Hurry Up And Grab Shadow Warrior 2 For Free

Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital’s Shadow Warrior 2 came out back in 2016. The game received a lot of positive review scores both from critics and actual gamers, turning it into a fairly successful outing for Flying Wild Hog and the publisher. As part of’s 10th anniversary celebration the company is giving away some gifts to loyal customers and newcomers alike, and one of the games that the company is giving away is none other than the 2016 outing of Shadow Warrior 2. However, you’ll need to work fast before the offer goes away.

Shadow Warrior 2’s giveaway is part of the 10 year anniversary celebration. There’s a page on outlining how over the last decade of being in operation, the company wanted to give back to the community by offering up a free game.

There was a poll consisting of three titles, including Campo Santo’s Firewatch, the time-motion shooter Superhot, and finally Shadow Warrior 2. According to the poll on the page, 54% of the vote went to Shadow Warrior 2, while 29% of the users voted for Firewatch, and Superhot came in dead last with just 17% of the vote.

The game that came in first would then be selected to be part of a giveaway for just two days, giving gamers 48 hours to download the title for free. So you have just hours to get your hands on a free copy of the game right now.

The process is pretty simple, you just have to go to the website and register a free account on the DRM-free digital distribution service. has been attempting to disrupt the industry with its DRM-free games for the last decade. This gives gamers an alternative to the standard offerings made available from services like Origin, Uplay or Steam, all of which are known to offer gamers with some sort of DRM protection in place, sometimes including Denuvo. The problem with some DRM services is that they can have very adverse effects on playing a game, which is exactly what happened to Tequila Works’ RiME, which suffered major slowdown and frame-rate issues on PC until Denuvo was removed.

If you decide to pick up a DRM-free copy of Shadow Warrior 2, you’ll gain access to both the single and multiplayer portions of the game, which includes the four-player cooperative campaign that allows you to team up with three other friends and play through the game together. The level progression is linear but the environmental layouts are procedurally generated, so you get a different experience every time you play through the game.

The game also comes with a large mixture of different weapons to collect and utilize, ranging from melee weapons to shotguns and pistols, to laser rifles and rocket launchers. There’s literally a weapon in there for everyone. There’s also a pretty cool upgrade system implemented as well, which adds further replayability to Shadow Warrior 2.

The base game is freely available on right now but you will have to put down $9.99 for the DLC upgrade pack.

Wait, Is Marvel Developing A Dark Avengers Movie?

In the aftermath of “Secret Invasion,” Norman Osborn, who restored goodwill with the public by killing the Skrull queen, became the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., reformed it into H.A.M.M.E.R. and formed a new Avengers team on behalf of the U.S. government. But as the name implies, there were some bad seeds included in the Dark Avengers. Along with Osborn wearing redesigned Iron Man armor and calling himself Iron Patriot, the team’s lineup included Mac Gargan, a.k.a. Scorpion, disguised as Spider-Man and enhanced by the Venom symbiote; Karla Sofen, a.k.a. Moonstone, disguised as Ms. Marvel; Bullseye disguised as Hawkeye; Daken disguised as Wolverine, the Noh-Varr Captain Marvel, Ares (yes, the Greek god of war Ares) and The Sentry. The Dark Avengers went on various missions and, needless to say, were much sketchier than the traditional Avengers teams, but the team eventually collapsed during the “Siege” event, although Osborn later formed a new iteration with all-new recruits.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Mike Sorrentino Sentenced To Prison

The situation has gotten serious, as in prison serious. A sentence has been rendered in the tax evasion case of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and it will involve the MTV fixture doing some prison time. In a federal courtroom, the reality star learned his fate, as a judge sentenced Sorrentino to serve eight months in prison with two years of supervised release. That was not the end of his sentence, either.

With some of his co-stars from the MTV series in attendance at his sentencing hearing, the judge also ordered that Mike Sorrentino complete 500 hours of community service, pay a fine of $10,000 within 30 days, and pay $123,913 in restitution, per the Department of Justice. The sentence comes after Sorrentino pleaded guilty to tax evasion in January 2018. It has been a nearly four-year process to get to this point.

