Check Out The Rock’s Jungle Cruise Castmates Surprising Him On The Set Of Hobbs And Shaw

Dwayne Johnson may already be on to his next project, but he’s still hanging out with his Jungle Cruise co-stars. Recently, the hardest working man in showbusiness shared an image of himself on the set of Hobbs and Shaw but he’s not hanging out with Idris Elba or Jason Statham. Instead, he’s chilling with Emily Blunt and Jack Whitehall. Check it out.

While the Rock is a serious action hero, he’s rarely the guy in the photo who’s being the most serious, and yet, here we are. Rocky looks stoic, but on his right is Emily Blunt making a funny face, and on his left is Jack Whitehall wearing a weightlifting belt incorrectly. They certainly make for an interesting trio.

Exactly why both of them decided to drop by the set of Hobbs and Shaw together isn’t clear. Perhaps this is just part of The Rock’s marketing deal with Disney. In addition to the three actors being in Jungle Cruise together, both Blunt and Whitehall are also in Disney movies this year. Jack Whitehall plays a soldier in the recently released The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and Emily Blunt plays the title character in next month’s Mary Poppins Returns.

Dwayne Johnson makes sure to mention these things in his Instagram post, so while it could be that these three actually became close friends on the set of their movie, it could also just part of The Rock’s massive marketing power. The only reason the picture was likely taken on the set of Hobbs and Shaw is simply because The Rock never stops working and that’s the only place where you can catch him. Who cares, it’s a fun picture.

It’s such a fun picture that it makes it a little sad that we’re not going to get a chance to see these three on screen nearly as soon as we thought. Originally, Disney’s Jungle Cruise was set for release in just under a year, October of 2019. However, it was recently pushed back to July of 2020.

This is probably good news for the movie itself. The prime summer release spot means Disney thinks the film will do well there, which means the movie could be quite good. The expectations for a summer movie are still high and Disney wouldn’t put Jungle Cruise in July if it didn’t think the film could compete. However, if it’s that good, it’s that much more annoying that we have to wait.

Comparisons have been made between Jungle Cruise and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, at least in what Disney is trying to accomplish. Both are action-adventure films based on Disneyland attractions. The first Pirates movie was a pretty massive hit, both commercially and critically, the sequels were only able to achieve success in the latter category. It would seem likely Disney is hoping to do both things well once again. If it is able to be a success on the level of The Curse of the Black Pearl we can be nearly certain this will be the beginning of an all-new franchise.

Missing Link Trailer Is Bonkers Animated Fun

Making a stop-motion animation film is time consuming, but it sure does yield beautiful results. So every time someone like Laika Studios trots out a trailer or some footage for a new project, it feels like a cheerful and beautiful surprise. Please enjoy the first trailer to Laika’s latest cheerful surprise, Missing Link.

An interesting spin on the theory of the missing link between humanity and its primate ancestors, Missing Link introduces us to Mr. Link, voiced by Zach Galifianakis, a creature that is looking to connect with his family on the other side of the world. But if he’s going to have any chance of succeeding, he’s going to need some help.

Enter Hugh Jackman’s Sir Lionel Frost, an explorer that Mr. Link reaches out to personally, in hopes that can assist him in his crossing to his ultimate destination: Shangri-La. While Mr. Link is looking for help, Sir Lionel is looking to make the discovery of a lifetime by providing proof of Mr. Link’s existence. Rounding out the group is fellow adventurer Adelina Fortnight, voiced by Guardians of the Galaxy’s Zoe Saldana. Together, this trio of adventurous characters look to be on the path to great revelation, and a pratfall or two.

Right from the beginning, Missing Link shows off the gorgeous visual style and charmingly funny content that the studio behind such hits as Coraline, Paranorman, and Kubo and the Two Strings has become famous for. And in every frame, the magic of stop-motion animation shines through, in the most amazing level of detail.

It’s trailers like the one for Missing Link that truly help us appreciate the miracle of quality stop-motion animation. While the trailer certainly goes all in on the film’s gentle, but effective, humor, there’s undoubtedly going to be a strong emotional component to this journey.

