Seth Rogen Has A Hard Time Doing Press For Bad Movies

No matter how accomplished an actor is, not every one of their projects is going to strike a chord in audiences the same way as the one’s their most famous for. Seth Rogen may have had built a name for himself during his over 20 years starring and making movies, but it’s an especially tough road when one doesn’t turn out how he’d wished it would. Here’s why per his words:

Yikes! The actor brings up an understandable point. Few industries require those involved to go out and promote all their work ,and it can be unpleasant to gush about a movie if you are not happy with. While most actors might find it easy to simply fake their enthusiasm about a bad movie (maybe pretend they’re doing a character who liked the movie?), Rogen told GQ it really takes a toll on him. He continued with these words:

Ultimately, it looks like something positive came out of Rogen’s discomfort doing press for the movies he’s made. Namely, it made him only want to do projects he could be proud of. You, Me and Dupree may have been a bummer for the actor (which was directed by the Russo Brothers… you know those guys behind a little indie movie called Avengers: Endgame) but it pushed him to be more involved in his projects.

One year after that film, Seth Rogen made it big with his breakout hit Knocked Up, which he also was an executive producer on. That movie is still his biggest success, and was the start of Rogen being a regular producer on his movies (some of which he wrote as well) including Pineapple Express, 50/50, This is the End, Neighbors, The Interview and The Night Before.

Seth Rogen clearly loves being a part of the development process of a film, and having a say in the way it’s marketed. With the exception of a few movies, Rogen told GQ he gets uncomfortable about being in movies he is solely the actor in. This year he starred and produced in Long Shot, is producer on upcoming comedy Good Boys and is voicing the role of Pumbaa in The Lion King.

Way to pave your own success in the business. Seth Rogen may be high all the time (he said it, not me) but he can look back on a majority of his career feeling proud of what he’s accomplished and walk into press tours relaxed because of these experiences.

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Has Screened, See What People Are Saying

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and while it’ll be another two months before the general public gets to see it, they can at least start getting a sense of how the director’s ninth movie was received over in Europe. Social media reactions to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are pouring in, and evidently it was quite the hit at Cannes, earning a six to seven minute-long standing ovation.

Starting off, Deadline’s Joe Utichi praised Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as one of Quentin Tarantino’s best movies yet, saying:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is so gloriously, wickedly indulgent, compelling and hilarious. The film QT was born to make. The world is a more colourful place in Quentin Tarantino’s twilight zone. Round two, please.

Quentin Tarantino might not have the largest directorial resume in Hollywood, but all of his solo directing work over 25+ years has been met with mostly positive reception. So to say that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the film he was born to make is high praise indeed.

That Shelf managing editor Jason Gorber was also pleased by Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, although he admitted that not everyone will feel the same way:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Historically dubious, thematically brilliant, QT finds his form in film that could win Palme d’Or or be picketed by audiences, or maybe both. Thrilling, provocative, blackly comical, intensely unsettling masterwork.

Sometimes you can summarize your feelings for a movie in just a few words, and that’s just what Thrillist’s Emma Stefansky did with her praise for the latest Quentin Tarantino movie:

I reeeeally liked Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

But not everyone was willing to declare that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was a success across the board. The New York Times’ Kyle Buchanan was more measured with his reaction:

There will be many, many hot takes to come on the new Tarantino but I don’t mind letting mine cool off on the counter a little longer. I know it’s more relaxed than I was expecting, and that DiCaprio is terrific, funny and poignant. The rest, I’m gonna mull over.

Indiewire’s Erick Kohn also felt into more mixed territory with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, though he did appreciate the Easter eggs and lead performances:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a meandering Tarantino hangout movie, plays w/history, celebrates the art of the TV western & the creative thrill of performance. DiCaprio & Pitt are better than ever. Lots of nostalgic Easter eggs. It’s fun! But manage expectations.

FirstShowing’s Alex Billington noted how as has been made clear in the marketing, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood delves deeply into the culture that Quentin Tarantino grew up with:

As expected, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is Tarantino referencing other films and TV and old Hollywood and good times in the 60s. Digging into his past and showing us, through perfectly crafted cinema, his feelings about moviemaking and artists and the Manson murders and more.

Torontoist contributor Jesse Hawken said that fans of some of Quentin Tarantino’s most famous movies will appreciate what he delivers in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: fans of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill know what to expect from Quentin Tarantino and once again he delivers! A hip, cool joyride that injects a shot of classic Hollywood cool to the multiplex. Leave the kids at home for this one, folks!