The prison sentence comes four years after Mike Sorrentino and his brother, Marc, were initially indicted back in September 2014 for tax offenses. Additional charges were brought in April 2017, which included tax evasion, structuring, and falsifying records. The Situation’s sentence is considerable, albeit four months less than what prosecutors were asking for in the case. They wanted Mike Sorrentino to serve a year and two months in prison, according to EW. When Sorrentino will be remanded into custody to serve his sentence is not mentioned in the DOJ’s report.

What is known is that MTV’s cameras were around to catch the events as they unfolded, per People, as well as that Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Vinny Guadagnino were Mike Sorrentino’s only Jersey Shore: Family Vacation co-stars to sit inside the courtroom. Sorrentino’s prison sentence comes less than a week after The Situation and his fiancée posted luminous photos on social media of them celebrating their upcoming nuptials with a wedding shower.

The shower was attended by several of Mike Sorrentino’s Jersey Shore co-stars. With MTV documenting Sorrentino’s day of sentencing, fans of the reality series can be almost certain they will get a behind-the-scenes peek of what went down following and leading up to the decision. While The Situation has been ordered to serve more than half a year behind bars, his brother Marc was sentenced to serve two years in prison.

Marc Sorrentino had pleaded guilty to aiding in the preparation of a false or fraudulent tax return. What Mike Sorrentino’s prison situation means for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is not entirely clear. The second season of the hit revival is currently airing, and a third season renewal has yet to be announced. New episodes of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, along with many other television series that will be airing new episodes this fall.

South Park Creators Called ‘Cowards’ By The Catholic League After Molestation Episode

South Park is legendary at this point for airing controversial episodes and tackling controversial topics with humor that doesn’t pull punches. It’s not a show that appeals to everybody, but it has enough of a fanbase that it has lasted for a whopping 22 seasons, and the show may well last for as long as the creators are willing to keep it going. That said, the Catholic League took specific issue with a recent episode of South Park. Here’s how Catholic League president Bill Donohue addressed the plot of the episode:

Well, no question about how Catholic League president Bill Donohue feels about the latest episode of South Park! He doesn’t seem to have a specific problem with South Park covering the scandal of molestation in the Catholic Church, but rather with how it was represented on the animated series. According to Donohue, there’s a distinction between pedophiles and molesters that should have meant South Park presented victims as adolescents rather than children. To Donohue in his statement on the Catholic League website, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are cowards for telling the story the way they did on the show.

The “A Boy and a Priest” episode first tackled the molestation scandal that has surrounded the Catholic Church for years by revealing the people of South Park attending mass on Sundays to more or less heckle the priest with jokes about the actions of molesters. Father Maxi comes to the realization that his innocent friendship with young Butters could very well be misinterpreted in light of the very real cases of abuse.

If that’s where the episode had stopped, perhaps the Catholic League would not have been so up-in-arms about what happened. In the South Park version of the Catholic Church, an alarm goes off that there’s an abuser in South Park, and the cardinals go off on a mission to hide any and all evidence of wrongdoing that could reflect badly on the Church. In the course of the episode, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League evidently found plenty that offended him.

The Catholic League was founded back in 1973 and touts itself as the largest Catholic civil rights organization in the United States. The accusation that the South Park creators are cowards will likely result in the League landing a spot in the limelight for a bit, but South Park will probably not be affected. Only time will tell if anything further comes of this situation. I don’t see South Park losing its spot on the list of 5 most offensive TV shows of all time any time soon.

Mark Ruffalo Apparently Dropped An Avengers 4 Spoiler During His Tonight Show Appearance

In Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner and the Hulk were going through major issues, with the former unable to get the green guy to come out and fight when the need was most dire. In real life, actor Mark Ruffalo is facing his own internal struggle as he continually fights to keep from spoiling MCU movies, a battle that he seems to be losing. The actor is appearing on this evening’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it seems that during the taping, he dropped a spoiler for the eagerly anticipated and highly mysterious Avengers 4. Take a look:

Don’t be surprised if The Tonight Show‘s ratings show an uptick for tonight’s episode. This just became mandatory viewing, or at least something worth DVR-ing and skimming through later. We all want to know what Mark Ruffalo’s off the record slip was and what clues it might give us about Avengers 4. He could just be teasing, but this certainly wouldn’t be the first time or the second that Mark Ruffalo, in charmingly clueless fashion, has let a spoiler slip about an MCU movie. The actor has thought he would get fired before, so he certainly needs to remain tight-lipped, and should a spoiler slip out, he needs to do everything he can to minimize how much it spreads and that’s what we see here.