Also starring the vocal talents of Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Timothy Olyphant, and Matt Lucas, Missing Link clearly has a lot of surprises waiting for its audience. But for now, the first proper look we’ve been given does promise one thing, and that’s that Laika Studios haven’t lost their touch.

Missing Link will make its way to theaters on April 12th, 2019. Should this have your interest piqued, you can feel free to take a look at the rest of the 2019 release schedule, to see what other potential wonders await you.

7 Movie Villains Who Had Ridiculously Complicated Missions

A hero is only as good as their villain, but what is that makes a villain good? Some will say that it’s the motive, which can help make the villain more sympathetic and well-rounded. Most villains will sink to any means to achieve their mission, and this usually involves a master plan, a grandiose chain of events that the villain has sketched out to a tee to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The smarter the plan, the better the story — because it’s a disaster when no one in the audience can actually follow the logic.

There’s nothing better than when an airtight plan comes together, but sometimes villain plots are way too complicated to follow. More often than not, this happens in comic book movies and blockbusters with larger than life characters. These antagonists love coming up with the craziest scheme they can, even if it means they could have achieved their goals in much simpler ways. Here are a few villain missions that might have been a bit more complicated than necessary.

Loki’s Avengers Battle Plan

Loki is the God of Mischief and loves concocting schemes, but maybe he should have stuck to turning into snakes instead of leading a war. In The Avengers, Loki wants to bring the Chitauri to Earth and conquer it. Simple enough, right? However, Loki takes a major detour to tear apart the Avengers, the only people that can feasibly stop him. The problem with that is the Avengers aren’t a team at that point, and they only come together because Loki announced his intentions theatrically to Nick Fury right at the beginning of the movie. Then he kept pushing buttons (instead of, you know, killing them), until they were all pissed off enough to unite under one flag. Loki’s a diva, so it plays to his character, but with Thanos breathing down his neck, he probably shouldn’t have gone the complicated route.

Voldemort in Goblet of Fire

Through the first half of the Harry Potter series, Voldemort’s mission is cut and dry: come back to life. After that: take over the world. I don’t think he ever really thought out that second part, but he sure had time to plan the first half. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Voldemort finally achieved that goal, and all it took was a mix of intricate planning, luck, and sheer happenstance. Voldemort’s resurrection depends on a magical ritual that requires Harry’s blood. He decides the best way to get this is to manipulate the Tri-Wizard Tournament into letting Harry compete, cheat so that he makes it to the final round, hope that he wins the tournament, and then teleport him via portkey to a graveyard. There was no guarantee Harry would reach the portkey first or that he would survive the tournament — even with help. Voldemort had a man on the inside the entire time (Barty Crouch disguised as Mad-Eye Moody), so why couldn’t Barty just kidnap Harry? Voldemort lived IN Hogwarts for years on the back of some guy’s head, so Hogwarts security isn’t the best.

Lex Luthor And His Granny’s Peach Tea

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is almost legendary now for how overcomplicated it is, and a lot of that falls on the shoulders of Lex Luthor. Luthor likes to say he’s the smartest guy around, but complicated does not equal intelligent. In order to get Batman and Superman to destroy each other (the reasons for which are just as complicated), Lex is revealed to in some way be responsible for almost everything that happens prior to them fighting. It’s hard to list every detail of his plan but some of the highlights include: Framing Superman for the murder of an African village; hire criminals to kill people with bat-brands in prison; bribe an African villager to give a false testimony so Congress will call Superman to testify; blow up the courtroom by smuggling in a bomb in a wheelchair he gave a disgruntled WayneCorp employee who wasn’t receiving his disability checks because Luthor blocked them; invite Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne to the same gala and introduce them; kidnap Superman’s mom; manipulate a senator to giving him access to the Kryptonian ship; turn Zod’s corpse into Doomsday JUST IN CASE none of the above works out. It’s insanely convoluted with tons of holes in it, but it makes BVS one unique movie.

