Why James Gunn Is Great For Suicide Squad 2

In the last three-and-a-half months, one persistent question on the mind of cinephiles everywhere has been, “What does the future hold for James Gunn?” While the filmmaker was fired by Disney this summer due to inappropriate jokes written a decade ago, nobody expected that it would end Gunn’s career, and so fans have been patiently waiting to see what the next step would be. Today it seems that we’ve received our answer, with reports that he is now potentially attached to make Suicide Squad 2 — and while this is exciting news all by itself, what has us even more pumped is the fact that Gunn is an excellent match for the material.

For those of you who aren’t aware of James Gunn’s work prior to Guardians of the Galaxy, he formerly was what could be described as a master of schlocky cinema — a graduate from the Troma Entertainment school of moviemaking. You get tastes of it in his Marvel movies, but he used to be much more extreme, telling stories about more sincerely damaged people (see: Super) and enthusiastically grossing out audiences (see: Slither).

In short, his past work has reveled in the darker sides of humanity and society, and he should have a great opportunity to tap back into that with what is coming together as Suicide Squad 2.

To refresh you on the central premise, Suicide Squad centers on a group of incarcerated criminals — very specifically not good people — who are given the chance to reduce their respective sentences in exchange for performing insanely dangerous black ops work. In a way that he couldn’t really do with the rogues at the center of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn has a chance here to exploit the morally corrupt natures of all his protagonists, and make a comic book movie truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen, perhaps avoiding the third act hero turn that did zero favors for David Ayer’s movie.

The material is such a natural fit for the director, in fact, that there was even talk about James Gunn doing a Suicide Squad-equivalent project at Marvel Studios a while back. Prior to even the release of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn was asked about doing a Thunderbolts film for the franchise (centered around another supervillain-centric team) — and not only did he say he had personally suggested it to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, but a couple years later he even specifically noted that the existence of the Suicide Squad movie at DC probably took that project off the table.

Now it almost seems like it was fate’s will to have the writer/director making Suicide Squad 2 — though it would be a lot more exciting if there wasn’t so much drama that has unfolded over the last few months. It’s literally a case of Marvel’s loss being DC‘s gain, and it’s possibly a seismic shift in the world of comic book movies.

As of right now the future isn’t entirely clear, as the reported relationship between James Gunn and Suicide Squad 2 is still very new. It’s not even entirely clear that he will be working on the script for the movie, let alone taking the helm. Still, though, it’s very easy to understand why this would be a fantastic match, and if Gunn definitely isn’t going to make Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, this might be the best end result.

Sam Benjamin’s Gives Details About Justice League Role Getting Cut When Zack Snyder Left

As well all know by now, when Joss Whedon took over for Zack Snyder on Justice League, the film changed quite a bit. Some of those changes resulted in actors who had parts in the film seeing their roles get cut. Among them was actor Sam Benjamin, who recently gave the details about his cut Justice League role, noting he was part of a storyline that would have been lengthy in the movie and revealing other intriguing details. He said:

Based on what Sam Benjamin told Flashback FilmMaking, it sounds like the writing was on the wall that a lot of stuff was going to change when the director switch for Justice League was made. Based on his reveals here, it sounds like a lot did change, with a ton of stuff getting cut, including his role.

As far as the specifics of his role in the film, Sam Benjamin played it coy, wary of how much he could reveal without getting in trouble. He mentions checking it out on IMDb and if you do so, you’ll see that he is credited as “Military Policeman 2.” So given that he doesn’t have a name it seems that his specific role wasn’t very big anyway, the actor doesn’t seem to have regrets about what was cut.

However, he mentions that the arc his character was a part of could have accounted for 20-30 minutes of the film before it was excised. It was reported that the film was mandated to be less than 2 hours so perhaps he was part of a whole subplot that was cut for time. You can take a look at what he had to say in full, below.

He mentions it being a dream come true and the fun he had working with Zack Snyder, so it is kind of sad that his role got cut. However, he now isn’t part of the official canon, so maybe he’ll get another chance to show up in the future?

There have been so many changes reported that we can’t really say for sure who his character was or what arc he was a part of, but there are enough clues here for fans to speculate about and get a better picture of Zack Snyder’s vision. Without telling us the story, Sam Benjamin also teases some more abstract things about Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which should be enough to add further fuel to the Snyder Cut fire. Snyder loyalists can keep holding their breath for a Snyder Cut of Justice League, but chances are we’ll never get to see it. Still though, all of the reveals like this tease such a different film that it’s hard not to be curious. Maybe a fan can cobble together all the reveals and everything we’ve heard and film their own Snyder Cut?

This is just the latest glimpse into the Justice League that might have been. Based on what we’ve heard since Justice League‘s release, the Snyder Cut may be both unwatchable and an emotional epic, featuring what seems like 45 more heroes and enough plot points to make a 4-hour director’s cut feel stuffed. It really could have run the gamut, being the greatest superhero movie ever made or the worst film period, or possibly something in between.

The next film in the DCEU is Aquaman, which hits theaters on December 21st. Keep an eye on our guide for everything going on in the DCEU and head on over to the release schedule to see the biggest movies to get excited about this fall.

The Greatest Showman Cover Album Has Some Insane Talent

Couldn’t get enough of last year’s blockbuster musical The Greatest Showman? You’re in luck, because the bestselling soundtrack is rewriting the stars of the circus spectacle, with an upcoming cover album. It will feature the larger-than-life powerhouse vocalists such as P!nk, Panic! At the Disco and Kelly Clarkson in place of the original cast recording.

The memorable music of The Greatest Showman written by La La Land songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul is coming back for an encore with some stunning talent at center stage. The film starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zendaya made over $400 million worldwide, becoming one of the highest-earning live-action musicals of all time, just behind 2017’s Beauty and the Beast and 1978’s Grease. The new musical was highly praised for its hit songs, including Oscar nominated original song “This is Me”.

The upcoming album features an impressive selection of artists pulled from a variety of genres. The Greatest Showman cover album will bring a refreshing take on each of the memorable songs and breathe new life in the catchy show tunes from the highly-successful film loosely based on the life of P.T. Barnum’s rise in show business. Take a look at the track list, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Exciting huh? The track list for The Greatest Showman cover album seems to include the perfect assortment of artists, each name a great pick to add their own signature talent to the songs. Opening the album with Panic! At the Disco belting out “The Greatest Show” seems a match made in heaven as the towering track introducing the film will soon bring rock star Brendon Urie to the forefront. The sweet ballad “A Million Dreams” will also be given a new strength as P!nk transforms it into another pop song to add to her long list of radio hits.

Oscar nominated song “This is Me” will still include its original singer Kaela Settle, but also will feature Kesha and Missy Elliot accompanying her after Kesha previously lent her voice for a solo release of the song in December. Impressive female pop vocalist Kelly Clarkson will sing “Never Enough” along with Sara Bareilles taking over Michelle Williams’ solo “Tightrope.”

Alternative pop singers Years & Years and Jess Glynne will duet for the sparkling and energetic pop song “Come Alive” led by Hugh Jackman. R&B artist MAX and rapper Ty Dolla Sign will also team up to reimagine the memorable duet between Jackman and Zac Efron, “The Other Side.” Fresh pop talents Anne-Marie and James Arthur are also taking over for Zendaya and Efron for their hit “Rewrite the Stars” but Zendaya will also sing on the cover album with an acoustic version of the track.

The hit musical songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul have teamed up already for new songs for the live-action Aladdin coming in 2019. The Greatest Showman cover album will be released on November 16.

What Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker Wants To Ask All The Previous Time Lords

Jodie Whittaker has answered and re-answered a ton of questions about portraying the Doctor for Doctor Who Season 13, One fan recently provided one she hadn’t heard before, inquiring which of the previous Time Lords Whittaker would ask for advice and why,. The actress had a great response, announcing she would ask all the previous Doctors one singular question revolving around beauty.

