Gotham Is Changing Up Bane’s Comic Book Story In Big Ways

When Gotham gets its mitts on heroes and villains originating from the comic books, the writers are guaranteed to twist the characters’ stories up to keep viewers on their toes. The same will hold true for the highly anticipated debut of the iconic baddie Bane, who was finally confirmed to be portrayed by ER vet Shane West. Bane’s story won’t be quite as familiar as comic fans are ready for, so let’s look at what’s changing.

When Shane West is first seen on the streets of Gotham City in the time-jumped aftermath of the No Man’s Land bombings — or seen in the sewers or seen blowing up an office building or whatever he’s up to — fans will be witnessing a villain whose origin story is not what we’re familiar with. Speaking to audiences at New York Comic Con, Gotham executive producer and showrunner John Stephens had this to say:

[West’s character] will appear befodre he became Bane. And we tied it to Jim’s backstory. Clearly it’s different than canon.

Anyone familiar with Bane knows about his particularly disturbing childhood, as laid out in the “Knightfall” arc. His father, Edmund “King Snake” Dorrance, had escaped prison, and it was agreed his young son would be forced to serve the rest of that sentence. He was later used as a test subject for the mysterious drug Venom, which both gave him superhuman strength and also threatened to destroy him. It seems that this will play out a little differently in Gotham‘s live-action universe, however.

If Bane’s existence and/or his rise to super-villainy can be tied back to Jim Gordon, then what’s the implication there? Was Jim responsible for a life-changing arrest? Did Jim have anything to do with the creation of any mysterious drugs that turn people into veiny-muscled monsters? Because this is Gotham, I probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Bane’s original last name was “Gordon” or “Wayne” or something.

Beyond his imprisoned early days, Bane is one of the most intimidating and memorable comic book villains for doing what must have seemed impossible to Gotham City’s underworld denizens: he broke Batman. More specifically, he broke Batman’s back across his knee in a magnificently devastating sequence.

For Gotham, though, it won’t be the costumed billionaire that will face such crippling injuries. Instead, it will be another of Bruce’s loved ones who gets attacked. Sean Pertwee, who portrayed the dutiful and highly skilled Alfred Pennyworth, admitted to the NYCC crowd that his beloved butler will be the one on the receiving end of Bane’s violent actions. In his words:

We have an altercation. I get my back broken.

Doesn’t need to be more complicated than that to make for quite the shocking and character-altering twist. Granted, it might have been morally sketchy to show Bane breaking the back of teenaged David Mazouz on television, even if the sequence was edited to remove the most visually disturbing bits. But we’ve seen Alfred jump into the shit before to keep Bruce safe, even when Bruce was being a Ra’s-influenced douchebag, so there’s no one better equipped, mentally or physically, to take on one of Batman’s harshest injuries from the source material.

Despite this new information we have to chew on, not to mention all the other wacky updates we’ve heard, Gotham still doesn’t have a premiere date set for Season 5, which will arrive on Fox at some point in early 2019, after Bruce’s new Batcave has been completed. To see what other new and returning shows will be debuting soon, head to our fall premiere schedule.

Mark Ruffalo Went To New York Comic Con In Disguise To Take Pictures With Jason Momoa

New York Comic Con is almost over, and the week was filled with reveals, trailers, cosplays, and celebrities promoting their upcoming movies. Jason Momoa was just one of many celebrities who were in town and he was busy promoting the upcoming Aquaman. The film already released a colorful extended trailer, but having the bombastic Momoa on hand is never a bad thing. With so many celebrities in close proximity of each other, there were a few fun meetups, one of which involved a disguised Mark Ruffalo palling around with Momoa. Check it out below.

It isn’t uncommon for a celebrity to want to walk around Comic-Con yet not get mobbed by hundreds of people. Usually, these actors walk around with some kind of mask in one of the only places where you can wear a costume to blend in. Mark Ruffalo did this while he was at New York Comic Con, putting on a Grunkle Stan mask (a character from a Disney cartoon called Gravity Falls). It was an effective disguise and Ruffalo decided to drop by to see Jason Momoa whilst wearing it.

