Birds Of Prey’s Black Canary Was Inspired By The Injustice 2 Video Game

For some, superpowers are a gift, while for others, they’re a curse. How Black Canary views her Canary Cry differs depending on the medium, but when it comes to Injustice 2, as Jurnee Smollett-Bell sees it, this sonic scream isn’t something that one just doesn’t break out on a whim. So the actress decided to follow suit on Birds of Prey, with her version of Dinah Drake in Birds of Prey keeping the Canary Cry bottled up whenever possible, and then it takes some building up when she decides to use it.

Kevin Smith Initially Hated American Psycho So Much He Had To Cancel A Dinner With The Writer

Upon its debut, both as a novel by Bret Easton Ellis in 1991 and as director Mary Harron’s sophomore directorial effort in 2000, American Psycho has always been a lightning rod of controversy. But the true mark of the film’s legacy is the fact that, upon his initial viewing of it, the film turned Kevin Smith off so much he actually canceled dinner with the film’s co-writer, Guinevere Turner.

Star Wars’ Billy Dee Williams Posts Sweet Throwback With The Original Cast

Billy Dee Williams’ effortless coolness showed no signs of age in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and here in this photo, the actor behind Lando Calrissian is, of course, the coolest and the snazziest dresser. In addition to looking very tiny, Mark Hamill has the wide-eyed look of youth, not unlike Luke Skywalker himself. And Carrie Fisher is sadly gone, but I think many of us will remember her how she looked in this picture, as a fun-loving person who was full of life.

The 10 Most Badass John Wick Characters, Ranked

We don’t get a chance to see Marcus much, but Willem Dafoe‘s character gets to go down swinging at the end of the movie. Viggo Tarasov tortures Marcus, both as punishment for his failure to kill John, and as a way to get John Wick to come out in the open. Marcus gets pretty well beaten down, he’s bloody as hell, and he takes a knife in the knee, but in the end, he’s not going to go down without a fight. He says, right before his last stand, that he plans to go out on his own. He knows he’s going to die, but he plans to take as many people with him on his way out, and he does just that.

Yes, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Will Address The Death Of Harold Ramis

For a film that is about ghosts and subtitled Afterlife to be in part about the loss of a family member, and on a metatextual level about the loss of a beloved actor, feels appropriate. In a way, it seems like Ghostbusters: Afterlife will act as a tribute of sorts, both to the franchise’s past and Harold Ramis in particular, but doing so in a way that allows new faces to be brought in and an original new Ghostbusters story to be told.

Michael Bay Had Blunt Advice For Bad Boys For Life’s Directors

Early into the development into Bad Boys 3, what we now know as Bad Boys For Life, Michael Bay, the director of the first two Bad Boys movies, expressed interest in helming the movie, but ultimately it was Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah who fulfilled those duties. However, the directing duo would still end up meeting Bay when he came onto the Bad Boys For Life set, and he didn’t mince words with Arbi and Fallah when offering advice on the movie. As they recalled:

Why The Gentlemen’s Hugh Grant Loves Being Asked To Play Villains

Hugh Grant is an actor known for mostly playing charming, befuddled, leading men. But he’s also gotten to play a few bad boys. The 59 year-old actor finds that particular experience cathartic, probably because he’s nothing like the bad boys he’s played like The Gentlemen‘s Fletcher. This new character is a scheming scene-stealer, who drinks like a fish and has a mouth like a sailor. It’s a great role for Grant, and the trailers alone highlight how much he enjoyed playing Fletcher on set from

That Time Brad Pitt Turned Down The Matrix

Brad Pitt himself says we could spend days talking about all the roles he has turned down over the years, and while I would happily brew all the necessary coffee to keep us all awake during that entire interview, it seems we won’t be getting it. Pitt doesn’t dwell on the roles he didn’t get or turned down, though, when you’re Brad Pitt, and you’ve had your pick of roles, and still picked numerous great ones, that’s probably easier to do.