It may be too late to stop the signal though, at least if Jimmy Fallon’s response is anything to go by. The host responded on Twitter that basically those birds have flown and that the final show has already been sent in. He does offer that perhaps the spoiler could be bleeped out if Mark Ruffalo is really going to get in trouble for it. So if you’re watching the show and you hear a bleep in an odd place, find a good lip reader because there be spoilers there. Or curse words, one of the two.

Should he have really let an Avengers 4 spoiler slip, Mark Ruffalo can make a good case for overtaking Spider-Man actor Tom Holland asy the MCU’s most notorious leaker. However, Tom Holland is much younger and newer to this whole thing, so perhaps there is a bit of leeway there. Mark Ruffalo is just comically bad at keeping secrets and even accidentally manages to spoil things, like when his phone was streaming a screening of Thor: Ragnarok to his followers, unbeknownst to him.

As far as what Mark Ruffalo could have spoiled on The Tonight Show is anyone’s guess. According to the actor, the recent reshoots were actually finishing the ending to the film, which I’m sure is a closely guarded secret. There is a bit of a sense that Avengers 4 is even more secretive than Avengers: Infinity War. Given the way the latter film ended and the fact that we don’t even know the real title to the Phase 3 capper, there’s a lot to speculate about. I’d like to think Mark Ruffalo’s tweet is really just a tease and we’re actually getting the title on the show or a trailer, but it seems too early for that, and presumably there would be more of a buildup to such a reveal.

Avengers 4, like destiny, arrives in theaters on May 3, 2019. Check out our 2019 release schedule to see all of the biggest movies in next year’s stacked calendar.

Upcoming SNL Hosts: Who Is Hosting And Musical Guests For Season 44

Obviously, covering politics has been huge for SNL the past few seasons, but Leslie Jones, for one, would like to see the show cut back on that a bit, if possible, and bring the laughs with more old fashioned silliness whenever it can. If the Season 43 blooper reel is any indication, you can be sure that pretty much everyone involved in the new season will be able to do just that on a weekly basis. While I’m sure a good number of guest hosts have to deal with at least a bit of stage fright before hitting the live stage, they usually mange to pull off fantastic performances nonetheless. Because we’re nearing the Season 44 premiere of Saturday Night Live, every fan wants to know who will be hosting the show and appearing as musical guest on a weekly basis. Luckily, we’ve got that for you, right here!

Did The Aquaman Trailer Tease Who The Sequel’s Villain Could Be?

The DC Extended Universe opted to only release one movie in 2018 after delivering two entries each in 2016 and 2017, but man, this next one is a doozy. Not only is Aquaman putting Jason Momoa‘s Arthur Curry front and center following his cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and his full debut in Justice League, it will also be spending a lot of time underwater (a first for a superhero movie) to explore Atlantis, including its history. Today DC and Warner Bros dropped a new, 5-minute-long trailer that was packed with a lot of cool moments, including Mera activating an Atlantean device that displayed a hologram of one of Atlantis’ deceased kings. The late, unnamed ruler explained the significance of the trident Arthur will eventually wield, but his presence has me wondering if Aquaman 2 (which, to be clear, hasn’t gotten the green light yet) could feature Atlan, the Dead King, as its main antagonist.

There have been numerous adaptation of the Atlantis myth, but most follow the same basic principle: it was a city/continent that somehow sunk into the sea. In the case of the DC universe, specifically the post-New 52 era, we have Atlan to thank for this. As one can surmise from his Dead King moniker, he ruled Atlantis centuries ago, but he was usurped by his brother Orin, who also killed Atlan’s wife and children. Atlan constructed seven weapons from the Gold of Legacy so he could take back Atlantis, but consumed by rage, he subsequently used his scepter to sink the city. Jumping to the present, Atlan was accidentally reawakened in Antarctica by Aquaman, and he once again tried to destroy Atlantis, but was eventually defeated when Arthur used Atlan’s own scepter against him.