Joker, Agent of (Planned) Chaos

For a guy who likes to say that he doesn’t have a plan, the Joker sure thinks things through. The Dark Knight’s take on the classic villain was an instant revelation, but that doesn’t make the character’s plan in the movie any less convoluted. The Joker just wants to watch the world burn, but he’ll do everything he can to make that happen. For one thing, he plans to be captured by the police, having planted an escape route through a cell phone stitched into a prisoners stomach. He also sends all of Gotham into a panic though intricately timed attacks against city officials with the ultimate goal of forcing citizens to blow each other up. (He even has a backup plan should they not play by his rules.) To cap it off, he manipulates Harvey Dent into becoming Two-Face, which was like a whole mini-plan hiding inside his main one. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Lex Luthor Again

Lex Luthor just loves a complicated plan. In 1978’s Superman, Lex Luthor (played by Gene Hackman) set out to achieve the most villainous goal of them all: real estate. Yes, all Luthor cares about is buying up a ton of land and profiting from it as much as possible. His big plan is blowing up the San Andreas Fault Line, causing a chunk of the country to fall into the ocean so that land he owns becomes the new West Coast. It’s delightfully over the top comic book stuff, but one can’t help but think that there are other ways to make a buck. In Luthor’s defense, his unnecessary get-rich-slow scheme actually works. Superman fails to stop the missile and has to turn back time in order to stop Luthor. Luthor would go on to have real estate-themed schemes all the way to the soft reboot of Superman Returns, where he created an entire continent with little concern for the vast geographical impacts that would have on the planet he lives on.

Zemo’s Master Plan

Zemo builds a very complex plan to take down the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Zemo’s plan is proof of just how hard it is to find a VHS tape in this day and age. Much of Zemo’s plan relies on hoping things work out and taking advantage of what’s out of his control. To find the location of this tape, Zemo needs to speak with Bucky and the “best” way to do that was to frame Bucky for bombing the UN, hoping that someone can find and capture Bucky. He then has to replace the chosen interrogator — without wearing a disguise — and hope that no one knows what this guy looks like. After a timed-EMP attack helps him escape, it’s off to Siberia where Zemo lucks out super hard when Captain America, Bucky, and Iron Man all arrive together. I think Zemo was mostly adapting to things that happened after he bombed the UN, but he still went above and beyond to track down 30 seconds of raw footage.

Skynet Sends John Connor To Kill John Connor

It’s almost a given that any movie involving time travel is going to get out of hand, but Terminator: Genisys really pooped the bed. The reboot/sequel/prequel was playing fast and loose with the Terminator timeline by jumping between three different time periods, but it also gave zero shits about logic. In the movie, Skynet turns resistance leader John Connor, the man its been trying to kill for years, into a Terminator. This advanced supercomputer then decides the best use of its new creation is to send him back in time to kill his parents, thus preventing his own birth. That’s dumb on a few different levels, but how does something like this not break the universe in half? If John Connor was never born, then the evil John Connor isn’t sent back to kill his parents… which means that he WILL be born. Then again, John Connor sends his own father back in time to impregnate his mom, so time travel has never exactly been crystal clear in Terminator.

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The Walking Dead Showrunner Finally Confirmed What Happened To Heath

Spoilers below for the latest episodes of The Walking Dead, so reading on without catching up would be ill-advised.

When The Walking Dead came to a close with “What Comes After,” the entire fabric of the show had changed, thanks to a time jump and a helicopter ride. According to showrunner Angela Kang, the latter is indeed the answer to one of the zombie drama’s biggest overarching questions: what happened to Corey Hawkins’ Heath? It turns out Heath actually was part of Jadis’ trade system with the helicopter pilot. Kang says that’s been the plan all along, for the most part.

Fans will remember back when Season 6 started up, The Walking Dead introduced Corey Hawkins as the comic fan-favorite Heath. It was a pretty big deal at the time, since Hawkins was coming off of a big win with Straight Outta Compton. But the actor’s career boom was detrimental to The Walking Dead overall, with his casting in 24: Legacy throwing a giant wrench into the works.

In the episode “Swear,” one of the series’ more reviled installments, Heath straight up vanished during Tara’s untimely voyage to Oceanside. It hadn’t made much sense at the time, since he hadn’t been shown coming into contact with anyone. Plus, other than the “PPP” key card that Tara found at the scene, Heath’s disappearance never got addressed within the show itself, without any characters voicing concern or questioning what happened.

