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Star Wars Force Ghosts: How The Rise Of Skywalker May Use Them

Luke Skywalker Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is said to be a conclusive wrap on the first nine episodes of the franchise, also known as the Skywalker Saga. There’s been a lot of speculation about what may or may not appear, and while we have no idea what elements will return for sure, there are signs that indicate Force Ghosts will return. After all, it’d be a little hard to end the Skywalker Saga without a Skywalker, right?

Well, since Mark Hamill is returning, it’s most likely going to be as an advising Force Ghost to Rey. One would hope anyway because the Emperor may be back, and that’s a whole other bag of tricks that could imply Force Ghosts have a bigger presence in this movie than some may think. Is your head already spinning? Don’t worry, here’s some of the major things we know in canon continuity about Force Ghosts, and how they may be used in Episode IX.

Yoda Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The New Force Ghost Rules

Canon continuity currently states that the Force Ghost ability started with Qui-Gon Jinn, who first learned of the technique, but died before completing the training. Though he can’t take physical form, Qui-Gon can reach out to Jedi via his voice. Eventually Yoda and Obi-Wan developed the same technique and figured out how to retain their physical forms as well.

Now, the assumption is that Luke Skywalker also has that ability, although there may be some doubt from Star Wars fans seeing as Luke admittedly closed himself off from the Force for quite a while. With that said an excerpt from the upcoming Star Wars: The Secrets of The Jedi (which is “written” by Luke) has confirmed that Luke had kept in contact with the spirits a long while before shutting of the Force.

We also saw Luke re-connect with them not long after Rey arrived in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so chances are he learned the secret to becoming a Force Ghost, or Force Spirit as the new canon calls it, as well. The basic rules of Force Ghosts still apply from classic or Legends canon, in that Force Ghosts can speak to Force-sensitives who can see them, but cannot affect the world in a physical manner.

Anakin Return of the Jedi

Can Sith Turn Into Force Ghosts?

Classic Star Wars fans may be surprised to learn that, in the transition to new canon, Sith, or “Dark Jedi” as they were called before the prequels, can no longer become Force Ghosts. As current canon states, Sith are unable to achieve the type of transcendence Jedi’s of the Light Side have achieved, which is why they’re self-consumed with obtaining as much physical power as possible.

With that said, there have been ways in new canon that Sith have managed to retain some sort of physical presence after their death. For example, The Presence and Lord Momin were both able to retain their consciousness by implanting themselves within a physical object. This tethered them to the world and allowed them to interact with the living, though in an entirely different way than the Force Ghosts we’re familiar with.

It is worth mentioning that while it’s explicitly stated this is impossible, there is an instance of a Sith Force Ghost in new canon. Anakin Skywalker was able to appear and retain his presence as a Force Ghost long after his death, and he was among the most powerful and evil of the Sith. With that said, the primary argument for Anakin’s transformation is that his heroic sacrifice redeemed him and allowed for Obi-Wan and Yoda to manifest him. That’s what we’re told anyway, but one could argue Vader’s strength in the Force could also have been a large part as to why he survived.

Luke Skywalker Star Wars: The Last Jedi

How Force Ghosts May Be Used In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ended with the notion that Rey was going to take the Jedi texts and somehow help bolster the Resistance along the way. The assumption is that she’s going to build the core of what will be a new Jedi Order, which is where Force Ghosts would come in real handy. Who better than the guide her in the success and failures of the Jedi than Luke, Yoda, Anakin and maybe even Obi-Wan?

Even if all of those characters don’t appear, it does seem like at least one (probably Luke) will be around to guide Rey on what may the final leg of her journey. It could be something like establishing a new Jedi/Skywalker/Force Sensitive order, or it could be just him bopping in and out of her adventure to offer his guidance when he can.

Then, on the Sith side, we have Emperor Palpatine, who was heavily teased to have some role in the upcoming story. Remember how the second Death Star was broken up on that planet, and the whole bit from earlier about how Sith can keep their essence within objects? Well, Palpatine may have been a flip-flopper and a bit of a coward, but make no mistake, he’s one of the most powerful Force wielders of this era.

My point, of course, is that it would not be the least bit surprising if some of the Emperor’s essence is contained within a portion of the Death Star. It was his final resting place after all, and while I’m not entirely sure how much time a Sith needs to complete that essence transference, Palpatine’s paranoia and tendency to have contingency plans was legendary. Chances are he would’ve had the process hammered out long before he landed on the Death Star to begin with.

Unfortunately, new Force Ghost/Spirit rules seem to ensure that Luke, Anakin or any other dead Jedi wouldn’t have a ghost showdown with Palpatine. Of course, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker could be the first film to show something like that happen, but beyond the fact that Anakin was about as Sith as one could be before his redemption, there’s little evidence to support Palpatine could manifest into a Force Ghost. Who knows though, maybe all the rumors floating around the web are right and there will be some massive Force Ghost fight!

Do you think Force Ghosts will play a significant role in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker? Sound off in our poll below and be sure to stick with CinemaBlend for more Star Wars updates and goings on in movies and television.

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Miley Cyrus Says She Was Kicked Off Hotel Transylvania Movie Over Penis Cake

For those unfamiliar, Miley Cyrus was originally cast to play Mavis, daughter of Adam Sandler’s Dracula, for the first Hotel Transylvania movie back in November 2011. At this point, Cyrus already had some animated movie experience under her belt with Disney’s Bolt, so getting to participate in this Sony feature would have expanded that portion of her resume.

However, just four months later, Miley Cyrus left Hotel Transylvania and Selena Gomez was tapped as the new Mavis, a role she kept for the following two sequels and will presumably reprise for Hotel Transylvania 4. At the time, Cyrus attributed her exit to wanting to work on her music, but seven years later, she revealed the real reason: evidently some higher-ups weren’t pleased that she bought her then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth a birthday cake that looked like a penis and then licked it.

I’m curious about the sequence of events that led to Miley Cyrus’ dismissal from Hotel Transylvania. Did the people who kicked her off the movie just hear about what she did? Did they see pictures of her activity around the penis cake? Or were they at the party where this happened and shocked by what they saw? Whatever the specifics were, it resulted in Cyrus losing out on an animated hit that, while met with mixed reviews, would make over $358 million worldwide.

Miley Cyrus used the thread to show how she’s transparent with her fans and the public. Among the other things she shared were that she “fucked up and cheated in relationships” when she was young, lost a deal with Walmart when she was 17 years old for “ripping a bong,” swung on a wrecking ball fully nude and claimed that there are more “nudes” of her on the internet than “maybe any woman in history.”

She capped off the thread by denying once again that she cheated on Liam Hemsworth, adding that she’s the “healthiest and happiest” she’s been in a long time and is in a different place from when she was younger, and that while you can call her many things, a liar’s not one of them.

Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more news concerning Miley Cyrus’ film and television work, including if there’s another penis cake incident that complicates her involvement in a project. For now, keep up to date with the rest of this year’s movies by looking through our 2019 release schedule.

Kirsten Dunst Defends Calling Kissing Vampire Brad Pitt At 11 ‘Gross’

Not many women can say they’ve kissed Brad Pitt, and I’d imagine if you have, it’d be something to boast about. Not for Kirsten Dunst. The actress gave him a peck on the lips for 1994’s Interview With a Vampire in one of her first big-screen roles ever. Now that it has been 25 years since the gothic romantic horror film was released, she still stands by her original reaction on shooting the scene. In her words:

At the recent Los Angeles premiere of her new Showtime series Becoming A God In Central Florida, Kirsten Dunst defended calling that one kiss from Interview With a Vampire “gross” because it actually was to her at the time. She was eleven and he was 30. They have almost a 20-year age gap! Do we blame her? Check out her words to ET back in 1994 when she was asked about the kiss at the time:

The actress certainly had early luck in her career working opposite Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview With a Vampire. Not to mention the actress’ first movie was Bonfire of the Vanities, which starred Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis. She’d also go on to star in the original Jumanji in 1995 with the great Robin Williams, all before 15! When it comes to fond kissing scenes with A-list actors, Brad Pitt doesn’t make the cut, and for a valid reason!

Of course, Kirsten Dunst does have another famous movie kissing scene that will stick with her for a long time: the upside-down kiss in 2002’s Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire! The moment is one of the most iconic make-out moments Hollywood has ever seen. So why even linger on that underaged kiss with a vampire?

During the LA premiere for her series, Kirsten Dunst shared how positive her experience was on the set of Interview With a Vampire. She said Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were both so sweet to her and to this day is nothing like she’d ever experienced. “They just don’t make movies like that anymore,” she commented about the scale of the vampire epic which was given a $60 million budget and became one of the highest grossing films of 1994, just behind Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction at spot No. 10.

