The Eternals Actor Kumail Nanjiani Explains Why He Wants To Bring ‘Joy’ To His Character

For over a decade, Kumail Nanjiani has been steadily rising in the Hollywood ranks. But, you know the comedian has come a long way from his stand up days, because he’s going to be in a Marvel movie next year. Does it get any bigger than that? Audiences will get to see the Silicon Valley star suit up with Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry and Richard Madden for The Eternals. As Nanjiani recently said, though, he had to put a lot of thought into what the first Pakistani superhero would look like on the big screen. In his words:

Get Out: 10 Cool Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Jordan Peele’s Horror Movie

Most Of The Cast And Crew Lived Together In A Spooky Hotel During Filming

Get Out was filmed in 23 days on a $4.5 Million budget. This meant that they had a tight schedule and couldn’t afford the luxuries of the entire crew having their own places. Filming began in California, but the production team missed out on a California tax rebate, so filming moved to Fairhope, Alabama.

Allison Williams moved there ahead of production to get comfortable. She also rented her own place. Everyone else stayed at a historical hotel, but most of the crew spent most of their time at Williams’ place because she would cook. According to her, everyone got really close on set.

Disney World Fans Have Some Blunt Thoughts About The Cinderella’s Castle Makeover

The decision to redesign Cinderella Castle was not all that shocking. The cosmetic look of the castle now matches the visual look of the other castles at the Disney Parks around the world. Each castle is certainly unique, but now they also have common design elements running through them.

And while there may be those that don’t love the new look, there are also those that think it looks amazing.

Should Hamilton Be Eligible For Oscars? We’ve Got Thoughts

Why Hamilton Shouldn’t Be Eligible For The Oscars

Putting aside various issues and systemic problems, the Academy Awards is about one thing: the celebration of film. All genres are taken into consideration, as are documentaries and shorts, and the art is highlighted on a great number of levels – from visual effects and production design, to scripts and direction. There are rules regarding length, distribution, and other details, but it’s a fairly open contest within the medium.

Crashed Plane That Nearly Killed Harrison Ford Has Found A New Home

Other than his 2015 incident, Harrison Ford plane incidents date back to 1999 when he was forced to make an emergency landing in a dry riverbed in California with his flight instructor. No one was hurt, but the helicopter was severely damaged. Another plane situation happened in 2017, when he mistakenly landed his single-engine Aviat Husky on a taxiway in John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. Following the recent mishap, Ford was ordered to complete awareness training in order to keep his license.

The Batman Fan Art Imagines Matthew McConaughey As Two-Face

What we see here is some really solid work on the destroyed face (the cheek hole and bulging eyeball are a must), the all important coin Two-Face uses to make all of his decisions, and a perfect, sleek crime boss look. Honestly, one of my favorite things about this is that this picture of McConaughey looks to have been taken from one of his Lincoln car commercials, because now I can’t help but think that is exactly the type of car Two-Face would be driven around in while running part of Gotham’s underworld.

How The Old Guard Cast Dug Deep Into Their Immortal Characters

Based on the comic by Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez, The Old Guard centers on a group of immortals – Andy (Charlize Theron), Booker (Matthias Schoenaerts), Joe (Marwan Kenzari), and Nicky (Luca Marinelli) – who have lived on Earth for hundreds of years. With the gift/curse of all that time, they together choose to dedicate their existences to try and generate the maximum amount of good in the world. Unfortunately they wind up getting hit with a serious double whammy of drama simultaneously, as the unit is first set up and exposed by a former CIA agent (Chiewtel Ejiofor) working for a powerful pharmaceutical executive (Harry Melling), and then they sense that a new person has joined their ranks as a marine named Nile Freeman (KiKi Layne) is killed while on tour in Afghanistan and then bizarrely wakes up without a scratch.

Why A Gladiator Sequel Has Always Been A Challenge, According To The Producer

Let’s travel back to the halcyon year of 2000, shall we? Ridley Scott’s Gladiator was a huge hit at the summer box office, and would eventually become an awards juggernaut in the awards season to come. So naturally, when you’re an upstart studio like Dreamworks, and Russell Crowe has just helped you land an eventual pop culture hit, you’re going to want a sequel in the works ASAP. But as history has shown us, it’s been a bit of a challenge to get another Gladiator movie off the ground, and no one knows that better than one of the film’s producers, Douglas Wick.