Finally, Anne Thompson, also of Indiewire, complimented Once Upon a Time in Hollywood not just for its premise, but also for what the lead actors brought to the table:

Tarantino’s gorgeous Once Upon a Time in Hollywood lovingly recreates a showbiz period that is long past, of cowboys, manly men and crazy hippies. DiCaprio and Pitt are funny and brilliant, as is Margot Robbie as sweet Sharon Tate. It’s an elegy.

Set in 1969 Los Angeles, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood follows a television actor and his stuntman trying to navigate the changing Hollywood landscape, all as The Manson Family is up to its illicit activities. The sprawling ensemble cast also includes Kurt Russell, Dakota Fanning, Timothy Olyphant, Al Pacino, Luke Perry, Lena Dunham and many, many more.

You can judge Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for yourself when it’s released in theaters on July 26. For now, you can look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what other movies are opening later this year.

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Fans Will Have To Wait A Long Time To See Alita: Battle Angel On DVD And Digital

This past February, Alita: Battle Angel made its debut in theaters worldwide, fulfilling a dream decades in the making. Starting as co-writer/producer James Cameron’s baby, and eventually being transferred to the loving care of director Robert Rodriguez, the film went on to score an impressive gross at the box office, as well as a vocal internet fandom.

Those fans are going to have quite a bit of a wait to endure in order to see Alita: Battle Angel again, as the physical and digital releases are both set to drop throughout the month of July. While the digital release is set for July 9, fans won’t be able to grab a physical copy of the film until July 23, which comes a little over five months after the film’s February 14 theatrical debut.

While we’re not particularly sure about why there’d be such a delay in the release of Alita: Battle Angel, it might be because of the Fox/Disney merger that also caused delays, reshufflings and in some cases cancellations to come down on projects that the now joined studios had on their respective dockets. But what we can be sure of is that when it finally does hit shelves this summer, there are going to be quite a few awesome extras along for the ride.

As promised, Robert Rodriguez is including one of his patented “10 Minute Cooking School” segments, this time teaching the audience at home how to make the Iron City chocolate that Rosa Salazar’s Alita fell in love with as one of her first food experiences in the world. Also included are various features that detail the story of Alita: Battle Angel’s extended development process, complete with a concept art gallery from James Cameron’s work on the film back in 2005.

Most promising, though, is the inclusion of three motion comics that flesh out the world of Alita: Battle Angel: “The Fall,” “Iron City,” and “Rules of the Game.” Each of those shorts will help the audience learn more about the infamous events that preceded those of the film, as well as draw more depth into the city itself, and the sport of Motorball.

While the chances of a sequel are still up in the air when it comes to the live-action adaptation of author Yukito Kishiro’s work, there’s always the possibility that impressive rental and sales figures could boost those chances significantly. So if you happen to be a fan of Alita: Battle Angel, or have been curious to see what the fuss is all about, these details will help you become battle ready for the home video release of this imaginative epic of future combat.

Alita: Battle Angel will be on Digital HD on July 9, with 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD releases all rolling out on July 23.

Is Detective Pikachu Already Getting A Sequel?

Detective Pikachu has only been in theaters for about a week and half at this point, but in that short time it has proven to be a real all-around success. Beyond pretty good reviews (arguably great for a video game movie), Detective Pikachu has had a solid box office showing– particularly internationally. So it would come as little surprise if it got a sequel and according to a new report, that’s exactly what’s happening.

According to, Legendary is moving forward with a sequel to Detective Pikachu. The idea being that the sequel, which is in the early stages of development at this point, would be the next step for the Pokémon universe on film before expanding out the franchise into other Pokémon movies beyond the Detective Pikachu series.

Apparently as Detective Pikachu developed, The Pokémon Company became more comfortable with characters and elements of the franchise being translated onscreen. That gave it ideas and confidence that a more expansive Pokémon world could be rendered cinematically in an effective fashion. If Detective Pikachu was a proof of concept, it did its job.

This news should be viewed as a rumor for now, until there is more concrete information like an official announcement. But it certainly Detective Pikachu getting a sequel would certainly make sense on multiple levels.

As far as dollars and cents are concerned, even though it released in the massive wake of Avengers: Endgame, Detective Pikachu has found an audience. The film debuted to $54.4 million domestic and has made $94.3 million to date according to Box Office Mojo. Overseas the Ryan Reynolds film has enjoyed two straight weekends atop the charts, earning over $196 million for a worldwide box office that is closing in on $300 million.

As previously mentioned, Detective Pikachu has received good reviews that although aren’t quite gushing. But it still cements it as about the best-reviewed video game movie ever. The movie also fared favorably with audiences, earning an “A-“ CinemaScore.