We know that the Aquaman movie is drawing heavily from Geoff Johns‘ run on the Aquaman comic book, and since Atlan was the final main villain of said run, it’s not unreasonable to assume that he could be introduced in the Aquaman sequel. And upon watching the latest Aquaman trailer, you might even wonder if that hologram king is Atlan. That’s certainly possible, but this monarch is warning those who watch the hologram about the trident would bring destruction in the wrong hands. First off, it appears that Aquaman’s trident is replacing Atlan’s scepter as the tool that causes Atlantis to sink in the DCEU. But more importantly, why would Atlan warn others about what the trident is capable of if he ends up being the one to use it irresponsibly? Plus, the crowd shot below indicates that this king was one of the “true heirs” that united all the kingdoms so long ago, so he would have no need, or even have the capability, to sink Atlantis. On the other hand, we don’t know how long before Atlantis sunk that hologram was recorded, and maybe in that interim period, this king was corrupted and used the trident for nefarious purposes.

Assuming the Dead King ends up being Aquaman 2‘s main villain, there are two scenarios I can see being used. The first follows the New 52’s approach to the character. That hologram is of Atlan, and sometime after recording that hologram, he was tossed from the throne by his brother Orin and left to die. Thirsty for vengeance, he somehow obtained the trident, sunk Atlantis and was preserved beneath the surface in some kind of stasis. In the present, he’s reawakened, looks like his icy self from the comics and tries to seize Atlantis from Arthur, as Arthur is a descendant of his traitorous brother, and thus not worthy of ruling. The second scenario takes some creative liberties; this hologram is still of Atlan, but he’s not the Dead King. That title belongs to his brother or someone else who seized the throne, and upon trying to channel the trident’s power, ended up sinking Atlantis. Events from there proceed closely to the first scenario: the Dead King’s reawakened, he tries to take over Atlantis, etc. Make no mistake, whoever holds the Dead King title in the DCEU would be a formidable adversary for Aquaman, between his natural Atlantean abilities, his cryokinesis (being able to manipulate ice and snow) and the various weapons he wields.

Of course, all of this is even assuming that the Dead King is chosen to be Aquaman 2‘s main baddie. Maybe someone else will have that role; perhaps a certain deep sea-diving, laser-blasting mercenary? Although Black Manta will be an important player in Aquaman, he’s not the primary antagonist. Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, will fill that position, as he’s seeking to unite the seven underwater kingdoms to join him in declaring war on the surface as retaliation for polluting the oceans for so long. However, producer Peter Safran previously said that they “have every intention that Manta plays a very large role in the DC universe.” Aquaman is simply serving as his origin story, so rest assured, he’ll be back. The question then becomes if he’ll become the main villain in Aquaman 2 or continue causing trouble on the side, and then snag the villainous spotlight in Aquaman 3?

As an Aquaman fan, I’d be okay with either Black Manta or the Dead King being the lead baddie in Aquaman 2, but since the former is much more popular than the latter, I’m inclined to think Black Manta stands a better chance. But don’t count out the Dead King either. Even if he doesn’t debut until Aquaman 3, he’s one of the few other enemies Aquaman has faced over the decades who’s worthy of being a main antagonist, and since we’ll be learning a fair amount about Atlantis’ DCEU history, it would be a waste for these movies to just leave him sitting on the sidelines.

Aquaman dives into theaters on December 21, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more coverage on that, as well as any news regarding a potential sequel. In the meantime, browse through our DC movies guide to learn what else is in development for the DCEU.