5 Big Things We’re Hoping To See From Marvel At D23 Expo 2019

Falcon with Captain America's shield in Avengers Endgame

The end of this month will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Walt Disney Company buying Marvel Entertainment, and to say that time has been stellar would be an understatement. Even without discussing comics, merchandise, and theme park influences, the brand has been a massive acquisition for the company for the big screen – turning the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the most popular franchise in the world.

As bright as the past has been, the future has a chance to potentially be even brighter – and that’s where this weekend’s D23 Expo comes in. Between the Disney+ and live-action/animation presentations planned for the event, fans around the world should prepare to hear some big news come out of the event. And while we aren’t sure yet exactly what we’re going to see (especially after the Phase 4 reveal at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer), here are a few big things we’re hoping to see from Marvel at the convention.

Winter SOldier and Falcon in Captain America Civil War

Showrunners For Marvel Cinematic Universe Disney+ Series

The integration of serialized television series into the big screen action of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most significant unique aspects of the franchise’s future plans. There are a total of five of them coming out between the beginning and the end of Phase 4, with Loki, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Hawkeye, and What If…? all set to be released on Disney+ amidst adventures playing in cinemas. What we currently don’t know officially, though, are the identities of the filmmakers that will be bringing the respective stories to life. That could change at D23 Expo 2019.

Whether it’s because deals weren’t in place just yet, or because they were withholding information, Marvel Studios didn’t disclose the identities of any of their Disney+ showrunners at San Diego Comic-Con, but that was more than a month ago, and the Disney+ presentation on Friday could be the perfect stage to reveal that new news. Marvel definitely has a knack for getting talented filmmakers involved with their projects, and surely the D23 Expo crowd would love to see them.

Loki in Avengers

Specific Release Dates For MCU Disney+ Shows

While a release date or two has been shifted over the years, Marvel Studios has a solid track record when it comes to announcing release dates and sticking to them. That, however, is one reason why their Phase 4 slate announcement raised some eyebrows – particularly in the Disney+ streaming shows arena. While the seasons in which each of the shows would be released were revealed (Fall 2020, Spring 2021, etc.), what Marvel didn’t do was announce anything specific.

This information could get more detailed this weekend with the events at D23 Expo. The Disney+ presentation is likely going to have Disney announce a full host of shows and where they land on the release schedule, and it’s possible that within that audiences could get new information about exactly where the Marvel programs fit in. And while it may be too much to ask for all of the release dates, given that some of the material is more than two years away, we can perhaps at least cross our fingers and hope we will learn about the first two that are set to arrive: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and WandaVision.

Thor Valkyrie and Loki in Thor Ragnarok

More Disney+/Film Crossover News

Marvel Cinematic Universe television shows have been in existence for nearly six years at this point, but the connections between the material have mostly been mono-directional – which is to say that the shows have referenced the movies, but the movies have never referenced the shows. That is a big thing that is changing with the programing slate that is coming to Disney+ in the coming years, though, as crossing over storylines is very much part of the plan. That being said, the only legitimate crossover we’ve actually heard about so far is between WandaVision and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, which is confirmed to include Scarlet Witch in its adventure.

It’s entirely plausible that won’t be the case after this coming weekend. Whether it’s the news that particular events from Black Widow will reverberate in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, or that Loki will play directly into the plans for Thor: Love And Thunder, the more integration news we hear, the more excited diehards are going to be about everything that’s coming out.

The Eternals cast at San Diego Comic-Con

More Eternals Casting

During the Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige invited an absolutely incredible ensemble of actors on stage while discussing Chloe Zhao’s The Eternals. This is a group that included Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Dong-seok Ma, Lauren Ridloff, and Richard Madden. What’s funny, however, is that Marvel still needs a lot more actors to tell the story of the characters, and D23 Expo 2019 might be the perfect time to reveal members of the extended cast.

With production gearing up to start in the fall, The Eternals is very much still in the casting stages, and just looking at the roster so far you’ll notice an issue: there are no antagonists. The titular god-like heroes regularly oppose their ancient genetic cousins, The Deviants, in the comics, and yet the blockbuster has yet to announce any actors for those parts. We have hopes that information is shared with the world this weekend.