Beyond those more quantitative metrics, there is the fact that star Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in returning to the world for another entry. He also touched on the potential that the world of Pokémon offers and on that point he is absolutely right. Detective Pikachu did the one job it had to by showing that Pokémon and live-action humans could be believable together on film and it nailed it.

That means that all the wide world of the property could make its way to the big screen with tons of possibilities and a clear path to a cinematic universe. But the first step towards that, if this rumor is to be believed, is Detective Pikachu 2.

Detective Pikachu SPOILERS to follow so don’t read on until you’ve seen it!

My one major question about a potential Detective Pikachu 2 is how does such a film maintain the same conceit as the first film, specifically, the relationship between a talking Pikachu and Justice Smith’s Tim. At the end of the film it is revealed that Tim’s father Harry had his memory wiped and was fused with his Pikachu, thereby allowing him to talk to Tim.

So with that condition reversed by Mewtwo at the end of the movie, a sequel would presumably not have a talking Pikachu. I think it can still work, but it will be a change. Maybe a sequel would have Tim becoming a detective alongside his dad, played by Ryan Reynolds, and his Pikachu and the three can crack an even bigger case together.

Detective Pikachu is now playing. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all this summer’s biggest movies.

Fanmade Godzilla Art Shows How Much He’s Grown Ahead Of King Of The Monsters

Godzilla has been storming through big screens for 65 years now, and wow do they grow up fast! The legendary movie monster has always been portrayed as a menacing presence, but he towers much higher today then he did in his first appearance. Artist Noger Chen has shared a size chart of Godzilla over more than 20 film appearances. Take a look:

Starting from the left of the chart on this image shared on Twitter, the kaiju made his movie debut in 1954 at 50 meters (164 feet) and stayed at that relative height until 1975. He grew to 80 meters (262 feet) for 1984’s The Return of Godzilla after the franchise had been dormant for almost a decade. The monster also saw a growth spurt to 100 meters (328 feet) for much of the ‘90s.

When the first American iteration of Godzilla was made in 1998, the beast stood at 70 meters (229 feet) before 2014’s reboot brought him to a record-breaking height of 108 meters (354 feet). 2016’s Shin Godzilla took back the title to Japan when the monster’s final form was 118.5 meters (389 feet). But it looks like the upcoming version in Godzilla: King of Monsters will be the tallest of them all with a height of 119.8 meters (393 feet). In all, he has more than doubled his size since his first appearance, growing over 200 feet since the ‘50s.

It’s interesting to see how the iconic creature has changed over the years per this chart by the Taiwan-based illustrator. Filmmakers have continually tried to raise the stakes by making Godzilla taller and more frightening. As cities have grown since then, it only makes sense for the kaiju to also adapt, so they can terrify among the buildings, not hide behind them.

In the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters, he will be going head-to-head with three famous threats from the franchise: Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah to become the “king of monsters.” The movie is a sequel to the 2014 film with Ken Wantanabe and Sally Hawkins reprising their roles and an exciting lineup of brand new characters, including Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown joining, along with Vera Farmiga, Kyle Chandler and Charles Dance.

The size of Godzilla has recently concerned audiences when it comes to the installment coming after King of Monsters, Godzilla Vs. Kong, which wrapped filming last month. Since the MonsterVerse’s King Kong stands at a little over 100 feet tall, how will it be a fair fight against Godzilla’s almost 400 feet? The filmmakers have recently assured that the film will address this in the film. Maybe because Skull Island took place in the ‘70s, Kong since grown just as Godzilla has over the years?

You can see the kaiju next in Godzilla: King of Monsters on May 30, and then he’ll be returning on March 13, 2020 to face off against Kong.

Zazie Beetz Says Deadpool 2 And Joker Sets Felt Very Different

Over the past few years, superhero movies have started totally dominating the filmmaking world. Comic book adaptations have proven to be the most popular genre in the biz, leading to plenty of studios attempting to start their own cinematic universe. And with so many of these properties hitting theaters, quite a few actors have played multiple comic book characters.

Take Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz for example. Beetz recently made her superheroic debut in Deadpool 2, playing the ultra lucky mutant Domino. While she’s expected to reprise that role in the Deadpool 3 or the X-Force movie, Beetz has another comic book project hitting theaters shortly: Todd Phillips’ Joker. The 27 year-old actress recently explained how different these two sets feel, saying:

Despite being comic book movies focused on two over the top protagonists, Deadpool 2 and Joker don’t have a ton in common. And according to Zazie Beetz, Joker was a far more serious set to be apart of. But considering how both movies have been marketed, this juxtaposition makes a great deal of sense.

Zazie Beetz’ comments to CineXpress might not be that much of a surprise, considering that the actress’ inclusion may be the only similarity between the Deadpool franchise and Todd Phillips’ upcoming origin story, Joker. After all, the protagonists come from different ends of the comic book spectrum, with the latter being DC-based, and Deadpool focusing on Marvel comics characters.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool franchise focuses primarily on comedy, with Wade Wilson often breaking the fourth wall and making references to other comic book movies. It’s a formula that has really resonated with audiences, and Zazie Beetz was able to keep up with Reynolds‘ comedic chops in their scenes together during the massively successful sequel.

Meanwhile, Joker will be a far more toned down movie, and made on a minimal budget. Joaquin Phoenix is playing the title character, and Todd Phillips has teased that the upcoming release will be an intimate look at a mentally ill man. We shouldn’t expect any comic book villainy or clashes with Batman. And there definitely won’t be nearly as many jokes as the Deadpool franchise… if at all.

While the set of Joker wasn’t nearly as light as Deadpool 2, Zazie Beetz still seems thrilled with the opportunity to work on the upcoming villain-centric movie. Specifically, she had a great time working with the movie’s star Joaquin Phoenix. Joining them to round up the impressive cast are Robert De Niro, Frances Conroy, and Marc Maron.

While it’s unclear when Zazie Beetz will return as Domino, Joker will arrive in theaters on October 4, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Watch Tom Holland Go Full Love Actually Ahead Of Far From Home’s Release

2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming was inspired by John Hughes films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and with Peter Parker taking a much-needed vacation to Europe in this year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, you can’t help but be reminded of the 2004 R-rated comedy EuroTrip. But it is another film from the early 2000s providing inspiration here. Take a look below to see Tom Holland, with hope and agenda, going full Love Actually ahead of Far From Home’s release.

I’m not sure what Love Actually has in common with Spider-Man: Far From Home beyond having scenes set in London, but unlike Andrew Lincoln’s unrequited love for Keira Knightley in the former film, Tom Holland’s grand gesture is one you’ll want to take him up on. That’s because this video from the actor’s Instagram brings awareness to a Spider-Man: Far From Home contest with a far better prize than a weird pity kiss from your best friend’s wife.

The contest offers one lucky winner and a guest a trip to the Los Angeles premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The prize includes round-trip airfare from anywhere in the world, a swanky hotel stay, $1,000 in spending money and the chance to walk the red carpet at the premiere and take a photo with Tom Holland. The winner and their guest also get attend the premiere afterparty as Tom Holland’s guests.

What’s perhaps most exciting of all, besides getting to see Spider-Man: Far From Home of course, is the opportunity to meet acclaimed actor Jake Jillenhal or is it Gylnhal? That spelling bit was easily the funniest part of this video, and as someone who has to write Jake Gyllenhaal’s name on occasion (and double check it every time), I sympathize completely. It’s the double ‘L’ and the double ‘A’ that makes it tricky.

Anyone who wants to enter this contest and have Tom Holland say ‘To me, you are perfect…ly the winner of this contest’ has to click on the link in his Instagram bio or head over to Crowdrise. That might have been too much work for the guy in the video, but once you do that, tickets to enter are only $10.

The contest will raise funds for The Brothers Trust charity that Tom Holland runs with his family. The Brothers Trust uses Tom Holland’s celebrity and influence to help raise funds for various charities, with an eye towards those charities that get drowned out in the non-profit sector and those that most effectively use donations and funding. In other words, charities where the bulk of the money goes to those who need it and not towards administration of the charity itself.

Using the contest to raise money for charity is certainly in keeping with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s efforts to do good, and at only $10 a ticket, it’s a great opportunity for MCU fans to get a chance to attend the premiere of the last Phase 3 movie and the concluding chapter of The Infinity Saga.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters on July 2. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the big movies headed your way this summer season.

Explaining John Wick, The Continental, And The Rules The Assassins Follow

John Wick points gun John Wick Chapter 3

Last weekend, action fans flooded movie theaters to check out John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the latest adventure of Keanu Reeve’s increasingly iconic, deadpan, dog-loving assassin. The John Wick films are known for incredibly slick choreography and memorable action sequences, but one thing that never gets much attention is the surprisingly complex mythology. John Wick may go around tallying up head shots left and right, but even he has a strict set of rules that he needs to follow.

Obviously the main draw for a John Wick movie is action over the story, but the films place such emphasis on the hitman’s world that it’s tough to ignore. There’s a unique mythology at play here, as John Wick’s word is populated by secret clubs, assassin hotels and a whole network of goods and services purely for people of the underworld.

Each film expands the lore, but it doesn’t give any real explanation. It lets the audience try to figure it out before moving right into the next action scene.

It can be kind of confusing, but that’s where we come in! John Wick likes to throw a lot of seemingly random rules at you, but when you piece them all together, it starts to make some sense. Here are some of the most important aspects of John Wick’s underworld and how it works.

John Wick tattoo back

The Baba Yaga

It makes sense to start right at the beginning with the man himself. John Wick’s backstory is never really brought up in detail, though Parabellum tries to shed some light on the subject.

While the movie doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining, it’s implied that John Wick was raised by Angelica Houston’s The Director, the leader of the Ruska Roma. In addition to teaching ballet, she apparently trains orphans to become assassins, and John Wick (whose real name is Jardani Jovonovich) eventually became her most successful student.

Basically, John was one of the greatest assassins who ever lived. He was so deadly that he earned the nickname Baba Yaga, which means The Boogeyman. John Wick spends an unknown amount of years racking up the kill count, building his reputation, and meeting a ton people.

The movies make it seem like basically every assassin knows who John Wick is. However, one day he falls in love with a woman named Helen and decides to get out of the life, something that is implied to be very hard to do and no one has ever done.

Apparently, you can’t just leave the underworld, so John had to undergo an “impossible task” to earn his freedom. We don’t know what he did, but it involved killing a lot of people. He succeeded and left his old life behind to start a new one with Helen. It didn’t last long however, and that’s where the first John Wick begins.

John wick amulet bloody fingerprint

Assassins Have Unbreakable Vows

In John Wick: Chapter 2, we learn that John didn’t complete his impossible task on his own. He needed help from an Italian crime lord named Santino D’Antonio. In order to secure this help, John offered his marker, which is the underworld’s version of an unbreakable vow from Harry Potter.

The marker is essentially an amulet with a bloody fingerprint inside. If someone gives their amulet away for a favor, it means that they are making a blood oath to do any task the person asks of them in the future. If someone like John Wick gives away his marker, then that means you basically have the world’s greatest assassin in your pocket for one favor.

If you give away your marker, then the debt must be honored. You have to do whatever it is that the person asks. The assassin world takes this very seriously, and it’s one of the only two unbreakable rules. John Wick tried to break it and his house was burned to the ground as a result.

John Wick Ian McShane

The Continental

One of the major locations of the John Wick films is the Continental, and it’s more than just a fancy New York City hotel. The building caters exclusively to assassins and all its amenities are geared toward their specific purposes. For example, instead of recommending a nice restaurant, the concierge will point you to the secret backdoor of your target’s safe house.

The Continental is a branch of worldwide hotels, and each one is run by a manager. Ian McShane’s Winston runs the New York location, Halle Berry’s Sophia is in charge of the Casablanca Continental and Julius looks after the Rome Continental. It’s implied that each Continental offers the same services and follows the same guidelines, but the day-to-day stuff depends on the manager.

The most important thing about the Continental is that absolutely no business can be conducted on hotel grounds. In other words, no assassin is allowed to kill another assassin inside the hotel. It’s the No. 1 rule of the underworld, and if broken, it’s punishable by death or being labeled as “excommunicado.”

That means that the assassin loses all access and privileges to the Continental’s underworld resources. That’s a major setback for any professional hitman, but it becomes a real headache if they have an open contract on their head. John Wick dealt with that exact scenario after he killed Santino in the Continental, as the High Table doubled the contract that was already out on him.

John Wick gold coins in briefcase

The Goods And Services

The life of a professional killer is dangerous and there are a number of resources scattered around the world to help assassins. For instance, a seemingly ordinary doctor’s office can be a late night emergency room for a quick patch up if a mission goes wrong. Or you can visit a historian and get old blueprints or maps to find secret pathways to a seemingly impenetrable fortress. Even taxi drivers are in on it.

Assassins can also find the best guns and ammunition to fit their specific needs. There are also tailors who will custom make bullet proof suits to help protect the killers who still want to look damn good. All of these services are pretty much hidden right in the open, but a well-connected assassin knows the best spots.

All of these services don’t come free. The underworld has its own special form of currency in the form of gold coins. If an assassin kills their mark, they get rewarded with coins, which can then be spent at the Continental or any other underworld establishment. A skilled assassin like John Wick will tally up enough coins to save for emergencies and keep secret stashes in convenient places.

guns pointed at John Wick

The High Table

All these rules had to come from somewhere, and in the underworld, the High Table is the highest authority. Not much is known about the group, but they are a council of crime lords who oversee all the wheeling and dealings. They set the rules and if anyone breaks them, then they decide the punishment through an agent called The Adjudicator.

Basically everyone in the underworld works for the High Table in some form or they are at least expected to serve when called. For example, the Continentals all answer to the Table.

The only person that we know of who is ahead of the High Table is the Elder, who lives out in the middle of dessert and does… something. His job is pretty unclear, but he’s the only one who can reverse a decision made by the Table. Only a few people know who he is or how to find him.

We don’t know the identity of anyone currently on the High Table, how many members there are or what their origins are. However, they seem to be fairly disliked by the people who have to answer to them, and John Wick is especially not a fan by this point. The High Table essentially marked him for death, and he’s been a frequent source of trouble.

It’s not every day that an action franchise comes along that tries to build its own unique world. The star of John Wick is unquestionably the action, but part of the reason that these movies are so popular is that it’s a cool world. Nothing is every really explained and literally everyone seems to know who John Wick is, but that does help to make the world feel lived in.

At the end of the day, you don’t want your action movie to spend five minutes explaining the bureaucracy of the hitman’s job when you could be watching a sword fight on motorcycles. However, it’s still fun to piece it all together once the gunfire dies down.

The John Wick franchise will continue with the release of Chapter 4 on May 21, 2021.

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The Best Comedy Movies To Watch When You Need To Cheer Up

Step Brothers Dale and Brennan watching TV while eating snacks

Let’s be honest with ourselves here: sometimes life is a bit too much for even the hardest of souls. No matter the circumstances, there are just those moments where you want to hole up for a day, drink plenty of fluids, and just take some time to practice the important art of self care. Part of a good afternoon of recovering from whatever life has thrown at you is a good movie or two.

Or, in the case of the list below, several good movies that you can throw on to lighten the mood and help lift your spirits through the healing powers of laughter. Your sampler pack below ranges through the decades, and includes some off-beat selections as well as some fan-favorite titles, because we all could use some unexpected laughter in our lives.

Game Night Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman standing outside with their group of friends, smiling aw

Game Night

Absurdity is a word you’ll probably read a lot reading through this list, and that’s a good thing. Some of the best comedy movies embody that very quality, and last 2018’s Game Night is certainly no exception. The movie’s as absurd as it is laugh-filled, as a simple night of indoor gaming turns into a crime-solving comedy rampant with serious errors.

With an ensemble that includes Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, as well as a couple of surprise appearances, Game Night takes a crime mystery and infuses it with both action and laughter. Also, Jesse Plemons steals the entire damned movie, as a security guard who’s a little friendlier than he should be, and has a big grudge against the Frito-Lay chip company.

Mean Girls Cady glances at the Plastics, all making faces in the hall

Mean Girls

Teen comedies are pretty good at cheering people up as well, as most of the time there’s a positive message of loving oneself and trying to accept others. Though since they’re also comedy movies, there’s also a lot of antics like the ones in Mean Girls involved as well. Based off of a self-help book involving the behavior of cliques, writer/co-star Tina Fey takes a very serious subject, and not only does she give it a teen movie makeover, but she also uses a lot of her own comedic flare to make it a movie only she could have created.

Insanely quotable, and also featuring Rachel McAdams, Mean Girls is the story of Lindsay Lohan’s fish-out-of-water Cady, and her first experience with the school system in the U.S. With McAdams as her mean girl adversary, and Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert as the backup friends, it’s not easy for Cady to win their trust. But the process is extremely funny.

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World the treasure hunters circling a hole in the ground

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

We’re now approaching a classic entry in the comedy movie pantheon: It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. The flick is certainly a treasure to behold for anyone who has or hasn’t seen it. The movie centers its story around a bunch of cash buried in a California park, and the group of strangers who are racing against time, and each other, to get to it first. A literal who’s who of comedic legends take part in this film, with Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Jonathan Winters, Ethel Merman, Mickey Rooney, and Buddy Hackett all taking part in the festivities. So if star power is your thing, look no further.

Perhaps the strongest card this movie plays is the fact that it breaks the cardinal rule of comedy and does it in style, as this almost three-hour film is not a short and simple joke. The cast grows as large as the stunts and jokes do, and by the end of It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, the finale is something so amazingly funny, you’ll see why it’s still known as one of the best comedy movies to date.

Monty Python and The Holy Grail Arthur and his knights listening to instructions in the woods

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Absurdity. There’s that word again. It’s something that most definitely applies to the legendary comedy troupe of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, and doubly so when discussing the group’s most well-known film, Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Spinning Arthurian legend into a semi-musical, semi-animated, and very meta quest for the Holy Grail, this comedy movie is a landmark event that helped cement the group’s reputation worldwide.

Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin all-star as various members of this classic quest, and what begins as a straight medieval adventure almost instantly turns into one gigantic farce. Camelot has never been this silly, and you’ll be better for watching Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off Cameron, Sloane, and Ferris goofing off in an art museum

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

John Hughes always had a special gift when it came to his unique brand of comedy movies. He knew when to be sweet, he knew when to be bitter, and he always knew how people worked. Yet, perhaps one of his most upbeat products in his entire repertoire was the classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, starring none other than Matthew Broderick.

Chronicling the hijinks of a teenager who skips school one too many times during a calendar year, Matthew Broderick’s Ferris ropes his best friend Cameron (Alan Ruck) and his girlfriend Sloane (Mia Sara) into a whirlwind tour of Chicago–one that includes outrunning his vengeful principal (Jeffrey Jones), and outsmarting his equally angry sister (Jennifer Grey). If you’re looking for a guy who’s part spiritual guru and part Bugs Bunny, Ferris Bueller is your righteous dude.

A Night At The Opera The Marx Brothers packed in a state room full of people

A Night At The Opera

It’s hard to beat The Marx Brothers in the game of comedy, as even in our modern world their antics and shenanigans are still so classic that they hold up among the greats. A Night At The Opera certainly stands out among their collected works, with memorable songs and gags that keep the audience smiling long after the movie has finished. The basic plot sees one of the usual Marx Brothers staples put to good use yet again, as Groucho Marx’s lead prankster tries to win frequent collaborator Margaret Dumont’s money by investing in an opera.

That’s basically all you need to know, as your standard Marx Brothers movies will tend to use a simple plot to hang a string of jokes on. With scenes that see a very crowded stateroom ordering an obscene amount of food, and a gag that suggests that Groucho Marx really was able to bend space and time to his will, A Night At The Opera is a sure fire ticket to excitement.

The Producers Leo and Max cower under their desk, with Ulla leaning over to talk

The Producers (1967)

Comedy legends rarely earn their place on the first go-around, and Mel Brooks is one of those stories of fame and fortune that took a little time to get going. When The Producers was released in 1967, Brooks’ first film was seen as the sick joke to end all sick jokes. Then again, a musical supporting Hitler will always likely be an odd flex. But once the joke behind the musical became apparent to the audience-at-large, the film became one of the most classic comedy movies of all time.

With Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder putting on said musical to defraud almost all the little old ladies in New York, and Hitler being played by Dick Shawn’s hippie beatnik Lorenzo St. DuBois, The Producers was actually a comedic masterpiece that poked fun at outrage culture, cashing in on tragedy, and the insane chemistry between Mostel and Wilder. It doesn’t take long for this one to get going, so make sure you’re ready once you hit play.

Back To The Future Doc and Marty marvel at the Delorean's disappearance

Back To The Future

Most people remember Back To The Future as a sci-fi movie, what with its plot revolving around time travel and making sure Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly still exists at the end of the day. What’s also important to remember is this Robert Zemeckis-directed film is still amazingly funny. While Marty does have to make sure he and his siblings make it out of the other end alive, he has to deal with his awkward parents too.

The biggest gag at the center of this comedy movie classic is that history may be written by the generation before us, but that doesn’t mean what they’re telling us is the truth. Michael J. Fox’s charm as Marty and Christopher Lloyd’s eccentric Doc Brown are a pairing for the ages, and the humor plays like a teen movie crossed with a sci-fi epic. If you’re willing to go down this road, go ahead and clear out a whole afternoon and watch the entire trilogy.

Airplane Elaine and Ted stationed in the cockpit, next to the auto pilot


Deadpan comedy is an artform that’s just as valuable as flat out funny comedy. If you can land a joke without a smile or a laugh, it can really knock a room dead. Just ask The Zucker Brothers, as that’s what their comedy classic Airplane! did when it took the genre of doomed flight movies like Airport and turned them into comedy gold. It also helped that casting skilled performers like Julie Hagerty and Robert Hays and pitting them against seasoned drama vets Robert Stack and Leslie Nielsen was a big part of that old Airplane! charm.

The heart of this comedy movie’s ability to make a crowd erupt with laughter is the fact that its core plot revolving around food poisoning on a late night flight and the traumatized pilot who serves as its only hope of landing safely, is pretty solid as a drama. It’s just all of the comedy that surrounds that drama, disguising itself as more serious material, that makes the film work.

Happy Gilmore Bob Barker winds up to punch out Happy on the golf course

Happy Gilmore

One of the best comedy movies to hit theaters in our modern times is, no question, Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore. His first film after the success of Billy Madison, the film’s story is a tale as old as time, as his titular hockey player loses his temper and gets kicked out of the league, only to become a golf sensation for a very personal cause. Also, a fist fight with Bob Barker occurs, which you may or may not have known about.

