The Rumored Price For The New Disney Star Wars Hotel Is Pretty Intense

Star Wars hotel room concept art

While Walt Disney World is just about to enjoy the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, that’s only the beginning when it comes to the Star Wars experiences that guests will be able to enjoy before too long. A Star Wars themed hotel is currently under construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that’s connected to the new land, which has been teasing an experience so immersive that it may outdo the theme park itself.

Almost nothing official has been revealed about the hotel or experience, but rumors have indicated the hotel will be a set length, two nights and three days, and will involve all the guests in their very own Star Wars story, complete with wardrobe. Such a thing clearly is not going to be cheap, but a new rumor has indicated that the price may be a bit more than your highest expectations, as the complete experience could run you $3,300 for a single person or $7,200 for a cabin of five.

This price is reportedly for the standard cabins. There will be “First Class” cabins available as well, but the rumor from WDWNT doesn’t have those numbers. The markup between standard rooms and larger suites at other Walt Disney World hotels can be significant, so those better cabins could end up costing twice as much, maybe more.

Of course, it has to be said that this hotel won’t even exist for a couple more years, so there’s no way these numbers are final. They will almost certainly fluctuate based on a number of factors. Even if these numbers are legitimately what Walt Disney World is considering right now, they can’t possibly be more than placeholders.

Honestly, when you break it down, it’s not necessarily that insane a number. The 5-person room cost breaks down to $1,440 per person or $480 per day, and since this hotel will be operating more like a cruise ship tha a standard hotel, most food and drink, as well as some entertainment, will be included in that price. It’s not cheap, to be sure, but for a one-of-a-kind vacation experience, it’s maybe not as crazy as it appears.

The cruise ship analogy fits quite nicely because that’s really what this. The theming for the hotel is that guests will be on board a starship traveling through space. When you’re inside the hotel windows will only look out onto star fields. One would assume that a “shore excursion” to Batuu, allowing you to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will also be part of the experience.

$480 per person is actually quite reasonable for room and food and entertainment for a day at Walt Disney World. If you have four friends you can split a room with that you enjoy vacationing with, it could actually be quite fun.

Honestly, even the single person number isn’t all that insane when you consider what is included. If you were to book a room at one of Disney’s more expensive existing hotels, buy your theme park tickets, and eat a couple of nice table service meals in a day, you could easily approach spending four figures per day on your vacation. Hell, a suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge costs more than $1,000 a night by itself.

There was never any question that this hotel was going to be expensive. Of course, if these prices are anywhere close to correct, then honestly the new Star Wars hotel is going to be a vacation all its own. Spending $500-$1000 per day on your vacation to do the Star Wars hotel may be worth it for the experience, but if you’re tacking that onto a longer Walt Disney World vacation, you could end up spending more than a week at the theme park in total, and, even if the per day cost isn’t insane, it’s just a lot of money at the end of the trip.

Of course, getting you to spend as much time at Walt Disney World as possible is the point. A Star Wars hotel that is a completely inclusive experience means you have no reason to leave. Any additional money that you do spend, you spend at Disney.

If these numbers are still too high, odds are they are the standard rate. Walt Disney World hotel rates fluctuate with the season so there may be a time of year when the rooms are slightly cheaper. Although, one guesses that, assuming the hotel is in high demand, even getting a room at first will be tough.

There will apparently only be 34 rooms per floor, 32 standard and two First Class cabins, which is much smaller than your average hotel. This means that the hotel as a whole will have fewer rooms. This probably a necessity for managing the crowd, considering that everybody in the building will apparently be involved in some sort of Star Wars themed adventure. If there are too many people, it just becomes impossible to manage, but it’s another reason the per room cost may be so high.

As somebody who recently spent a week at Walt Disney World with a dozen friends, I could easily see myself grabbing a couple of them to go with my family and share a room on the Star Wars hotel, even going with just my family isn’t out of the question if I save up. For fans of Walt Disney World or Star Wars, there is going to be nothing quite like this and those who are able will almost certainly find the money to visit once.

With Disney’s D23 Expo happening this weekend, and an entire panel dedicated to Disney Parks on the schedule, we’ll probably get some news on the forthcoming hotel. We could get a confirmed name or a window for opening. It’s probably too far out for much more than that. It’s unlikely anything like pricing will be confirmed. Not only is it too far out for these numbers to be final, but Disney doesn’t usually drop “bad news” at D23, and prices like this will certainly qualify for a lot of people.

Are these prices too expensive or will you be booking your room at the first opportunity? Let us know in the poll below.

If These Prices Are Accurate, Will You Be Booking A Room At The Star Wars Hotel At Walt Disney World?

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8 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In September 2019

The Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King Aragorn stares forcefully

As we near the fall season of moviegoing, it’s good to fall back on some old favorites in-between new and exciting fare, like the potentially surprising horror hit Ready or Not. While not every weekend is a barnstormer at the box office, that just means there’s more room to head to Netflix for something you’ve seen a million times before, or perhaps not at all.

With that in mind, we’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest titles to come online in any given month, and September 2019 looks to have some ringers headed our way. If you’re curious as to what else Netflix is bringing to the table in the next month, head over to our full rundown of the titles coming online.

Otherwise, it’s time to look into the future and recommend the following prime picks:

300 Leonidas watches his enemies fall in the rain


At the height of his powers, director Zack Snyder was one of the most creative interpreters of the DC/Vertigo comic line that Warner Bros had to offer. Working around the same time as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was in play, Snyder gave the world two precious graphic novel based gifts: Watchmen and 300. Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender, and Lena Headey all star in the latter, Snyder’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s cult comic classic, which is drenched in his personal brand of style.

A lot of the hallmarks of the director’s visual language are here, especially the beginnings of his obsession with speed ramping, as this film most definitely lead to the director’s prime position in DC Comics’ filmmaking apparatus. Debate 300’s messages all you want, you can’t rob the film of its beauty.

American Psycho Patrick stares intensely at his axe

American Psycho

Before Christian Bale even donned a cape for the first time, he had a noteworthy career in a variety of roles that would set him up as an acting talent that had to be seen to be believed. Among those early victories was a film that was passed around with quite a bit of impish glee: director Mary Herron’s version of Bret Easton Ellis’ infamous novel American Psycho.

As the central role of insecure sociopath Patrick Bateman, Bale set a benchmark for a role that had already drawn quite a bit of attention through merely existing in print. So you could imagine how much seeing Bateman kill Paul Allen for the first time on screen must have shocked audiences in 2000 for it to still be talked about to this very day. Insanely quotable and severely unhinged, it’s a must-see for old fans and new victims.

Dante's Peak Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton make their way through the forest with kids

Dante’s Peak

1997 was the year to have a volcano in your movie, as both Dante’s Peak and Volcano would open in U.S. theaters within three months of each other. While 1998 would be an even bigger year for dueling projects, as Armageddon vs. Deep Impact and A Bug’s Live vs. Antz would see Disney and Dreamworks going head to head in two very unique ways, this was the battle that started it all.

Much like those conflicts, there’s a distinct difference between the combatants. One film tends to be the more character-invested of the two, with the other being a more blockbuster fueled experience. Dante’s Peak is the perfect example of the former, as Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton’s journey to brave the elements in the middle of a volcanic event is the more grounded of the pair. Admit it: it’s been a while since you’ve seen this one, and you’re curious to see if it holds up.

Mystic River angry Sean Penn is restrained by cops

Mystic River

Author Dennis Lehane is one of those writers who found his work explode in greater popularity after one particularly impressive film adaptation put him on the map. Already a renowned writer before director Clint Eastwood and writer Brian Helgeland tackled the emotionally haunting Mystic River, Lehane’s star only rose when the film version of that very book became an Oscar contender in 2004; winning Sean Penn and Tim Robbins trophies for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.

Three childhood friends are reunited by fate when one of their daughters is murdered, and a past trauma is unearthed as a result. Dark and brooding, Mystic River was also the breakout role for Shameless vet Emmy Rossum, and boasts a particularly effecting performance from acting legend Laura Linney. It’s a film that deserves to be rediscovered, and it’s about to get a lot easier to do so.

Stripes Bill Murray, John Candy, and Harold Raimis look tough in the Army


If Meatballs and Caddyshack teed up Bill Murray for cinematic stardom, his work in Ivan Reitman’s Stripes has to be the swing that sent him through the plate glass window of comedy legend. Re-teaming Murray with Reitman and adding co-writer/actor Harold Ramis to the balance, the stage would be set for the three to form up most of the unit that would go on to land Ghostbusters just three short years from this point in time.

Though don’t expect supernatural charged laughs in this one, as Stripes is a laugh-filled comedy about irresponsible men who find a bit of personal accountability as they make their way through the finest training the U.S. Army’s has to provide them. Bill Murray was officially on a role by time this one came around, and performances by John Laroquette, John Candy and a bunch of other notables make this an ‘80s classic that survives the test of time.

