5 Cover Songs From The Greatest Showman: Reimagined Album That Are Better Than The Originals

Step up ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for! You may remember going to see the The Greatest Showman in theaters during the holidays last year, but the movie’s soundtrack has been given a new life. As announced last month, The Greatest Showman has a cover album and it’s filled with tons of eclectic music talent singing your favorite songs from the film.

Following the critical acclaim of the music in La La Land, Oscar-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s next project became The Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson. The larger-than-life musical loosely based on the life of circus manager, P.T. Barnum may not have dazzled most critics but it quickly became a cult favorite, cashing in $400 million at the worldwide box office. The smash hit is primarily known for its catchy tunes and remarkable performances.

The Greatest Showman: Reimagined is a stunning tribute to the musical’s melodies, and is made just for the fan who knows all the words to the original soundtrack and is hungry for an encore. It’s stacked with popular artists from a variety of genres and overall has an impressive selection of covers to please fans. Some of the new songs are so good that they soar high over the original recordings. Check out which ones upstage the likes of Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams below!

The Greatest Show

The beginning of The Greatest Showman begins just like a stage musical, with a stunning and exciting song and dance number to hype up the audience and introduce the feel of the show. It’s a great way to start a movie musical because it pushes audiences into the deep end of the genre right away. Hugh Jackman’s P.T. Barnum joyfully starts off the show with this track in the movie but the Reimagined album kicks it up a notch.

With one listen to Panic! At The Disco’s cover of “The Greatest Show,” you’ll likely be wondering, ‘Was this song written for Brendon Urie’s voice?’ The pop punk frontrunner fits right in with the movie’s big opener as its energizing sound surges and builds into its chorus. Panic! At The Disco easily makes this “The Greatest Show” their own and enhances the lavish feel of the song with its bigger and bolder sound.

Come Alive

Another memorable track in The Greatest Showman early in the film is “Come Alive,” also with Hugh Jackman front and center. In the song, Barnum is giving the new circus performers the confidence to get out there and perform. It’s one of many high-energy tracks that can easily help put a smile on anyone’s face with one listen.

When British breakout talents Years & Years and Jess Glynne get ahold of the track for the Reimagined album, the power of the words “Come Alive” aren’t a mere suggestion, they are instantly spoken into existence as the new beat drops. Years & Years’ lead singer Olly Alexander gives off some serious Michael Jackson vibes and his vocals add some additional soul to each lyric, while Jess Glynne is a great match for Alexander’s voice.

This Is Me

“This is Me” is the central track of The Greatest Showman for its powerful lead vocals by Keala Settle, positive message of embracing who you are and unforgettable sequence on screen. It earned the 2017 movie musical an Oscar nomination and Golden Globe win for Best Original Song. Turns out the album highlight can strike gold twice, just by adding Missy Elliott and Kesha to Settle’s already flawless performance.

The cover track titled “This is Me (Reimagined Remix)” opens with new spoken word lyrics delivered by Missy Elliott who captures the spirit of the song by adding lines such as “They can’t stop you, or block you or mock you” and “You have a purpose.” The song then hands it off to Kesha and Keala Settle who strengthen the song with their duet that’s sure to send some chills down your spine. This track is perfect proof that the Reimagined album seeks to make the songs of the movie more universal and relatable through a cover such as this one.


In The Greatest Showman, Barnum’s wife Charity played by Michelle Williams gets her own solo song called “Tightrope.” The emotional ballad has Charity watch her husband leave with the beautiful and talented Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson) on the road, while she stays with their two daughters and simply misses him. As Williams sings, the song also parallels to the rocky relationship between Anne (Zendaya) and Phillip (Zac Efron).

Sorry Charity, when Sara Bareilles comes in with her melancholy piano and iconic vocals, I surrender. Her iteration takes some creative liberties by turning the typical musical solo into a stripped-down track with dreamy notes in the background. The chorus is more epic and poignant in this version than the original, but of course builds upon the context of the memorable scene in The Greatest Showman.

From Now On

“From Now On” is the final song in The Greatest Showman and marks an incredible ending to the movie. The track has Hugh Jackman’s vocals at their best, not to mention it includes that scene when he runs to catch a train as he delivers them. The song is filled to the brim with heart and makes for a moving finale for the movie musical.

For “From Now On,” I’m going to draw the line between the cover not being better but simply extremely well “reimagined” by Zac Brown Band. As much of these songs do, it seamlessly bends the show tune into working in a completely new genre and still working just as well. The song becomes refined into a country folk track with a completely different feel to it.

As a whole, the cover album breathes some new life into the songs of The Greatest Showman. The above songs impress over their originals but also show how incredible the songs were to begin with. Some other memorable songs from the musical such as “Million Dreams,” “Rewrite the Stars” and “Never Enough” also feature some impressive covers, but the first recordings still reign over them. The Greatest Showman: Reimagined cover album is currently available to stream or own.

HBO’s The Deuce Is Giving Four Characters More To Do In Season 3

The Deuce is gearing up for its third and final season, and apparently, some key characters in the adventure thus far will have a larger presence in the final set of episodes. The HBO program has decided to promote David Krumholtz, Daniel Sauli, Sepideh Moafi and Olivia Luccardi all to series regulars, which means fans will presumably get to see a lot more of their characters as the story draws to a close.

The promotion is seemingly a long time coming for Daniel Sauli, who Deadline reported has been featured on all 17 episodes of The Deuce to date. Sauli portrays Tommy Longo, who came into Vincent’s life after mistaking him for his brother and eventually cultivated a working relationship out of it. The two have managed to have a solid working relationship throughout the show, although it’s more a product of Vincent being unable to safely sever ties with the mob man’s affiliates.

David Krumholtz has also had a pretty sizable presence in The Deuce since its beginning, with his series regular status being granted after 14 episodes. Krumholtz plays porn director Harvey Wasserman, who ended up being a vital influence on Candy as she sought to break into the porn industry. Harvey and Candy ended Season 2 with a big hit on their hands with Red Hot, but with little to show for it with the mob taking most of the profits.

Olivia Luccardi has also appeared in 14 episodes. Her prostitute character Melissa will apparently have a bigger role in Season 3. One of Melissa’s most pivotal scenes in The Deuce thus far came from when the fry cook Leon shot her former pimp Reggie Love dead in Season 1. Melissa was free of her pimp but soon found another in C.C.

Sepideh Moafi is the least recurring member of The Deuce at 12 episodes, although that’s still close enough to the total episode count of 17 to make her upgrade to series regular well-deserved. Like Olivia Luccardi, Moafi also portrays one of the show’s prostitutes, Loretta, who is a worker for Larry Brown. Loretta hasn’t had an incredibly substantial role in the drama to date, but her promotion to series regular status may mean a bigger storyline is coming.

HBO announced The Deuce was being cancelled a few months ago, but that it would get one final season to conclude its story. The cancellation came as a bit of a shock, as the show had received a fair amount of critical acclaim in both Season 1 and Season 2. That said, viewership had taken a dive in Season 2, and critical acclaim can only take a show so far when audiences aren’t tuning in.

The Deuce is working towards Season 3, but Season 1 and 2 can be enjoyed on HBO Go or on-demand services. For a look at other television shows coming out in the near future, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Street Fighter V Gets Resident Evil Costumes

However, in some ways, when you see how Kolin fights, you can definitely see why she was given Ada’s costume, since her fighting style is very similar to Ada’s. Also, it makes sense having Kolin in Ada’s outfit given that she works for Urien, and he’s decked out in Wesker’s clothes, and since Ada oftentimes worked for Wesker, the connection seems to actually track.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wasn’t The Top-Selling Game In October

What game do you think sold the most units in October? Hold your horses, partner. If you were about to say Red Dead Redemption 2, then you’d be red dead wrong. As it turns out, Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII actually takes the crown for October sales, though there are a few factors that help explain why that is.

Based on all of the recent news, you wouldn’t be faulted for assuming that Rockstar’s Western epic, Red Dead Redemption II, had earned the top spot on the NPD charts for its launch month. After all, it had the single biggest launch weekend in the history of media (take THAT, Avengers!), and just a few days later managed to surpass the original Red Dead Redemption in lifetime sales. That’s super impressive but, as Gameinformer is reporting, the game didn’t earn the top NPD spot.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII also had a massive showing, even if Activision investors were somehow still unimpressed. It set a day one sales record at launch and managed to shoot past $830 million over the course of five days. Microtransactions were also recently introduced to the game so, combined with continued sales and a holiday boost, it’ll likely keep pulling down some big figures in the months ahead.