Now, Angela Kang has confirmed a line of theorizing that some fans had latched onto as soon as it became clear what Jadis’ connection to the helicopter was. As someone who got into the habit of trading survivors for supplies, Jadis technically had a major impact on the show’s events more than a season before we actually met her. (Kinda like Negan, but not quite.)

But now that we know how Heath disappeared, we only have more answers for The Walking Dead‘s creative team. Such as, “Is Heath an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ in terms of his helicopter labeling?” Also, “Where was Heath taken?” The one that everybody really wants to know, probably, is “Will we ever see Heath again?”

That answer is just as up in the air as everything else, but Angela Kang definitely wants to make it happen. Here’s what she told Business Insider.

Thanks to that last-minute capper introducing Magna and her comic book crew, The Walking Dead TV narrative took a massive six-year leap forward. As such, these characters are 180 degrees from where they were in those early Alexandria days, and it’s extremely unlikely that Heath will just pop back around looking for his RV. Yeah, that’s the very same RV that Jadis was driving around in, which was a major clue.

If Rick is indeed heading to the same place that Heath was taken, then we might end up seeing an aged-up Corey Hawkins walking around whatever location that will be. (And possibly Georgie and Maggie and others.) But let’s not rule out Heath’s entire ordeal getting showcased for a single standalone special, or even a short-form miniseries.

At this point, the live-action character isn’t viewed nearly as favorably as his comic counterpart is, so it’s hard to say how happy and excited fans would be to see Heath return in some way. But even if we never see him again, at least we finally have some confirmation about what happened.

Could Heath get addressed on the show soon? Find out when The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Our fall TV premiere schedule will loop you in on other shows that may have disappeared from your primetime viewing in recent months.

The Girl In The Spider’s Web Review

It’s been a decade since The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was first published in English, and eight years since the first attempt at an American adaptation of the characters created by Steig Larsson. In that time, Larsson has passed away and the responsibility of writing future stories for Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist has passed to another. Now, the first of those novels, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, has received its own adaptation, and it turns out a lot more than just the cast has changed.

The degree to which the tone has changed is clear from the outset. Our opening sequence sees a man having assaulted his wife, clearly not for the first time, after having just beaten the rap for assault on two others. The lights in the apartment go out, and when they return, Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) is there, as if from nowhere, like a Swedish Batman. She takes the man off his feet with a rigged up snare and proceeds to steal all his money via her hacking skills, making sure he knows she has blackmail material in case he wants to try revenge. And then, she’s off into the darkness on her motorcycle.

While the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a gritty noir thriller that reviewed well, it wasn’t a box office smash. It seems clear The Girl in the Spider’s Web is looking to fix that problem by essentially turning this into an action franchise. Lisbeth Salander, the traumatized loner, has become a superhero vigilante. She’s still a loner and the trauma is still there, but it takes a backseat to the rest. It’s more “character description” than actual character. This doesn’t mean The Girl in the Spider’s Web isn’t a worthwhile film in what it is, it just may not be what many are expecting.

The bulk of the plot deals with a former member of the NSA (Stephen Merchant) who developed a piece of software capable of hacking, well, pretty much anything. He’s lost control of the software to the Americans, who he doesn’t trust, so he hires Lisbeth to steal it, because luckily, this piece of software can’t be copied. However, Lisbeth isn’t the only one after the software, and so her stealing it sends not only the NSA after her in the form of Agent Edwin Needham (Lakeith Stanfield), but also the Norway police and a criminal syndicate known as the Spiders. Salander must turn to her old partner Mikael Blomkvist (Sverrir Gudnason) in order to help her protect the one thing keeping the software from becoming active.