Superbad the boys looking confused


Since this past summer has produced two pseudo remakes of Superbad in not only Booksmart, but also Good Boys, the fact that the 2007 R-rated comedy is heading to Netflix’s streaming lineup puts audiences in an interesting position. If one really wanted to, they could buy a digital HD copy of Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, cue up the Michael Cera and Jonah Hill hitmaker, and then go see the raunchy tween comedy – all in rapid succession if they really wanted to.

Obviously, this story of two best friends getting into misadventures on one of the last nights of high school should be first in the queue, as Cera and Hill’s big break is the one that started it all. But if we were to recommend any other specific placements, we’d put Booksmart in the middle and bookend things with Good Boys, as it would round things out with another Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg involved comedy. No matter how you watch them, Superbad is the perfect foundation of laughs to a day’s worth of superb comedic entertainment, and we could all use a day or two like that.

The Two Towers Frodo, Sam, and Gollum held captive

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

With The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring already on Netflix, anyone who’s enjoyed the beginning of Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien was probably left hanging when the remaining chapters in the series were nowhere to be found in the streaming library’s archives. Now, if you really want to kill an afternoon in style, those two remaining chapters are coming online for your personal enjoyment.

In the case of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Jackson’s adaptation of this famed trilogy tackles the hardest part of any three-tiered story, the middle, with the greatest of ease. The film also follows up the intense world building of the film before it, mixing in an economy of battle sequences that prepare the audience for the raised stakes the finale would cash in on with Return of the King.

The Lord Of The Rings: Return of the King the cast assembled in movie poster fashion

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The finale of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Return of The King is undoubtedly peak Peter Jackson. Everything comes together in the final chapter of Frodo and the Fellowship’s quest to destroy the One Ring, and it’s hard not to feel incredibly satisfied once the film’s concluded. Just as any Academy Award voter that awarded the film its phalanx of victories, including Best Picture, in the same year that Mystic River would compete for those top honors. If you’re looking for a little extra excitement, throw that film on after watching this triumphant achievement, and feel free to debate which film should have walked away with the crown that night.

Keep in mind that the titles above are subject to availability, as they could change at any time, and are not available in all regions. So check your Netflix queue carefully throughout September to make sure you’re in the clear. Other than that, if you’re curious to see what big debuts made waves throughout this past month, you can check those titles out in our run through the notable titles of August.

We’ll see you back here this time next month, when October has revealed its Netflix surprises in waiting!

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Don’t Worry, Ezra Miller Says The Flash Movie Is ‘Absolutely Confirmed’

The DC live-action universe has had a fascinating tenure in theaters, and is a constant source of surprising news. The DCEU has had its share of peaks and valleys, with Warner Bros. approaching each new installment based on the performance of its predecessors. Unlike Marvel Studios, DC doesn’t reveal a full slate of releases, with certain projects stuck in development hell. One of these is the Flash’s solo movie, although Ezra Miller recently assured fans that it’s indeed happening.

The Flash movie, which may or may not be named Flashpoint, was hit with a serious of setbacks following the disappointing performance of Justice League. A number of directors have fallen to the wayside, with fans wondering of the movie would end up coming to fruition. But Ezra Miller recently put those fears to rest, listing the Flash movie and the delayed Fantastic Beasts 3 as two upcoming projects that are “absolutely confirmed.”

This news, which comes to us from a Korean outlet‘s interview with the star, should be a relief to DC fans who have been waiting for Barry Allen to finally get his own solo movie. It’s a project that is a long time coming, as Ezra Miller as announced to be playing The Flash a number of years ago. After making a few cameos in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, he finally got to play the role in larger capacity in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Unfortunately, that blockbuster left something to be desired, and its poor box office and critical performance altered the original plans for the shared universe. Ben Affleck departed from the role of Batman, while Henry Cavill’s fate as the Man of Steel is unclear. As for the Flash movie, it hit a series of setbacks, being delayed a number of times.

The biggest problem Flashpoint has had is its rocky road regarding directors. The long gestating blockbuster saw both Seth Grahame-Smith, Rick Famuyiwa, and John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein depart from the director’s chair, further delaying the movie’s production. IT director Andy Muschietti is currently attached to helm the project, with the script reportedly being worked on at the insistence of Ezra Miller himself.

While Justice League might have been a disappointment, Ezra Miller’s performance as The Flash was a real saving grace for the ill-fated blockbuster. He brought a sense of naivety and youthful energy to the blockbuster, and was a standout by chewing the scenery and making Barry Allen a quirky hero who was still getting his footing at a crime fighter.

