Apparently Someone Edited Captain Marvel And Other Women Out Of Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is still in theaters and we don’t yet know when it will arrive on home video. But when it does, many fans may be hoping for deleted scenes and perhaps an even longer cut of the film, despite its already 3-hour runtime. We’ll have to wait to see if we get some sort of Director’s Cut with the Blu-ray, but there is already another, unofficial cut of the film in existence. You might not be interested in watching this one though, as it edits out Captain Marvel and other women.

According to NPR, an anonymous fan has edited a pirated version of 2019’s biggest movie to create what is called a “defeminized” version. This modified cut of Avengers: Endgame, now circulating on an illegal streaming site, completely eliminates Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel from the movie– as well as any other elements that the editor interpreted as being feminist or queer.

In addition to losing Captain Marvel entirely, the “defeminized” version of Avengers: Endgame also eliminates the part in the final battle where women rescue Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. I’m guessing that means the A-Force shot with all the female heroes is definitely cut. None of the male characters hug each other in this modified version of the movie, and Black Panther’s role is also minimized.

Also missing is the opening scene of the film where Hawkeye teaches his daughter to shoot with a bow and arrow. The reasoning for that cut, according to an accompanying document is that “Young women should learn skills to become good wives and mothers and leave the fighting to men.” It’s a line of thinking that is certainly controversial, and one that goes against the messaging in Avengers: Endgame.

This is just the latest salvo internet trolls have taken against Brie Larson, after review-bombing Captain Marvel earlier this year in response to comments she made about inclusivity in the film press (comments that she later clarified).

This isn’t the first time this has happened with a blockbuster film either. Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi received a similar “defeminized” cut, dubbed more appropriately “The Chauvinist Cut” took that hotly debated film and removed scenes of women in battle, making decisions or really doing anything to further the plot in any way.

These kind of fan edits, if you can really call them that given that the editor isn’t a fan of so much of the movie, excise much of what is needed to make the story work in the name of not having to look at fully fleshed out female characters. And so insecurities turn a great film into a crappy one that doesn’t really fit together.

It should be noted that it is entirely possible that the creator of the Avengers: Endgame defeminized cut is just trolling, looking for attention and to get a rise out of people that take stuff too seriously. But who wants to watch a pirated version of a 3-hour movie for a mediocre joke?

That’s a totally plausible theory, and Poe’s Law speaks to the ambiguity of the internet where, without clear knowledge of the author’s intent (and they could always be lying) it is impossible to parody extreme views in such a way that it can’t be mistaken for a sincere expression of those views. Personally, I think I’ll stick with the theatrical cut.

Avengers: Endgame is still in theaters and we’ll keep you updated on when you can snag the proper version of the film on home video. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see all the other movies people will get overly upset about this year.

Superman Is Being Reinvented As A Navy Seal In The Comics

But with DC’s new Black Label imprint, another chance to reinvent the origins of Smallville’s own personal superhero has been granted, and to legendary comic writer Frank Miller nonetheless. No stranger to exciting reinvention himself, Miller’s Superman: Year One is going to take the character to a place he’s never gone: Navy SEAL boot camp.

Released onto comic shelves today, the first of the three-volume limited series sees Clark Kent’s origins as a kid with unlimited power come alive on the DC page yet again. But this time, Clark’s childhood of holding back his abilities spurs him to eventually rebel, as well as join up with the elite fighting force known as the Navy SEALs.

By time we catch up with him in August’s second volume, we’ll see the young Kent going into boot camp, which means that in the final volume, Superman will finally debut. Only this time, he’ll be doubling down a little harder on that American way bit of his creedo; something that made the Military Times smile when they recalled the very different path Superman took in his previous departure from form, Mark Millar’s Superman: Red Son.

With DC’s Black Label imprint, traditional characters have seen radically different and more R-rated translations into the pages of comic series like Superman: Year One and Batman: Damned. Operating as a sort of Elseworlds for mature audiences, this new series has given Frank Miller to work his special brand of hardcore magic on a character that he’s been known to be at odds with. Or at least, that’s what the public story has always said, as in this same interview Miller stated that it’s not him who dislikes Superman, but rather his interpretation of Batman.

It’ll be interesting to see if this new Superman: Year One story finds its way into the hot hands of readers in large enough quantities that Warner Bros will be moved to either option the story as a big screen adventure, or even as a DC Universe original series. In either case, a reinvention could lead to some inspired casting, especially if Michael B. Jordan’s vote of confidence among the fandom sees him donning the blue and red suit in the name of defending American freedom.

We’ll have to wait and see if Superman: Year One is a hit or a dud with comic audiences, but as the book is launching onto comic shelves as of today, we probably won’t have to wait too long to see what the result turns out to be. In any case, if you’re looking for that book on your comic store’s roster today, or in the near future, look out for the awesome looking cover below:

What Are Disneyland’s Costume Rules For Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Kylo Ren at Star wars: Galaxy's Edge

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is unlike anything we’ve ever seen at Disneyland before. While Disney Parks’ ability to create immersive worlds is unparalleled, Galaxy’s Edge takes things to an entirely different level.

Galaxy’s Edge isn’t simply a Star Wars-themed theme park space, it’s designed to make you feel like you’re inside your very own Star Wars story. Every feature of the land and every inhabitant who works there is designed to help create this illusion that you are on the planet Batuu.

If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars, then this whole concept is probably the sort of thing you’ve been dreaming of. It’s a chance to pretend like you’re part of the galaxy, far, far away and embrace everything that goes with it. For many, this will mean wanting to dress the part of somebody in the Star Wars universe.

However, Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge is part of Disneyland, and Disneyland has some pretty significant rules regarding what’s allowed and what is not when it comes to dressing up in the park. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s allowed and what isn’t when it comes to costumes and other forms of dressing up.

The Rules For Kids

The first thing to be aware of is that the rules are different depending on your age. As you might expect, the rules are far more relaxed for children. Specifically for those 13-years-old or younger, any sort of “costume” — the sort of thing one might wear for Halloween — is allowed. The only official restrictions would be related to costumes containing material that will drag on the ground, as the powers that be don’t want anybody getting tripped up. In addition, proper footwear is always required when walking around Disneyland, so any costume that resulted in bare feet would not be allowed.

Beyond that, kids can wear basically whatever they want.

The Most Important Rule

If you’re 14-years-old or older, however, the rules get a bit more restrictive and specific, but in the end, there’s really only one really important rule. You can’t wear anything in the park that runs the risk of making other guests think you work at Disneyland. Ultimately, the reason that Disneyland even has a rule against adults wearing full costumes is because of this issue. If you look too much like Cinderella, you might make other people think you’re the actual person playing Cinderella in the park, and that’s a level of confusion Disneyland needs to avoid.

So what does this mean for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Star Wars cosplay from Star Wars Celebration 2018

What’s Not Allowed Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Anything that could be considered a costume is not allowed. That includes anything that has a full mask as well as elaborate headwear. This means your replica X-Wing pilot helmet will have to be left at home. In addition, any sort of full character suit or costume is also off limits. That’s probably not too shocking, as a full Chewbacca costume, regardless of how tall you are, is going to be confusing to guests if you walk past the actual Chewbacca character that can be found on the planet Batuu.

Your full body X-Wing flightsuit, or anything along those lines, is also off limits, which is probably not too shocking.

However, there is one item list that might be somewhat surprising. In terms of what you can’t wear inside Galaxy’s Edge, robes are off-limits. It’s probably the simplest thing that anybody could do to change their look to something a bit more Star Wars. Simply throw a brown robe over your existing outfit, and now you look like a Jedi. However, robes of any kind are officially on the not allowed in Galaxy’s Edge.

This is especially important to understand because you can actually purchase robes at some of the merchandise stalls on Batuu. That’s right, some of the clothing that you can buy inside Galaxy’s Edge can’t actually be worn inside Galaxy’s Edge.

What’s Allowed Inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Because there are a lot adult Disneyland and Walt Disney World fans who want to be part of the magic, there have been many who have tried to still dress up like their favorite Disney characters inside the parks while still staying within the costuming rules. What has emerged is a concept known as Disneybounding.

Disneybounding is wearing outfits that imply a connection to a favorite character, without actually being a screen worthy costume. Wearing clothing that matches famous color combinations of Disney characters is a popular way to do it. The key is that this clothing is usually made up of everyday items you could buy in any clothing store.

If you want to dress like the classic Disney Snow White, rather than sewing or buying a perfect replica, instead, any blue top and any yellow skirt can get the idea across without causing your look to be confused for Disneyland cast members.

The same thing is perfectly acceptable inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Putting together a collection of your own clothing, including pieces with muted tones, vests, and layering pieces on top of each other will give you a look like the other inhabitants of Batuu. What’s cool about this is that there’s nothing particularly unique or special about the civilian clothing of the galaxy, far, far, away, so putting together an outfit that looks like it belongs on Batuu won’t necessarily be that difficult.

The fact that clothing like this is acceptable is interesting because many cast member costumes follow these same design ideas. Cast members also have some flexibility when creating their own outfits, so there isn’t a single look that is obviously that of a cast member. Although they certainly will be wearing name tags so there is one obvious way to tell them apart from the guests.

The fact that Star Wars; Galaxy’s Edge is a world that exists within the Star Wars universe (along with the fact everybody plays along) is one of the most fun parts of the new land. As fans, we want to play along too, but it’s important that we all understand the rules so that everybody has fun.

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Mark Ruffalo Proves Avengers: Endgame’s No Phones Rule Didn’t Really Work

Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is coming up on its two-month anniversary in theaters, continuing to make more money and inching up to the #1 box office spot currently held by Avatar. By now moviegoers has had plenty of opportunities to see Endgame, and the film’s contents and ramifications have fueled the internet for months. But The Russo Brothers originally introduced a spoiler ban, and kept security ultra tight on the set.

That’s what we thought at least. There were early reports that Avengers: Endgame had a strict no phones policy on set. But since the spoiler ban lifted, plenty of photos and videos have made their way onto the internet, via Earth’s Mightiest Heroes themselves. Mark Ruffalo’s name is fairly synonymous with Marvel spoilers, and the 51 year-old actor recently posted a photo from the set, with the Avengers all using their phones.

Well, so much for that ban. While Don Cheadle seems to remain innocent, this photo shows Scarlett Johansson, Sean Gunn, and Jeremy Renner all on their respective devices. And with Mark Ruffalo obviously using his to take the quick screenshot, it looks like security on the set of Endgame might not have been as intense as we originally thought.

Mark Ruffalo shared this image via his personal Twitter, paired with the solid caption “More proof we took the ‘no phones’ rule to heart while on the set of #AvengersEndgame.” The photo shows the reality of making Marvel movies, which is plenty of time in holding and long hours on set. And while phones were discouraged from the set, the cast couldn’t help but grab their nearest smart phone and do the thing. Mark Ruffalo just happened to catch them all red handed.

This new photo shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, as plenty of images and videos from the set have broken the internet in the past few months. As soon as The Russo Brothers’ spoiler ban was officially lifted, Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt shared a video from filming the epic final battle. Countless characters popped up in the brief clip, and other actors followed suit with their own secret content

Since then, Dave Bautista has shown off Drax’s funeral outfit, with Tom Holland revealing a BTS video from that emotional scene. Chris Hemsworth also recorded a video of full-figured Thor jamming to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, so it seems just about anything could arrive from Avengers: Endgame‘s set.

Mark Ruffalo might have been a particular target for the reported phone ban, as he hasn’t had the best luck with spoilers historically– especially related to his phone usage. He infamously streamed the first 20 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok from within his phone. While it was only the audio, it was a security breach that Ruffalo thought might cost him his job. He also directly referenced Thanos’ snap in an interview ahead of Infinity War, although nobody seemed to put it together at the time.

Avengers: Endgame is still in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Might Have Spoiled The Twist We All Saw Coming

With Spider-Man: Far From Home just two weeks away from release, the film’s marketing has gone into full swing. Billboards have been popping up just about everywhere and one in particular has our Spidey senses tingling about Jake Gylenhaal’s Mysterio true motives. Check it out:

Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development, Ryan Meinerding, showed off a set of two posters he designed that looks to show Mysterio shooting blasts in Spider-Man’s direction as the Web-Slinger dodges them. So what’s the deal? Will Far From Home’s Mysterio be the sworn enemy comic book fans know or the friendlier partner to Spider-Man set up in the movie’s trailers?

According to Tom Holland, Peter Parker and Quentin Beck (a.k.a. Mysterio) become best friends in Far From Home. He’s not the same villain found on the pages of the comics, he’s an alternative Beck from a different Earth in the Multiverse, which was opened when Thanos’ snap created a tear in the dimension.

Spidey will team up with Mysterio at the orders of Nick Fury to defeat a threat known as the Elementals while on vacation in Europe. This billboard tells a bit of a different story. It seems to vaguely set up the two super-powered individuals as adversaries. It could hint the twist fans have been speculating all along: that Mysterio will turn out to be Far From Home’s main villain after all.

Contrary to what the trailers tell us, it would be surprising to see Mysterio’s first go at the big screen not include his infamously sinister mind at work. The comic book villain is one of Spider-Man’s oldest and most formidable foes. Mysterio is also known to create illusions, use hallucinogens and wield special gadgets to confuse and mess with Spider-Man’s head.

So just because Far From Home tells us Mysterio is a good guy doesn’t mean it’s the truth. This Mysterio already looks to be more powerful then the master of illusion in the comics. Beck looks to be a legitimate spell-caster with powers similar to the mystic arts introduced in Doctor Strange, although again, this could all just be trickery.

Knowing this, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal’s character can go to greater lengths to fool Spider-Man. Peter already looks to be distracted over his grief for Tony Stark and desires to spark a romance with Zendaya’s MJ during his vacation. Or, maybe this poster is strategically making us question Mysterio, who is exactly who he says he is and firing at a threat out of the frame, but toward Spidey’s direction.

We’ll soon find out Mysterio’s true colors when Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters on July 2. What do you think? Is Mysterio an ally or adversary? Let us know in the comments below!

Keegan Michael-Key Is Dreading Lion King Press Over Beyonce Questions

Disney is a behemoth studio, consistently making tons of money at the box office through critically acclaimed movies. One of the methods the House of Mouse has taken in recent years is live-action adaptations of animated blockbusters. It’s largely began with Maleficent, and the trend will make another big splash with Jon Favreau’s The Lion King remake.

Jon Favreau assembled a fantastic cast for The Lion King, with household names taking on every single iconic character from the animated classic. Keegan-Michael Key is playing Kamari, one of Scar’s the three hyena sidekicks. While the Key and Peele actor is thrilled to be in such a major summer release, Key recently revealed one aspect he’s not looking forward to: the press. Mainly, because everyone is going to be so worried about Beyonce’s role as Nala. As he put it:

I mean, he’s not wrong. Beyonce’s role in The Lion King has been one of the most highly anticipated aspect of the upcoming blockbuster. So once the press tours begin, Michael Keegan-Michael Key is bound to field countless question about the diva’s performance as female protagonist Nala.

Keegan-Michael Key joked about Beyonce’s eclipsing presence on a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Key is in two massive animated blockbusters this summer: Toy Story 4 and The Lion King. It’s an exciting time, although he admitted that press might not be fun for the latter movie– despite his excitement to play Kamari.