Even the plot, following a rogue piece of super hacking software, feels like something that belongs in a James Bond movie. And there are other elements that reinforce that. Outside of the always entertaining, but rarely realistic, Hollywood “hacking,” the film has its supply of necessary gadgets and a supervillain with a personal connection to our hero. It’s a long way from the atmospheric murder mystery that made up the bulk of the plot of Dragon Tattoo. There’s really no mystery element at all in the new film. There are a couple of minor twists, one of which I spent the bulk of the movie thinking was a glaring plot hole until it gets filled in at the end as an attempt at a “reveal” moment, but even the movie doesn’t make too much out of either of them.

However, once you settle in and accept the sort of movie that The Girl in the Spider’s Web is going to be, it’s an enjoyable adventure. The action sequences are tight and fun. One sequence in an airport where Lisbeth gets to really show off her hacking skills, is particularly well paced, just don’t think too hard about how ridiculous it all is.

The supporting actors, while not given much to do, do fine with what they have. Make no mistake, The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the Lisbeth Salander show, which means it’s the Claire Foy show. As it turns out, Clair Foy puts on a pretty damn good show. She transforms in the role of Lisbeth and is an engaging action hero. It’s true that many of Lisbeth’s rougher edges, which made her an interesting and dynamic character, have been smoothed over here, and that’s a shame, but seeing a woman take on a major action role like this is still a rare enough occurrence that we’ll celebrate it for what it is. If we are going to get more of these, as seems to be the intention, we could do a lot worse than more Claire Foy.

Director Fede Alvarez has shown he’s a capable director handling this sort of material, which will probably cause the numerous other action franchises to put him on the short list for a future job, if he wasn’t there already. This isn’t what we expect from the helmer of Evil Dead or Don’t Breathe, though this movie does include one significant body horror moment that will probably have the more squeamish in the audience getting uncomfortable in their seats.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it is a better than average action adventure with a compelling lead actress. Sometimes that’s all you need.

movie reviewed rating

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First Once Upon A Deadpool Poster Is All About Rudolph And Fred Savage

An early publicity image sent out by Ryan Reynolds showed Deadpool sitting in a chair reading a story to Fred Savage, who played the sick kid being told a story in the classic The Princess Bride. The poster shows that will likely be more than a one-note joke, as Fred Savage join Deadpool astride Rudolph for the poster. The movie may be eliminating all of Deadpool’s naughty language, but it certainly isn’t going to be any less hilarious based on this poster.

The tagline that joins hte poster says there will be zero F’s given, a reference to fact that one of the major changes that Deadpool 2 will need to make is eliminating all F-bombs. Ryan Reynolds shared the poster on his own Twitter account saying, “The only F word in this movie is Fred Aaron Savage.” I can’t help but think that this won’t be entirely accurate. Traditionally, the MPAA will allow one, non-sexual, F-word in a PG-13 film and it seems to be that’s just the sort of thing that Once Upon a Deadpool would take advantage of, and make a point of mentioning they’re going to use it at an opportune moment.

The fact that Once Upon a Deadpool is going so all-in on the Princess Bride joke that it will use a, now very much adult, Fred Savage, as the “kid” being told a story is hilarious. You know if Peter Falk were still around he’d be part of this too. A lot of us who grew up watching The Princess Bride are now the adults enjoying Deadpool movies, and bringing the two together is strangely perfect.

Since the framing device for this PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 will parody The Princess Bride, that means that we’re not simply getting a toned down version of the movie. The film will clearly include some new scenes of the story being read just as The Princess Bride did, along with some all-new narration. Fans of the Deadpool movies will certainly want to check out this new version just to see the new material. Just because the merc is going to watch his mouth doesn’t mean he won’t still be hilarious.

As the poster announces, December 12 will be the day that Once Upon a Deadpool arrives in theaters. It will be interesting to see if this film does box office on par with a new release or a re-release, it’s sort of both things, making this a somewhat untested idea, though it’s probably one other movies will consider if it works.

Cord-Cutters Are Dropping Cable And Satellite In Record Numbers

The quarterly loss is reportedly the biggest loss the industry has seen, according to research firm MoffettNathanson (via USA Today), and the first time cable and satellite companies have collectively lost over a million subscribers in a quarter. One of those companies, Dish, lost 341,000 subscribers, compared to last year when it gained 16,000 around the same time. While Dish saw a massive exodus, it did gain about 26,000 Sling TV subscribers.

