June 16

Cop Car – 6/16/19
The Missing: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/17/19
Adam Devine: Best Time of Our Lives – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/18/19
Big Kill – 6/18/19
Beats – NETFLIX FILM – 6/19/19
The Edge of Democracy – NETFLIX FILM – 6/19/19
Le Chant du Loup – NETFLIX FILM – 6/20/19
Ad Vitam – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
Bolívar – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
The Casketeers: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
The Confession Tapes: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
Dark: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
The End of Evangelion – 6/21/19
Girls Incarcerated: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
GO! Live Your Way: Season 2 – NETFLIX FAMILY – 6/21/19
Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil – NETFLIX FILM – 6/21/19
La misma sangre – NETFLIX FILM – 6/21/19
Mr. Iglesias – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/21/19
Neon Genesis Evangelion – 6/21/19
Shooter: Season 3 – 6/21/19

Week of June 23

Forest of Piano: Season 2 – NETFLIX ANIME – 6/24/19
Mike Epps: Only One Mike – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/25/19
The Golem – 6/26/19
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – 6/26/19
The Zookeeper – 6/26/19
Answer for Heaven – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/27/19
20th Century Women – 6/28/19
Dope: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/28/19
Exhibit A – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/28/19
Instant Hotel: Season 2 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/28/19
Motown Magic: Season 2 – NETFLIX FAMILY – 6/28/19
Paquita Salas: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/28/19
The Chosen One – NETFLIX ORIGINAL – 6/28/19
Scare Tactics: Seasons 4 & 5 – 6/29/19

Week of June 30

Madam Secretary: Season 5 – 6/30/19

June TBD

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 3 – NETFLIX ORIGINAL

In terms of the movies headed to Netflix in June, there are some new originals and old favorites that dovetail rather nicely. Case in point: Steven Spielberg’s underrated tribute to friend and mentor Stanley Kubrick, A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, is making an appearance on Netflix in the coming month.

This looks like it’d make for an interesting double feature with Netflix’s own original film about the future of humanity and robotics comingling, I Am Mother. Though judging by that first trailer for the platform’s sci-fi original starring Hilary Swank, it doesn’t look like the robots are as adorable and trustworthy as Haley Joel Osment or Jude Law ever were.

Another interesting original coming to Netflix is the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy Murder Mystery, which sees the two teaming up once again in the name of laughs. This time, Aniston and Sandler play a married couple who, after being invited to a random getaway with some of the world’s richest people, have to figure out who murdered their gracious host.

Of course, if you’re interested in hanging out with a not-so-old favorite, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is hopping into our dimension of the streaming world towards the end of June. Though if you haven’t seen the film already, that’s just one more reason to climb aboard and experience the Academy Award-winning wonder.

If you’re wondering if the rumors about Marvel’s Jessica Jones are true, you are correct: June will see the series finale of the Netflix original debuting at some point in the month of June. Though it’s not all darkness on the TV front, as the newly-minted original series Designated Survivor heads into Season 3 with President Tom Kirkman fighting to keep his job, and his integrity in the process.

Should politics be your thing, then you’ll love that CBS’s Madam Secretary will be debuting Season 5 on the Netflix platform later in June’s calendar. So if you really want to jump from President Kirkman to Secretary McCord in one fell swoop, you’ll have to wait. But if you’re looking for some Stranger Things vibes, and can’t wait until Season 3’s July 4th debut, you can always check out the German language original Dark, which is entering its second mystery laden season on air.

Keep in mind as you browse the Netflix catalog in the month of June that all titles are subject to change. So if something hasn’t debuted as listed, or if a title was removed entirely, you may want to check back here for further updates. With that in mind, happy streaming to you all, and we’ll see you back here when July’s mysterious lineup is unveiled in its due time.

New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Image Reveals How Massive The Land Is

Disney told us from the very beginning that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was going to be the single largest land expansion in the history of Disneyland when it was finally here. However, Disney Parks are already so massive that it’s difficult to get an idea of exactly what that means. Just how big is Galaxy’s Edge?

While the land doesn’t open to the general public (or more specifically, those with reservations) for a little over a week, Galaxy’s Edge has been giving sneak peeks to some including press members recently, and it recently held a cast member event in the space. From that event has come one of the few official photos of the new land that has been released, that includes 1400 people surrounding the Millennium Falcon. Check it out.

While there’s certainly a lot of people in this photo, the fact is that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is so much more than what you see in the picture, that it’s going to clearly be able to hold an insane number of people due to its size. The other major E-ticket attraction, Rise of the Resistance, though it won’t be open on May 31 with the rest of the land, isn’t even visible in this picture. That means there’s a lot of space left empty that thousands more people will be able to inhabit.

The picture, posted on Instagram by Disneyland President Josh D’Amaro, also shows just how big the Millennium Falcon actually is. For many, simply standing in the presence of a full sized replica of the iconic ship will be the ultimate Star Wars experience.

One can certainly imagine an aerial photo of Galaxy’s Edge looking this packed most of the time if Disneyland actually lets enough people into the new land. Of course, it’s not clear at this point exactly how many people will actually be getting to Galaxy’s Edge when it opens.

Getting access to Galaxy’s Edge for the first three weeks will require a reservation. All of the reservations made available to the general public in that time are already gone. The only way to be able to visit the planet of Batuu now is to book a reservation at a Disneyland Resort hotel, for which rooms are still available even now.

After the first three weeks, access to Galaxy’s Edge will be handled through a digital queue system where guests will be notified on their smartphone when they can visit the land. One assumes this process will last until the crowds die down to a level where people will be able to enter and exit at their leisure, although, considering how popular the new land is going to be, it could be quite some time before that happens.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland May 31 and an identical land will open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World August 29. A second phase including the second E-ticket attraction, Rise of the Resistance will open at an as yet undisclosed time in both parks later this year.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Original Aladdin Movie

Aladdin courts Jasmine with a magic carpet

Before it was announced, it seemed inevitable that Walt Disney Pictures would add its Aladdin movie to its dossier of live-action updates. On May 24th, audiences will bear witness to Guy Ritchie’s new vision of the magical rags-to-riches story featuring a big, blue Will Smith assuming the iconic role of Genie.

The beloved, 1992 original animated hit is regarded by many fans as untouchable, especially due to its Academy Award-winning music by Alan Menken and Robin Williams’ incomparable performance as the voice of Genie.

While fans are entitled to their opinions regarding a remake to such a lightning-in-a-bottle movie, the classic still clearly holds up. But how well do you really know  know the original Aladdin movie?

Let’s revisit the kingdom of Agrabah and take a deeper look behind the bright-colored veil to uncover a few facts about Aladdin that you may not have known before.

Robin Williams' Genie is simply iconic

Robin Williams Recorded Enough Material As Genie For More Movies

The Genie in Aladdin is considered by many as the greatest of Disney’s classic animated characters. Much of the credit goes to future Academy Award-winner Robin Williams, whom the filmmakers allowed to go hog wild with the role, given that they had already written the character with him in mind.

Williams went much deeper into the role than the rest of the Aladdin cast, and so much that his time spent in the recording studio ended up resulting in almost 16 hours of potentially usable material, although a clause in his will says Disney can’t use it until 25 years after his death. Aladdin is a mere 90 minutes. Imagine trying to cut down a gold mine to just one brick!

Additionally, Robin Williams’ improvisational performance style when voicing Genie actually proved somewhat problematic to the film’s Oscar potential. So much of his dialogue was ad-libbed that it cost Aladdin an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Thankfully, Alan Menken’s original score and song “A Whole New World” saved the Aladdin movie from leaving awards season empty-handed.

How did the Peddler find that magic lamp?

The Real Deal With The Street Peddler Who Introduces Aladdin

Aladdin begins with the now-controversial song “Arabian Nights” (more on that later) sung by a character known as The Peddler. The Peddler struggles to sell his merchandise to the audience, until he presents a lamp that he claims is nothing ordinary.

He uses the lamp as a segue into the main story of the Aladdin movie. Then, for the rest of the film, he is never seen or mentioned again. So, what was his point to the story anyway, other than providing an introduction?

Considering the Peddler was voiced by Robin Williams, fans have speculated  the character is actually a post-freedom Genie in disguise. In a 2015 interview to promote the Aladdin Blu-ray release, co-director Ron Clements revealed the truth behind the fan theory stating:

That’s true! That was the whole intention, originally. We even had that at the end of the movie, where he would reveal himself to be the Genie, and of course Robin did the voice of The Peddler. Just through story changes and some editing, we lost the reveal at the end. So, that’s an urban legend that actually is true.

Huzzah! A Disney animated movie fan theory finally confirmed! Now, I’ll just wait patiently for someone to admit that Aladdin really does tell Jasmine’s tiger to take its clothes off.

Can you imagine Jafar say "Beam me up"?

Jafar Almost Sounded Like A Certain Star Trek Character

Aladdin’s ruthless, power-hungry villain (and one of the best Disney movie villains ever) Jafar was voiced by Jonathan Freeman.

Jonathan Freeman is one of the few members of the Aladdin cast to reprise his original role in multiple spin-off projects, including a Broadway rendition of the film. His unforgettable portrayal has remained one of the most endurable aspects of the film. But can you imagine Jafar in the voice of, say, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard?

One of Disney’s first choices for the voice of Jafar was world-renowned actor Patrick Stewart. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with his role on Star Trek, he was forced to turn the role down. Following the Aladdin movie’s $504 million international success story, Stewart has gone onto state in interviews that turning down Jafar is one of the greatest regrets of his career.

I imagine he would have been dynamite for that Broadway show, too.

Princess Jasmine Was Almost Completely Different

Jasmine, the royal romantic interest of Aladdin’s title character played by Linda Larkin, is arguably one of the better female role models among Disney’s animated character creations. However, her character’s original concept is nothing like what Aladdin movie fans remember, for better or for worse.

For one, Jasmine was initially meant to have a more active role in the story.

Instead of breaking down and crying over her forced engagement to Jafar, she was supposed to angrily confront her father: a sequence that got nixed to save time on animation designs. Instead of needing Aladdin to rescue her from Jafar’s giant hourglass, she was originally going to free herself using a jewel in her headpiece.

I would call these missed opportunities, but they are ultimately forgiven by Disney’s decision to not go with Jasmine’s original personality design.

Instead of the bored, kindhearted princess longing for a more normal life, Jasmine was going to be a total brat who only wanted to marry the richest prince available. A song was written, intended to be her defining theme, called “Call Me a Princess.” Only when she falls in love with Aladdin would she learn humility and change into a sweeter version of herself.

Disney, believing audiences would not like that interpretation of her, decided to change Jasmine into the humble character she is admired as today. Good thing the creative team was able to make the change before Aladdin’s theatrical movie release, unlike a different mistake.

The kingdom of Agrabah, barbaric?

One Aladdin Song Sparked Controversy

The opening song of Aladdin is “Arabian Nights,” sang by Bruce Adler, who served as The Peddler’s singing voice. The song is meant to set the tone of the story and inform the audience of its setting.

Among Alan Menken’s many memorable, award-winning songs in Aladdin, “Arabian Nights” is not one that has gotten much love. Those who saw the film in its initial theatrical run may understand why.

There is a lyric right before the line, “It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home,” that says, “Where it’s flat and immense and the heat is intense.” Those are not the original words, however. The original lyric said, “Where they cut off your ear if they don’t like your face.”

This sparked major controversy from Arab-American groups who claimed the mention of cutting off ears was racist. Disney and Alan Menken agreed to change the lines for Aladdin’s home video release.

What do you think of our Aladdin facts? Do they make “a whole new world” of difference? Catch the live action version of the movie when it hits theaters this weekend, and be sure to check out more of what’s coming this summer with our full schedule.

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The John Wick Match-Up We Need To See In Chapter 4

John Wick in Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Warning! The following contains SPOILERS for John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum**. Read at your own risk!**

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum featured John Wick going up against some of The High Table’s finest assassins, although none were good enough to take down the film’s hero and eliminate him when he was excommunicado. That may be because one of the key assassins who might have been most capable wasn’t one seeking to kill the famed assassin, but was on his side for a majority of the movie.

Now that they’re seemingly on opposite sides and John Wick: Chapter 4 is officially a go for 2021, it may finally be time for John to take on a character who may actually stand a chance at bringing him to his knees. Even if he was unsuccessful, it would be a good fight, which is why John Wick vs. Charon, The Continental’s hotel concierge, is the match-up we need to see for a number of reasons.

Charon John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum

Why Charon Is The Underrated Assassin Of John Wick

For the first two movies of the franchise, Charon has been both seen and heard, but we don’t know a whole lot about him. What we do know is he’s the bodyguard of New York’s Continental manager, Winston, and the overall gatekeeper of sorts to The Continental. He’s calm and collected regardless of the situation, and he doesn’t seem to fear much of anything.

It wasn’t until John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum that we really saw Charon in action, as he helped John defend The Continental from the High Table forces that invaded the hotel. He did so as competently as John, and while he didn’t have the same fatigue as his colleague, seemed to be of equal standing in terms of marksmanship.

If Charon is a capable assassin, why is he not out taking missions on behalf of the High Table? It depends on how one looks at it, but one would think being the gatekeeper to New York City’s Continental is a huge honor perhaps bestowed to him for exceptional service, or maybe because he’s more than capable of keeping a building of assassins in check. Whether that’s true I can only speculate, but I’d wager Charon is a talented assassin.

The Adjudicator Charon John Wick

Would Charon Fight John Wick?

Charon looked as though he could at least put up a decent fight againt John Wick if it came down to it, but would he really go toe-to-toe with him? After all, Charon has been shown to have a deep respect for John, and has gone above and beyond for him in the past without being asked. There’s certainly some admiration on his end, and John seems to have that same respect for Charon.

As audiences learned in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, however, admiration does not always keep assassins from pursuing each other. In fact, Zero (the Adjudicator’s skilled assassin) seemed to be a huge fanboy of John Wick, which made him all the more eager to fight and attempt to kill him. Clearly assassins’ minds work a bit differently than others.