The Flash ends up becoming a real hero throughout the course of the movie, even facing off against Superman during his resurrection. DC fans are eager to see what the Scarlet Speedster has been up to since helping to take down Steppenwolf, so hopefully the upcoming movie will indeed arrive sometime in 2021.

The next installment in the DCEU is Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) on February 7, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies

Disney’s Lady And The Tramp Star Was A Shelter Dog

While Disney’s big remakes have been setting box office records this year, the studio’s next remake won’t be on the big screen, but rather the small one. Lady and the Tramp will be the next live-action remake when it arrives on Disney+ on November 12, and, as it turns out, the movie is much more live-action than people may have suspected, because the movie uses actual dogs and not CGI recreations.

Not only that, but the dog that will play the role of Tramp, even has a backstory that’s perfect for his role, as it turns out he came from a shelter.

THe dog who will play the role of Tramp, and be voiced by Justin Theroux, is actually named Monte, and he was found in animal shelter in Phoenix according to Heather Allen, president of HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, says Monte was adopted last year and while the staff knew it had something to do with Hollywood, everything was being kept extra quiet…

The remake of Lady and the Tramp was announced following news the release of The Jungle Book and the news that The Lion King was going to be remade using similar CGI animation. Many likely assumed, i was certainly one who did, that Lady and the Tramp would use a similar process and not actually use real animals. Simba had a reference lion for the new Lion King, but no real animals appear in the film.

Whether this was a creative decision, or simply a financial one, this movie decided to go with real animals. This had the nice benefit of rescuing many different animals to play the various roles, all of whom have reportedly now been adopted.

For his part, Monte seems quite perfect for Hollywood. While he may have been living in shelters for sometime, he has always worked well with people. Allen continues…

We’ve had a chance to see the animals that play the roles in Lady and the Tramp, but the movie itself is still largely being kept secret. No trailer has been released, even though the movie is less than three months away. It has been confirmed that Lady and the Tramp will be a launch day movie for the Disney+ streaming service when it arrives November 12.

With Disney’s D23 Expo happening this weekend, and a major panel being dedicated to Disney+, I would expect to get our first look at Lady and the Tramp there. Alongside The Mandalorian, it’s one of the major original releases at launch, so it will probably get a lot of attention.

Lady and the Tramp is a piece of classic Disney animation that i don’t think gets quite enough credit for how good it is. Hopefully the remake will remind people of the original, and also be great on its own.

Motherless Brooklyn Trailer Has Edward Norton Back In A Starring Role

Edward Norton has had a long and successful career as an actor, accruing three Oscar nominations along the way. But it’s been a few years since we’ve seen the 50 year-old actor on the screen in a leading role. While he recently had a surprise cameo in Alita: Battle Angel and voiced Rex in Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, it’s been a few years since Norton was able to take center stage onscreen. But that’ll change with his upcoming crime drama Motherless Brooklyn.

Motherless Brooklyn is based off the novel of the same name, and follows a 1950s private investigator who has Tourette Syndrome. The upcoming movie has a killer cast, lead by none other than Ed Norton himself. Aside from that, he also produced and directed the upcoming project, his second directorial venture. The first trailer for Motherless Brooklyn just arrived, check it out below.

Pretty cool right? Edward Norton has assembled a killer cast, and the concept of Motherless Brooklyn looks like it’ll be a thrilling take on the mob movie genre.

The trailer opens on Edward Norton’s character Lionel Essrog, who is narrating the first footage from the film. We’re introduced to Lionel as a character, as he reveals his Tourette Syndrome diagnosis. The audience is shown some of the tics that he’s subject to as a result of the disease, which are both physical and verbal.

But Lionel’s life with Tourette’s isn’t necessarily the main subject of the movie. Instead, it’s a dark crime drama, with the protagonist getting involved in a dangerous investigation. Everything gets kickstarted when Bruce Willis’ Frank Minna enters the scene. Frank is a P.I. who was a mentor to Ed Norton’s character. But he uncovers something dangerous and mob related, and is promptly killed (spoiler alert).

Motherless Brooklyn will follow this hunt for the truth, and the trailer hints that there will be plenty of shocking twists and turns in the upcoming drama. Just what Frank learned before his death is unclear, but it was enough to get him killed for it. Lionel’s investigation puts him in danger as well, and will put the character in contact with the rest of the upcoming film’s stellar cast.