League Of Legends Developer Sued For Sexual Discrimination

Riot Games, the makers of the highly popular free-to-play MOBA game League of Legends, has been under the spotlight of scrutiny for the last several months after a major exposé was published on the studio culture and allegations about sexism and harassment. Well, following those reports, former and current employees of Riot decided to sue for sexual discrimination.

The Escapist is reporting that a former employee and a current employee from Riot Games have filed a lawsuit against the development studio, alleging that sexual discrimination took place.

Multiple claims were made about the work culture at Riot, including that the studio only attempted to hire in hardcore gamers, which the plaintiffs felt put an unfair disadvantage on potential female employees, as well as allegations that there was a studio culture that consisted of sending e-mails containing inappropriate content regarding female employees, as well as gestures and images that were sent unsolicited to female staff.

Some of these allegations may sound familiar because they were part of the original exposé that was published by Kotaku several months ago, along with some of the information that was contained with a second report done by the Los Angeles Times. This put a spotlight on Riot as a development outfit, which prompted the company to quickly respond by issuing an apology along with a promise to overhaul the way the staff is hired, conduct between staff, and the overall corporate culture. Part of this was exemplified in the studio’s efforts to be more diverse and inclusive by opening up workshops for marginalized and non-binary people at a recent PAX event, where design workshops were put into place to help cultivate a more understanding workplace environment for diverse individuals.

However, this does not detract from the current lawsuit taking place, where the plaintiffs listed a number of other issues that allegedly have still not been resolved at the studio, including claims that pay discrimination is still taking place.

The article cites several examples from the suit, which claimed that women were routinely “belittled” by supervisors during the staff meetings, and that when women were attempting to receive promotions they were passed over for male employees instead. In one specific example a male colleague’s position had to be temporarily filled by a female who was paid less than half of what he was, meaning that she was relegated to earning $56,000 for a position that saw her male cohort making $162,000. She maintained that position for six months at less than half the pay, and was eventually replaced by another male who received the proper title and benefits, at which point she resigned.

The suit is asking for wage compensation and punitive damages for the current employees at Riot and for those partaking in the lawsuit. Riot informed media outlets that the claims are being investigated and that the company is currently overhauling its corporate ecosystem to be less harmful, this included the new diversity and inclusion initiative, along with the workshops that took place at PAXWest a couple of months ago.

Big Bang Theory Spoilers: Why Sheldon Is Finally Getting Closer To Amy’s Mom

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory. Feel free to come back once you’ve caught up!

Sheldon hasn’t had much of a relationship with Amy’s parents on The Big Bang Theory, which really isn’t much of a surprise considering how much trouble he has building relationships with everyone, but that’s starting to change. As we found out tonight, it turns out that the chilly, and yet still somehow non-existent, relationship between Sheldon and Amy’s mom, especially, isn’t totally his fault, and now things are looking up for the in-laws. Here’s what happened.

The episode kicked off with the gang gathered at Leonard and Penny’s place for dinner as they wait for Anu to join them. As they’re setting things up, Raj fills everyone in on the fact that he and Anu are planning to get married in India on Valentine’s Day, revealing that her family is organizing most of the festivities. He also tells them that he really loves her family and talks to them all the time, which confuses Sheldon and prompts him to ask why that would be necessary, since he hardly talks to Amy’s family. When Raj answers that it’s important because he’s about to marry into their family, Sheldon gets an idea.

When Amy wakes up on Saturday morning, Sheldon is already up, dressed and online. He’s set up a day with her dad, Larry, and himself because he realized, after talking to Raj, that at least trying to bond with one of Amy’s parents is just good husband behavior. Sheldon can see now that he needs to have some kind of relationship with her folks. Amy says that she thinks their relationship is perfect, and when Sheldon notes that he literally has no relationship with them, she replies with, “Exactly. It’s perfect.” It turns out that this is our first clue that Amy is way more nervous about this whole idea than she probably should be.