The two of them posed for a picture before Momoa directed Ruffalo to take his mask off for the camera. Both of the actors shared the moment on social media (Instagram in Momoa’s case), and the two of them looked like they had a blast! The Hulk may want to fight everyone he meets, but Mark Ruffalo is down to hang out and share bro hugs. See the more extensive video with the reveal.

As for their superheroic alter egos, both Aquaman and Hulk will be showing up on the big screen pretty soon. Aquaman is right around the corner and the standalone film will follow Arthur Curry’s quest to find his place in two different worlds. James Wan is in the director’s chair while Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman fill out the supporting cast.

Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo might be gearing up for his final portrayal of the Hulk in the MCU. The Green Goliath is set to play a role in Avengers 4 next year, and the plot is still top secret. Though, it seems like Ruffalo is almost on a mission to spoil it, having apparently dropped spoilers on The Tonight Show of all places. Regardless, reshoots are wrapping up and the film is speeding toward its release date, with a trailer likely not far off the horizon at this point.

You can check out Jason Momoa in Aquaman on December 21, while Ruffalo will appear in Avengers 4 on May 3, 2019. Stay up to date with everything else hitting theaters this year and the next by checking out our 2018 and 2019 movie release schedules.

Venom Mentions A Controversial Spider-Man Comic Story That Fans Might Miss

Warning: Very mild spoilers regarding Eddie Brock’s backstory are in the article.

After years of development, Sony has finally made a Venom movie, and despite mixed to negative reviews, it could end up being the highest-grossing October debut for a film. Being a superhero movie, there are a few of the customary easter eggs for comic book fans to spot. One possible reference has to do with why Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is living in San Francisco and not New York City. It’s a reference to a more controversial storyline involving a character named Sin-Eater, but it really comes down to fans as to whether it is or not, according to the director, who told CinemaBlend in a recent interview:

In the film, Eddie is living in San Francisco because he’s one of those classic bad boy journalists who pokes the bear and publishes stuff that gets him into trouble. This is not a great attitude to have for a professional environment, and there’s a reason that Eddie Brock is living in San Francisco. He used to work for the Daily Globe in New York, but due to his tendency to push the wrong buttons, he was fired and blacklisted from every paper in the city. Thus, the move to San Francisco.

This is vaguely similar to what happens to Eddie Brock in the comics, and our own Sean O’Connell learned in an interview at the Venom press day that fans could interpret this as a reference to the Sin-Eater storyline from the comics. Director Ruben Fleischer name-dropped the storyline even said that it was up to fans to decide if they wanted it to be a direct reference or not.

The Sin-Eater is a psychopathic serial killer who sets out to murder people that he thinks have been “sinful.” This story is more popularly known as “The Death of Jean DeWolff,” which began with the death of Spider-Man supporting character and NYPD captain Jean DeWolff. Spider-Man and Daredevil teamed up to find and stop Sin-Eater, but it also resulted in the origin of Eddie Brock. Brock, a journalist, wrote an expose about a man who said he was Sin-Eater and then later turned out only to be a copycat. Brock was fired and his wife left him, making him hate Spider-Man and leaving himself ripe for the pickings by a certain symbiote. The story was well-regarded when it came out, but it’s pretty dark for a Spider-Man story and doesn’t play as well when reading in the light of modern times.

You can figure out if you want this to be an easter egg or not by watching Venom, which is out in theaters right now, or see what else is coming up in the world of Marvel movies, Sony or otherwise, with our full guide.

Could James Bond Ever Be A Woman? Here’s What Barbara Broccoli Says

As Doctor Who’s Time Lord becomes female this fall, there’s been another debate about a long-standing character that has gotten some attention. Could James Bond ever become a female character? Longtime producer Barbara Broccoli doesn’t really think so. She said in a recent interview:

So, there you have it. If you’ve been a person who has been interested in the idea of James Bond becoming Jamie Bond or Jane Bond or whatever, for as longs as Barbara Broccoli is involved with the franchise, James Bond is likely to remain male. Although it’s worth pointing out that Broccoli says “probably” rather than a more definitive “never.”

