Denis Villeneuve Wants To Do Another Blade Runner Movie, But Not How You’d Think

That’s because Denis Villeneuve wants to bring new, original stories to the screen instead of just playing the hits with sequel after sequel. So he wouldn’t want to just do extensions of what’s been done before with a continuation of Blade Runner 2049. However, as the director told Empire, he would still be interested in revisiting the universe of the film to tell an entirely new story.

Clone Wars Boss Breaks Silence On Force Awakens Shot Similarity

Whether The Force Awakens intentionally lifted from Clone Wars or it was just a coincidence, Genndy Tartakovsky (whose credits also include the Hotel Transylvania movies, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Primal) seems to okay with the similarity. And to be fair, these shots are seen in wildly different circumstances, with the Clone Wars ships having recently crashed, while the Star Destroyer Rey passes by after scavenging having crashed during the Battle of Jakku, which occurred decades earlier following the events of Return of the Jedi.

Looks Like Sonic The Hedgehog’s Opening Will Make More Money Than We Thought

Sonic the Hedgehog may be opening on Valentine’s Day, but the Blue Blur has his sights set not on candy hearts, roses, chocolates or even golden rings, he’s eyeing major box office bucks.The latest tracking is in for Paramount’s adaptation of Sega’s iconic videogame franchise and Sonic the Hedgehog is projected to enjoy a 4-day opening weekend between $41 million and $47 million according to Deadline.

That Time Kanye West Asked Danny McBride To Play Him In A Movie

Kanye West is a rapper, a songwriter, a record producer, an entrepreneur and a fashion designer and now we may be able to add casting director to his list of skills and occupations because he hit on a positively inspired choice of who could play him in a movie. Yes, apparently Kanye West once actually called actor Danny McBride, asking him to play him in a movie about the acclaimed musician’s life.

Wow, Henry Golding Filmed The Gentlemen And Last Christmas At The Same Time

As you can see from my conversation with Henry Golding above, the Crazy Rich Asians star actually really enjoyed filming both Last Christmas and The Gentlemen at the same time. Because while it may have been exhausting (even for his wife), it was a challenge to wake up every day possibly working on a different movie. Especially since the roles, and the films themselves, are so very different.

11 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In February 2020

Not to mention, with a cast that boasts Lee Marvin, Donald Sutherland and Charles Bronson, among others, you can definitely see why this movie has maintained its reputation as a film of cool badasses. Also, chances are if you’re watching The Dirty Dozen at your parent’s place, someone’s going to want to get in on the action, which makes this an easy Sunday’s entertainment.

World War Z Producer Explains Why He Still Wants A Sequel To Happen

As fans of the universe of World War Z, Jeremy Kleiner seems to believe that there are still things to explore and ideas to mine in this world. The sponge has not yet been wrung dry and because of that, it’s hard to say World War Z 2 will never happen. The story doesn’t feel like it’s over to Jeremy Kleiner and because of that, he’s leaving the door wide open for a possible sequel.

Paul Rudd Gave Halloween Kills’ Anthony Michael Hall His Blessing To Play Tommy Doyle

The horror genre has been in a renaissance over the past few years, with plenty of new and exciting projects hitting theaters. Many of the recent blockbusters come from Blumhouse Productions, although that horror studio recently turned its attention on the classics. 2018’s Halloween made a ton of money at the box office, while also being a critical darling. Two more movies were quickly green lit, the first of which is Halloween Kills. Plenty of characters from John Carpenter’s original Halloween will pop up, with Anthony Michael Hall playing an adult Tommy Doyle. That role was previously played by Paul Rudd in the 1995 movie Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, and recently gave the Breakfast Club actor his blessing to take on the mantle.