Many who have played the role of the Doctor have talked about the unique experiences and everything else that comes along with the gig. Jodie Whittaker seems to want to know the absolute best moment of visual splendor each actor has experienced as the Doctor, and if they carried it with them throughout their tenure. It’s a feeling Whittaker seems to have captured early on in her run and has given her an intense feeling she may not have had or experienced in past roles.

Jodie Whittaker’s response, given during a screening of the Season 13 premiere held by EW, also seems to imply she’s curious if more emotional and beautiful experiences come with time in the role, as she mentioned those who have “worn the shoes longer.” That’s nearly everyone, although Whittaker has already missed her chance to talk with the first three actors who played the role on Doctor Who, each is now deceased. That aside, she has the support of most of the post-reboot Doctors to call on, should she ever want to ask that question.

There’s another way to interpret Jodie Whittaker’s response. Perhaps the current Doctor Who lead was responding with a question she’d ask the literal past twelve Doctors, not limited to the lifespan of former cast members. The lore could likely lay out the “single most beautiful thing” each Doctor has seen. After all, being the Doctor is tough work. It wouldn’t be surprising to know each Time Lord has one shining memory they draw back on to give them hope when things seem at their darkest.

Either way, Jodie Whittaker seems to be catching on to what it means to inhabit the role rather quickly. If true, that’s a big plus for the actress, who has many fans watching her every move she as the first female Doctor. With Season 11 underway, the actress finally has her big chance to show the world whether or not she’s worthy of the role, or if she’ll end up being someone that viewers wish time had forgotten.

Doctor Who Season 11 airs on BBC America Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s one of many returning shows with the potential to excite television audiences over the next few months, so head over to our fall premiere guide to see what else is on the way.

James Gunn Will Reportedly Write And Direct Suicide Squad 2

Marvel’s loss might end up being DC’s gain. After James Gunn was unceremoniously fired from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise due to old Tweets that, without question, were insensitive and out of line, many wondered what project Gunn would grab next. Would he stay at Marvel, just in a different franchise, or leap to a competitor? Now, the word is dropping that James Gunn is in talks to write Suicide Squad 2 for Warner Bros and DC, and is also being eyed to direct the property.

The Wrap, which broke the news, reports that James Gunn will have a new approach to the material, though it will still focus on a band of villains who are recruited by the government to carry out jobs that are too nasty for normal heroes in the DCEU. Ben Affleck’s Batman made a brief cameo in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, mainly because the original Squad focused on a new Joker (Jared Leto) and a live-action Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). It’s unclear right now if Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2 will have any connections to the previous movie, or to the larger DCEU.

That Time Liam Neeson Was Recognized By A Horse On Set

Liam Neeson is widely known action star, some of his most famous roles being Qui-Gon Gin in Star Wars, Bryan Mills in Taken, and Ra’s Al Ghul in the Dark Knight franchise. His voice, smooth as silk, is incredibly distinct, making him easily identifiable even in the smallest voice-over parts. He’s so famous, in fact, that he even has horses getting starstruck at the sight of him – as he recently revealed while discussing his new Netflix film, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs:

Barbara Bush Is Glowing In New Wedding Photo

Here comes the bride! During a secret ceremony, Barbara Bush, the daughter of former United States president George W. Bush, tied the knot with Craig Coyne during a private wedding in Maine. Not much is known about the exclusive event, but there’s now an official look at the newfound bride, along with her famous father, walking down the aisle. In this photo, the bride-to-be is beaming as she gets ready to embark upon marriage. While it was a closed-off affair, it appears to have been a very joyous occasion for everyone involved. Take a look at the wedding photo of Barbara Bush below.

The wedding photo provides an intimate and up-close look at the recent nuptials ceremony. The soon-to-be bride herself, Barbara Bush, is smiling from ear-to-ear, while her father, George W. Bush, is also elated. While the husband of the hour isn’t in this particular photo, you can see other members of the presidential lineage in the background — including George H.W. Bush most notably, with a wide smile draped on his face. Barbara Bush’s dress is also highlighted in the photo.

The ceremony reportedly took place in coastal Maine, and it was held on Sunday with family and close friends in attendance. The news was announced on Monday, as it was reported by CNN, and the wedding was officiated by Dorothy Bush Koch, the aunt of the bride. In a statement found on Instagram, George W. Bush said the following words about her daughter, including the power of her name and what her virtues are on this special day.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush is soon set to be seen on the big screen in Adam McKay’s upcoming dramedy biopic Vice, where he will be played by recent Oscar winner Sam Rockwell. The well-viewed first trailer already gives us an eye for what to expect from the movie and the potential awards-contender is slated to hit theaters on Christmas Day, which is right smack dab in the heat of awards season. So, no pressure.

Of course, it’s not the first time the life and times of George W. Bush have been brought to the big screen. The 43rd President of the United States was perhaps most notably seen portrayed on the big screen in Oliver Stone’s 2008 biopic W., where the U.S. presidential figure was played by Josh Brolin. Of course, this time around, the story is less about Bush and more about his daughter Barbara. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the nuptials.

3 Things Venom Does Really Well

The Relationship Between Eddie Brock and Venom

You might think that the central romance in the movie is Eddie Brock and his ex-fiance Anne Weying (Michelle Williams, who was nominated for four Academy Awards), but that’s incorrect. The real romance is between Brock and Venom, and it makes for the more intriguing and interesting moments in the film. It’s no coincidence that once Venom starts talking that this movie begins to pick up steam. Brock and his symbiote are an underdog duo, with Brock as a prisoner of his own body. A lot of times the interactions between the two are fun, with Venom heckling Brock while the journalist tries to keep the symbiote from biting off heads. It’s a bizarre Odd Couple situation, but the film is usually better when it focuses on that. Plus, they just straight up make out with each other, which will stay with you long after you leave the theater.

World War Z 2 Finally Knows When It Will Start Filming

Despite how long it has seemed dead and the various development hells that have wounded it, the corpse of World War Z 2 continues to stalk this earth. The sequel to the 2013 zombie movie is finally on its way (supposedly) and we now know when it will start filming. One of the film’s producers, Dede Gardner, revealed that the production start is not that far off, saying:

So, in less than a year cameras will begin rolling on World War Z 2. At this rate the sequel should make it to theaters before World War Z turns 10. Given the various delays that have plagued this movie that doesn’t seem too bad in the grand scheme of things.

For a little while it seemed like production might start this year but the busy schedules of the people involved necessitated delays, namely so that Brad Pitt could star in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and director David Fincher could work on the second season of his Netflix show Mindhunter.

Speaking of David Fincher, in Dede Gardner’s statement to Variety, she also mentions that the acclaimed director is on board to direct World War Z 2. We’ve known this for a while but directors and release dates for this movie have been rather fluid over the years so it’s awesome to hear that this is still the case. Christopher Robin director Marc Forster directed the first film and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona was attached to the sequel before eventually dropping out.

World War Z‘s production was an absolute mess, so it was somewhat surprising when the movie turned out to be the success it was, both critically and commercially, earning $540 million worldwide. So even with all the delays and the quite reasonable calls to just pull the plug on World War Z 2, it’s hard to not get excited about the possibilities of this film.

This could be one of those rare sequels that is better than the original. David Fincher and Brad Pitt have made magic together before in Se7en, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is also very rare for Fincher to jump in to an existing franchise but a zombie movie from the acclaimed director is worth buying a ticket for just on those facts alone.

We still don’t know exactly what World War Z 2 will be about and what Brad Pitt’s Gerry Lane will be up to. There is a lot of untapped material from Max Brooks’ novel for them to work with. David Fincher has talked about digging in to the mythology for the sequel so it will be exciting to see where he takes things.

World War Z 2 is a ways off from release, but there are plenty of movies actually coming out next year to get excited about. Check them out in our 2019 release schedule.