With The Lion King arriving in theaters next month, the marketing campaign has been slowly revealing footage from the highly anticipated animated blockbuster. Beyonce recently got her first line in a quick trailer, pleading with Simba to return to Pride Rock and his place as King. Fans are eager to see what Queen B does with the character, especially her big song “Shadowland”, which is being added to the movie after debuting in the long-running Broadway musical adaptation.

During his conversation with Jimmy Fallon, Keegan-Michael Key admitted he wasn’t personally singing in The Lion King. While the hyenas typically sing backup to Scar in “Be Prepared”, he didn’t record any lines in the upcoming movie. But Key is getting to break new ground for the character.

You can check out Keegan-Michael Key’s chat with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show below.

Keegan-Michael Key’s role in the original Lion King was named Ed, and was a blabbering non-verbal clown that was a foil to his more capable buddies Shenzi and Banzai. But the Hyenas are reportedly being changed significantly in the new version, allowing the actors to live in their characters and even have the ability to improvise.

We’ll be able to see Keegan-Michael Key and Beyonce once The Lion King hits theaters July 19, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Sandra Bullock Says She Made Netflix’s Bird Box For Her Kids

The MTV Movie & TV Awards aired on Monday night, honoring the best onscreen work from the past year in a variety of categories, both traditional and fun, all voted on by the general public. One of those categories was for Most Frightened Performance and the award went to Sandra Bullock for her role in Netflix’s Bird Box. In her acceptance speech, the Oscar-winning actress revealed that she made Bird Box for her kids. She said:

You often hear stories about actors who took certain roles because it’s something they knew their kids would love and while that isn’t quite the case here, Sandra Bullock did make Bird Box for her children, as she told the audience at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Although she’s had roles in children’s movies like as Scarlet Overkill in Minions and years ago in The Prince of Egypt, by and large Sandra Bullock makes more adult and PG-13 films.

So between films Oceans Eight, Gravity and The Heat, it does somewhat make sense that her kids would feel that she doesn’t make anything for them. But instead of making a children’s movie to entertain them, Sandra Bullock made a film that was for them and that film was Bird Box. The Netflix film follows Sandra Bullock’s Malorie as she tries to keep her children safe in a world of unimaginable horrors.

To the actress, Bird Box was about family and that’s why she knew she needed to make it for her kids. She continued:

Bird Box is an R-rated horror film look at life as a mommy. It’s definitely not appropriate for Sandra Bullock’s young children but the message of the film is what she wanted them to understand. In Bird Box, Malorie puts her life on the line and does everything she can to protect her kids and get them to safety against unimaginable horrors and impossible odds.

By making Bird Box, Sandra Bullock wanted her kids to know the importance of family and doing everything to fight for it and that she too would trek through the wilderness hunted and blindfolded to protect them.

It’s an incredibly sweet sentiment that shows Sandra Bullock’s love and her maternal instinct to protect her kids. And despite Malorie being something of a reluctant mother in Bird Box, she still fought with everything she had for her children and that part of the role must have felt true to Sandra Bullock’s experience as a mother.

Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech was a highlight of the night, both hilarious and heartwarming and it really came across how much she loves her kids and how much she identifies with Malorie’s protective nature in Bird Box. You can see why she wanted to make it, but it turns out that all that sentimentality and emotion isn’t exactly what Sandra Bullock’s son had in mind when he said she doesn’t make movies for him.

Well, it’s the thought that counts. He’ll appreciate Bird Box and his mother’s love more when he’s older.

Bird Box was one of Netflix’s most high profile and buzzed about titles yet, getting major ratings for the streaming service and inspiring memes and internet idiocy. Bird Box was based on a novel by Josh Malerman and with a sequel novel titled Malorie, on its way at the end of this year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sandra Bullock showing more of that mother’s love and parenting frustration onscreen again.