As for how Call of Duty outsold Red Dead Redemption in October, we have to first keep in mind that the former launched on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, while the latter has only launched on game consoles so far. In other words, Call of Duty had an extra platform’s worth of sales backing it. More importantly, Call of Duty launched on Oct. 12, two weeks before Red Dead arrived on Oct. 26. It’s also worth noting that, launching on Oct. 26, Red Dead only had about a week’s worth of sales included in the October NPD stats.

None of this takes away from Call of Duty, though. The game is obviously doing very well for itself. But if you were confused as to how it topped Red Dead in sales last month, well, now you have some extra factors to consider.

In case you’re curious, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was the third highest-selling game of October according to NPD, followed by NBA 2K19 and Super Super Mario Party, which only launched for the Switch. The remainder of the top 10 spots were filled out respectively by Soulcalibur VI, FIFA 19, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Madden NFL 19 and WWE 2K19.

Unexpected standouts on the list include Mario Kart 8 at 15, which is nearly two years old at this point, as well as Super Mario Odyssey at 17 and Breath of the Wild at 19. Again, those are Switch exclusives, which should let you know just how well Nintendo’s latest console is doing.

And in case you’re wondering about Red Dead Redemption II‘s potential staying power, Rockster’s last game, Grand Theft Auto V, has been on the NPD chart since it launched about five years ago and, in October, it was still there to hold down the 16th position.

When Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Coming To Star Wars: Battlefront II

Even though Star Wars: Battlefront II came out last year in the fall, it’s still being regularly updated with new content from DICE and Electronic Arts. Surprisingly, one of the brand’s most popular characters hasn’t been implemented into the game, but EA and DICE revealed when he’s coming.

Kenobi won’t be arriving alone, as he’s coming with content reinforcements in the form of the Battle of Geonosis update. This will bring Geonosis to DICE’s vision of Star Wars: Battlefront II for the first time.

As noted in the post, the characters in the game are modeled after the likenesses of the real life actors, which is why Kenobi is themed after real-life actor Ewan McGregor, in the same way that the upcoming release of Anakin Skywalker will be modeled after Hayden Christensen.

Kenobi will arrive with his blue lightsaber, along with a fighting style themed around defensive combat. This means that Kenobi’s blocking ability is more reliable than other Jedi and Sith on the roster. He can also make use of his stamina to chain together melee attacks.

According to DICE, the idea was to portray the version of Kenobi when he was general of the 212th Attack Battalion.

In addition to being able to defend against blaster fire and other attacks, Obi-Wan also comes with the Restrictive Mind Trick Ability, which prevents his opponents from using their abilities for a short time, which includes their ability to dodge. They’re basically sitting ducks when caught with this ability while out in the open. It’s a great way to disrupt the enemy with Kenobi in Battlefront II.

He also has access to the All-Out Push, which is similar to Skywalker’s push, but DICE made it where his push is more focused and the longer you hold down the button the longer the range is on the push.

Kenobi will launch with his default Jedi Master appearance on November 28th, but he will receive his robed appearance and general’s garb at a later date, both of which will be available for credits or crystals.

It’s kind of interesting that Kenobi is only just now arriving along with Anakin Skywalker, especially a year after release. Then again, EA and DICE were dealing with the loot box scandal for Star Wars: Battlefront II, which severely impacted the game’s performance on the market and the perception that gamers had of the game for the longest. The loot box scandal even managed to garner international attention and cause gambling commissions and the government to get involved.

Now that EA is mostly past that stage with Battlefront II, the company is focused mostly on retaining its audience and producing content for the game. This included adding characters like General Grievous, and that update is being followed up with the addition of the Geonosis map and Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can look for Anakin Skywalker to appear in the game in early 2019.

Nintendo Has Some Massive Holiday Deals, And They’re Available Now

Nintendo is rolling out the big guns this holiday season, offering some deep discounts for eShop games across the 3DS and Switch. If you’re looking to fill your stocking with some cheap games this holiday season, there’s a little something to offer for just about every type of gamer.