Black Widow In Captain America Civil War

More Black Widow Plot Details

We learned quite a lot about Cate Shortland’s Black Widow last month during San Diego Comic-Con, with first look footage not only revealing that the story is set shortly after the events of Captain America: Civil War, but also that the feature will bring to life the first ever live-action version of Taskmaster. But that’s right about where the information flow stopped. There’s still a hell of a lot that we don’t know about the project, and haven’t seen yet, but with any luck the Live Action/Animation D23 Expo 2019 presentation will quench our thirst for knowledge.

Why is Black Widow’s first stop during her time as a fugitive Budapest? What is her relationship with Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh? Who is Taskmaster to the titular hero? How does David Harbour’s Red Guardian factor into the action? These are just some of the questions we are currently asking about Black Widow, and there exists a likelihood that Marvel will spill some more beans in the next few days.

What are you hoping to see from Marvel at D23 Expo 2019 this weekend? Hit the comments section below with all of your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on the matter, and definitely be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend through this weekend as we will be on the ground in Anaheim, California attending presentations, watching footage, interviewing performers and filmmakers, and more.

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6 Walt Disney World And Disneyland Announcements We Hope To Hear At D23 Expo 2019

World of Color at Disney California Adventure

Walt Disney said that as long as there is imagination, his theme parks would never be finished. Disney’s Parks division, encompassing both Disney World and Disneyland, has never been short of imagination, and as such, the parks are always in a constant state of flux. There are always new things being added to the likes of Magic Kingdom, Epcot and others, some of which we know about through leaks and rumors, although we often don’t hear about many of them until D23 and other big events.

In fact, often the major announcements regarding what’s coming to the Disney theme parks happen at Disney’s big D23 Expo. On Sunday, the Parks division will take center stage at D23 and here’s everything we’re hoping to hear about.

Guardians of The Galaxy cast promo

Guardians of the Galaxy Roller Coaster Story Details

Disney’s ability to use Marvel characters at Walt Disney World is severely limited, which means that the previously announced Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster may be one of the only Marvel attractions we see in the resort for a very long time. However, beyond the fact that it will exist, and the sort of ride vehicles it will use, we know essentially nothing about it.

The plan is for this attraction to open in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021, but it will certainly open earlier if possible. It would be great to get a more precise window for opening if nothing else. Also, an official name would likely give us an indication of the sort of story the ride will tell. There were rumors of the story a couple years ago, but so much has happened with this franchise since then, I wouldn’t count on any of that still being accurate. We’re assuming the MCU actors will return as they did for Mission: Breakout at Disney California Adventure. Could we see other members of the cosmic MCU making an appearance as well?

Play Pavillion Concept art

Play Pavilion Details

Epcot’s Wonders of Life Pavilion is currently being renovated to make room for something new. It’s being called a play pavilion and has been rumored to include attractions and/or meet-and-greets associated with Zootopia and Wreck-It Ralph among, potentially, more.

An official name for the pavilion, as well as confirmation of what sorts of things will be inside it, would be very welcome. The various Epcot pavilions are popular with diehard fans, so the loss of Wonders of Life is still felt by many. But if it’s replaced by something equally impressive, all will likely be forgiven.

Marvel Land Concept Art

Spider-Man Attraction Details

Across the plaza from Disneyland, Disney California Adventure is currently building a new land dedicated to Marvel characters. On the eve of D23 it was revealed that the land will be called Avengers Campus, because actually using Marvel in the name apparently wasn’t an option.

I’m very curious if we’ll get any news detailing the Spider-Man attraction. Last week I would have guessed that Tom Holland would have been part of it, just as the Guardians of the Galaxy actors are part of the Mission: Breakout ride, but with the recent Marvel/Sony news, that might not be the case anymore. It will be interesting to see how the dealings on the movie side might be impacting the theme parks.

Star Wars hotel concept art

Star Wars Hotel Details

One of the more nebulous Walt Disney World items on the slate for the future is the Star Wars-themed hotel attached to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. A new rumor has indicated how much it might honestly cost to stay there, and while I certainly don’t expect to get that confirmed, some new information, would be useful. We have already learned that the ship is called the Halcyon and is a Galactic Starcruiser that is part of the Chandrila Star Line.

A little tease as to the adventure that guests will be going on during their two-night stay wouldn’t hurt either. Will this be a canon adventure in the Star Wars universe? If so, how will it tie into the movies? I’m not expecting a great deal of detail yet, but if rooms are going to cost as much as is rumored, giving people a reason to want to spend that kind of money isn’t a bad move.

The Greatest Showman

The First Fox Ideas For The Parks

It’s only been a few months since Disney officially took ownership of 21st Century Fox, which means it’s going to be a long time before we see any Fox properties really take hold in the parks. It was three years after Disney bought Lucasfilm that what would become Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was even announced, after all. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get some sort of confirmation that something related to the Fox brands will be happening in the parks.

Most of this stuff is likely still very much in the “blue sky” phase, but we might still get an idea of what properties are being considered for potential attractions. Also, something like a walk-around character being added to an existing land would be a simple enough thing to do quickly, thus providing a hint of what’s to come.

Ripley in Aliens

Something We Don’t Expect

All too often, Disney parks news gets leaked prior to the official Disney reveal. We knew that a Marvel land was coming to the Disneyland Resort years before it was confirmed. Sometimes, however, something is truly kept behind close doors and fans get blown away when something they never suspected happens.

For the most part, we know everything that’s coming to the Disney World and Disneyland in North America, but it would be awesome if the company announced something that hasn’t been rumored. I’m not expecting a third gate at Anaheim or anything (though I wouldn’t turn it down), but anything that we don’t see coming would be exciting simply because it was unexpected.

I fully expect most or all of these items to be touched on in some way. The ones that we all know are on the way will be given some sort of update, but hopefully it won’t just be concept art and teases, but some real confirmations of what we’re going to get and when we’re going to get it.

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J Balvin Parties With Lalo Ebratt And Reik In Vibrant ‘Indeciso’ Video

J Balvin has a lot to celebrate these days, and he does exactly that in his latest video, for the party-ready Lalo Ebratt and Reik collaboration, “Indeciso.”

The Colombian superstar — who’s getting ready to make his VMA debut next week with a fiery live performance — stars in the vibrant clip, directed by Nuno. It starts out looking like some kind of rough and dusty Western, with shots of Balvin and Co. posted up at a roadside inn smack dab in the middle of the desert. But when a couple vans full of wildly stylish girls pull up, a dance party explodes in the sand, by the pool, in a junkyard… pretty much everywhere.

Quirky animated effects add even more color and texture to the summer fun, and Balvin injects serious swagger into the energetic track, which features a hook from Mexican trio Reik and half-sung, half-rapped bars from scene-stealer Lalo. Check it out below.

Besides performing at the VMAs next week, Balvin also has four nominations to his name: two for Best Latin, one for Best Dance, and one for Best Choreography. See him hit the stage when the show airs live on Monday (August 26) at 8 p.m. ET/PT!

14 K-pop Songs That Will Keep You Motivated This Virgo Season

How easy it is for Virgos to give, how hard it is for them to receive. One of the most notable exemplars of this dynamic is BTS’s leader, RM. His reassuring, sensible words offer comfort to millions around the world. Through lyrics, speeches, or even brief soundbites, every time he opens his mouth, it’s like he’s pulling wisdom out of an infinite well. However, he’s not one to sugarcoat struggles, and “Reflection,” his solo track out of the group’s 2016 album Wings, is a raw example of that. A dark, rippling instrumental plays off RM’s melancholic lower register to set the mood as he contemplates desperately trying to love himself to no avail. The short film for the track plays with the concept of reflection, with RM facing mirrors and self-destructive tendencies, running toward a “wake up call” that is locked from his reach.

Biggest mood: “I find this movie very amusing / Everyday, I want to shoot it well / I want to caress myself / I want to caress myself / But you know, sometimes / I really, really hate myself.”

Adam Brody on Dating Fails, Romance, and Why He and Leighton Meester Are ‘Big Hand Holders’

What’s the most surprising place you’ve hooked up with someone?

My apartment. But it was a loft, and my dad was sleeping around the corner. If you want to consider it gross, that’s fine. It also ultimately proved worthwhile—but some people would definitely find that gross.

Fill in the blank: “I love when my partner…”__

We’re big hand holders. Physical affection is very nice to me, it doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual.

You have a full day to binge-watch whatever the hell you want: What do you pick?

I loved the first season of Fleabag, but haven’t watched the new season. So I’d have to say Fleabag season two.

What’s the sexiest thing about yourself?

My feet. They’re nice, and I’ve never had any complaints about them from myself. It’s just like, “Hey, those are cool. Those are nice looking feet.”

What’s the weirdest thing you do in your alone time?

It’s not even in my alone time. I’ll reenact a conversation I’ve had or I would have, and I’ll be sort of mouthing the words. It’s so embarrassing, but my wife always asks me about it and forces me to answer. I think the first time—it’s just such a convoluted and backwards way to explain how I was doing this—but I was talking to a horse, like breaking a wild horse. My wife was like, “Who are you talking to right now?”

You stop by a convenience store on your way to a house party. What are you buying?

Fuck a convenience store, I guess I’ll buy gum for myself. But you know what’s really appreciated and great? Bring a nice snack. Oh boy, people appreciate that. Bring a nice fucking watermelon salad. Or cheese and crackers. As I get older I’m fixated on bringing good food. It doesn’t have to be expensive necessarily, but have something good to eat if you want to be a good guest.

What’s your favorite movie or TV sex scene?

I don’t even feel comfortable saying it, because it’s so much stuff from my youth—and everyone’s so young in it now. If you could pin it to one particular scene, the most obvious one is Boogie Nights. It was a very sexy and very fantastic movie. It’s a masterpiece that retains its potency.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

I think Carrie Fisher. It’s very primal and probably problematic, but Carrie Fisher in a bikini as Jabba the Hutt’s slave. I think that awakened something in a lot of pre-pubescent boys. But it makes you think—she’s in a bikini, but she’s also in chains. [Laughs.]

You’re alone in bed: What are you thinking about?

Right now, every seven minutes I’m shocked anew at the fact that this moron is probably the most powerful man in the world. It continues to seem unreal. You like to think that there’s some order to the universe. Or if all else fails there’s the Illuminati, or there’s somebody pulling the levers. And then it’s like no, no.

What’s the most inappropriate thing a fan has said to you?

Nothing springs to mind in terms of wildly inappropriate. But my wife got [a letter] from this dude called the “Snowman” who’s in prison. He traced his hand in it, and it seemed kind of cool. That’s pretty genuine.

What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

It wasn’t so much the way in which I did it, but my wife and I got married quickly. We got engaged and married quickly, and that in itself felt very romantic.

All the Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Music Video

Taylor Swift‘s Lover album is finally here. But last night, ahead of its release, she dropped the video for the title track.

Of course, this means that her fans jumped into deep analysis mode as they took in each frame, found so many hidden Easter eggs, and developed some theories. In the video, we see a little girl at Christmas time opening her presents. One of them is a snow globe, and soon we’re taken into the house inside the globe where Swift and her “lover” reside. We see the couple laughing, loving, dancing, fighting, throwing parties, and diving into a fish bowl together. You know, living their lives.

At the end, the camera pans out to show that the little girl is their daughter—a very sweet touch that I must admit choked me up a little bit.

Watch the video for yourself, below, and then let’s break down what it all means.

The house.

The home inside the snow globe has seven rooms, which fans think represent Swift’s seven albums.

One fan also noted that the rooms are lit in color while the outside is dark, seemingly a reference to the lyrics in “Out of the Woods” from 1989: “The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.”

Another thought it was a reference to the dollhouse in 13 Going on 30.

The cat.

Every Woman Needs to Listen to Taylor Swift’s New Song ‘The Man’

Taylor Swift‘s been quite outspoken about the sexism she’s faced in the music industry. When she was promoting her 1989 album in 2014, she called out the double standard of being criticized for writing about her exes even though male artists like Ed Sheeran do the same thing. Earlier this month, she opened up about the treatment she received after her 2012 album Red topped the charts.

“It’s fine to infantilize a girl’s success and say, ‘How cute that she’s having some hit songs,’” she told Vogue. “‘How cute that she’s writing songs.’ But the second it becomes formidable? As soon as I started playing stadiums—when I started to look like a woman—that wasn’t as cool anymore.”

Now she’s doubling down on this message with a new song, “The Man” off her album Lover (which dropped today). In it, Swift muses about how her life and career might have panned out if she were a man.

“I would be complex. I would be cool,” Swift sings. “They’d say I played the field before I found someone to commit to. And that would be OK for me to do. Every conquest I had made would make me more of a boss to you.”

Swift isn’t the first pop singer to call out this troubling dichotomy. Everyone from Madonna to Nicki Minaj has drawn attention to the fact that women in music aren’t allowed to be strong without being branded “divas.” “When [Lil’] Wayne walks on the set, and says, ‘Don’t talk to me. Have my music ready,’ it’s cool. But every time I put my foot down and stand up for myself, it’s like, ‘We’ve heard about Nicki Minaj,'” Minaj said in 2012.