6 Mission: Impossible Missions Ranked On How Impossible They Really Were

Mission: Impossible

When Ethan Hunt is the sole survivor of his IMF team following a botched mission, he’s the top suspect for a mole within the agency. Hunt escaped IMF, and went about looking to clear his name with the help of two disavowed agents, Luther Stickell and Franz Krieger, and the wife of his “deceased” boss Claire Phelps. Claire is later exposed as in on the plot, and that Jim Phelps faked his death and was the actual mole. Ethan’s name is cleared, and he’s given another mission almost instantly on the flight home, which is kind of rude.

Want To Watch Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice With Zack Snyder?

An entire army of supporters fight daily to get Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League restored. (Perhaps you have heard of the hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyder Cut?) And every time that Snyder contributes efforts to the DCEU and the movement like this, it fuels the fire of support that he has in the fanbase, and makes the people want to push harder to see what HIS sequel to BvS would have been.

The 7 Best Random Bill Murray Movie And TV Cameos

Parks And Recreation (2015)

In the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation, we finally got to meet the mayor of Pawnee, Indiana, Walter Gunderson, but only after his death and played by an uncredited Bill Murray. At the mayor’s memorial service, a video is played of him giving a final word to his fellow townspeople in which he admits that he never really paid much attention to what happened in the city (not that the citizens ever acknowledged him very often either) which he claims gives him the advantage to take credit for any achievements and blame everyone else for failure. In true Murray cameo fashion, and to quote Adam Scott’s Ben Wyatt, “That was really something.”

The Trench: What We Know So Far About The DCEU Aquaman Spin-Off Movie

What Will The Trench Be Rated?

This is tricky! We don’t know yet what The Trench will be rated, but given their recent history, it’s entirely possible that The Trench will either be PG-13 or R-rated. One might assume The Trench would be PG-13 since that’s what Aquaman was rated, but it could follow suit with the R-rated Birds of Prey, which was a spin-off of the PG-13 Suicide Squad. Also, despite previous incarnations of the character being in PG-13 movies, last year’s Joker was also R-rated as well and notably not kid-friendly.

It should also be noted that most of James Wan’s movies as both a director and producer are traditionally R-rated outside of Aquaman, which might lead to The Trench being R-rated as well. In any case, it’s too early to know one way or the other where The Trench will land, but both ratings are possible.

What’s Awesome About Starring In An Alien Movie And What’s Not, Per Prometheus’ Guy Pearce

I only did about 15 or 17 days or something on that. The tricky thing about that character was I had to wear a sort of metal exoskeleton as well, which meant I couldn’t sit down properly… There was one day where I went in, did all the makeup, got to my room and they said, ‘We’re just running a bit behind this morning. We’ll get to you.’ I went, ‘OK.’ Well, an hour went by and another hour went by… at about 1 o’clock they went, ‘So, it’s up to you. You can probably take all this off or we might get to you.’ By this point I’m atrophied to the spot. I don’t think I filmed that day.

How Daniel Craig Got Fit For A Year Before Filming No Time To Die

And that’s just a small part of the diet the actor partook in to keep his body Bond-ready. According to Sam Waterson, Daniel Craig would alternate between plant-based, pescetarian, protein-rich and vegetarian meals throughout the week, only allowing himself to have red meat on Fridays. However, he’d also allow himself an occasional indulgence and enjoy a beer if he had a day off.

Rapper Cam’ron Takes Shots At Uncut Gems For Offering Him ‘Sucker Ass Role’

Even if Cam’ron doesn’t get his due from the Safdie Brothers, it’s good to know that he’s not too sore with them and, following this revelation, the two could seek to rectify it. Also, given their past collaboration, there’s always a chance they could all join forces again in the future. Uncut Gems is now available on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

Why Spider-Man’s Mary Jane Watson Is So Different In The Movies And Games

Bill Rosemann’s words to Den Of Geek show an effort to modernize Mary Jane to bring more realistic female characters – especially to a video game landscape that has famously over sexualized its female characters. Marvel Games is currently hard at work on Marvel’s Avengers, an ambitious project that will star the likes of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel.