Jason Momoa Has Backtracked On Having Trouble Using The Bathroom In Aquaman Suit

Crisis averted, everyone. Jason Momoa can go “poopsies” just fine in his Aquaman suit. Momoa and Amber Heard recently explained some issues they have using their otherwise amazing costumes. Momoa made a comment about how it’s not easy to go to the bathroom in the suit. Superhero stars have said things like that before, but apparently Momoa was not happy to have the comment be taken so seriously. When he was asked again about the difficulty in using the restroom in the suit, he took a lighthearted shot at the original outlet:

Ah, but he still didn’t quite explain the process of how. These are the practical details that fans always ask about when it comes to superhero costumes.

Here’s what Jason Momoa had originally said about his costume:

Jason Momoa also explained that he calls it “poopsies” because when you’re raising kids you always call it something cutesie like that.

So he did say it, and he brought it up on on his own in a video interview. But when HuffPost asked him about his difficulties going to the bathroom, he called it “the dumbest thing,” adding…

Phew! PoopsieGate is over. Superheroes always do have interesting stories about their suits. On TV, The CW just did its “Elseworlds” crossover, and Stephen Amell said The Flash suit is even more uncomfortable than his usual Green Arrow suit. But Ezra Miller had a lot of praise for the mobility of his The Flash suit for Justice League, applauding the work that went into it.

Over on the Marvel/Sony front, both Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland recently talked about their new suits in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Apparently Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio suit accidentally flashed some disco lights on set, and Holland called his “stealth suit” the “comfy suit.”

Fans can be very particular about the details on a suit, and critical if they don’t match the suits from the comic book. Each film/TV set’s costume department has the tough job of balancing aesthetics and functionality. You do have to make sure the human actor can function in a suit, but also recognize that, on screen, this person is meant to look superheroic.

Aquaman opens in theaters December 21. The reviews from the critics are in, and you can add your own in about a week. The movie is about two hours and 20 minutes long, so if you have to go pee or even poopsies, prepare accordingly.

Fred Savage Wasn’t Thrilled That Deadpool Kidnapped Him

On its surface, experiencing a friendly kidnapping orchestrated by Deadpool doesn’t sound like the worst thing in the world. After all, the guy is clever and witty, and seems like a pretty fun fella to hang out with for a spell. In fact, I imagine that there are many Deadpool fans out there who would actually cheer if he were to burst through the door. Fred Savage, however, is not one of those people – as I learned earlier this month sitting down with the actor/director for a special interview:

Fred Savage is featured alongside the mutant assassin in the new special theatrical cut of Deadpool 2 – titled Once Upon A Deadpool – but it seems that the experience making the unique cut of the superhero feature wasn’t super pleasurable for the former Wonder Years star. Believe it or not, he was not at all on board with the idea of the Merc With The Mouth taking him hostage, bringing him to a re-creation of the bedroom set from The Princess Bride, and hearing a version of this summer’s blockbuster made to be more appropriate for younger audiences.

At the very least, Deadpool’s friend, Ryan Reynolds, did give Fred Savage a bit of a heads up regarding the idea of creating a Deadpool/Princess Bride mash-up. That being said, one can assume that Wade Wilson wasn’t too happy to hear that his would-be co-star called the project a “terrible idea” – adding that not only would nobody want to watch that, but nobody would want to be a part of it. Cut to one week later, and he found himself taped to a bed without pants on and hearing a story from a masked anti-hero.

Sadly, Fred Savage couldn’t even enjoy the idea of being back on a set that is surely one of the highlights of his career. Rather than being hit with a nice wave of nostalgia, he couldn’t ever enjoy it because the entire thing felt so creepy. Savage explained,

Obviously he ultimately had the opportunity to walk away from the ordeal (it seems that Deadpool couldn’t determine any reasonable reason to kill him), but at the same time Fred Savage does seem like he’d be interested in getting a little bit of revenge. He doesn’t have any animosity towards any of Deadpool’s friends, going as far as to say that he actually loves the X-Force, but if he were to be given the chance to punch his captor in the face it sounds like he would jump on it immediately.

Also definitely not helping things is that the actor/director never received any kind of expression of remorse or apology. It’s true that he’s not incredibly excited to ever see the red-and-black clad anti-hero ever again, but at the very least one can imagine that an “I’m sorry” probably would have gone a long way. Said Savage,

Clearly Fred Savage will not be attending any upcoming screenings of Once Upon A Deadpool – but of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t! If you have no issue watching a movie that required an actual kidnapping to make, you’ll get your chance this week, as the new cut of Deadpool 2 will be hitting theaters on December 12th and remaining on the big screen until December 24th. It’s for a good cause, as all proceeds will be going to Fudge Cancer – and if you would like to make a separate donation you can visit their website.

12 Easy Ways Movie Theaters Can Improve In 2019

Movie theaters are in near-constant states of innovation these days, with theater chains all around the nation trying various ways to get audiences back into theaters more often. While cinemas with bars and recliner seats are nice, there are some other easy ways I think that theaters could innovate in 2019 and make the overall movie experience better for a whole lot of people.

Heated Seats

Movie theaters tend to run cold to accommodate large crowds, or possibly save money. Whatever the case, theaters can get chilly, and with luxury seating becoming commonplace in theaters, heated seats are a simple luxury that could easily fix a chilly theater. As is the case with most heated seats, they could be optional to have on or off, so everyone could somewhat control their level of comfort without affecting others. Voila, no more freezing in theaters.

Theater Sushi

For all the food and drink that movie theaters are serving, it’s surprising sushi hasn’t been offered by more cinemas. Rolls can be pre-packaged and chilled in advance, and theatergoers could get their rolls served in nacho bowls with soy sauce in the cheese bowl. Sushi is delicious, filling and doesn’t make a lot of noise, so it’s an ideal theater snack. Patrons already pay sushi prices for subpar snacks, so why not actually pay for quality food?

Pre-Screening Mobile Games

In a world where pre-roll theater programming is now the norm, it’s time for theaters to offer some additional pre-film entertainment. Mobile games that allow patrons to compete against each other in movie trivia or other kinds of competitions would be great and make the barrage of ads folks are hit with before the film bearable. Plus, it would drain the phone batteries of those in the theater, which may encourage them to stay off them during the film.

In-Theater Discounts For Future Screenings Of Upcoming Films

Less people are going to the movies, so theaters should focus on ways to bring those who attend back there as soon as possible. One way of doing that may be by offering discounts of yet to be released films while attendees are in the theater. This will encourage moviegoers to purchase more tickets and come back for films they may not have seen had they not gotten a deal on it.

Required Reserved Seating For Parties Of 6 Or More

It’s time we address an elephant in the room of the theater experience and call out the people who stroll in five minutes prior to a movie’s start and are flabbergasted that they can’t find seating for themselves next to the eight others they came with. Theaters could simplify this issue by asking groups buy in advance and have sections specifically reserved for large parties who wish to sit together. Everyone wins.

Order Ahead On Concession Snacks

Movie concession lines are the worst and by far one of the ways many theater chains still need to innovate. The ability to order via an app or tablet would be wonderful and allow patrons to order and go onto bathroom trips, grab seats, and other activities that waiting in line to order snacks prevent. A text could inform folks when their order is ready, and they just pick it up with no fuss.

Cut Down On Concession Offerings

Another reason ordering snacks takes so long is because people have way too many options for theater snacks. The list of menu options at theaters has grown astronomically long, and 2019 needs to be the year that theater chains go through and slice their menu offerings in half to streamline the process and help people make up their minds sooner. That said, I’m still completely fine with sushi being an option, so don’t get this twisted.

More Event Screenings

Theaters have gotten better at offering more anniversary screenings of films, special events and concerts, but things could improve. Finding a participating theater for some of these events can be hard to do in even big cities, and those in smaller towns likely won’t drive hours to another city’s cinema to attend these events that are sometimes more expensive than a movie. More accessibility to special events may draw more people, and increase their odds of returning.

Better Rewards For Good Theater Etiquette

Some theater chains offer incentives on their apps that allow viewers to gain rewards for good theater etiquette such as leaving their phone on silent. The rewards for doing so are ok, but a chance at bigger stuff may encourage more people to participate. After all, trying to train attendees to have better manners will probably make the experience better overall, which will again encourage folks to return to the theater more frequently.

Hosting Events That Tie-In With Movies

Many theaters I’ve been in recently have a space for birthday parties, but rarely have I seen or even heard of a birthday party happening within one. Instead, cinemas could utilize that space for local fan groups to schedule group screenings, and then have a space to hang and discuss the film after. With theaters now offering alcohol, this seems like an obvious way to tie the two in.

Trash Baskets On Chairs

It’s time to stop relying on the average cinema attendee to dump their trash in the bin after the film ends. Disposable trash bags attached to the cupholder would be a quick way for people to get rid of trash without making a mess, and ensure the next round of folks don’t walk into a sticky mess a worker didn’t catch. Once the screening is done, a worker simply pulls the bag and replaces it.

Post-Credits Scene Warnings

CinemaBlend will always let readers know when to stick around for a post-credits scene, but in those rare moments where a loyal reader may forget to check ahead of time, a short message that confirms audiences should stick around for another scene would stop the general confusion that ensues when the credits start. That way everyone can chill in their seat or leave as opposed to clogging up hallways and standing to see if one appears.

Those with other simple suggestions to improve the cinema experience in 2019 or beyond can share their thoughts in the comments below. For more on one particular theater innovation that’s had a rough run as of late, check out what Moviepass will offer its subscribers in 2019.

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Scott Derrickson Officially Returning To Direct Doctor Strange 2

Although Doctor Strange returned earlier this year in Avengers: Infinity War and is expected to be back for Avengers: Endgame, it’s been two years since his first movie, a.k.a. his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Since every debut Marvel movie aside from The Incredible Hulk has gotten a sequel or two, it’s generally been assumed that the Master of the Mystic Arts would follow suit, and now it’s been confirmed that director Scott Derrickson will be back for Doctor Strange 2.

This update comes from THR, which reports that Scott Derrickson has finalized a deal to direct on Doctor Strange 2. Interestingly, although Derickson wrote the Doctor Strange script with C. Robert Cargill, apparently Marvel Studios is searching for a new writer to tackle this sequel. The plan right now is for the script to be worked on in 2019, which will lead into a spring 2020 production launch. If all goes according to plan, Doctor Strange 2 will be released in May 2021.

Are People Mad About Kevin Hart Quitting The Oscars?

Oscar season may be well underway, but the search for a host for the Oscars this year is now still on the Academy’s to do list after Kevin Hart recently stepped down. Interestingly enough, a new survey indicates that people are rather indifferent overall about the Hollywood debacle.

The comedian was named host on Dec. 4, but he later decided to pass as the host of the upcoming 91st Academy Awards after some tweets from his past resurfaced, which included homophobic slurs. He claimed that the Academy gave him an ultimatum to apologize or be fired from the honor. Since he felt he’d already addressed his past missteps and didn’t want the situation to distract from the show, Kevin Hart quit as host.

Per a survey conducted by Morning Consult/The Hollywood Reporter, the public isn’t swayed strongly to one side or the other on if Kevin Hart ultimately made the right decision to hand away becoming host at the Oscars this year. 44% said he made the right decision, 26% said it was the wrong one and 30% don’t know or don’t care about the issue.

These results skew slightly in Kevin Hart’s favor, but more so show ambivalence toward the Oscars controversy that blew up the internet last week. When asked if the Academy was in line to pressure the comedian to apologize, 36% said yes and 34% said no, creating almost an even divide among those surveyed.

It should be noted that only 15% of the public said they have heard a lot about the Kevin Hart/Oscars news, so many didn’t have too much to weigh in on. When asked if their decision has changed about Kevin Hart following the homophobic tweets, 41% said no and 29% said yes. Conversely, 26% are soured by the Academy for the pressure they put on Hart.

The reason the public isn’t going straight to antagonizing Kevin Hart for the inappropriate tweets of his past is multifaceted. To start, they are from his past, and the actor/comedian made this clear that it doesn’t reflect his opinions now. Hart maintains he’s evolved since, and is in a different place in life.

The question of whether old social media posts are reflective of their authors was also collected by the recent survey, to which 56% agreed and 44% said it does change their opinion regardless of time. It’s certainly a relevant trend to talk about as old tweets from James Gunn cost the job of the Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director. In Kevin Hart’s case, it looks like he was given leeway to still host if he apologized, but he decided to not let the “internet trolls” win this one.

The Academy is now tasked with coming up with another host for this year’s award show on February 24. The past few years have showed that the Academy Awards are losing their relevance as last year 19% fewer viewers tuned in and the Academy proposed a new controversial category for “Popular Films” over the summer, only to be shot down by the film community and thus postponed. This makes the host quite an important decision for the Academy to make if they want to improve their numbers this time around.

What’s Going On With Avatar’s Villain, According To Stephen Lang

We still don’t know much about the plot of the upcoming Avatar sequels, but one puzzling thing we do know is that among the cast are a few actors whose characters were presumed dead at the end of the first film. Among those actors is Stephen Lang, who played the merciless Colonel Miles Quaritch. Stephen Lang recently shed a little light on what is going on with his villain in the Avatar sequels, saying:

The Quaritch we saw in 2009 was very much a standard villain. He was inflexible in his views, and the only thing that really changed over the course of the movie was the amount of force he chose to exert to achieve his desired outcome. Based on Stephen Lang’s comments to Slashfilm, it sounds like the villain will have a much different story in the Avatar sequels and one that actually digs into his psyche as a character.

In the first Avatar, Quaritch knew his job, his goals and the role he was meant to play on Pandora. As Stephen Lang says, his place has now gotten more complicated. And I have to imagine that that has something to do with the fact that he is no longer dead, even though he almost certainly was after taking a couple Na’vi arrows dipped in neurotoxin to the chest at the end of the first film.

We’ve been wondering since it was announced that Stephen Lang was returning how exactly Quaritch will come back from that. James Cameron hasn’t revealed how he will come back, but has reminded everyone that this is a science fiction story. Couple that with Stephen Lang’s comments here, and it sounds to me like Quaritch might be brought back by Pandora itself.

Stephen Lang says that Pandora will affect him deeply, and what happens gets under his skin. So I’m thinking that somehow, the biology on Pandora, which borders on magic, will revive Quaritch. But he will not be the man he once was, at least, not entirely. The only problem with this is that the first film showed Pandora and Eywa as sentient, so why would it bring back someone hell-bent on hurting it?

Quaritch has been described as the Darth Vader of the sequels, and James Cameron has said that the character will “evolve” over the course of the saga. Whatever brings Quaritch back may slowly take over him, and see him evolve into something that is more Pandora than man, much as Anakin became more machine than man.

This would definitely create an interesting internal struggle for the character, and that sounds like Stephen Lang is describing. In such a scenario, Quaritch would be brought back and be benefitting from the very thing he is trying to destroy. If whatever brings him back also confers upon him new powerful abilities, that could explain how he’ll prove a foe for Jake Sully and his family over the course of 3-5 films.

Moviegoers still have a ways to go to find out. Principal photography is finished but as Stephen Lang says, the films are by no means completed. There is still a ton of work to be done on these blockbusters before they awaken from cryosleep in 2020 to dominate the box office.

Emily Blunt Was Ready To Make Disney Movies After A String Of Heavy Dramas

Being an actor is a tricky profession. You live in someone else’s skin for a series of months, before leaving the role behind and moving on to a next project. And when you’re a dramatic actor, this process can be doubly exhausting. That was likely the case with Golden Globe nominee Emily Blunt, who did a slew of dramatic films over the past few years.

Emily Blunt gets to take a decidedly lighter journey in Rob Marshall’s Mary Poppins Returns, a direct sequel to the 1964 original movie. I recently had the chance to speak with Blunt about her practically perfect role, as well as her next project, Disney’s Jungle Cruise. When I asked if these comedies were a nice departure after being in so many dramas, she said:

Well, can you blame her? Emily Blunt’s career has spanned both comedies and dramas, with Mary Poppins Returns marking her second movie musical. And while she likes to paint with all different colors, it seems that her duo of Disney films may have been influenced by the ultra serious dramas she recently worked on.

After a star-making moment in The Devil Wears Prada, Emily Blunt has done a variety of different movies. But over the past few years, the work has required Blunt to go to very dark places. The Girl on The Train earned the actress a ton of critical acclaim, as she played protagonist Rachel. Based off the novel of the same name, her portrayal of alcoholism was heart-wrenching and visceral.

Meanwhile, A Quiet Place took her to another extreme, as her character Evelyn attempted to survive the apocalypse. Particularly, the scene where she is forced to give birth in complete silence, as one of the aliens tried to find her though their sense of sound. Suffering has been a regular part of her past two characters, so it must be fun to play someone so practically perfect as Mary Poppins.

You can check out my conversation with Emily Blunt below.

Mary Poppins Returns will definitely help bring Emily Blunt to the light, as she gets to sing new songs, fly on a kite, and even appear in an animated musical sequence. Of course, there will also be plenty of heartbreaking moments, as the upcoming sequel will focus on loss and death, with Michael Banks and his children mourning their wife/mother.

Mary Poppins Returns will arrive in theaters on December 19th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

How Vox Lux’s Big Ending Reveal Affected Natalie Portman’s Performance

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Vox Lux. If you have not yet seen the film, please bookmark this page and return after your screening!

Brady Corbet’s Vox Lux has a legit bombshell ending, dropping a reveal that forces you to rethink everything you just watched. Specifically, we learn that Celeste’s success and career as a singer was a result of not amazing talent and/or fortuitous timing, but instead a literal deal with the devil she made during her near-death experience. Knowing this forces you to reexamine everything that you think you know about Celeste, but what makes it even more interesting is that it was a key detail that Natalie Portman kept in the back of her mind throughout her entire performance:

The ending of Vox Lux was one that kept my brain spinning for a while after I walked out of the film, and my curiosity continued until the next day when I had the pleasure of sitting down with Natalie Portman and co-star Raffey Cassidy to talk about their work on the movie. After a discussion about their very different approaches they each took towards playing the same character, I brought up the end reveal and inquired about its impact on their performances.

It turns out that it was something Portman was very much thinking about, and it resulted in her accessing some parts of the character she may not have otherwise.

The big reveal arrives just minutes before the end of Vox Lux, with Willem Dafoe’s voice over narration starting up in the midst of Celeste’s Vox Lux concert. It’s said that when Celeste was shot in the neck at the start of the movie that she not only died, but made a deal with the devil in exchange for her life, allowing her to not only live, but also become one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Furthermore, it’s strongly implied that Jude Law’s character — the unnamed Manager — is either the devil making Celeste’s dreams come true, or at least an agent of evil.

Not only does this have an effect on the way you view the life trajectory of Celeste, but also multiple other details throughout the movie. For starters, it explains Celeste’s half-confession – “I think I’ve done something terrible” — while in the hospital in the first act, but it also further explains why she was so entirely horrified to find her sister (Stacy Martin) and manager sleeping together (on beyond the normal reasons).

You can watch Natalie Portman discuss Vox Lux and the impact of Celeste’s devilish deal by clicking play on the video below:

Following its premieres at Venice, Toronto, AFI Fest and more, Vox Lux is now out in limited release, so check your local theaters for screenings.

Ronin: What We Know About The Character From The Comics

The Avengers: Endgame trailer finally arrived in time to break the internet last week. While it was light on plot details, the trailer did deliver the single most requested thing from fans: Hawkeye! Yes, Hawkeye is in this movie, and he is not doing OK. Rather than his trademark bow and arrow, Hawkeye is in a brand new costume wielding a sword, and it’s implied that he knows how to use it. This change might seem sudden to moviegoers, but comic book fans will recognize this as Clint Barton adopting his other alter ego, Ronin.

It’s long been rumored that Clint would be taking on a new costumed identity in Endgame thanks to some set photos of Jeremy Renner in costume. Other leaked promotional material backed this up, and now the trailer pretty much confirms it. But who is Ronin, and why is this at all significant? For superhero movies, the answer lies in the comics.

While Clint Barton is known in the Avengers franchise for being the bow and arrow guy, the character in the comics has actually adopted a few personas over the decades. For a time, he used Pym Particles to become a size-changing hero called Goliath, but his most famous alter-alter-ego was the ninja and samurai Ronin.

The origins of Ronin actually begin with an entirely different character. Ronin was first introduced in 2005’s New Avengers #11 and was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada. The character was teased on a few different covers before then as Marvel was building up a mystery around the identity of the person under the mask. The popular theory was Daredevil (which it was originally going to be), but it was instead revealed to be Maya Lopez, otherwise known as Echo.

For a quick and probably unfair synopsis on Echo, she’s kind of like the deaf Daredevil. The New Avengers met her in Japan investigating the Silver Samurai, and after the adventure, she joined the team as Ronin. However, as was customary on Bendis’ run at the time, her tenure was short-lived as the writer had to move on focus on the bigger Marvel crossover events.

Maya Lopez returned to Japan to spy on former Daredevil flame Electra Natchios, who was rumored to be the new leader of The Hand, a terrorist ninja clan. Long story short, Lopez was killed, resurrected, and brainwashed by The Hand after the conclusion of Civil War. The New Avengers (now boasting a different lineup) came to rescue her, but they had a surprise guest: Ronin.

Say whaaaat?

This time it was Clint Barton under the mask, and he assumed the Ronin persona to help free Maya Lopez from The Hand. At the time, Barton had abandoned his Hawkeye identity due to complicated, existential reasons.

Let’s back up. In 2005, several Avengers were killed in a storyline called Avengers: Disassembled. Hawkeye died in an attack from a Kree invasion, which ended up being created by an insane Scarlet Witch. However, Scarlet Witch would eventually bring an amnesiac Clint Barton back to life in a new parallel world she created in a story called House of M. She ended up killing him again after his memories returned and tried to assassinate her, but she still did him a solid by resurrecting him when she set the world back to normal (minus most of the mutants).

Dying a bunch of times and the fallout of Civil War had wrecked Clint pretty hard at this point, and he fell off the map to collect himself. After doing some wandering, Clint decided to enter the fold once again to help the fugitive Avengers who were wanted for violating the Superhero Registration Act. However, he didn’t want to be Hawkeye anymore and instead became Ronin.

Ronin exchanged arrows for katanas and is known to be a much more close-range fighter than Hawkeye was. Clint Barton was trained by Captain America in close-combat, and this is where he uses the majority of those skills. Other than being really good at fighting, he has no other powers to speak of.

Clint Barton’s time as Ronin has usually signified a dark time for the character. Clint’s tenure as Ronin was during a bleak time for Marvel’s heroes, who had to deal with the fallout of Civil War, a Skrull invasion, and Norman Osborn taking over S.H.I.E.L.D. Clint would eventually leave Ronin behind and become Hawkeye again once all the problems were solved, and it was a brighter time for the Avengers.

As for why Ronin is making his movie debut, it’s not looking cheery. Rumor has it that things are pretty dark for Clint in the film. One has to figure it has something to do with half of all life fading away with the snap of a finger. The popular theory is that Clint lost his entire family in The Decimation — kids and all. This would obviously have a huge emotional impact and would explain why he’s taken to chopping down bad guys.

In the context of the movie, it makes a bit more sense for Clint to become Ronin than he did in the comics. He kind of just became Ronin because it was available. However, ronin is a Japanese term for a lone warrior. This could mean that Clint goes solo in the movie, shunning away his teammates. It makes more sense than in the comics, where he was on a team the entire time he dressed as a lone warrior.

Getting Nora Durst-ed (that’s a The Leftovers reference) would mess anybody up, but at least the bright side is that the switch to Ronin could signify that Clint is finally getting the spotlight. He’s never really been a main character in these movies, but hopefully, Clint will get the screentime and character arc that he deserves.

Not a whole lot else is known about Clint’s role or much of anything else about Avengers: Endgame. The movie will close the chapter on a lot of fan-favorite characters, and this could be Hawkeye’s last chance to shine. You can catch it when it hits theaters on April 26, 2019.

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That Time Jennifer Lopez And Will Smith Were Going To Do A Star Is Born

The classic Hollywood story, A Star is Born has pierced nearly every generation, with its dramatic story between a rising star being propelled into fame by a troubled big name who soon stumbles to his downfall. This generation’s retelling will unmistakably be the electric musical collaboration between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

Before the pair found the perfect on-screen partnership in each other for one of this year’s most memorable films, quite a few other Hollywood names were rumored to be in talks about being a part of a remake for A Star is Born, including Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith. J-Lo recently told Extra why this version just wasn’t written in the stars, with these words:

Oh, what could have been! Jennifer Lopez certainly isn’t taking that attitude toward the role that A Star is Born never was, as she continued by expressing how proud she is of her friend Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut along with the incredible performance Lady Gaga brought to the role of Ally. Lopez said she thinks everything has its own “divine” timing and the 2018 A Star is Born turned out perfect.

That’s not to say Jennifer Lopez couldn’t pull off a dazzling performance in A Star is Born version. The actress memorably played Queen of Tejano music Selena Quintanilla in 1997’s Selena which she earned a Golden Globe nomination for. Along with Lopez’s many acting credits, she is also a chart-topping pop star herself.

Will Smith as the Jackson Maine character instead of Bradley Cooper might have been a good choice too. Considering Smith is best known for his rap music; their A Star is Born might have tackled the hip-hop landscape and have produced original tracks much more suited for pop radio than the emotional stripped-down tracks such as “Shallow” and “I’ll Never Love Again” found in the recent release.

Since the project with Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith never went past early talks, there really is no way of knowing what it could have been, or it would be dominating award season conversation as the new one likely will. When A Star is Born was in development hell, many other stars were attached, with Beyoncé set to star and Clint Eastwood as director at one point . Bradley Cooper also recently revealed that he had his eye on White Stripes’ rocker Jack White to take on his role at some point when he took the helm.

There is something completely uniquely special about A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. It was a project that both the stars were completely all in on and it highlights their talent in a way we’ve never seen them before and has given this generation an especially beautiful iteration of a timeless tale.