Plus, for all the admiration that Charon has for John, he’s Winston’s employee. Protecting his boss appears to be his priority above all else, and if John is coming for Winston, then it looks like Charon is going to be standing in the way. Even if he’s sure it will end in his death, Charon doesn’t seem like the type to break his loyalty to his employer.

Charon John Wick

Could Charon Defeat John Wick In A Fight?

This is a tough question to answer, as it’s hard to ever discount John Wick in a fight after these past three movies. He is the title character after all, and has escaped certain death plenty of times. Does Charon really stand a chance against one of the most notable assassins in the High Table’s history?

Charon has one big advantage after the events of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. To start, he’s aligned with Winston, who got back into the High Table’s good graces at the end of the movie. With John still possibly being hunted, it’s safe to say that if he is coming for Winston, and he’ll run into quite a few High Table cronies on the road. That means he could be somewhat fatigued by the time the two meet, which gives Charon an advantage.

Additionally, one would reckon that neither Winston or Charon have any reason to leave The Continental now that Winston’s name has been cleared. John is likely familiar with the facility, but it’s doubtful he knows the grounds as well as Charon. Knowledge of a location is a huge tactical advantage in most battle situations, so John could be in a very precarious position if he’s forced to take on Charon inside the hotel.

John Wick Charon

Will Charon And John Wick Fight In Chapter 4?

The ending of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum is somewhat strange, as Winston’s betrayal seemed to come out of nowhere. Was it really an on the spot decision for Winston to turn the tables on John, or was it an elaborate scheme the two concocted that will further an agenda to usurp the High Table?

If there was some plan like that in play, it doesn’t seem as though John was in on it. He arrived before the Bowery King broken and, in his words, pissed off. Getting shot off of a building is liable to piss anyone off, but is John mad about that, or that Winston tried to kill him when John defied the High Table’s order to kill The Continental manager? He can be mad at both things, right?

It’s possible Winston thought on his toes and ensured John was initially believed to be dead knowing he wasn’t in an effort to protect him. Unfortunately, he probably won’t have a way of convincing John of that anytime soon, which means Charon may be forced to defend Winston even though he understands the move was made to protect John. Oof, wouldn’t that be a tragic end to one of the franchise’s more interesting characters?

We’ll get to see if Charon and John go toe to toe In John Wick: Chapter 4 when the film is in theaters Friday, May 21, 2021. Stick with CinemaBlend until then for more updates on its development, as well as the latest news in movies, television and pop culture.

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Disney’s Alan Menken Thinks One Animated Blockbuster Is Too Controversial For Live-Action

Disney has found a goldmine in the form of remaking the studio’s animated classics. Movies like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast have been massive box office smashes. It looks like Disney may have another hit on their hands with Aladdin opening this week, and other remakes, like The Lion King and Mulan are waiting in the wings.

With several other remake projects rumored, we know Disney is going to be continuing this franchise for quite some time, however, Alan Menken, the Academy Award winning songwriter of many of Disney’s Renaissance classics, thinks there’s one animated Disney movie that likely won’t get the remake treatment, 1995’s Pocahontas. According to Menken…

It’s not hard to believe that Alan Menken is correct in his comments to Express. The fact of the matter is, Pocahontas was criticized for its depiction of Native Americans when it was released in 1995, so doing a note-for-note adaptation of the film now would certainly cause similar complaints, only more so.

At the very least, an adaptation would need to go through some major modifications. Considering how close movies like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin have stayed to the source material, a version of Pocahontas that was significantly different doesn’t seem like the sort of movie Disney would want to make, but if they also can’t make the original version again, the movie gets stuck in limbo and probably never gets made.

It’s not the first time that the test of time has not be kind to a Disney movie. Dumbo had a collection of crow characters back in the 1940s that included a character that was actually named Jim Crow. Needless to say, the recent live-action remake of that movie did not include that scene.

Song of the South is a movie that Disney would probably rather we all forgot existed. The depiction of African-Americans during Reconstruction was also criticized in its day, but that criticism has only grown over the years and the film has never been released on home viewing in North America. Disney has confirmed the film will not even be released on the Disney+ streaming service.

Pocahontas isn’t Song of the South bad, Disney hasn’t disowned the film, but it’s still another example of a movie that simply hasn’t aged well. The fact that Moana another Disney animated film focused on a cultural minority group, has a largely similar story, but is viewed much more positively, makes it feel like the film was an attempt to make up for the missteps of Pocahontas.

Disney’s live-action remake slate currently includes The Lion King, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Mulan, and Cruella on the big screen as well as Lady and the Tramp coming to Disney+. We also know that The Little Mermaid is a project currently in development. Other projects that have been rumored include Pinocchio, Snow White, and Sword in the Stone.

Pocahontas hasn’t even been rumored as a potential remake, which would seem to confirm Alan Menken’s feelings. Al;though, after all the other remakes have been made, Pocahontas might start to look like a more attractive option.