Kumail Nanjiani Teases How The Eternals Is Unique From Other Marvel Movies

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in an interesting place right now. We’re currently in the interim period between phases, with months passing between Spider-Man: Far From Home and the release of Black Widow. Phase Four has a ton of very intriguing projects, which should expand the shared universe in new and exciting ways. Chief among them is Chloé Zhao’s The Eternals, which seems to be an especially ambitious project, featuring an all-star cast. Kumail Nanjiani is playing the role of Kingo, and he recently teased what The Eternals brings to the table that other Marvel movies may not.

Disney’s Biggest Movies Like Star Wars Are Being Made Into Immersive Experiences

Disney and the UK-based Secret Cinema have signed a deal which, according to THR, will result in multiple Disney titles being transformed into these movie-based experienced that will combine the film with elements of live music, art, theater and dance. The company has previously produced these experiences for projects like Moulin Rouge!, Blade Runner, Casablanca, Grand Budapest Hotel, Shawshank Redemption, Stranger Things and Alien. Star Wars was also done by Secret Cinema under a previous deal.

The Batman’s Reported Plans For The Batmobile Sound Awesome

The DC live-action universe has found its stride in recent years, with releases like Aquaman and Shazam! proving what the shared universe was capable of. There are some very exciting blockbusters heading to theaters over the next few years, chief among them being Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The long gestating solo flick will introduce Robert Pattinson’s version of the character, taking on the mantle from Ben Affleck. Reeves will reportedly focus on a younger and less experienced Bruce Wayne, and the latest rumors about the Batmobile sound especially exciting.

Colin Trevorrow Confirms Star Wars: Duel Of Fates Title, Concept Art

The next shot gives us Rey, in an outfit similar to what Luke Skywalker wears in The Return of the Jedi, having just dispatched a number of Stormtroopers with a double bladed blue lightsaber. Item three is the one Trevorrow remarks on, where R2-D2 has taken significant damage from something, but the writer/director assures us he would not have died. And finally we get a scene that has been referenced as being in the Duel of the Fates script, Kylo Ren battling a vision of Darth Vader as part of his training with Tor Valum, the Emperor’s teacher.

The Wolf Of Wall Street Just Can’t Catch A Break On Lawsuits

Considering the spot Red Granite is currently in with the Malaysian and U.S. goverments, it’s slim that Jordan Belfort will be getting the $300 million he’s asked for in his lawsuit. However, he could be freed from the rights agreement he made with the production company. Belfort could negotiate the rights to his Wolf of Wall Street sequel memoir, Catching the Wolf of Wall Street. Check out what Red Granite’s lawyer said about the case:

Captain Marvel 2 Needs To Keep This Important Aspect Of The Character

We Haven’t Seen Her Reunite With Anyone From Her Old Life

When Carol Danvers returned to Earth in 1995, she crossed paths again with her best friend, Maria Rambeau, and Maria’s daughter, Monica. The reunion was welcome, but short-lived since Carol went back into space, and while she and Nick Fury were near each other at Tony Stark’s funeral, we never actually saw them reunite with one another.

Brooklynn Prince Tried To Scare Finn Wolfhard On The Turning Set, But It Didn’t Go As Planned

While horror movies are made with the intention of scaring movie-goers, it’s not uncommon for the people who make them to have a lot of fun during production. Those who possess the prankster spirit can find nearly endless opportunities to get up to some mischief on spooky, dimly lit sets and with creepy props and elements of production design, and it can often make the whole experience a lot more fun between takes.

Floria Signismondi’s new film The Turning is a prime example. Most of the production took place on the grounds of a creepy mansion/estate in Ireland, and actress Brooklynn Prince did her best to utilize it to her advantage and scare her co-stars. As I learned sitting down with Prince and Finn Wolfhard during the film’s Los Angeles press day, however, the efforts didn’t exactly go as planned: