When Shazam! 2 Will Be Released In Theaters

Earlier this year, nearly eight full decades after he made his first comic book appearance, Shazam (or the OG Captain Marvel, if you prefer) finally made the jump to the big screen, and the World’s Mightiest Mortal’s movie was met with critical acclaim. A sequel was soon put into development, and word has come in that Shazam! 2 will drop on April 1, 2022.

Yes, in addition for being yet another opportunity for people to engage in April Fools shenanigans, April 1, 2022 will also be the day you can finally see Shazam! 2 in theaters (fingers crossed this doesn’t end up being an elaborate prank). Clearly Warner Bros and DC are content with keeping Billy Batson in spring territory rather than move him to summertime or winter. The sequel is the only movie slotted for that date so far, and while you can be sure that will eventually change, it’s a good bet that it will end up being the biggest release of that opening weekend.

Saoirse Ronan Responds To Greta Gerwig’s Golden Globes Snub For Little Women

While it hasn’t released in theaters yet. Little Women was expected to be a major awards contender this year in a number of categories, including Greta Gerwig, in the Best Director field. However, the 2020 Golden Globe nominations were announced earlier this week and Greta Gerwig’s name was left off the list of nominees.

While she may not be getting recognized by the Golden Globes, the cast of Little Women is standing behind their director. Earlier this week Eliza Scanlan, Florence Pugh and Saoirse Ronan were all on Today in support of the film’s upcoming release, and Ronan, who scored the movie’s biggest nomination in the Best Actress category, said that Greta Gerwig was the “mastermind” behind the film and responsible for everything about it…

It’s difficult to argue that a director doesn’t have a big part in any actor’s success. The director is intrinsic in defining a performance, and if that performance is recognized, the director should be as well.

While the lack of nomination for Greta Gerwig is certainly somewhat shocking, the five nominated directors are, once again, all male, it seems that Gerwig’s snub may have been part of a larger snub for Little Women as a whole. Beyond Saoirse Ronan’s Best Actress nomination, the only other place Little Women received any recognition at all was in the best Original Score category.

It could simply be that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association isn’t as enamored with the movie as general critics, who almost universally are in love with the movie. It could also be that not enough of them have even seen it. While not often talked about, that’s always a concern.

The Golden Globes certainly aren’t a perfect barometer for the Oscars or other awards, but there is a general connection between them. Perhaps Little Women will get the recognition that people are expecting somewhere else. Of course, if people aren’t talking about Little Women much because it fails to receive early nominations, that only increases the odds that other groups voting on awards will tend to forget about it.

This is the second time in recent years Greta Gerwig has failed to secure a Golden Globe nomination for her directing. She was snubbed back in 2017 for Lady Bird, though she was nominated for the film’s screenplay. Gerwig did receive the Oscar nomination in the directing category back then, so perhaps history will repeat itself.

Saoirse Ronan says she’s proud to represent Little Women at the Golden Globes next year. If she happens to give an acceptance speech, we can be sure Greta Gerwig will get her due at the Golden Globes.

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker’s Richard E. Grant Reveals The ‘Advantage’ To Not Getting A Full Script

Whether it’s a massive event film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or an eagerly anticipated tale from a galaxy far, far away, secrecy is paramount for franchise blockbusters, and studios go to extreme measures to protect a film’s secrets. We’ve all heard the anecdotes about actors not getting full scripts or having to read the script on a tablet in a closed room. It might seem like a huge burden, but not necessarily. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s Richard E. Grant revealed the ‘advantage’ of not getting a full script, saying:

Like many actors, especially those as tenured as Richard E. Grant, who are used to more traditional ways of doing things, the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star found all the secrecy to be strange at first. He was only able to read the script for The Rise of Skywalker, in which he plays new baddie Allegiant General Pryde, in a conference room surrounded by security, like a scene out of a political thriller.

But rather than looking at Star Wars secrecy as a challenge or an impediment to doing his job well, Richard E. Grant sees it as a both liberating and as something of an excuse. Since Richard E. Grant was only able to learn his lines the same day and not from reading a copy of the script at home over multiple weeks, only so much could be expected of him, anyone without an eidetic memory or an earpiece with a guy feeding them lines.

As Richard E. Grant tells io9, the advantage of not having the script was that if he messed up his lines or couldn’t remember all of them during filming, no one could blame him. That’s because the secrecy of the script provided him with a built-in excuse for any potential screw-ups. Insert ‘roll safe’ meme here.

It sounds like in a weird way, the secrecy made the whole thing less stressful. Instead of worrying about forgetting his lines, Richard E. Grant knew that if he did, it wasn’t a big deal because it wasn’t his fault and he wasn’t really given the opportunity to truly learn them the way he would on a different movie. So in a roundabout way, the secrecy of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker proved advantageous to the Oscar-nominated actor.

Whether all of that secrecy has worked is another matter. There are a lot of supposed leaks out there, and even the marketing for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has seemed potentially spoiler-ish. But if nothing else, the cast have done their part… minus, of course, John Boyega, whose script wound up on eBay.

Surprise, Bob Iger Will Meet With Martin Scorsese After Controversial Comments About Marvel Movies

At this time of year the big battles of the film industry are usually for awards consideration or last minute box office dollars. And yet, the biggest battle in Hollywood right now seems to be between Martin Scorsese and anybody who happens to like superhero movies. The accomplished director’s negative comments sparked responses from fans all over social media, Marvel directors like James Gunn, and even Disney CEO Bob Iger himself. But good news, it looks like our long national nightmare is almost over as Scorsese and Iger are reportedly making plans to sit down together.

Yesterday Time Magazine called Bob Iger the Businessperson of the Year, a title, it’s difficult title to argue with considering 2019 marked the completion of the Fox acquisition, the opening of a massive new land in two major theme parks, and the launch of an already competitive streaming service. In Time’s profile of Iger, the magazine mentions the war of words between himself and Martin Scorsese, and also reveals that “his people and Marty’s people are arranging a get-together.” Maybe they’ll go to Disneyland.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. It would be amazing to hear what Martin Scorsese and Bob Iger, two major forces in the industry, but from very different backgrounds and with very different directions, talk about.

Martin Scorsese initially accused Marvel films, and largely genre films in general by association, of not being cinema, though the director admitted he had never sat through one of them. He later clarified his comments to say that what he felt was missing from Marvel movies, that he believes is important to cinema as an art form, is a sense of risk. Because Marvel movies are engineered to attract a particular audience, that is already predisposed to like the material, there’s no risk in the filmmaking process, and something important is lost.

Martin Scorsese, certainly has a point there. Although, in the Time piece Bob Iger specifically draws a line between the idea of “artistic risk” and “art.” It seems Iger doesn’t necessarily argue that Marvel movies aren’t designed to be “safe” projects, he simply feels that risk isn’t necessary to make art.

All of Bob Iger’s comments on the topic have focused on the hard work that is put in by great filmmakers to produce Marvel films, and that by itself should keep Marvel in the conversation with “cinema.”

If Bob Iger and Martin Scorsese simply have different definitions of the term cinema, that it seems unlikely one of them is going to convince the other that they’re wrong. We shouldn’t expect Scorsese to come out of any future meeting singing the praises of the MCU. Having said that, if each one begins to understand the other a little better that’s not a bad thing.

John Travolta Points Out Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Historical Error

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood was celebrated upon its release and now that the end of the year is here, the film is getting the awards recognition that was expected to come. It looks like the film has done pretty much everything right. Except, John Travolta has revealed, that the movie actually has a continuity error inside it that most people almost certainly haven’t noticed.

In addition to being an accomplished actor who has appeared in Quentin Tarantino films himself, Travolta is also a licensed pilot, though, more importantly, he’s a self-proclaimed “aviation nerd.” It’s this last part of Travolta’s life that gave him the knowledge base to catch an error in Tarantino’s latest film. During a recent Q&A following Travolta’s latest movie (via The Wrap), The Fanatic, the actor revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character could not have flown on the airplane he is shown on near the end of the film. According to Travolta…

In Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s character, whose career has been struggling in Hollywood, moves to Italy for a period to make spaghetti westerns. After making a string of the films, and some money, he heads back to California in mid-1969, just before the Manson Family attack on Sharon Tate, which took place in August of that year.

We see DiCaprio fly home in a 747, which, while it technically existed during the period in which the film takes place, was not in regular service yet. This isn’t a piece of trivia that we would expect most licensed pilots to even know, but John Travolta is a student of aviation, and so he apparently knew this off the top of his head.

Of course, it needs to be said that Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood isn’t exactly a movie that strives for historical accuracy. The characters played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt never existed, and the events in August 1969 at the home of Roman Polanski don’t exactly take place in the movie they way they played out in real life.

Having said that, it seems unlikely that the decision to use the 747 rather than the more accurate 707 was in any way an intentional anachronism in order to enhance the unreality of the story. This probably was a legitimate, if largely unimportant, error. Although, with Quentin Tarantino you can never be quite sure.

John Travolta has certainly earned his title of “aviation nerd” here. It’s a really good catch that few other people would notice.

Kristen Bell Has The Best Analogy For Why She Knew Frozen II Would Be Successful

Frozen was one of the biggest hits that Walt Disney Animation Studios had ever seen. While the main animation division of the company wasn’t known for making sequels, it was far from surprising when it was announced that Frozen II was on the way.

On the one hand, the success of Frozen II seemed inevitable. If the first movie was so well loved, why wouldn’t the audience turn out to see the sequel? Of course, for that to really be true, you have to know why it was that the first movie captured so many hearts. Kristen Bell thinks that it all came down to the people that made Frozen happen the first time around. In speaking with NPR, she likened it to a great recipe that comes together to make a perfect cake…

There’s a simple truth there that makes a lot of sense. Everybody who came together to make the first Frozen so successful was back for the sequels. All the voice actors, the songwriters, directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, were all back to make Frozen II as good as the first time around.

Of course, all that comes together to create a compelling story with characters, and it’s the characters that Kristen Bell really thinks are the secret ingredient in the Frozen success recipe. For her, the way Anna and Elsa are written, as both vulnerable and powerful, is something that resonates with the audience, especially the young audience.

Vulnerability is certainly something that we see on full display in Frozen II. Kristen Bell’s character of Anna especially is one who is put through the emotional ringer over the course of the film. It’s a surprisingly downbeat and grim storyline for your average Disney movie.

And certainly, the recipe has proven that it can once again create a great cake. Frozen II has grossed over $900 million worldwide and, while it hasn’t been embraced by critics quite as warmly as the first film, it’s still seen in a very positive light as a successful sequel.

This, of course, makes one wonder –if we can just go ahead and beat this analogy to death– if the recipe can make an excellent cake for a third time. Although, no matter how good the recipe is, eventually, you’ll just get sick of eating cake.

John Boyega Get Candid About ‘Stupid’ Star Wars Fan Conflicts

It’s ‘a very good time to be a Star Wars fan. After Disney acquired Lucasflim, the galaxy far, far away has continued to grow through the sequel trilogy, standalone films, and live-action shows like Disney+’s The Mandalorian. Generations of moviegoers have been brought up on Goerge Lucas’ colorful space opera, although it looks like Finn actor John Boyega isn’t happy about one part of the fandom: the divisive fans that create conflicts about the franchise.

While Disney’s time with Star Wars has resulted in tons of exciting content, there’s also been a trend of toxic fandom. This has seen the passionate fans of the property get confrontational about the events of the films, and even popular fan theories. John Boyega doesn’t seem to understand these types of arguments, though. As the Rise of Skywalker star put it,

Touche. It looks like John Boyega wants Star Wars fans to not take themselves (and the property) too seriously. The fantasy sci-fi franchise was meant to be fun and family-friendly, so the the divisive nature of the fandom is a real bummer for John Boyega.

John Boyega’s comments to Variety make a great deal of sense, as the Dark Side of Star Wars fandom has certainly emerged during his tenure as Finn. Expectations and popular fan theories have seemingly changed the landscape of the franchise, with moviegoers feeling entitled to the stories going down as they’d envisioned. And when filmmakers like Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams use their creative power, tempers (and lenses) can flare.

In particular, John Boyega is referencing “ship” culture, where fans co-sign a potential romantic couple and put their support behind it. Finn has been at the center of a love triangle (pentagon?) over the course of the last two movies, so there are countless theories about who the former Stormtrooper might be interested in. While Oscar Isaac and some fans favor Poe and Finn, Boyega’s character also has a connection with both Rey and Rose Tico.

Additionally, Kylo Ren and Rey also share their own intimate connection, especially after Snoke linked their minds in The Last Jedi. There are tons of romantic plot lines that J.J. Abrams can suss out with The Rise of Skywalker, and it should be interesting to see where the cards fall. Although John Boyega hopes the fans will take it all a little less seriously.

All will be revealed when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

In The Heights Trailer Makes A Big Change To Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Musical

Lin-Manuel Miranda became a household name for writing and starring in the Tony Award winning blockbuster musical Hamilton. He’s since been able to use his talents on screens big and small, although his roots will always go back to Broadway. But before Hamilton was breaking box office records, Miranda also took home a handful of Tonys for his musical In The Heights. It’s a beautiful story about a community in Washington Heights, and the barrio will get a wider audience thanks to the highly anticipated movie adaptation. And now the first trailer has finally arrived, although it features a surprising change to the musical.