Nintendo doesn’t usually go all out for the holidays outside of some select games or bundles being made available at retail for a few bucks off. This year, though, a huge number of titles are being discounted across both of Nintendo’s consoles, with the eShop being home to some impressive sales. These can be gifts for loved ones if you’re sharing a console with someone but, let’s face it; most folks will be taking advantage of these discounts in order to bulk up their own digital library.

I’m going to break down these discounts by platform below, with the number in parentheses next to each title being how much Nintendo is taking off for a limited time. In case you’re still trying to figure out your holiday budget, you’ve got a little time to take advantage of these sales and, since it’s the eShop we’re talking about, you don’t have to worry about limited supplies. The Cyber Deals sale is live now and runs through 8:59 a.m. PT on Nov. 28.

Nintendo Switch

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (30% off)
FIFA 19 (40%)
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Deluxe Edition (25%)
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Digital Edition (25%)
Snipperclips (50%)
DOOM (50%)
NBA 2K19 (50%)
NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition (50%)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (50%)
Dragon Ball FighterZ (30%)
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (35%)
Dead Cells (20%)
Celeste (20%)
Undertale (15%)
South Park: The Stick of Truth (50%)
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (25%)
Just Dance 2019 (30%)
NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 (35%)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (60%)
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition (60%)
Okami HD (25%)
Sonic Mania (25%)
Wolfenstein II (50%)
L.A. Noire (50%)
Bastion (20%)
The Messenger (30%)
Inside (35%)
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (35%)
Hyper Light Drifter Special Edition (20%)
Sports Party (50%)
Attack on Titan 2 (40%)
Darkest Dungeon (20%)
Enter the Gungeon (50%)
Lost Sphere (60%)
Little Nightmares (50%)
Disgaea 5 Complete (25%)
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (35%)
Shining Resonance Refrain (50%)
Valkyria Chronicles 4 (50%)
Gorogoa (50)
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (20%)
GoNNER (50%)
Steam World Heist (50%)
Thumper (50%)
West of Loathing (11%)
Carnival Games (25%)
TowerFall (20%)
Blaster Master Zero (50%)
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (30%)
Shantae: Half Genie Hero (25%)

Nintendo 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (30% off)
Final Fantasy Explorers (50%)
Dragon Quest VII (50%)
Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward (50%)
Pocked Card Jockey (50%)
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (50%)
Hyrule Warriors Legends (50%)
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (30%)
Boxboy (50%)
Boxboxboy (50%)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 (50%)
Dedede’s Drum Dash Deluxe (50%)
Persona Q (50%)
Kirby Fighters Deluxe (50%)
Steam World Heist (50%)
Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers (50%)
Etrian Odyssey IV (50%)
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (50%)
Etrian Odyssey V (33%)
Mighty Gunvolt (50%)
Runbow Pocket (50%)
Tetris Ultimate (50%)
Rayman Origins (50%)
Stella Glow (50%)
Blaster Master Zero (50%)
Mighty Switch Force (50%)
Rayman 3D (50%)
Gravity Falls: The Legend of the Gnome Gemulets (50%)

Yeah, so, that’s a heck of a lot of games to choose from and there are some absolute gems in the mix for solid discounts. Just remember that you might have some other folks to shop for this holiday season, so try not to get too carried away. Otherwise, happy shopping!

The Flash’s Cicada Will Get A Major Twist When His Backstory Is Revealed

Warning: spoilers ahead for the November 20 episode of The Flash Season 5.

The Flash went in a fresh new direction for its fifth season supervillain, with Cicada as a kind of baddie that Barry and Team Flash have never faced before. By this point, fans have seen much more of Cicada than the heroes, and they’re still working on figuring out his identity. The latest episode saw them get closer than ever to the truth, and the next episode will reveal even more about why he is the way that he is.

Chris Klein, who plays Cicada, chatted with CinemaBlend at the recent red carpet celebration for the upcoming 100th episode of The Flash, and he teased the reveal of a major twist when some of the blanks in Cicada’s backstory are filled in next week’s 99th episode. Klein had this to say:

So far, what we know about Cicada as a person is basically that he wants to kill metahumans and has some kind of attachment to a little girl in a hospital. In the latest episode of The Flash, Cecile and Ralph managed to get info from a FEMA official, revealing that a little girl by the name of Grace Gibbons was injured by shrapnel when the STAR Labs satellite came down courtesy of The Thinker.

This development led Team Flash to the perfectly reasonable conclusion that Cicada must be Grace’s father. Now, fans might not want to be too hasty to accept this as the absolute truth. We know (and Chris Klein reaffirmed) that Cicada’s civilian name is Orlin Dwyer, and Grace has a different last name. This doesn’t mean that we can rule out Orlin as Grace’s dad, and we can probably count on some answers about their dynamic when the 99th episode packed full of backstory hits the airwaves.

Whatever is revealed in next week’s 99th episode, Chris Klein’s comments indicate that we should expect at least one big twist on what we know about Cicada at this point in Season 5. For Team Flash’s sake, we have to hope that the episode reveals some kind of weakness for the bad guy.

The metas who can usually use their powers individually or as a group to take down villains can’t do much against a baddie who can sap metas of their powers. Maybe Barry will be able to retain some of his hand-to-hand combat skills from the “Elseworlds” crossover when he goes full Green Arrow, or maybe Team Flash will gain an edge in some other way.

We’ll have to wait and see. We’ll get next week’s backstory episode to hopefully set up some of the action in the 100th episode, which will be followed by the first installment of the crossover, airing as an episode of The Flash on a special night. The latest episode may have actually revealed why the crossover baddie targets Barry and Oliver for the switcheroo, so I think it’s safe to say that we’re in for an exciting few weeks of Arrow-verse action.

Tune in to The CW on Tuesday, November 27 at 8 p.m. ET to catch Cicada’s backstory episode of The Flash, and swing by our midseason TV premiere schedule for viewing options during the Arrow-verse’s winter hiatus.

The Super Mario Bros. Theme Played On A Guitar Made From A NES Console Is As Awesome As That Sounds

Some creative individuals really step outside the boundaries of everyone’s expectations and do something you would never think possible, such as playing the theme to the original Super Mario Bros., on a guitar fashioned out of an NES console.

The video was put together and posted up on Rob Scallon’s YouTube channel. He starts the video in a hilarious way by searching online for “weird guitars,” and he ends up coming across an NES console that was turned into a guitar. And it’s literally an old gray NES that has been turned into an electric guitar, complete with the ports still intact.

The guitar isn’t just a real guitar with a Nintendo shell on it. It’s actually a working Nintendo console that’s also a guitar. Rob Scallon and his buddy got the guitar off of the site Reverb. Actually, Reverb contacted the maker of the guitar and asked Scallon if he would be willing to play the guitar on his channel, and he agreed, but only if the guitar actually played NES games. And it does!

It turns out that while the shell is of the old bulky console that Nintendo released back in the 1980s, the gaming aspects of the Guitendo is actually based around the NES Classic Edition emulator. So that it’s possible to play the games while you play it.

In a separate video Scallon goes through the details of how the guitar functions, along with having his friend actually playing the game while he plays the guitar.

Later in the video Scallon attempts to play all of the sound effects from Super Mario Bros. 3 while his friend plays the game.

As an off-the-cuff experiment, it works a heck of a lot better than you may have been expecting. But it still sounds like someone is playing a guitar while someone is playing the NES.

The modded version of the NES Classic Edition tucked away inside the guitar also has power and reset buttons inside the cartridge housing, so you can literally turn it on or reset the system while you’re playing the guitar.

Scallon is doing a giveaway of the guitar on behalf of Reverb, so you’ll get a fully functional electric guitar along with a modded version of the NES Classic Edition with a bunch of games on it. The giveaway is going on right now and will last throughout the month, so if you wanted to get your hands on it, now would be a good time to do so.

The entire thing wraps up with Scallon saying that the guitar is “out of tune” and proceeds to open the cartridge bay and performs the iconic blow into the system to get it working again. Classic.

Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Didn’t Mean To Make Fans Think The Show Is Ending

Millie Bobby Brown put some folks on high alert with a recent post on social media, as a picture of her crying led some to believe Stranger Things was reaching an end. It turns out that totally wasn’t the case and Brown did not mean to make anyone think the Netflix series is ending. As for what was the reason behind her tears, Brown explained she can be an emotional person.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Netflix call came after speculation surrounded her crying photo as well as another picture she shared with her and co-star Noah Schnapp. The photo showed the two laughing together, with the words “One more time” positioned directly beneath the photo. With that context, it isn’t hard to see how some were confused by the posts and assumed Stranger Things was closing out.

Millie Bobby Brown told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert that Netflix made contact with her sometime after and told her she’s not allowed to reveal details of the show. Apparently, those details didn’t include confirming Season 3 isn’t the end of the series, which could mean the streaming giant was concerned about Brown’s posts for another reason. It’s possible they thought her emotional teary picture and captioned photo with Noah Schnapp was possibly too revealing?

Maybe, but it’s just as likely Milile Bobby Brown’s photo was just a young actor getting a little too caught up in the moment. Brown explained that she tends to get emotional on the final days of shoots for seasons and other projects. She has a lot of love for the people she works with, even the people who play a smaller role in Stranger Things. Brown explained even goodbyes to the catering staff can get emotional for her.

So basically, Millie Bobby Brown may have snapped that picture just after saying goodbye to the folks who kept her fed while filming Stranger Things Season 3. The lesson here might be that vague photos on Instagram aren’t the most solid things to make assumptions off of, especially when the person posting them is a bit on the younger side.

Stranger Things Season 3 is headed to Netflix sometime during summer 2019. For a look at what’s headed to television in the meantime, be sure to visit and bookmark our handy fall and midseason premiere guide. For your remaining Netflix options this year, swing by our 2018 Netflix premiere guide!

Vikings Production Company Under Fire For Allegedly Mishandling Finances

Sometimes the drama behind the scenes of your favorite show is just as intense as it is in front of it. Just ask Vikings. The production company behind it and other historical dramas is under fire.

A legal battle is currently unfolding in an Irish court between the production company behind the hit television show and a shareholder. It is a battle that has been raging for a while now. However, there is a new development in the case.

An investigation is now underway regarding the financial records of producer Octagon Films, per Deadline. It is all part of the ongoing legal dispute between Octagon Films’ founders and shareholder W2 Filmproduktion. In a new development, accountants will investigate the former’s financial records. Both sides have appointed accountants in the disagreement.

W2 has alleged that producers from Octagon Films have diverted funds from the company and given it to themselves or companies they own. Or as Ragnar may say, taken the treasure. W2 alleges that somewhere between 40 to 50 million euros were mishandled, per Independent.IE. The accused Octagon producers have denied the claims.

In a ruling in October, the judge in the case approved the freeze of the two Octagon producers’ assets. That decision was made following an allegation by W2’s CEO that the producers would dissipate or dispose of assets.

The case is expected back in court a few months from now in February 2019. A chance to return sooner is in the cards. That is if the accountants do not agree on what is found.

For fans of historical dramas, Octagon Films may be a familiar fixture when it comes to spotting production logos. Octagon has not only produced History’s Vikings, but it has also produced the Showtime smash, The Tudors. Interestingly, both series have starred Jonathon Rhys Meyers in prominent roles.

Jonathon Rhys Meyers starred in the lead role of King Henry VIII in The Tudors. Years later, he joined the cast of Vikings in the final scene of the series’ fourth season. He made his full-fledged debut as Heahmund in Season 5.

Along with Vikings and The Tudors, Octagon Films has also produced two other Showtime historical series. Those would be the Eva Green horror series Penny Dreadful as well as The Borgias, which starred Jeremy Irons and Midnight, Texas‘ François Arnaud. At this point, Vikings has been the most enduring of Octagon Film’s high-profile historical dramas.

Penny Dreadful and The Borgias each lasted for three seasons. A spinoff of the former series is currently in the works. Vikings, on the other hand, is on the verge of premiering the second half of its fifth season. Of the three Showtime series mentioned above, The Tudors comes closest to Vikings‘ run with its four-season stint.

Vikings has a steady lead though with its fifth season finishing up and a sixth one on its way. Despite the off-screen drama, Vikings is set to sail into the second half of Season 5 on Wednesday, November 28 at 9 p.m. ET on History. The long-running drama is among many series returning with new seasons this fall and the midseason.