To see all the titles headed to the big screen this year check out our 2019 Release Schedule. For more on the latest movie news and why having children is the truest horror, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

After Quitting Bond 25, Danny Boyle Realized Franchises Weren’t For Him

A lot of movie fans got very excited when Danny Boyle was tapped as the director of the next James Bond movie. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as the director eventually left the project under the nebulous cloud of “creative differences.” While it’s still unclear what exactly the problem was between Boyle and Bond, the director of the upcoming film Yesterday says the experience taught him an important lesson, he’s not cut out for franchises. According to Boyle…

Whatever the reasons behind Boyle’s departure, his comment that he didn’t like “digging in the same hole” makes it clear that he found the idea of working within an existing franchise a bit too constricting. Boyle tells Metro that works better just outside of the mainstream franchise movie scene.

The James Bond franchise is one of the longest running series of films still going today. With 24 previous films there’s a lot of history and with that history comes a lot of expectations. While new writers and directors are often able to bring something of their own spin to a property, there are usually limits and places that are out of bounds. It’s possible that Danny Boyle discovered he didn’t care for those limits.

There have been numerous rumors regarding what exactly was the straw that broke the camel’s back that caused Boyle to leave Bond 25. What does seem clear is that the script written by Boyle and John Hodge wasn’t working for the studio, and Boyle was ultimately unwilling to work with any other writers.

Becoming a director in a major franchise can actually be a dream for many. Considering how long many of these franchises have been around, some might have grown up as fans, and so the idea of becoming part of that franchise could be incredibly exciting.

It is, however, certainly very different than directing a movie that is completely original and doesn’t have the history or requirements of the franchise.

It seems if anybody was hoping Danny Boyle was ever going to direct a popular comic book movie or take on something in the Star Wars universe, we can probably all forget about that. James Bond has taught him that he’s not interested in that. It’s unfortunate, as he probably would bring some unique ideas to some well known titles.

At the same time, Danny Boyle has made some unique and special movies simply by doing his own thing, and if he were too busy making James Bond movies he wouldn’t be able to do that. Boyle’s new film Yesterday is getting solid reviews and looks to be a great deal of fun, especially if you’re a fan of The Beatles.

Danny Boyle’s Yesterday will be in theaters next week. The as yet untitled James Bond movie, now being helmed by Cary Fukunaga, is set for April 2020.

Men In Black International’s Ending Should Have Gone In A Different Direction

Men In Black International full cast lined up with poses in front of a glowing portal

Warning: SPOILERS for Men In Black International are in play. If you haven’t seen the film, turn around and come back once you’ve caught up.

Men In Black International was supposed to be a big step in a new direction for the legendary sci-fi/comedy series. A big step that, depending on who you talk to, had plenty of issues. Which is only fitting because by time the film wraps, we learn that the Men In Black themselves have a bit of a problem within their own ranks, as a traitorous mole almost wipes out the Earth.

Of course, Tessa Thompson’s Agent M and Chris Hemsworth’s Agent H unmask Liam Neeson’s High T as the villain, take him out with the greatest weapon in the galaxy, and go back to their jobs in the ranks of the MIB. Only, Agent H actually gets promotes to the head of the London bureau, because High T wanted it that way.

That decision might be the biggest mistake in the Men In Black franchise, but it’s definitely the biggest misstep in Men In Black International. It screws with the film’s story and messes with the prospect for future films, as it not only takes Agent H out of commission as a field agent, it asks a lot of questions about the Men In Black organization in general.

Men In Black International Agent H and M, on a mission in a nightclub

Agent H Still Feels Too Inexperienced To Be A Supervising Agent

We’ll just get the most obvious problem out of the way first. In his grand feat of heroism, later exposed as a fraudulent happening, Agent H and High T supposedly defeated The Hive at the Eiffel Tower. Commemorated in a stylish portrait that T keeps in his office, it’s flanked by only one other portrait: Agents J and K taking down Edgar at the former site of the New York World’s Fair in Queens. Both are pretty big accomplishments at face value, but certainly not on a level to give someone this big of a promotion.