The In The Heights movie is directed by Crazy Rich Asians and Now You See Me 2‘s Jon M. Chu, and features a talented group of singers. Led by Hamilton original cast member Anthony Ramos and featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda as the Piragua Guy, the cast is also made up of Corey Hawkins, Jimmy Smits, Marc Anthony, Orange is the New Black‘s Dascha Polanco and Olga Merediz, plus Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Stephanie Beatriz. Check out the explosive new trailer, which seemingly include protagonist Usnavi seemingly out of The Heights and back in the Dominican Republic.

I mean, how amazing is that? Lin-Manuel Miranda’s music will once again occupy the big screen. And this time it’s personal.

The first trailer for In The Heights opens on Anthony Ramos’ protagonist Usnavi. The bodega owner is a warm beach somewhere, and entertains a group of kids by telling them the story of his neighborhood in Washington Heights. This is perhaps the biggest change to the source material. While in the musical Usnavi decides to stay in the city, it looks like the movie will bring him back to the Dominican Republic that he and his Abuela Claudia are talking about throughout the course of the project.

The colorful characters of the barrio slowly and surely pop up on screen, as various raucous musical numbers are teased. Another notable change from the In The Heights musical is the age of Usnavi’s cousin Sonny. While he’s historically been played by adult actors on the stage, the movie went for a younger actor. This should change the dynamic between Sonny and the protagonist, as well as their relationship with Abuela Claudia.

As for Abuela Claudia, she’ll be played by Olga Merediz, who originated the role on Broadway. Claudia gets one of the most powerful songs in the show “Paciencia y Fe” which highlights her immigrant experience coming from Cuba. The number itself is teased in this first trailer, and it looks like it’s going to be especially cinematic. We see Claudia in the snow, and singing inside a colorful tunnel filled with lights.

Overall, it looks like In The Heights is going to be a visual treat when it finally arrives in theaters. The titular neighborhood is almost a character itself, reflecting the hopes and dreams of its residents. The Act 1 showstopper “96,000” is going to be set in a community pool, and looks like it’ll be very exciting to watch. We also see glimpses of dance number “The Club”, and Nina and Benny’s love story will see them climbing the walls of a local building. Clearly Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu has a vision for the upcoming musical blockbuster.

In The Heights is currently set to arrive in theaters on June 26, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Zack Snyder Dropped A Black-Suit Superman Photo And Justice League Fans Are Freaking Out

Zack Snyder has been teasing DC fans about what they can expect to find in his version of Justice League, affectionately known as The Snyder Cut. Using his preferred social media tool Vero, Snyder has shown new looks at various JL heroes, an alternate ending, and so much more. None of them top this.

There has been debate about whether we would see Superman (Henry Cavill) in the black suit that appeared in the DC comics in the famed “Death of Superman” storyline. Well, the debate is now over.

What Clint Eastwood And Paul Hauser Would Have Asked Richard Jewell

There are many instances of true stories are adapted to film where the subject of the film being depicted is no longer living. Such is the case with Clint Eastwood’s latest bio drama, Richard Jewell. The movie is about the security guard who was suspected for months of planting the bomb at Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics. Jewell discovered the bomb before it detonated and was able to clear out many spectators, saving many lives.

Richard Jewell died back in 2007 at the age of 44 due to medical problems related to diabetes, so the man behind the film never saw his name in lights at movie theaters across the globe. When CinemaBlend’s own Jeff McCobb sat down to interview Clint Eastwood and the film’s star Paul Walter Hauser about Richard Jewell, they told him what they might have asked him if circumstances were different. Check it out:

Paul Hauser particularly has an interesting angle to this question. He told us that he’d want to ask Richard Jewell about an “over-idealistic” version of his life he envisioned for himself, and conversely, what the biggest pitfalls he had throughout it. Hauser described that he feels the answers to these questions really define a person. If he could have asked this, perhaps the actor may have been able to get inside Jewell’s head a bit more ahead of portraying him.

Clint Eastwood’s first question would be to ask him what it felt like to be falsely accused of the bombing. Yet, he felt like he’s still a better “interpreter” than “interrogator.” How might have the movie been different if Richard Jewell was alive? Or would it be the same? There certainly must be some pressure off when adapting a true story without having to face the person the film is about.

Richard Jewell is a story of heroism as far as its subject is concerned. The movie is already receiving high praise from critics, with an 84% “Fresh” score on Rotten Tomatoes and a recent Golden Globe nomination for Kathy Bates, who plays Richard’s mom, Bobi Jewell.

The Clint Eastwood movie is facing some controversy from the Georgia newspaper that was involved in reporting on Richard Jewell when he was a suspect. Atlanta-Journal Constitution reporter Kathy Scruggs (played by Olivia Wilide) is portrayed as someone who offered sex in order to gain information for her story. The newspaper defended the late journalist’s image, calling the scene in the movie “extremely defamatory and damaging.”