Speaking of familiar faces, if you’re a Modern Family fan, you’ll be surprised to see Julie Bowen as Sandler’s comedy partner on the side of good. In fact, an amusing chunk of the movie is the pair trying to keep themselves in the game long enough to pay off Happy’s grandmother’s tax debt. If you’re a comedy fan, then appearances by Christopher McDonald, Joe Flaherty, and Ben Stiller will definitely make you smile, as all three present rather interesting challenges for Adam Sandler to move past on his road to fame and security.

Dumb and Dumber Harry and Lloyd stand in their odd colored tuxes, admiring the ladies

Dumb and Dumber

Vintage Jim Carrey is like comedic wine: always good at parties, and never gets old. Dumb and Dumber is quite possibly one of the best comedy movies of the ‘90s, as it’s aged so well it still gets the laughs it did upon its initial launch. Again, simple but agile comedy, and a basic plot, help win the day, no matter its faults.

Pairing Jim Carrey with Jeff Daniels, the film sees the two play complete idiots making their way across the continental United States in the name of love, lost luggage, and a kidnapping. Dumb and Dumber introduced the film world to the comedy stylings of The Farrelly Brothers for the very first time. It was a first impression that would last forever, and it’s waiting for you to pull its finger and watch the madness that ensues.

Step Brothers the Doback-Huff family pose for a family photo

Step Brothers

It’s hard to have a list of comedy favorites and not include at least one Will Ferrell movie on that list. And no other Ferrell film has made the world laugh more than his collaboration with John C. Reilly in director Adam McKay’s Step Brothers. It’s a comedy movie that’s become a cultural touchstone, reigning as one of the films from the last decade or so of filmmaking that’ll probably see itself become a classic.

While the gags definitely hit some dark notes, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly come at them from an angle of such misguided glee that every joke causes a hearty, mood brightening laugh. It also helps that the supporting cast of heavy hitters like Mary Steenburgen, Richard Jenkins, Kathryn Hahn, and Adam Scott all add to the madness stew that is Step Brothers, with everyone’s unique acts shining through to create a complete puzzle of laughter.

If you’re not feeling any better after watching this list of comedy movies designated to cheer you up, then you may need to call a doctor, or switch to some stronger acting comedies on the market. That being said, the films on this list might cause you to hunt through streaming platforms or rental services to find them. But they are very much worth the time and energy, as each one brings its own brand of comedy movie mayhem in a strong fashion. So take a day off, and let yourself laugh into another world. You’ll feel better if you do.

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New Dark Phoenix Clip Has The Mutants Debating What To Do With Jean

It’s no secret that comic book movies are everywhere. The superhero genre has been dominating the filmmaking world for years, with a variety of studios working on their own cinematic universes. But the X-Men franchise was there before any of it, dating back to the original film’s release in 2000. The long-running property looks like it’s coming to an end with Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix, the whopping 12th film in the series.

Dark Phoenix is the X-Men franchise’s second go at the titular comic book plot, putting Game of Thrones‘ Sophie Turner in the spotlight as Jean Grey. Jean’s terrifying cosmic power will divide the mutants after they take over her body and mind, and a new clip teased that coming conflict. Check it out.

Does anyone else have chills? Despite the X-Men‘s long tenure in theaters, it looks like new ground is being broken with Dark Phoenix. And Jean Grey’s struggle with the Phoenix Force will also cause new alliances to be formed

This new Dark Phoenix clip shows the mutants in Central Park. It looks like Jean has traveled to New York City during her conflict with the Phoenix Force, and both the X-Men and Brotherhood are attempting to find her. Professor X and Magneto share some choice words with each other, debating what Jean had done, and the implications that come with the two groups doing battle with each other.

Obviously what the character are referencing is Jean’s (accidental?) murder of Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique. Mystique’s death was spoiled during the full Dark Phoenix trailer, and looks like that action will have a grave affect on the rest of the characters, as well as the blockbuster as a whole. And from this new clip, it looks like X-Men have already begun defecting to Magneto’s cause.

Most notably, it looks like Nicholas Hoult’s Beast is going to be joining the villain side of the argument when Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters. This plot twist certainly tracks, as Beast and Mystique shared a romantic connection, most notably in First Class. It looks like her death will hit the big blue guy hard, and he’s on a mission for justice regarding Sophie Turner’s character.

Dark Phoenix was reportedly always planned to be the final installment in the long-running X-Men franchise, so it should be interesting to see what narrative choices Simon Kinberg and his team settle on. If its truly poised to be the grand finale, Kinberg should be able to kill off as many characters as he wants, with no real consequences. So perhaps Mystique isn’t the only mutant to meet the wrath of Jean’s new abilities.

Luckily, answers are coming shorty. Dark Phoenix will arrive in theaters on June 7, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.