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Some Lunatic Built A Nintendo Wii Into An Altoids Tin

Modder Shank uploaded the nine and a half minute video to his Shank Mods YouTube channel. He starts by talking about how miserable it was making the thing, and that’s why it’s called the Kill Mii. He spent about a year designing it, which features stripped down parts from the Wii put into an Altoids tin can. It sports a two-inch composite screen, two 3DS sliders that are designed as the analog sticks, four buttons that work as the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘X’, and ‘Y’ face buttons, and a makeshift D-pad at the bottom. There’s also two infrared sensors for Bluetooth connectivity, an air intake and an air exhaust. There’s even a USB port for allowing gamers to add games.

Venom: Rate And Discuss With Spoilers

It’s the moment you’ve either been waiting for or dreading for some time: Venom is alive and well, with his own movie spinoff in an unidentified corner of the Spider-Verse. You’ve seen the memes, you’ve heard the claims of an R-rating get backtracked to a PG-13 rating, and you’ve been speculating as to who Woody Harrelson is playing in the film. Now, it’s time for your most important assignment: it’s time to rate and discuss Venom.

The critics haven’t exactly been swooning over this movie, and anyone who didn’t see that coming hasn’t been reading the internet fairly regularly. Even our own Sean O’Connell had the following words of wisdom pertaining to the film’s ultimate failings:

But, of course, this isn’t the Critics Corner, is it? This is Rate and Discuss, where you the audience, get to have your say (or your ‘says,’ should you be with symbiote) as to whether you enjoyed the film or not! So let’s begin with some rousing discussion questions that’ll help you better discuss your feelings about Venom:

So many questions and so little time. Don’t worry about answering them completely just yet, as you’ll have time to think up some crackerjack answers for your comments at the end of this feature. Speaking of those comments, they should also include a number, more specifically your rating for how much you enjoyed Venom on the traditional scale of 0 to 5. You can share your explanation for your numbered rating in said comments, as well as log that rating in the poll below. Statistics fans need love too.

How Many Stars Would You Give Venom?

Last, but not least, as we close out Venom Mania here at Rate and Discuss, we have some recommended reading to send you out with. In particular, there’s a legacy Spider-Man character that was included in the film’s opening act that may have snuck past your notice in all of the hustle and bustle. Also, you can read about how director Ruben Fleischer made his version of Venom different from that of Spider-Man 3 fame. Finally, if you’re scratching your head over the whole Carnage reveal during Venom’s mid-credits, we have the explanation of why it’s so important, and why Fleischer included it, for you to peruse as well.

And that wraps the rate and discuss section for Venom, folks! Cue the Eminem tie-in single and exit through the headline, as you enjoy whatever else you’re headed out to see this weekend. We’ll see you back here for the next Rate and Discuss, so keep your pencils sharpened, and your symbiotes fed.

What The Final Shot In A Star Is Born Actually Means, According To Bradley Cooper

The following gets into spoilers for Bradley Cooper’s new A Star Is Born. So stop reading now if you haven’t seen the movie, or any of the previous three versions of A Star Is Born that have been produced.

The final shot in A Star Is Born is a stunner. After two-plus hours of Ally (Lady Gaga) avoiding the camera, or not being aware that she has been the subject of the lens, the pop star mourns her husband, and ends the movie with a powerful stare right into the camera’s eye… and right into our souls. It’s a very deliberate shot, and a very deliberate choice, so when CinemaBlend sat down with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to discuss the film, we had to ask them the significance of the image, and Cooper told us:

When you think about it, even though she had been performing in various stages, and ON various stages throughout the movie, it is only once Ally is done mourning her husband that he’s capable of moving on and coming to terms with who she is as an artist. To begin with, she sort of lives in the shadow and influence of his music, the music of Jackson Maine. Then, Ally gets pushed and pulled by a manager who wants her to thrive as a shallow pop star. But now that she’s on her own, she’s ready to persevere, and triumph.

To that end, Lady Gaga added:

Because it’s an ending. But it’s also a beginning. Bradley Cooper went on to tell us that Ally’s career is just starting, and she’ll likely go on to achieve incredible success as a singer and songwriter. But his movie focuses on her origin, and the final shot, as he says, is the moment that the star is born.

Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born is in theaters as we speak. Our 5-star review is up on the site. Did you see it? What did you think? Let us know in the comments section below.