We’re living in an era when lots of characters are changing races and genders. Characters on the big and small screen may be different than their book or comics counterparts and reboots have enabled different characters to take shape, as well. The aforementioned Doctor Who switcheroo has been a big example of this in recent months, but lots of projects have characters who have changed genders or races, including Hermione in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and tons of superhero projects, with The Flash recently casting Kiana Madeira as the traditionally-male Spin.

As for whether or not Bond could stop being a white British dude, the desire for Idris Elba to take on the role seems to be going strong. Daniel Craig is expected to be done with Bond once Bond 25 finally sashays into theaters and a new Bond will be hired in his place.

Regardless, there are no plans for Idris Elba to take over right now–and he’s even been open about that. While we’ll have to wait and see who eventually gets hired, Barbara Broccoli also spoke to The Guardian about how Bond has evolved over time. In fact, it has gotten away from the image of females only being desirous sexual objects the franchise was known for in its early days, noting,

Indeed, everything from the types of female characters being written to their costuming has worked to change the audience’s viewpoint regarding what it means to be a Bond girl.

Plenty of people in Hollywood have given opinions about a female James Bond, ranging from being all for a gender swap to not believing it is necessary. It looks like that won’t be an option, but we’ll have to wait and see what direction James Bond goes in in Bond 26.

For now, you can catch up with James Bond when Bond 25 finally hits theaters on February 14, 2020. Or take a look at what is hitting theaters much earlier with our full movies premiere schedule.

Spawn’s Todd McFarlane Says He Wants Movie That’ll Make Little Kids Cry

Todd McFarlane has been very open about his Spawn movie being scarier and more graphic than your average superhero effort. He even said Deadpool was essentially a PG-13 movie with some butts and F-bombs. So, the idea of pushing the boundaries has never really been in question, but some fans were still surprised this week when the director took it a step further, saying he’s interested in making the type of movie that would make children under 10 cry.

Here’s a quote he dropped at New York Comic-Con, courtesy of IGN

Not to pick on any specific movie, but I think McFarlane’s larger frustration here isn’t necessarily with the end results as much as some of the things directors and producers say while films are being made. They tend to hype these projects up to try and appeal to certain elements of the fanbase and go on and on about how “gritty” or “dark” the movies are, but usually, they’re only a little grittier or a little darker than other superhero movies that have come before, not grittier or darker than actual dramas or sci-fi movies critics might describe as “gritty” or “dark”.

As for where this leaves Spawn, the jury is still out. It’s safe to say the final product will be pretty intense, but will it be intense to the point it turns off your average moviegoer? Or will it be on the right side of the line for most adults but simply too much for younger children? We shall see.

The new Spawn movie is short on details at this point. We know it will star Jamie Foxx as the main character and Jeremy Renner as Twitch Williams and has been earmarked for a 2019 release. Thanks to McFarlane’s comments, we know it’ll be pretty extreme and may even feel like a horror movie at parts. He’s said in the past Spawn might not actually be featured in any of the trailers. The whole thing sounds really original and exciting, but as with all movies, every exciting idea is ultimately rendered meaningless if the final product doesn’t fulfill any of the lofty goals.

We’ll keep you updated as more information emerges. Until then, think of all the despicable things and cross your fingers they’ll be found in Spawn’s final runtime.

How Much Star Wars: Episode IX Is Using Dominic Monaghan

When J.J. Abrams was working on Force Awakens, Dominic Monaghan approached his friend with interest, and J.J. Abrams said he would keep him in mind. For Force Awakens however, he was looking for newcomers, which Abrams found in Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. For The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson took the reins, making it clear to Monaghan that he wouldn’t be in the second one either. However, with Abrams returning for Episode IX, this was his chance. Monaghan even took a break from working for a while in hopes of getting the call and needing to be available, thanks to some playful hints from the director. It all thankfully paid off when Disney reached out to him and he got his hands on the script.

What Outlander’s New Opening Credits Tell Us About Season 4

Outlander is known for many things after three full seasons on the air, and one of those things is the always-stunning opening credits sequence. Scored with a haunting version of “The Skye Boat Song,” the credits combine clips that have been used for the opening from the very beginning with clips from the upcoming season. While the credits don’t deliver full scenes or give away everything we can expect, there are generally very big clues for the eagle-eyed viewers. Luckily for those of us dying for new Outlander content ahead of the November premiere of Season 4, the fourth season title credits have released, and they tell a fair amount about what’s to come. Take a look!

Well, if there was any doubt that Outlander would embrace the colonial American spirit, the Season 4 title credits should be proof to the contrary! The latest version of “The Skye Boat Song” is even different, sounding more folksy, including more strings, and even featuring more voices chiming in by the final lines, Notably, the drums from the credits when the show was still primarily set in Scotland are absent. They’re not in Scotland anymore!

Jamie and Claire are clearly embracing America in more ways than just its colonial spirit, The shot of their cabin in the woods looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, meaning that they — or mostly Jamie — probably built it. Life in America will give them the chance to set down roots in a way they were never able to before, even in Lallybroch. Jamie inherited Lallybroch and his position as laird, however briefly he held it. He can build his life and legacy in America, and Claire’s knowledge of her future adopted country will surely come in handy.

Native Americans will be in the mix as well, and they may not take kindly to Jamie, Claire, and any other settlers setting up in their lands. A previous trailer indicated that there will be an area ideal for time travel known by the Native Americans, much as some of the local women knew of the standing stones at Craigh na Dun in Scotland and rumors abounded of Abandawe in the Caribbean. Given that we know Brianna will be traveling to the past, perhaps this portal of sorts will come in handy. Whether that comes to pass or not, the Native Americans will clearly have a significant presence in the new season.

Brianna looks to be at the standing stones at Craigh na Dun for her attempt to go to the past, so she probably won’t require the help of the Native Americans in reuniting with her mom and meeting her dad. Later in the credits, there’s a shot of a man with a sketchbook and a drawing of Brianna, although it’s difficult to say if that’s in 18th century Scotland or 18th century America. Depending on the source of the drawing, Brianna could be in danger.

What would an opening titles sequence for Outlander be without hints of nudity and 18th century fashion as well? Claire will have at least one occasion to tighten the corset strings in colonial America. My money is on her ditching the corset once she moves to the middle of nowhere with Jamie, but their time at Jocasta’s plantation will likely demand more of her.

It’s also evident that Outlander will spend some time in the 1960s beyond Brianna’s decision to journey to the past. The quick glimpse of men dancing in kilts with numbers attached to the fabric can only point toward Brianna on an outing with Roger. We should count on seeing him back at some point. As much as Season 4 will have to pack a lot into not a whole lot of time if Outlander wants to fit the whole fourth book in there, we can probably expect more than just a couple minutes in the 60s.

Now, if you’ve read the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander saga or are just in the mood for some spoilers, head on over to the next page to discover a major arc that is teased in the credits. If not, prepare yourself for the premiere of Outlander Season 4, which hits the airwaves on Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

Sounds Like The Walking Dead Is Really Fleshing Out Its Characters In Season 9

Fans of The Walking Dead are preparing for a season of significant change when the show’s ninth season finally begins to unravel. The loss of the series’ lead, among other developments, marks a sea of change for the veteran zombie drama. Instead of trying to rush things, Greg Nicotero is sharing that the show will be taking its time to flesh out its characters and make room for the important stuff. Nicotero said:

The Walking Dead‘s executive producer, director, and makeup supervisor shared the revealing Season 9 tidbit with UPROXX, and that is not all he told them. Greg Nicotero also compared the show’s ninth installment to Season 2. While acknowledging the backlash that season incurred, Nicotero also pointed out that it was a pivotal one that saw the audience fall in love with Daryl and Carol. The reason being, because the show took the time.

The nuanced approach that Greg Nicotero is teasing for Season 9 hints at a return to form for the series, at a time where it will be undergoing at least one radical alteration. One particularly stands to alter how it has always been. It is a move that fans are likely to appreciate. The Walking Dead will be taking the time to give them the conversations they care about, while they can still be heard. Sadly, fans will not be able to lean in and hear from certain characters for much longer.

While Daryl will be sticking around, conversations between he and Rick, where they talk about their feelings are not long for the series. It is a bittersweet angle that could offer an intense emotional draw for fans wanting to savor the moment. Remembering the way things were before they turn to face what is and will be. The interaction between the characters has been one of the show’s appealing factors for fans.

While the drama will be taking the chance to slow down and smell the roses, it will also be gearing up for a lot of nail-biting developments, including a death. Find out how it all unfolds when The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres Sunday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The zombie drama joins a slew of other series set to return and premiere this fall.

Greg Nicotero recently revealed that he directed Andrew Lincoln’s final scenes on the drama, while sharing he is still in a bit of denial over Lincoln having left it. In many ways, what Nicotero has teased sounds like the season Walking Dead fans have been waiting to see.

Kingdom Hearts Will Get One More Compilation Before Kingdom Hearts III



KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories

KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)


KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final MIX

KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (HD Remastered cinematics)


KINGDOM HEARTS Dream Drop Distance HD

KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep –A fragmentary passage–

KINGDOM HEARTS ? Back Cover (movie)

A Long Awaited PlayStation Feature May Finally Be On The Way

There has been one feature among many that gamers have been desperately asking for from Sony. And after years of begging, Sony has finally acquiesced and it appears as if the company might be giving gamers what they’ve been asking for regarding one particular feature for the PlayStation platforms. I’m not entirely sure why it took Sony so long to deliver the feature, but for gamers who have been begging and pleading for it, it looks like it will be coming sooner rather than later.

Kotaku is reporting that PSN name changes may be on the way. The change will enable users to change their PSN IDs into new IDs, according to the Kotaku article. The PlayStation Network name changes will reportedly be coming soon.

Supposedly, there are multiple studios working with Sony on the changes and that the changes are currently being worked on so that they will be compatible with the security and infrastructure setup of the current PlayStation Network system.

This isn’t just entirely hearsay, there were some physical forms of proof that were provided to indicate that the change was at least in development. The proof came in the form of a screenshot from an internal documentation that featured an “edit username” option and that the documentation itself was to help developers with implementing the ability to change the username of a PlayStation Network ID.

The article states that there is no time frame on when this particular feature will roll out, but that it is in the pipeline. It also mentions that there could be issues with the new change, given that PSN IDs utilize account usernames that link to the game’s user ID. As opposed to having the account ID and the in-game ID as separate identifiers. This means that there could be issues that arise where you might change your PlayStation Network ID but still have your old username when you enter into certain PSN-enabled games that relied on the old username setup.

This is presumably why multiple studios are working with Sony on the issue so that they can update and upgrade their user ID systems to fall in line with the new system that Sony has coming down the pipeline.

It’s been a long-requested feature from gamers given that Sony’s nearest competitors, including Microsoft, Valve, and Nintendo, all allow you to change your user ID when playing online. Now you know something is bad when Nintendo, of all companies, allows you to change your Nintendo Network profile name when playing online with just a few easy button presses, but Sony doesn’t.

Microsoft charges for name changes on Xbox Live, but it’s a fairly painless process to have your unique Gametag ID changed from the account settings.

Valve also allows you to change what your user display name is in Steam, even though your account ID will stay static.

If Sony finally does pull the trigger on this feature and implement the name changes, it would finally bring the company up to par with the rest of the competition.