Giving Agent H head of section at MIB London is like putting Agent J in charge the moment Zed vacated his seat as MIB New York’s section chief. But even if that had happened in Men In Black 3, the film that put Emma Thompson’s incredibly sharp O in charge of the New York branch, there was a 15 year gap between those events, and Agent J proved himself as capable. There was only a three year gap between the Paris incident and Men In Black International’s contemporary-set adventure, and in these three years, Agent H has been slacking.

Men In Black International Agent H struts through the halls of MIB London

Even Returning To His Former Self, Agent H Has Some Lost Time To Make Up

Only getting the position as head of the MIB London branch because High T left specific instructions to do so, Agent H still has to answer for the fact that he’s been under an alien influence that turned him into the slacker field agent he’d been known to be since the Paris incident of 2016. While three years isn’t too much time to make up for, there’s still a questionable gape in H’s service record, which should immediately disqualify him for any sort of promotion.

While he’s still just a probationary head of MIB London, and that decision would most likely be revoked before a hypothetical Men In Black International sequel, it’s still a bad move. Even if he’s only temporarily overseeing MIB London, Agent H isn’t exactly an agent who is the pillar of respect, especially after coasting on his accomplishments for three years. Though even if he wasn’t slouching and given this opportunity for promotion validly, the fact still remains that Agent H is more of a field agent, especially with his capable new partner offering a proper foil to his exploits.

Men In Black International Agents H and M standing in front of Pawny's POV

Agent H Belongs In The Field With Agent M

Taking away the case of Agent H’s abilities as a Men In Black operative, it’s still pretty clear that he’s best used as a field agent in MIB London’s ranks. Even in his lesser skilled mode of working through Men In Black International’s crisis, you can see that field work is his definitely in his skill set. Quick witted, ready with a plan, and easily gliding through his environments, H is pretty capable in field action; especially now that he has Agent M by his side.

M compliment’s H’s flash and style with hard thought and complimentary energy. While H has the plans and the impetus to move forward with them, M is the brains of the operation who can inform their decision making process with the required knowledge. They’re a hell of a team together, and it already feels like a bad idea to break them apart at the end of Men In Black International. Doing so for a management position is even worse of an idea, especially when there’s one particular agent that should have gotten the position without question.

Men In Black International Agent Oh reviews some files at her desk

Agent C Is Way More Qualified For Head Of Section

Set up as a red herring for the potential mole of Men In Black International, Rafe Spall’s Agent C seems like a regulatory nightmare when it comes to the actions of our heroes throughout the film. He’s the type that knows the handbook back and forth, and is a stickler for the rules that are part of being a Men In Black operative. But as it turns out, he’s not some evil presence trying to stick it to Agent H and Agent M for the hell of it, he’s doing it because he believes in those rules. And Agent O, despite being wise and seeing everything going on in MIB London, is still okay with Agent H getting the top slot.

That is precisely the person you want in charge of the Men In Black International lot. Agent C’s actions aren’t meant to harm anyone, they’re by book. And if your field agents are going to skip the rules and operate outside of the lines, someone needs to know when to let them loose and when to keep them in line. Agent C is that type of person, who definitely could learn to loosen up a bit, but very easily could run the organization in a way that doesn’t compromise the planet or its defenses.

Ultimately, rebuking Agent H’s promotion as probationary head of MIB London isn’t meant to slam him as an ineffective agent. The man didn’t get to where he is today by merely being a doofus. But giving him the top slot, merely because his boss said so, is an egregious error that should have been called out by Agent O at the end of Men In Black International.

It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a sequel to this film anytime soon, as the troubles that the film had behind the scenes seem to have spilled over into the film’s theatrical release. But if this story is to continue, there are some decisions that should be questioned to the fullest extent of continuing the Men In Black story, and the greatest concern is giving Agent H the top slot at MIB London.

Men In Black International is in theaters now, but if you’re looking for a new adventure into the multiplex, the 2019 release schedule is going to be your best bet for finding that next round of excitement.

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Kristen Stewart And John Cho Follow In Chris Pine’s Shoes, Remembering Anton Yelchin As Documentary Is Released

Anton Yelchin and John Cho on set

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been nearly three years since Star Trek‘s Anton Yelchin suddenly died outside his Hollywood home. In fact, tomorrow marks the three-year anniversary of his untimely death. Yelchin is the subject of a new documentary Love, Antosha, with plenty of his co-workers and friends reflecting on the young actor’s life and myriad talents.

Chris Pine recently reflected on Anton Yelchin’s work ethic, especially as he was silently hiding the pains of cystic fibrosis on set. Pine was one of many Hollywood to get on camera for Love, Antosha. Twilight actress Kristen Stewart also spoke to her relationship with Yelchin, and the way he pushed her to improve. She said:

He kind of broke my heart. I was so kind of baffled by how good he was. I wanted to be better, smarter, cooler, but couldn’t even hang with him.

Anton Yelchin seemed to inspire and challenge the people he came into contact with during his 27 year-long life. This includes Kristen Stewart, who admits to a deep connection with her Fierce People costar.

While his life was cut short, Anton Yelchin clearly left an impact on the people he came into contact with. Kristen Stewart as one of the many household names to have been affected by Yelchin’s life an death, something she was generous enough to share with the world in Love, Antosha. Stewart is appearing in the new documentary alongside names like J.J. Abrams, Zachary Quinto, Jodie Foster, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Willem Dafoe.

Plenty of Anton Yelchin’s Star Trek co-stars appear in the documentary, which looks like a thoroughly emotional experience. This includes John Cho, who starred alongside the actor as Sulu in all three blockbusters. Footage from Love, Antosha has been slowly revealed, including a segment (Via ET) where Cho speaks to Yelchin’s character, and how that was reflected in the late actor’s photography. He said:

I see his eye and I can feel the way that he looked at people, which was with openness and without judgment and was curious about all thought and all kinds of humanity. He affected so many people. It was like, how did he pierce so many hearts? How did he get to so many people so thoroughly? It’s unfathomable how he did that in his young life.

In addition to his onscreen roles, Anton Yelchin was a bit of a renaissance man. He played guitar, specifically blues. He was also a talented photographer, with his work being displayed posthumously at a New York gallery in 2018. John Cho was clearly a fan of Yelchin’s photography, and how his late co-worker was able to get his subjects to open up and be vulnerable.

Looking at the huge cast of names involved in Love, Antosha, and John Cho’s comments do make a great deal of sense. Anton Yelchin pierced the heart of each person seen in the documentary, with plenty of Hollywood’s stars taking time out of their schedule to speak to Yelchin’s character on camera.

As previously mentioned, Chris Pine recently spoke what it was like working with Anton Yelchin throughout the Star Trek trilogy. The late actor silently suffered from cystic fibrosis during his life, but didn’t ask for any accommodations when working on grueling shoots. As Captain Kirk himself put it:

While we were shooting [Star Trek Beyond], especially towards the end, I think we could all tell that something wasn’t right with Anton. I don’t think anyone knew that he was battling the illness that he was. We had about a week of doing a pretty intense stunt, like a really grueling, physically demanding stunt. I haven’t actually thought about it until now, but looking back on it, I remember how hard it was for him to get through it. And he never complained. He didn’t use [the disease] to get out of this fight scene, which he could easily have done, obviously.

On top of his spirit and talent, Anton Yelchin was able to connect with people through his work ethic, and impress the myriad big name he worked with throughout his film career. Yelchin released a number of films posthumously, starting with Star Trek Beyond. Four other movies arrived after his death, with Love, Antosha adding another credit to his filmography. And one that is far more personal than anything else before it.

You can check out the trailer for Love, Antosha below.

The documentary looks like it’s going to be a super emotional viewing experience. Love, Antosha made its debut at Sundance Film Festival back in January of 2019, and fared well with early critics. But average moviegoers will have to wait another few months to see it themselves. But with more emotional testimonies arriving from the people who knew and loved the late actor, anticipation for the doc’s release should only continue to grow.

Love, Antosha is set to arrive in theaters on August 2nd, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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