When Larry shows up, Sheldon realizes that they refer to Amy by different pet names, with her dad preferring “pumpkin” and Sheldon (because he’s an odd duck) using “spaghetti squash.” This makes Sheldon ask Larry if he has to call him dad, because he really doesn’t want to. But, when he tries calling him Larry it doesn’t sound right to Sheldon, so he decides to try to find a vegetable or fruit to use as his nickname. So, obviously, this fun day with a new father and son-in-law is off to a wonderfully weird start.

When Sheldon takes Larry to Stuart’s comic shop, Howard is there so they end up hanging out with him. Sheldon is blowing his train whistle because he’s excited about showing some trains off to Larry once they leave the store, but Howard takes the whistle and does a magic trick with it, which enchants Larry. In fact, Larry is so into this trick, which made the whistle disappear from Howard’s hand and reappear in Larry’s pocket, that Amy’s dad even offers Howard 100 bucks to tell him the secret. As you might imagine, Sheldon isn’t happy about Larry’s newfound connection with Howard (not to mention the fact that it involves magic), but in order to make him happy, he goes with it.

Apparently, Larry needed a lot more magic, because when we see them next, they have all gathered at Howard and Bernadette’s house so that he can show Larry more tricks. After one more bit of magical joy, Sheldon tries to get Larry (I mean “turnip,” as Sheldon has decided to call him) to move along so they can embark on the rest of the day he had planned for them, but Larry doesn’t want to leave. Sheldon figures the only answer is to pull Howard aside and demand that he stop being so delightful, because Sheldon is trying to bond with Larry and Howard already has his own father-in-law that he should be trying to bond with.

While this confrontation leads to a ridiculous argument where Howard attempts to convince Sheldon to switch fathers-in-law with him, the bigger result is that Sheldon gives up, goes to Amy’s parent’s house and declares that he’s done trying to win Turnip over, now he’s going to try with Amy’s mom. Unfortunately, her mom is not really interested in spending quality time with Sheldon. Some of this is because he chose to show her photos of something he had to have removed from his body as she drinks tea, of course, but even more of it is because she blames Sheldon for taking Amy away from her.

When Amy finds out that Sheldon is hanging out with her mom, she goes into full on panic mode and runs over to Penny and Leonard. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because Amy has been telling her mom that she doesn’t hang out with her because of Sheldon. Amy and her mom have always had a difficult relationship, and it was easier for her to blame pulling away from her mom on Sheldon’s eccentricities than to tell her she simply didn’t want to be around her. Oh, Amy…For shame!

Amy calls Sheldon while he’s still with her mom to check up on the situation, and that’s when it all comes out. Amy had actually told her mom that she couldn’t visit for Thanksgiving because Sheldon has to see his mom at the holidays every year. She also got out of Sunday dinners with her mom and dad by saying that Sheldon can’t go out on a school night, but Sheldon is so kind as to inform her that going out on a school night is fine for him as long as he’s in bed by 10 o’clock.

Amy is then forced to tell her mom the whole tale, and she realizes that she’s been mad at Sheldon all this time when she really should have been angry at Amy. It isn’t long before Sheldon and his mother-in-law are bonding over how weird Howard is and much they dislike magic, so this is one in-law relationship that’s actually off to a dynamite start.

All you fans of hanging out with your in-laws can keep up with Sheldon, Amy, Turnip and Amy’s mom when The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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Supernatural Spoilers: Why Dean’s Possession By Michael Might Actually Be Good For The Winchesters

Spoilers ahead for Episode 5 of Supernatural Season 14, called “Nightmare Logic.”

Supernatural has spent more than a decade putting the brothers Winchester through the wringer time and time again, and Dean’s latest trauma came in the form of possession by the Michael. The archangel betrayed Dean at the end of Season 13 and stayed inside of him despite their deal that should have seen Michael vacate Dean as soon as he did away with Lucifer. Dean spent three weeks as Michael’s unwilling vessel, and Michael did some unspeakable things while wearing his Dean suit.

Dean doesn’t remember those three weeks, which is really for the best. He’d undoubtedly be a wreck if he had recalled everything as soon as Michael vacated his body. While I’m guessing at least some of those memories will come back, at least this situation seems to be different from when Dean was concealing his memories of Hell way back in Season 4. For now, Dean’s time as Michael’s vessel may actually be beneficial to the Winchesters and the other hunters. “Nightmare Logic” revealed why.

The episode kicked off with a young hunter by the name of Maggie going missing on her first solo hunt. Fortunately, Sam reorganized and updated how hunters work during Dean’s absence, meaning that Sam had access to body cam footage to give some clues about what happened to her. The boys tracked Maggie to a house and cemetery, and they pretend to be representatives of the Historical Preservation Society, interested in the house.

They weren’t the only hunters drawn to try and find Maggie, as they discovered Mary and Bobby already there, chatting with the nurse who took care of the owner of the house, Mr. Rawlings, who was bedridden and unresponsive despite what appeared to be a drip of medication going into his arm. The hunters split into teams to try and investigate what happened.

Dean and Bobby found a cabin in the woods, and since this is Supernatural, nothing good happens in cabins in the woods. Dean was attacked by a man, but stabbed him before any damage could be done. The man — or creature — evaporated into dust as soon as he was stabbed. Elsewhere, Sam and Mary found the remains of a man they identified as a hunter by his wallet full of fake IDs.

Sam was the next to be attacked. A vampire lunged at him, but it was no normal vampire. When Sam stabbed him, he turned into dust. Bobby was set upon in the woods, and he too took out the attacker by stabbing and turning him to dust. The pieces were falling into place, and Dean entered the house to have a little chat with the nurse.

Dean realized that instead of using the IV drip to give Mr. Rawlings medication or transfuse blood into him, the nurse was actually taking blood out of him. As it turned out, the nurse was actually a djinn, and longtime Supernatural fans will remember that Dean has had some very bad experiences with djinn over the years.

When Dean confronted him, the djinn just laughed the encounter off and tried to ask what kind of game he was playing. Dean had no idea what the djinn was playing at and presumably wondered why the djinn wasn’t immediately either trying to run or attack. Then, it clicks. The djinn believes that Dean is Michael, and so he didn’t bother concealing that he’d been helping Michael lay traps for hunters.

Dean just goes ahead and kills the djinn, and the good guys were able to save Maggie, so they technically won the day. Still, the djinn did indicate that Michael had laid many traps all over the place designed to attract and then kill hunters. The corpse in the woods was proof that they were lucky to rescue Maggie and all escape with their lives, and not all hunters might be so lucky in the future.

Basically, the episode was a couple of minor wins with some potential huge losses for the Winchesters and other hunters, and it ended with Sam and Dean spreading the word to other hunters about the new kind of monsters and what they’re facing. The hour didn’t end on a triumphant note.

That said, the interaction between Dean and the djinn before the djinn realized that Dean wasn’t Michael may be a sign that Michael’s possession of Dean will give the Winchesters an edge. If monsters don’t realize that Michael vacated Dean, they may give away pieces of Michael’s plan and drop valuable information before the truth comes out. As long as Michael is in the wind, other monsters may have no reason to expect that he’s no longer in his Dean suit.

Given that the Winchesters are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to taking on an archangel, every little advantage can be key. If Dean is even a little bit convincing as Michael, the game could be changed. Not all monsters are going to have the presence of mind to realize the truth before it’s too late.

At this point, we can only speculate. Supernatural actually revealed how the Winchesters can defeat Michael a couple of episodes ago, but getting their hands on the weapon wasn’t going to be easy, if possible at all. They may need a different avenue than the one involving Kaia. As somebody who was disappointed when Michael left Dean as early in the season as he did, I would be on board with the hunters using their former connection to their advantage.

My money is still on Michael occupying Dean again at some point before Season 14 comes to an end, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. For now, tune in to The CW on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Supernatural. Michael won’t be gone forever, and he may be back sooner rather than later to drop some of his bizarrely entertaining humor.

The Winchesters may not be able to rely on Castiel and Jack as much as they’d like. Cas isn’t as powerful as he once was, and Jack is completely lacking the powers he was born with. In fact, he was seen coughing up blood, and his preoccupation with Nick could come back to bite him. Even the Wayward Sisters can only do so much good. Only time will tell.

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