This quest eventually finds Lionel meeting a woman named Laura Rose, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Black Mirror, Beauty and the Beast). She’s somehow linked to Frank’s death, although the film’s protagonist is shown having more than just professional feelings for her. This should make his mission all the more confusing, especially as he also gets involved with Alec Baldwin’s Moses Randolph.

Moses Randolph appears to be a morally corrupt man, who is trying to gain as much power and influence as possible in New York City. Baldwin’s performance has already shone through in the trailer, and he’s one of many A-listers to be apart of Motherless Brooklyn. Also filling out the cast are Willem Dafoe, Bobby Cannavale, Leslie Mann, and Cherry Jones.

Edward Norton’s upcoming movie is set to arrive in theaters on November 1, 2019, after premiering at the Toronto Film Festival. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

ReelBlend #81: John Travolta Stories And The Peanut Butter Falcon Interviews

Do you know how long John Travolta has been a professional, working actor? Some might guess 20 years, as they only remember his career resurgence that started with Pulp Fiction. Others who remember all the way back to Grease and Saturday Night Fever might guess 30 to 35 years.

Impressive, and still not even close.

Travolta has been entertaining audiences for just shy of 50 years as a professional actor, singer and dancer. His career has been staggering, and while he has been in a rut as of late, his newest film The Fanatic is an intriguing stare into the mirror of celebrity.

Travolta went on a national press tour to promote The Fanatic recently, and both Kevin McCarthy and Jake Hamilton got him. They share their stories of interviewing Travolta in this week’s ReelBlend episode.

Before they get to their Travolta stories, the ReelBlend boys tackle the news of the week, and damn, did they have some doozies. Spider-Man is leaving the MCU (for now), sending Sean into an outrage. The Matrix 4 has been confirmed, and the guys have thoughts. And the new Bond film has an official title.

Oh, and after raving about The Peanut Butter Falcon last week, Sean brings his interview with co-directors Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz to the show!

Yeah, this one is jam packed.

ReelBlend is a weekly podcast that we do on CinemaBlend. You can download the latest episode (and all of our past episodes) for FREE on our iTunes page! Visit. Subscribe. Like and comment. Review! Apple loves when you have star ratings and reviews, so if you listened, and you liked it (or even if you didn’t), let us know. We also are on Spotify. And Google Play. And basically everywhere that you download podcasts. So download us.

Meanwhile, follow the guys on Social Media! We have an official Twitter feed for the show, so follow @ReelBlend. In addition, follow the guys at @Sean_OConnell, @JakesTakesand @KevinMcCarthyTV.

Why Angel Has Fallen Reminds Gerard Butler Of A Bourne Movie

Every generation has an action hero they can call their own. Whether it be Bruce Willis’ John McClane in the Die Hard films, Jason Statham as The Transporter‘s eponymous her or Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. Each star brings their own badassery to each franchise as audiences watch them cleverly work through their unique and dangerous situations and take down the threats on their tails. This weekend, Gerard Butler’s Secret Service Agent Mike Banning is back for Angel Has Fallen, and word is the new release has a good ‘ol classic action movie feel to it.

CinemaBlend’s own Jeff McCobb recently sat down with the Angel Has Fallen star to discuss what other action movies reminds him of the threequel. Check it out:

While moviegoers may liken Angel Has Fallen to decades-old action films such as The Fugitive, Gerard Butler also points out his new film has some similarities to the Matt Damon-led Bourne franchise and 1993’s Superman III. Since in Angel Has Fallen, Butler’s character is framed for an attack on Morgan Freeman’s President Allan Trumbull, he is left to his own devices to uncover the true threat to the president without the help of the Secret Service.

The Bourne movies always has Jason at odds with just about every party he could think of. He had to be paranoid to survive, and sometimes the good guys were the bad guys, and vice versa. In our interview, Gerard Butler explains how Mike Banning has to use his own tricks against everyone he’s at odds with too.

Gerard Butler also threw it back to Christopher Reeves’ third Superman film when comparing Angel Has Fallen. In the ‘80s film, Superman is exposed to synthetic Kryptonite laced with tar thanks to Richard Pryor’s Gus Gorman, which splits him into two: good-natured Clark Kent and an evil Superman. When the hero becomes a villain overnight and must grapple with the public’s sudden mistrust in him. Banning deals with this as well, since he goes from being a trusted agent to Public Enemy No. 1.

