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Best High Waisted Jeans For Women 2019

There are two kinds of jeans that get people really riled up: low-rise jeans and high-waisted jeans. There are plenty of other styles to choose from, but these are the real conversation-starters—the ones that everyone has an opinion on (in the case of the low-rise and its potential comeback), and everyone definitely has a preference.

Over the past few years, shoppers have rediscovered high-waisted denim, which have shed their “mom” and “dad” reputation and have been embraced for their comfort and versatility. Like low-rise jeans, they’re nostalgic; but unlike them, they feel timeless, worn by everyone from Fran Lebowitz to Gigi Hadid. And just like with any good tired and true wardrobe staple, everyone swears by one brand that makes the best. Even a quick poll around the Glamour office revealed the sheer variety of options available on the market. Ahead, we’ve rounded up their recommendations for the absolute best high-waisted jeans.

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