Wow, The Crown Actor Playing Princess Diana Looks So Much Like Her

The Crown is finally approaching one of the most anticipated periods in royal history: the life of Princess Diana. Fans who are familiar with how well the Netflix series casts its actors have already been getting excited, wondering who might play the beloved Lady Di, and they got an answer a few months back. She’ll be portrayed by actor Emma Corrin in the show’s fourth season, and Corrin was recently photographed on set, looking exactly like the people’s princess.

Corrin, a relatively new, 24-year-old actor from the U.K., previously starred on the crime drama Pennyworth. Right when her casting was announced, she posted a carefree picture of Princess Diana with no caption, indicating that she’s carefully observing her mannerisms. In a statement, she talked about how she’s a big fan of The Crown and how she wants to make sure she nails the role.

“I have been glued to the show and to think I’m now joining this incredibly talented acting family is surreal,” she said. “Princess Diana was an icon and her effect on the world remains profound and inspiring. To explore her through Peter Morgan’s writing is the most exceptional opportunity, and I will strive to do her justice.”

Getty Images

Here’s Erin Corrin playing her on The Crown:

Roger Arbon/Solent News/Shutterstock

Judging by these photos, she’s definitely got the spirit of the character down. The images were taken on location in Winchester, England, and you can just barely see a floral dress under Corrin’s beige coat. Several outlets have pointed out that it looks like one Princess Diana wore at the final rehearsal before her wedding to Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1981:

Tim Graham/Getty Images

She has a vote of confidence from show creator Peter Morgan. “As well as having the innocence and beauty of a young Diana, she also has, in abundance, the range and complexity to portray an extraordinary woman who went from anonymous teenager to becoming the most iconic woman of her generation,” he said.

Channing Tatum and Jessie J Are Reportedly Back Together

Well, that was quick. Stories broke about a month ago that Channing Tatum and singer Jessie J had split—and now they’re reportedly already back together.

The couple had been dating for just over a year when People confirmed the breakup in December. “There wasn’t any drama. They just decided to part ways and are still good friends,” a source said at the time.

And now, apparently, they’re back together. “They took a few weeks apart but ultimately decided they really care about each other,” a source tells E!. Their source also said the two “seem very happy to be spending time together again.”

Channing Tatum and Jessie J’s relationship was his first high-profile one after splitting with his wife Jenna Dewan in 2018. Tatum and Jessie J appeared to make their relationship Instagram-official in November 2018 when Tatum posted from one of her concerts, writing, “This woman just poured her heart out on stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Whoever was there got to witness something special. Wow.”

They endured some bumps early on in the relationship, like when fans started calling out the resemblance between Dewan and Jessie J. The singer clapped back with a powerfully-worded post on Instagram. “There is a story I have seen be re-written over and over again in the past few weeks that talks about myself being compared directly to another beautiful woman regarding our looks and who people think is prettier,” she wrote, in part. “I am here to talk about the headline and the way the story has been written, I have continuously tried to find something positive from this article…I am yet to…We are all beautiful. We are enough just the way we are. Be the best you!!! You can’t wake up and be anyone but YOU. So please love your face, your body, your mind and your heart. Be good to yourself. Be good to those around you.”

Perhaps the fact that they didn’t delete their old posts about each other should have been our first clue that this breakup wouldn’t stick. Regardless, here’s hoping everyone is happy.

Mom’s Night Out Shouldn’t Exist

Part of the reason we even have a perceived need for “mom’s night out” is that parenting has undergone a fundamental shift. In his New York Times review of journalist Jennifer Senior’s book All Joy and No Fun, Andrew Solomon writes that “parenthood as we know it—predicated on the unconditional exaltation of our children—is no more than 70 years old, and it has gone through radical readjustments over the past two generations.”

Expectations around parenting are so great now that of course parents (read: moms) need a break from making sure that little Joe is getting an A in social studies; that Emma has a dozen or so friends to invite to her sleepover; that Benjamin is seeing the best possible sleep specialist. For parents in the 1800s, children were born and reared to help alleviate the workload on the farm, with ideas about success tied more to harvesting food and caring for animals than to a letter of admission to an Ivy League school. But now that parents are dealing with raising exceptional children with exceptional grades and exceptional futures, the pressure needs an outlet. The pressure falls on the shoulders of moms—and the outlet? We’ve decided it’s a night or two out at a small-plates restaurant.

In A Perfect Madness—her 2005 examination of modern (middle- and upper-class) motherhood—Judith Warner writes that “the women around me, for the most part…had comfortable homes, two or three children, smiling, productive husbands, and a society around them saying they’d made the best possible choices for their lives, yet many of them seemed just miserable.” Over a decade later, the unease persists, but now with social media. Instagram beams out “perfect mothers,” who never seem to need an hour to themselves just to scream into the void and still find time to make homemade party favors for their children’s birthdays. These moms’ “nights out” end at 8 p.m. to be home in time to tuck their kids into bed. (When a dad shows up on the ‘gram, he’s lavished with praise for being so “hands-on.”)

So what do we want? The occasional mom’s night out isn’t a bad idea—moms, like all overworked people, need social structures of support (and sometimes lemon-drop martinis). But the implication that whenever a woman leaves her children after dark she’s having a “mom’s night out”—as in the Hathaway case that Curtis Sittenfeld tweeted about—reinforces the notion that moms are their children’s caregivers and that dads are, at best, backup babysitters. (Never mind that the event Hathaway attended, the Critics’ Choice Awards, was a work-related event, not a round of drinks out with a group of girlfriends.)

As with most things, there is a compromise to be had here: It isn’t enough to suggest that moms be allowed to find a greater sense of identity outside the home and apart from their children; dads also need to find their sense of identity within it. Studies show that couples who share household chores are happier than those in which the woman does the bulk of the domestic work; it also stands to reason that children benefit from the sustained presence of both of their parents.

And then there’s the question of who gets to have a “mom’s night out.” Sure, Anne Hathaway with her coiffed hair and sequin dress can go to a red carpet gala. My friends and I can plan a night out at the latest restaurant—we have time, some disposable income, and supportive spouses. But no one guarantees a mother time to herself—not in the immediate aftermath of work with a federal paid leave program and not as children grow up. Meanwhile, the moms who most need a break from the relentless work of childcare are the ones who are least likely to be able to get or afford it.

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. But it’s going to take a lot more than a few cocktails a month to make mama happy. It is going to take the equal partnership of papas. It is going to take structural change that means that both parents get time off of work when a child is born. It is going to take, in other words, a lot more than a mom’s night out. So put on that lipstick. Zip up your sequin dress. Mama’s going out—she’s gonna get herself a revolution.

Laura Turner is a writer living in San Francisco. She is currently at work on a book project about the cultural history of anxiety. Follow her on Twitter @Lkoturner.

Lana Condor, Beanie Feldstein, and More Trailblazers Are Your New #AerieREAL Role Models

Aerie’s has announced the new class of #AerieREAL Role Models, and it’s quite the impressive bunch. Joining current role models like Iskra and Aly Raisman are actors Lana Condor, Beanie Feldstein, Ali Stroker, and Hari Nef; scientist Keiana Cave, Smile On Me founder Dre Thomas, DJ and wellness advocate Tiff McFierce, and sustainability activist Manuela Barón.

The #AerieREAL Role Models, for those who don’t know, are a crop of women whom Aerie believes are leading conversations and pushing the needle forward on topics like inclusivity, women’s empowerment, wellness, and sustainability. Each year the Role Models participate in a completely urnetouched photo shoot, a hallmark of AerieREAL’s body-positive message. The new pics are stunning, naturally, and powerful.

Sadly, this isn’t the norm yet for the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries. Retouching and superficiality are still very much things in Hollywood, but hopefully #AerieREAL and other similar efforts can help make pop-culture more inclusive. Below, we talk to two of the new Role Models⁠—Feldstein and Condor—about the campaign, beauty standards, and so much more.

Glamour: How did you feel when#AerieREAL first approached you about becoming a Role Model?

Beanie Feldstein: I was just so excited because it feels like such an incredible fit. I was really inspired by it and always was so impressed and in awe of the fact that they gave up retouching. I thought that was so important. I think in everything I do, whether it’s on-screen or off-screen, I want to be a part of things that feel right to me and feel morally in line with who I am. Aerie is a true celebration of every woman, every body type.

Lana Condor: It was so exciting because I think all of these women are so accomplished because they are being themselves. It takes a lot of courage to just to be yourself and show it to the world.

Lana Condor

Aerie / Andrew Budda.

What was the photo shoot like?

Feldstein: I was just so excited to be with this group of women and look around and be like, “That looks incredible on you.”

Condor: It was just kind of like a big party. We were just dancing, and it felt like a really fun girls’ party. It’s so rare to find a group of girls who can all have a great time together and bond so quickly without knowing each other before, so it was really fun.

Brad Pitt Has Reportedly Apologized to Jennifer Aniston for ‘Many Things’ in Their Relationship

As if we’ve time-warped back the late nineties/early aughts, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston‘s relationship is completely dominating the headlines right now (due, in large part, to their photographed reunion at the 2020 SAG Awards). Back then, they were America’s golden couple and two of the most famous people in the world. In 2020, they’re a divorced couple who appears to be on very good terms—and still two of the most famous people in the world.

And we can’t get enough of them all over again, wanting to know every possible (rumored) detail about how they actually feel about each other. According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight, all is quite well with Aniston and Pitt—not that that means they’re getting back together.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner

“Brad is completely sober now and is in such a different place than he was when they were together,” ET‘s source says. “Brad is truly an introspective guy who has worked hard on himself. He has apologized to her for many things he felt were his issues in their relationship. He truly takes ownership for his mistakes and that has changed their relationship with each other today. They both have moved on.” (Pitt has openly discussed his sobriety, most notably in this GQ cover story from 2017.)

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Back in 2005, on the heels of their divorce and after photos had emerged of Brad Pitt with Angelina Jolie and her son, Maddox, Aniston famously said of her ex, “There’s a sensitivity chip that’s missing.” But time has apparently healed some of those wounds.

“Right now they just love and adore each other and have been much closer friends since their divorces,” the source said. “They have a very mature relationship that has evolved over time because they both have experienced marriages that didn’t work out. Brad has grown so much in his life since he and Jen broke up.”

Do with that what you will, people. Do with that what you will.

Tyler Cameron Has Moved on to Flirting With Jennifer Garner

Tyler Cameron, former Bachelorette star and known celebrity flirter, is up to his old tricks again. The reality star has now publicly stated his affection for none other than Jennifer Garner.

Here’s how it went down: Garner posted the popular LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram/Tinder meme using four different photos of herself. She chose a very business look from Alias for LinkedIn, a smiley nature shot for Facebook, a super glam image in a gown for Instagram, and a photo of herself paddle boarding for Tinder. “Yes ma’am, @dollyparton, whatever you say. ♥️,” she wrote in the caption. (Parton had also posted the meme in her own feed.)

Someone commented, “I would have switched the Instagram and Tinder pics” to which Garner jokingly replied, “Shoot, is THAT why no one swipes?” That’s when Cameron dipped into the mix, writing, “I’m still swiping right.”

Garner did not respond to him, so I don’t really see this going anywhere—though it will certainly get people talking. Though, to be fair, these methods have worked for Tyler Cameron in the past. His brief relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid
reportedly started after he slid into her DMs.

Garner isn’t the first A-lister to joke about a Tinder profile recently. During his SAG Awards acceptance speech, Brad Pitt said he was going to have to add the accolade to his Tinder profile. That being said, Garner appears to be more focused on family and work, than online dating.

“I’m loving working on Yes Day right now for Netflix. It’s a movie that I developed and producing as well as am in, and I couldn’t love it more. I couldn’t love the process more. And just more of the same,” she told People. “If I could be lucky enough to have another year with three healthy kids and my own house and parents and sisters and nieces and nephews and friends and we’re all going through whatever, but we’re all still chugging along and finding joy, then okay. That’s good enough for me.”

A Duster Coat Is the Answer to All Your Winter Wardrobe Problems

When it comes to outerwear, a duster coat is a timeless staple—and this season, brands like Mother of Pearl, Apparis, and Maje have made them more versatile than ever. Sure, you have your puffers, faux-fur bombers, and teddy jackets, but a longer coat reigns supreme as a stylish cold-weather cover-up (not to mention, every inch counts when cropped flares and winter dresses are on heavy rotation).

The distinction between a duster and any other coat is length—and while it doesn’t have to be floor-grazing, it should hit at least a few inches below the knee. Either way, given its easy-to-style nature, a duster coat regularly does the rounds in the chicest celebrity looks. Think of the Olsen twins—long-time fans of the style—who like theirs jet black and below the ankle, or Kate Middleton, who keeps it polished with a simple camel-colored duster.

James Devaney/Getty Images
Ben Stansall/AFP Getty Images
Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

And although the style has a rep for erring on the side of classic, even trend-forward celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Hailey Bieber have worked belted or oversized duster coats into their wardrobes.

The takeaway? Big chunky sweaters and thick layers aren’t always easy to pull off—but throw on a duster coat and you’ll never have to worry about looking like you just rolled out of bed (even if you just did). Ahead, nine duster coats worth adding to cart out right now.

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Shop the 17 Best Teddy Coats to Wear All Winter 2020

For the past few years, there was a teddy coat so popular everybody owned it. Or at least everybody had seen it. It was made by I.AM.GIA, an affordable brand that’s popular among both traditional celebrities and the Instagram variety, and it was the Pixie coat, an oversize caramel confection with large front pockets and the type of supersoft faux fur that doesn’t feel unlike snuggling up to your favorite childhood stuffed animal.

It seems retailers at every price point have caught on, and the number of teddy coats we have to choose from is pretty massive. And while I.AM.GIA’s beloved style has sold out many times over (hot tip: it has started to get restocked on corners of the Internet), brands like Mango, Free People, Sandy Liang and The Arrivals (to name a few) all have their own iterations.

Whether you want an oversize style—reminiscent of the 1970s, a cropped bomber, or a teddy coat in a color that’s not exactly subtle (neon green accents or full-on electric orange, anyone?), there’s bound to be one that you love. Shop the 17 best teddy coats for winter 2020 and beyond, ahead.

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15 Best Natural Deodorants for Women That Actually Work 2020

When it first came into the world, natural deodorant reeked of issues. They weren’t particularly easy to use, nor were they able to keep you smelling fresh until the end of the day. But after years of research, cosmetic chemists kept chugging until they found formulas that are just as good as the other deodorants you know and love. (A quick refresher: Natural deodorants contain no aluminum, which is what antiperspirants use to prevent your body from producing sweat.)

Still, there’s nothing worse than taking a chance on a natural deodorant to have it to melt down at the most inopportune time—which is why we called on Glamour staffers to sweat the problem for you. We tested dozens of options to narrow down which aluminum-free deodorants hold up to their claims. Here are the best natural deodorants for women to shop right now.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Coming to Netflix in February 2020: 80+ Titles to Help You Through the Dark Days of Winter

It’s almost February, which means that in most places, winter is dragging on, and watching Netflix feels like the only way to pass the time. As the weather dips to icy lows, the streaming service has got you covered with about 80 new titles. We’re losing a few things (now’s your last chance to follow Neo into The Matrix), but so many gems will be available in the next few weeks, including the final season of Cable Girls, The Notebook, Jerry McGuire, and the highly-anticipated sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Here’s everything coming to Netflix in February 2020:

Available February 1

A Bad Moms Christmas

A Little Princess

Back to the Future Part III

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Center Stage

Cookie’s Fortune

Dear John

The Dirty Dozen

Dirty Harry

Driving Miss Daisy


Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Fools Rush In


Love Jacked

The Notebook

The Other Guys

The Pianist

Police Academy

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach

Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow

Purple Rain

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Scary Movie 2

Sex and the City 2

Available February 3


Team Kaylie: Part 3

Available February 4

Faith, Hope & Love

She Did That

Tom Papa: You’re Doing Great

Available February 5

Black Hollywood: ‘They’ve Gotta Have Us’


The Pharmacist

Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story

Available February 6

Cagaster of an Insect Cage

Available February 7

The Ballad of Lefty Brown

Dragons: Rescue Riders, season 2

Horse Girl

Locke & Key

My Holo Love

Who Killed Malcolm X?

Available February 8

The Coldest Game

Available February 9

Better Call Saul, season 4

Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama


Available February 11

Good Time


Q Ball

Available February 12

Anna Karenina

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

Available February 13

Dragon Quest Your Story

Love Is Blind

Narcos: Mexico, season 2

Available February 14

Cable Girls: Final Season

Isi & Ossi

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Available February 15

Starship Troopers

Available February 17

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

Available February 19

Chef Show: Volume 3

Available February 20


Available February 21

A Haunted House



Glitch Techs

Puerta 7

System Crasher

Available February 21

Girl On The Third Floor

Available February 23

Full Count

Available February 25

Every Time I Die

Available February 26

I Am Not Okay With This

Available February 27

Altered Carbon, season 2

The Angry Birds Movie 2


Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution

Available February 28

All The Bright Places

Babylon Berlin, season 3

Formula 1: Drive to Survive, season 2*

Jeopardy!: Celebrate Alex Collection

Jeopardy!: Cindy Stowell Collection

Jeopardy!: Seth Wilson Collection

La trinchera infinita

Queen Sono

Restaurants on the Edge


Available February 29

Jerry Maguire