M. Night Shyamalan Reveals Glass Was Originally Going To Be Way Longer

M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming movie Glass is a strange beast since it’s technically a direct sequel to two different movies. Not only is it finally reuniting us with David Dunn and Elijah Price nearly 20 years after Unbreakable, it’s also following after the events of Split. With so much mythology to work with, Shyamalan acknowledged that it initially looked like Glass was going to be a tale stretching over three hours. The director recalled:

Because Unbreakable and Split are set in the same world, it’s understandable that M. Night Shyamalan wanted to dedicate plenty of time to ensure that fans of one or both of those movies would be properly caught up. Plus, one also has to account for people checking out Glass who haven’t necessarily seen Unbreakable or Split. Still, it’s rare that movies longer than three hours are released, so as Shyamalan mentioned, eventually there came a point where he started to tighten Glass up. Now the movie is a little over two hours, which is a more digestible runtime for the average moviegoer.

During his interview with Digital Spy, M. Night Shyamalan all mentioned that there’s no need for Glass to “rehash” either of its predecessors, pointing to a scene in the Glass trailers where Patricia, one of Kevin Wendell Crumb’s many alternate personalities, is speaking with a group of cheerleaders she’s kidnapped. Shyamalan explained:

While it’s fine for a sequel to remind audiences of certain events that happened in preceding movies, it can’t come at the expense of the story that’s being told now. That’s not to say that M. Night Shyamalan wasn’t worried about Glass appealing to moviegoers who aren’t familiar with Unbreakable and/or Split, but he realized that Glass needed to stand on its own, even going so far as to pitch Glass to Disney and Universal as if it were a standalone movie.

As the final chapter of the Eastrail 117 trilogy, Glass will see Bruce Willis’ David Dunn, a.k.a. The Overseer, pursuing James McAvoy’s Kevin Wendell Crumb, whose most dangerous alternate personality, The Beast, has allied itself with Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah Price, a.k.a. Mr. Glass. Glass is also bringing back Anya Taylor-Joy, Spencer Treat Clark and Carlene Woodard as Casey Cooke, Joseph Dunn and Mrs. Price, respectively, while Sarah Paulson will appear as Dr. Ellie Staple, a psychiatrist who specializes in treating patients who believe they’re superheroes.

Glass opens in theaters on January 18, 2019. If you’re interested in other movies that are coming out next year, browse through our 2019 release schedule.

Marvel Really Wanted A Female Director For Black Widow

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a fascinating place right now, as the studio and Disney are keeping their cards extremely close to the chest. While this helps keep the contents of Avengers: Endgame a complete mystery, it’s also caused some anxiety amongst the fandom, which is used to Marvel’s extensive release schedules. One of the few projects to be announced after Phase Three is the Black Widow movie, which will finally give Scarlett Johansson’s signature character a chance to lead her own blockbuster.

The Black Widow movie is set to be directed by Cate Shortland, but she obviously wasn’t the only one approached to helm Natasha Romanoff’s highly anticipated solo movie. Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel recently revealed she was also approached to helm Black Widow’s solo flick, and it seems that Marvel Studios made it a point to hire a female filmmaker for the project. As she told it,

Not only is Black Widow finally getting her moment in the spotlight in Phase Four, but it seems the studio was very concerned with having a female director helm the project. Mostly so that the person at the head of the project can fully develop the title character.

Over the past few years, there has been a ton of conversation in the film industry about inclusivity. In the wake of the #OscarsSoWhite and #TimesUp movements, the call for diversity both in front and behind of the camera has been deafening. The MCU has been allowing people of color and women to take larger roles, and the Black Widow movie will finally give Scarlett Johansson’s character the chance to take center stage.

In her same appearance at the Mumbai Film Festival (via Daily Pioneer), Lucrecia Martel described how her conversations with Marvel Studios went. And while the MCU made a conscious effort to hire a female director, it seems the studio didn’t want Martel to handle things like action sequences. She elaborated, saying:

Well, that was honest. Lucrecia Martel has certain things she does and doesn’t like about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and property’s music seems to be a particular point of contention. That, and the fact that the studio reportedly didn’t want her to handle things like action sequences.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things Black Widow, as the movie’s details finally become public. You can catch the fan favorite character appear in Avengers: Endgame on April 26, 2019. In the meantime, check out our2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Once Upon A Deadpool Promotion Has Offended Some Members Of The Mormon Church

The new Deadpool may be more family-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that he has become entirely inoffensive. A petition is online which has asked that one of the posters for Once Upon a Deadpool be pulled, as it constitutes religious discrimination. The poster sees Deadpool at the center of the image and dressed all in white. He’s surrounded by characters from the film who look like angels. Check it out below.

The problem, according to the Change.org petition, is that the image for the Once Upon a Deadpool poster is based on a sacred picture to the Church of Latter-Day Saints, entitled The Second Coming. Deadpool has taken the place of Jesus Christ in the image, which the petition claims mocks the church, and the petition asks that the film stop using this poster and find something different to promote the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2.

Unfortunately, as written, the new petition isn’t going to carry much weight, as it’s directed to the wrong place. Change.org petitions need to be sent “to” a person or other entity and clearly, the person who created this one only did minimal research on the Deadpool franchise. This petition is being directed at Tim Miller, who was the director of the original Deadpool but left Deadpool 2 early in production, to be replaced by David Leitch.

Errors in attribution notwithstanding, the petition does have some support, as it has received over 36,000 signatures as of this writing. It’s not the massively overwhelming support that many movie based petitions have received, but it’s certainly a significant number of people.

Of course, while Once Upon a Deadpool might be a PG-13 version of the movie, the film is still a Deadpool movie. It’s not like everybody involved didn’t know what they were doing when they chose that particular religious image as the basis for the poster. Is it potentially offensive? Sure it is, but that was obviously the point. There were even rumors before the release of Deadpool 2 that the film was going to be subtitled The Second Coming, so it’s possible the studio has had this poster idea kicking around for a while, and just decided that it made sense to use it for the Christmas time release of Once Upon a Deadpool.

Of course, due to the fact that Once Upon a Deadpool has already been released in theaters, it’s unlikely that this petition will have any effect on anything. It could convince the studio to not use the image as the cover for the eventual Blu-ray release, but, honestly, the other Once Upon a Deadpool poster, which features Fred Savage and Deadpool astride Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is a better image for that anyway. Any official response from the filmmakers or the studio seems unlikely, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Sylvester Stallone Rocks A Bow And Arrow In New Rambo 5 Set Photo

In Rambo V: Last Blood, we will see the iconic soldier go to war one final time. And as this is the last blood, you can bet that a fair bit of it will be spilled before the credits roll as John Rambo uses all weapons within reach to defeat his enemies. Based on a new set photo shared by Sylvester Stallone, it looks like one of those weapons will be the character’s trademark bow and arrow. Check it out:

We should all be so lucky to strike such an imposing and badass figure at 72 years old. It’s great to know that Rambo will get his bow back for Rambo V: Last Blood. Rambo is deadlier with a bow and arrow than most people are with a gun. That’s good news for audiences and bad news for the cartel that he will be going against in this movie.

As if the image wasn’t badass enough on its own, in his Instagram post, Sylvester Stallone also includes an awesome Rambo quote that’s presumably from the film itself. In it, in classically intimidating Rambo fashion, he lets the killers know what real death looks like and that its reach is long, just like the range of his arrows. The whole thing has a very Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, “Hell’s coming with me” vibe that gets your adrenaline pumping.

Rambo won’t only be rocking his classic compound bow in Last Blood either. Sylvester Stallone has also teased that the character will again be wielding an incredibly large and lethal survival knife called the ‘Heartstopper.’ Which is an awesome name, and he’ll no doubt stop a few hearts with it, but upon just hearing the name, I’m telling mine to be still.

The Rambo we see in this film will have a different look as a bit of a cowboy, retired from countless wars, but it’s clear that with his bow and knife at the ready, this will be the Rambo we know and love. I expect the action in Rambo V to play like a greatest hits of violence for the character as he goes on one last tour of blood.

It looks like this will be the end too, because after he wrapped principal photography, Sylvester Stallone shared a heartfelt message with his fans about the property. He’s also said that he’s done playing Rocky after Creed II, so the actor seems to be bringing his most iconic characters to satisfying conclusions.

Rambo V: Last Blood is expected to see John Rambo living on a ranch in Arizona when a friend’s granddaughter goes missing in Mexico. This leads to him going up against a deadly Mexican cartel.

Rambo V: Last Blood is set to arrive in 2019. That’s just one of many sequels and huge properties coming once the calendar turns. Check all of them out in our 2019 release schedule.

Apparently We Have Steven Spielberg To Thank For The Bumblebee Movie

Although Michael Bay’s Transformers films have always been towering, worldwide box office successes, it’s been clear for quite some time that the franchise could do with a little less flame bursting and a lot more heart. The upcoming spinoff Bumblebee, about the origins of the lovable yellow Autobot, hopes to do just that as the film tells a heartwarming tale about the bond between a teenaged girl and the robot.

Sounds a bit like E.T. doesn’t it? That comparison would be spot on, because as Bumblebee director Travis Knight recently stated, the plot for the spinoff had a lot to do with one legendary filmmaker’s input. Here’s what Knight said:

That’s right, Steven Spielberg pulled from one of his greatest films for the latest Transformers film, and the franchise will likely be better for it. Spielberg is an executive producer on Bumblebee and it looks like he took the opportunity for audiences to see a touching storyline throwback, as Travis Knight revealed to Yahoo Movies.

The spinoff is set in the ’80s as a nod to when the popular toy first hit shelves, but also pays tribute to the 1982 classic. Travis Knight said when they decided on the era for Bumblebee, he decided he wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the films that meant a lot to him as a kid of the time, and much of Spielberg’s work is threaded into that time.

The action-flick will center on Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson, who finds an old yellow Volkswagon bug in a junkyard and rescues it, unaware that it’s the Autobot Bumblebee. When the Transformer reveals himself to Charlie, the two form an unlikely friendly bond as Bumblebee becomes targeted by government agents, including John Cena as Agent Burns, and Decepticons as well.

Early reactions to Bumblebee have been overwhelmingly positive as critics have gushed about how they think it’s the best Transformers film ever — noting the blend of heart, solid performances, fun action sequences and ’80s era influence.

The flick will mark the first of the franchise to not be directed by Michael Bay and seems to tone down the action sequences and have quite a different feel than the films based on the Hasbro toys that started in 2007 when Bumblebee met Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky.

Steven Spielberg has actually served as executive producer on all five Transformers films, but the new director Travis Knight definitely brings something different to the table as he typically works with Laika Studios in the animation department. 2016’s Kubo and the Two Strings, a stop-motion animation Japanese epic about family was his directorial debut.

Terminator 6: What We Know So Far

The Terminator first said “I’ll be back” in 1984. He was right, several times over, but I can’t say I expected him to still be back 35 years later. Turns out, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and franchise co-creator James Cameron are all returning for Terminator 6, a direct sequel to their Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Here’s everything we know so far to get you up-to-speed on the 2019 film.

What Is The Terminator 6 Release Date?

Terminator 6 is being directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and it’s currently scheduled to open in theaters on November 1, 2019. That’s a slight change from its previous Nov. 22, 2019 release date. The Wonder Woman sequel was going to open on Nov. 1, but moved to June 2020. At this point, Terminator 6 is poised to compete against the Charlie’s Angels reboot on the first day of November. The following week in November currently holds releases for Sonic the Hedgehog and Midway. Studios love to shift titles around, but that’s the lineup for now.

What Is The Terminator 6 Rating?

As the sun now stands, Terminator 6 doesn’t have a rating from the MPAA. However, Deadline said the Terminator movie would likely be Rated R. That makes sense, since it’s an extension of the first two movies in the franchise, and they were both Rated R. Two of the next three films in the franchise were rated PG-13, but this film is pretending those movies don’t exist. Plus, director Tim Miller came to this fresh from Deadpool, which was also Rated R. He has a streak going. None of that guarantees that Terminator 6 will be Rated R — they may try for a PG-13 rating to reach a wider audience and make more money — but right now Rated R seems like the logical bet.

What Is The Full Title Of Terminator 6?

Terminator 6 has yet to reveal its official title. However, it sounds like the working title used during filming was Terminator 6: Phoenix. The Terminator Fans uncovered some posts from one of the supporting cast members, and the actor referred to the film as Terminator 6: Phoenix. There was thought, at one point, that that might be the official title. But, as the site acknowledged, it could’ve also been the working title — the way Project Angel was Terminator Salvation‘s working title, and Vista was Terminator Genisys‘ working title. Bloody Disgusting later said they confirmed Phoenix to be the working title, not the official title. It would’ve been a fine title from here, but X-Men: Dark Phoenix is opening in theaters earlier in the year, so maybe they don’t want to double the Phoenix fun.

What Is The Plot Of Terminator 6?

Paramount has yet to release an official synopsis for Terminator 6. However, James Cameron — who directed the first two films and produced this one — told THR the 2019 Terminator film is meant to continue the story from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2:

And we’re pretending the other films were a bad dream. Or an alternate timeline, which is permissible in our multi-verse. This was really driven more by [director Tim Miller] than anybody, surprisingly, because I came in pretty agnostic about where we took it. The only thing I insisted on was that we somehow revamp it and reinvent it for the 21st century.

Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 are returning from the first two films. They will be joined by new stars, including Natalia Reyes as Dani and Mackenzie Davis as Grace. Both actresses appeared with Linda Hamilton in the first official cast photo (see above), confirming the lead characters. Gabriel Luna was also cast as a new Terminator.

Sarah Connor – Linda Hamilton

Sarah Connor is back! We met her in The Terminator as the future mother of John Connor (played by Eddie Furlong in T2), eventual leader of the Resistance in the war against Skynet. But she’s so much more than that. Sarah began as something of a typical damsel in distress in the 1984 film, but when she returned in 1991’s classic T2, soft Sarah transformed into a muscled machine of her own. She became an action hero icon. As an adolescent when T2 came out, Sarah Connor was my hero.

Linda Hamilton was married to her Terminator director, James Cameron, and they share a daughter. He’s the one who approached her about returning to this role, as he told THR:

So I called her up, and I said: ‘Look, we could rest on our laurels. It’s ours to lose, in a sense. We created this thing several decades ago. But, here’s what can be really cool. You can come back and show everybody how it’s done.’ Because in my mind, it hasn’t been done a whole lot since the way she did it back in ’91. […] There are certainly plenty of 50-, 60-, 70-something guys out there that just keep cranking along doing action movies and killing bad guys left and right. But there isn’t an example of that for women, and I think there should be.

Director Tim Miller added his excitement to see the now 62-year-old Linda Hamilton return to Sarah Connor:

As strong a character as she was, as meaningful as she was to gender and to action stars everywhere, I think it’s going to make a huge fucking statement to have her be the really seasoned warrior that she’s become.

Linda Hamilton’s return as Sarah Connor is already being compared to Jamie Lee Curtis returning for the 2018 Halloween. That Halloween return resulted in a major win at the box office, and we’ll have to see if that’s the case again for Terminator 6.

T-800 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger, now 71, is returning to his T-800 role for this film. He shared a reunion photo with Linda Hamilton during filming, showing that his character definitely gets banged up. Last year, James Cameron talked to The Arnold Fans about the T-800, and teased some potentially interesting directions. The site had asked if Cameron had ever considered having Schwarzenegger play a human character serving as the basis for the T-800. Here’s Cameron’s response:

Yeah, you got to ask yourself, ‘Why did they make these characters look and sound like Arnold?’ There has to be a reason. So yeah, it has flashed through my mind that there has to have been a prototype. There has to have been a guy who’s DNA was harvested from — that they grew the organic outer layer that they grew the Terminator from…and that presumably was a real person at some point. […] I’ve asked myself these questions but it’s never been resolved…so stay tuned! We’re talking pretty seriously now about doing some new Terminator films or possibly a trilogy and you’ll just have to see what surfaces in those.

It’s clear James Cameron was already thinking ahead, not just for Terminator 6, but potentially down the line for more Terminator films after this one.

Dani Ramos – Natalia Reyes

Colombian actress Natalia Reyes will play Dani Ramos, one of the new leading roles. The first photo from Terminator 6 showed Dani next to Sarah Connor and fellow newcomer Grace. Apparently Dani works at “Arius Motors,” since that’s the logo on her mechanic shirt. TerminatorFans posted a casting notice for this character a while back, with Dani described as an independent woman in her early 20s from Mexico City; she was brought up in a working-class neighborhood, and is more street-smart than book smart. She’s a strong believer in family and always manages to find a ray of light even in the darkest circumstances.

There’s speculation that Dani may anchor the Terminator franchise from here, if they do end up making more films, with Terminator 6 giving satisfying (hopefully) closure to Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger in their OG roles. This appears to be Natalia Reyes’ first American role, and it’s quite a debut!

Grace – Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie Davis has another new leading role for the Terminator franchise, playing a character named Grace. The first photo from Terminator 6 — with Sarah Connor, Dani Ramos, and Grace — showed markings on Grace’s body. She’s expected to be some kind of soldier/assassin, and it’s possible she’s from the future, but that’s still speculation at this point. Fans will know Mackenzie Davis from AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire, and her roles in the films Blade Runner 2049 and The Martian. Black Mirror fans will also remember her from the Emmy-winning episode, “San Junipero.”

Mackenzie Davis is one of the more high profile additions to the franchise, and certainly no stranger to sci-fi. She was also reportedly director Tim Miller’s “top choice for a while” before her casting was officially announced.

Terminator – Gabriel Luna

Actor Gabriel Luna played Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and now he’ll play the new Terminator. A few months ago, original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted a photo in the gym, mentoring and “machine training” Luna. So, we know Luna got ripped for the intense role, but no further details have been shared. We can guess he’ll be a villain, like in Terminator 1, unless they decide to do another twist on that story, like Terminator 2.

Dani’s brother – Diego Boneta

Singer-actor Diego Boneta has been cast as Dani Ramos’ brother. At this point, that’s all we know about him, but we already know that Dani is very family oriented, so we should expect her brother to be a key part of the story. Boneta starred in the film Rock of Ages, but is arguably best known for his many TV roles on shows like Scream Queens, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, and Jane The Virgin. He also has the lead role in the TV series Luis Miguel, and several more roles in his native Mexico.

Will John Connor Return In Terminator 6?

There will surely be plenty of supporting characters, but will we see John Connor again? It doesn’t sound like Edward Furlong is returning, but a photo was posted that suggests young John Connor may be back in some fashion. The photo, which you can see at Bloody-Disgusting was marked “Edward Furlong’s (Jude Collie) and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (Brett Azar) CGI stand-ins in Terminator (2019). Young John Connor and the T-800 are back.”

The photo shows both actors flexing together for the camera. Based on this, it sounds like we might get a CGI version of John Connor, as well as some CGI to keep the T-800’s body in shape. Bloody Disgusting said Jude Collie is alleged to be playing young John Connor, but since the photo called both Collie and Brett Azar CGI stand-ins, the site speculated that we might see younger Edward Furlong’s T2 face used in the film.

Will There Be A Terminator 7?

The Terminator franchise has nothing official on the books other than Terminator 6. But, somehow it always manages to come back. Based on James Cameron’s comments, it sounds like this is hoped to be the start of a new trilogy. Then again, we’ve heard that before. There was hope that Terminator Salvation would be the start of a new trilogy, and hope that Terminator Genisys would start a new trilogy. Obviously, that did not pan out. Here’s what James Cameron said in July 2017 about new plans for the future of the franchise:

The question is — has the franchise run its course or can it be freshened up? Can it still have relevance now where so much of our world is catching up to what was science fiction in the first two films. … So I am in discussions with David Ellison, who is the current rights holder globally for the Terminator franchise, and the rights in the U.S. market revert to me under U.S. copyright law in a year and a half. So he and I are talking about what we can do. Right now we are leaning toward doing a three-film arc and reinventing it.

Some fans think this next film needs to end the franchise, but the box office will most likely be the deciding vote. We’ll see how fans feel once Terminator 6 (or whatever it is finally called) is released along with the many other films of 2019.

Blended From Around The Web


Is Once Upon a Deadpool Better Than Deadpool 2?

Its main audience seems to be for the Deadpool fan, as The Princess Bride framing and the new jokes feel geared distinctly to the generation who can already buy a ticket to an R-rated film. However, a younger audience does enjoy it — when you see it, the roaring laughter came from both kids and adults alike. It also didn’t feel like something that would be awkward to enjoy with an under 17 audience and it didn’t spoil the fun of Deadpool 2 either by sanitizing him or stripping him of its personality. If anything, it has more personality and meta humor when Fred Savage comes along for the ride, unwillingly anyway.

Why Clint Eastwood Prefers Directing Over Acting Nowadays

There are few living Hollywood legends as accomplished as Clint Eastwood. He first lit up the big screen as a wandering gunfighter in the spaghetti western A Fistful of Dollars in 1964, and since he hasn’t traveled far from the spotlight. At 88-years-old, Eastwood is just as much of an established director as he is an iconic star, with his next project being The Mule, a crime drama he both directed and stars in.

CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell recently sat down with Clint Eastwood for an exclusive interview ahead of the release of The Mule. When asked whether he preferred acting or directing, Eastwood had some fair reasons why he still pursues each but leans more toward directing these days. In his words:

Clint Eastwood sounds passionate as ever about the work he does, but realizes that sitting back in a baseball cap and calling the shots doesn’t requires eyes on how he looks in the scene and so on. The actor/director looks to still find passion in both facets of filmmaking, especially considering he’s doubling up as the star and man behind the camera in his upcoming film, The Mule.

Clint Eastwood has been busy at work directing film after film at quite the impressive rate, including both Jersey Boys and American Sniper in 2014, 2016’s Sully and The 15:17 to Paris earlier this year. However, he hasn’t been seen onscreen since 2012’s Trouble with the Curve. It makes sense that Eastwood would want to sit back and focus on his directing craft in his later years, and leaving the onscreen glitz and glam to other actors. Then again, he has never waited too long before coming back to his roots in acting.

In The Mule, Eastwood will be playing a 90-year-old horticulturalist and war veteran who becomes a drug mule for the Mexican cartel. The story is based on a true story of a similar man detailed in a New York Times story published in 2014. The film looks to be an emotional role for Eastwood, as his character Earl Stone is filled with regret and sadness around his actions as he becomes in over his head as an FBI agent, played by Bradley Cooper catches wind of his dealings.

Clint Eastwood’s comeback as both lead and director, past seen in Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby, The Mule comes to theaters on December 14.

Captive State Trailer Is Dystopian And Thrilling

After kicking off one of the truly great modern trilogies with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, director Rupert Wyatt left the realm of science fiction to make the crime drama The Gambler with Mark Wahlberg. Now he’s back in the sci-fi realm, this time with an alien invasion, for Captive State. The latest trailer for Captive State has debuted and it teases a thrilling and tense dystopian story. Check it out below:

What’s compelling about this trailer is that it is really teasing a film about a dystopian future, set 10 years after an alien invasion, but it looks very different from what we usually see from dystopian movies or those about alien invasions. What we see here is a street-level fight that tells the story of what happens long after the war has been lost.

This isn’t about government forces and leaders of nations fighting to protect the planet, this is about ordinary citizens becoming soldiers in order to resist an occupation. Captive State is dealing with the realities of the common person living in a world where extra-terrestrials have taken over and where collaborators are viewed as traitors and dissidents are viewed as terrorists.

That is a story that has many real world parallels, both historical and modern, and that adds a feeling of realism to what we are seeing here. The fact that the extra-terrestrials are largely absent from the trailer only enhances that, as the totalitarian regime wearing a friendly smile and saving us from ourselves doesn’t feel like science fiction, but something that can actually happen.

There is a grittiness to this trailer too. It isn’t a glossy look at fancy alien technology, nor does it have the feel of a YA dystopian blockbuster. This feels very grounded and everything looks homemade. We hear “You gotta pick a side,” but it’s clear that nothing is black and white, and the murky gray morality associated with either choice is reflected in the drab color palette this film employs.

The trailer for Captive State is also quite thrilling and intense as citizen soldiers attempt to carry out some crucial mission against the occupiers. Ashton Sanders’ and John Goodman‘s characters look like they may be playing both sides in a very dangerous game that could have us on the edge of our seats when this hits theaters.

While Captive State does look somewhat unique on the cinematic landscape, it bears mentioning that the story of an alien occupation and the collaborator/dissident dynamic is very similar to what the TV show Colony did on USA for three seasons. Nevertheless, that show touched on some difficult and interesting topics and I expect Captive State to do the same.

In addition to John Goodman and Ashton Sanders, Captive State stars Madeline Brewer, Vera Farmiga, Machine Gun Kelly and James Ransone. The script for the film comes from director Rupert Wyatt and his wife Erica Beeney.

Captive State was originally set to come out this past summer, but it flew so under-the-radar that it is now scheduled to arrive on March 29, 2019. For all of next year’s biggest movies, check out our 2019 release schedule.