The actor also explained that while Angel Has Fallen may remind viewers of some other movies of its genre, it doesn’t rip off any of them and is its own story. He also teased that the movie tackles with relatable themes to today’s world and what those who have jobs in the service must go through in their careers. Gerard Butler closed out his response by talking about how the story offers up a ton more action because it’s not just Banning against the bad guys; everyone is after him this time around.

How Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Can Exist In The MCU Without The Sony And Marvel Deal

Tom Holland Spider-Man: Far From Home Marvel

The MCU has only just begun its Phase 4 journey in a post-Avengers: Endgame world, and already there’s one big problem to address. By now, many are well aware of the breakdown in negotiations between Marvel and Sony about financing future Spider-Man solo films, and talks devolved to the point where the agreement to share the webslinger is off at the moment.

It’s a devastating blow for both studios, as well as Tom Holland, Zendaya, and just about every Marvel fan who’s been thrilled about this version of Spider-Man since his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War. It’s worth mentioning that cooler heads may prevail, and that Marvel and Sony may eventually negotiate Spider-Man back into the MCU. At the moment though, Sony will have to go into its next Spider-Man film using only the characters it holds the rights to, without mentioning the MCU in any way.

That means no Nick Fury, no mentions of Tony Stark, and certainly no other memorable Marvel heroes. So, how the hell can Sony hope to tell the next chapter of its cinematic Spider-Man? Reboots (unfortunately) are always an option, although there is a way that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man can remain tied to Marvel’s MCU, even if he isn’t specifically seen again in MCU projects. It’ll just take a bit of creativity on Sony’s part, which it should be able to pull off with or without Kevin Feige.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Marvel

How Sony Could Distance Tom Holland’s Spider-Man From The MCU While Still Remaining Connected

Let’s take a minute to revisit the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home, spoilers included. In the final minutes of the movie, we see that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were actually Skrulls in disguise named Talos and Soren, that the real Nick Fury is in outer space, and that Mysterio leaked Peter’s identity as Spider-Man to media mogul J. Jonah Jameson as a contingency plan following his failed revenge.

Peter’s oblivious to the whole Skrull thing, but even if he wasn’t, his immediate future tracks with the hero stepping away from the MCU for a hot minute. After all, Peter’s been exposed as Spider-Man, and will have to go underground to figure out a way to protect all his loved ones from being harmed by Spidey’s most vengeful villains.. Long story short, he should be way too busy to pal around with any heroes for a while.

Now, if Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was still a part of the MCU, this situation would’ve been easier. Tony Stark left Peter a lot of resources to ensure he’s well off and capable of handling even the biggest threats in his life, so even having his identity exposed wouldn’t have been as big of a deal as it may have seemed at the time. Peter could just own it like Tony did, and maybe get some of that swagger and confidence Stark had that he completely lacks now.

So, how does Sony fix this? Well, let’s not forget that Peter was also branded as the orchestrator of the Elemental attacks by Mysterio and J. Jonah Jameson. Getting charged with a felony will typically freeze one’s assets pretty quick, especially if the accused isn’t going to simply turn himself in to post bond and face trial at a later date. Something tells us the third Spider-Man film wasn’t going to be an intense courtroom drama, so I’m assuming Spidey will try and exonerate himself.

Let’s also remember that Sony has established the expansive Spider-verse within its own brand, so the studio could leave Holland’s Spider-Man in a holding pattern while it jumps over to feature a Spider-Man on another Earth. It seems like a crazy direction to head in, and it’s probably ill-advised given the world really wants a direct follow up to Spider-Man: Far From Home, but crazier things have happened.

Both scenarios seem like very doable plans for Sony, especially when it has such a deep lineup of Spider-Man characters to help spice up any future films. With that said, it’s all down to whether Sony wants to maintain that illusion, and whether or not Marvel Studios will try to burn it down within its own MCU. For example, what if Marvel chose to write out Spider-Man with some tongue-in-cheek manner – “That web-head in New York,” for instance – without directly referencing or showing the character? Kind of hard and pointless to maintain the illusion at that point.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel

Why Marvel Would Want To Maintain The Illusion Of Spider-Man In The MCU

Disney has a lot of popular MCU heroes it can fall back on, but let’s be honest, Spider-Man is not only one of the franchise’s biggest characters, but also Marvel’s most popular character in general. It’s possible, although not a sure thing, that Marvel had more plans for Peter coming up in the MCU, especially considering how meticulously Marvel Studios plots out its phases in advance.

We really have no idea what plans the MCU had for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but imagine what scripts would be affected if he was already slated to appear in one of the upcoming titles Marvel announced so far? Things would need to be re-written and plans would need to be changed. It all could turn into a pretty expensive endeavor overall for Disney, jeopardizing any plans it may have started with Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Could Disney absorb the loss of Spider-man fix it? Of course it can. The company has money for days, and works with some of the brightest minds in Hollywood. With that said, one would think Disney execs would much rather work out a deal with Sony in order to keep one of the MCU’s only remaining New York-based heroes active within its roster.

Again, this is all speculative, and one would think if Marvel was willing to walk away without a deal then it may not have been planning too much for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man going forward. That’s a real shame considering he’s one of the youngest talents in the bunch that could’ve served as a common link between the old and new Marvel generations a decade from now. That assumes the MCU itself will last until 2030, which feels like a safe bet.

We can only speak for now, and from a viewer’s perspective, but Marvel gave Peter Parker a pretty sizable role in Avengers: Infinity War, and seemed to establish him as the Stark heir in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Thus, it’s hard to believe a character like that is actually so expendable in the MCU, which may be why it’s being stressed that the negotiations between Sony and Marvel are ongoing. Both sides want a resolution, but for now, this holding pattern might take a few years before Peter gets looped back in.

Will Sony and Marvel come to terms and share Spider-Man again? Jeremy Renner is trying to make it happen, but readers should continue to stick with CinemaBlend for updates in case those efforts don’t pan out.

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The Russo Brothers Share Endgame Video Of Chris Evans Fooling Around As Old Man Cap

There’s nothing like another behind-the-scenes Avengers: Endgame moment to make light of some of the most epic and emotional sequences of the summer blockbuster! The Russo Brothers have shared a hilarious video of Chris Evans’ Old Man Captain America strutting around by the park bench like it’s 1945. Here it is:

Not too shabby for a retired Avenger, eh? In the Twitter post, the Endgame directors quipped about how Old Man Cap looks spry enough to be placed on Fantasy draft as he’s seen throwing around some rocks and putting on his game face in-between the filming of perhaps his character’s final scene in the franchise.

Following Iron Man’s sacrifice that killed off Thanos, Endgame gave fans a more happy ending for Steve Rogers, who was tasked with going back in time to return the Infinity Stones the team nabbed during the Time Heist. Minutes after he goes off on his mission back in time, Falcon finds Rogers sitting on a bench as an old man, where its revealed he lived out a full life with Peggy Carter.

It’s always fun to see a peak into what antics that happened in between the iconic scenes of Endgame and this video shows Chris Evans was having a blast portraying Old Man Cap on set, making a bit of fun of how capable he is, despite the frailty he projects on screen for the sequence.

Marvel recently released these side-by-side shots of the character in the scene and after visual effects were added to age his face. Check it out:

Chris Evans did wear some makeup for the scene, sporting grey hair, some wrinkles and prosthetics on his neck. The VFX heightened the look by thinning out his face a bit and adding it more details to his old age. Pretty amazing, right?

We do have to wonder that since this Captain America is alive, if he’ll ever make any more appearances in future MCU projects. Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter reappeared as an older woman in Winter Soldier and her funeral was shown in Civil War. Not to mention that awkward lingering question about how Steve’s brief relationship with Sharon Carter played into his marriage with her aunt Peggy.

Even still, if Chris Evans sitting on a bench as Old Man Cap is the last we’ll ever see of the hero, it was an incredibly satisfying end to his time as the iconic hero.

5 Things We Need To See In The Matrix 4

Neo stopping bullets in midair

A continuation, reboot or spinoff of The Matrix has been rumored for years, but now it’s finally happening. The Matrix 4 is officially in development, with Lana Wachowski set to write and direct, and Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss returning to star as Neo and Trinity, respectively.

The Matrix is an iconic and immeasurably influential piece of cinema that remains incredible in 2019, as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. Despite the way the sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, are viewed now, fans are still excited to see what The Matrix 4 will bring. With some of the original team in front of and behind the camera returning, there is hope that it can capture the magic of the 1999 classic.

So with that in mind, now that The Matrix 4 is on the way, what do we want from it? Here are five things we need to see in The Matrix 4.

Neo's sacrifice

Answers To Big, Lingering Questions

The Matrix and its sequels left audiences with quite a few lingering questions, and with any luck, some of those will be addressed in The Matrix 4. Before that happens though, we’ll first need to know how Neo and especially how Trinity are back in this fourthquel after their deaths in The Matrix Revolutions. The nature and role of The One has a built-in possible reason for Neo’s return, but there will have to be another explanation for Trinity.

Those are just the starting points because we will also need to know about what’s going on in the film’s world. What happened to Morpheus after his mission was completed? What happened to the rogue programs inside the Matrix? How did Neo’s powers work in the real world? Did the peace between humans and machines last and are there any humans still enslaved in the Matrix? If not, what are the machines using as a power source? There’s a lot to dig into and no doubt The Matrix 4 will introduce even more compelling questions.

Neo preparing to fight

Amazing Fight Scenes

This one is obvious and a given, but it still deserves to be said. For The Matrix, legendary martial arts choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping crafted iconic fight scenes that were like nothing most Western audiences had ever seen before. These fight scenes changed our perspective on what was possible, influenced movie fights for years to come and they still look awesome to this day. The Matrix 4 needs to repeat that feat, and it will release in a marketplace that it helped shape, but one that has evolved in its absence.

Lana Wachowski’s film will play before audiences that have seen the John Wick franchise and The Raid films. This is not to say The Matrix 4’s fights should emulate the choreography of these films and abandon the franchise’s kung-fu style, but they should still wow us and show us something new, that’s different from what else is out there. If we can get some fight scenes that match or top the Neo vs. Smith subway fight in The Matrix and the Burly Brawl from The Matrix Reloaded, it will be a success on this front.

Trinity seeing the sun for the first time

More Of The World Outside The Matrix

In The Matrix trilogy, we learn that the world is essentially a wasteland, and the last remnants of humanity take refuge in the underground sanctuary city of Zion. And for the most part, the events of the trilogy take place in Zion, on the way to the Machine City and within the Matrix. With this new film, it’s time that we finally see more of the surface and what else is going on in the world outside of the Matrix.

Are the skies still blackened? Maybe the world is completely dead, but what if there are other human cities hidden on other parts of the planet? We don’t know how long after The Matrix Revolutions this new film will take place and what the status of the world is, but one of the things we expect in sequels is to see something different and go to new places, and The Matrix 4 is a good opportunity to do that.

Agent Smith explaining purpose to Neo

A Villain Other Than Smith

At the end of The Matrix, Neo, with his newfound powers as The One, jumps into Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith and destroys him. So it came as quite the surprise to see this villain return in the sequels and turn out to be the final boss of the entire trilogy. We don’t yet know if Hugo Weaving will return for The Matrix 4, but given that Neo and Trinity were both dead at the end of The Matrix Revolutions, alongside Agent Smith, it seems possible he could.

However, if Smith is a part of Matrix 4, he shouldn’t be the big bad. We’ve already had three Matrix movies with Smith as the main villain, and to give us something new and fresh, The Matrix 4 should go in another direction. If the machines are still the enemy, it would be cool to see what else they have to throw at Neo & Co. other than your standard agents. Or maybe the enemy is human this time around. Hugo Weaving’s character could return in some capacity, but we’d like to see the heroes facing off with someone else in this sequel.

Morpheus explaining what the Matrix is

Mythology And Philosophy

The mythology of The Matrix films got quite unwieldy with the sequels and some may think it’s a lost cause at this point, but I’d still like to see what The Matrix 4 can do with it. Not all of the characters and concepts that make up the mythology work, but the Matrix 4 shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Anyone who has seen The Animatrix knows there are some great concepts waiting to be explored. Whether it’s streamlining that mythology or expanding the lore and introducing interesting new elements, The Matrix 4 has the opportunity to do some cool things.

The Matrix trilogy is also known for its social commentary and deep philosophical questions. It is amazing how prescient these films were about society and technology, from A.I. to virtual reality to surveillance and our concepts of freedom. The Matrix 4 will hopefully continue this trend and offer some insightful commentary about the relationship between humanity and technology in our modern age and force us to ask ourselves difficult new questions. The Matrix wasn’t just great action, it were these deeper themes that made it what it was.

Despite having seen three films in the franchise, it’s difficult to know what to expect or what we even want from The Matrix 4, but these things seem like a good place to start. What we want most of all is to have that feeling we had after we first saw the original Matrix for the first time, that we had just witnessed something new, bold and groundbreaking; a surreal experience that messed with our heads and opened our eyes.

I imagine that’s not easy to replicate, but I look forward to seeing if Lana Wachowski can catch lightning in a bottle once again.

The Matrix 4 is expected to start shooting early next year. For movies still to come this year, check out our premiere guide and let us know what you want to see from The Matrix 4 in the comments below.

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