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Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2020: The Best Leggings Are 50% Off Right Now

A surprise Lululemon Warehouse Sale just dropped, and you’re going to want to jump in on it, stat. High-quality athleisure can be expensive, and even though Lululemon pieces will last you years, not everyone can—or wants to—spend upwards of $80 on fabric meant to absorb sweat (and possibly, wipe food crumbs on). That said, leggings and bike shorts have achieved default pant status these days, and Lululemon’s athleisure is the stuff of modern-day legend—and so are its warehouse sales. 

The last one was three years ago, but now the Lululemon Warehouse Sale is back and better than ever—with hundreds of items up to 50% off through July 14. You’re going to want to run, not walk, for these deals. Leggings, sports bras, tops, and bags are all on sale right now, and whatever you find in your size is your cue to head to straight to check out.

From the cult-favorite Align leggings to mesh bike shorts and ultra-soft sports bras, round out your athleisure wardrobe by shopping the 2020 Lululemon Warehouse Sale. The best finds are selling out as you read this, so quit stalling and start with our seven favorite picks below.

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Johnny Depp Addresses Allegations Amber Heard Pooped In Their Bed

In court, Johnny Depp added there was no way the poop in the bed could have ever come from either Pistol or Boo, whom he described as weighing 3-4 pounds, though the lawyers for the other part did speculate on Amber Heard’s story the poop came from the dogs. What’s most interesting about these allegations is that while both parties don’t agree about what happened, what’s absolutely for certain is a short while after Amber Heard turned 30, poop was found in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s bed. Depp confirmed he laughed about the incident at the time and still finds the whole thing absurd, noting,

No, Jurassic World: Dominion Hasn’t Already Stopped Production Again

The Jurassic Park franchise has been entertaining moviegoers for decades, continuing to push the boundaries of technology, and both visual and practical effects. The dinosaur-centric property returned to theaters with Jurassic World, which has grown into its own bonafide trilogy. Jurassic World: Dominion will wrap up the story, with the threequel starting production back up in the U.K.. Rumors recently made their way around the internet that multiple crew members had already tested positive for COVID-19, but now production is setting the record straight.

What Disneyland Does With The Feral Cats That Live There

At the same time, the park needs to make sure the feline population stays under control. To that end, the park reportedly has a TNR program, which stands for “trap-neuter-return.” The cats are picked up, fixed, and then returned to the park to do their thing. They’re also given vaccinations against disease. This program was originally handled by an outside company but since 2007 Disney has been handling it internally. Kittens that are born inside the park are picked up and given homes. There are five feeding stations around the park for the felines, as well as shelters to give them a place to sleep.

Sylvester Stallone Hypes The Idea Of More Rambo Movies

Rambo has been an interesting franchise over the years. First Blood, saw Sylvester Stallone in a film that, while it wasn’t light on action, was much more focused on the character drama of a man suffering from PTSD. The sequels, however, have been unapologetic action movies. First Blood Part II actually has Rambo basically go back and refight the Vietnam War (and win). The latter two Rambo films, Last Blood included, have also gone hard on the visceral violence. I can only imagine how bloody the Extended Cut of Last Blood is considering the theatrical cut was not shy in that regard.

Palm Springs Review: This Hulu Rom-Com Is the Perfect Vacation

Despite clearly being made without knowledge of the impending coronavirus pandemic, I can’t view Palm Springs as anything other than an allegory for our current state in quarantine. Perhaps four months inside my parent’s Florida home has warped my brain to the point where living the same day on repeat forever feels more within the realm of possibility than ever attending a boho-chic wedding in sunny California in the future.

When the Hulu Groundhog’s Day-style romantic comedy picks up, Nyles (Andy Samberg) has been trapped at the wedding of his cheating girlfriend’s best friend for an undetermined amount of time. He’s been drinking the same cheap beer at the same resort with the same group of relative strangers for at least thousands of days. His routine is only shaken when Sarah (Cristin Milioti)—the sister of the bride—hooks up with Nyles and unwittingly follows him right into a mysterious cave, resigning her to his same fate. You know, “One of those infinite time loop situations you may have heard about.” 

What follows is not par for the course for your usual rom-com. Sure, there’s the expected banter and sexual tension that lead to eventual feelings, conflicts, and resolution, but Palm Springs writer Andy Siara and director Max Barbakow spend a hefty amount of time focused on Nyles and Sarah’s individual responses to a torturous, repetitive existence. 

It’s fitting that Samberg’s latest ne’er-do-well goes by Nyles, as his approach to life has become particularly nihilistic—everything is meaningless aside from food, fun, and avoiding a slow, painful death at all costs. A quick death is fine: the moment he dies or falls asleep, he’s instantly transported to his bed with his kind-of girlfriend, Misty, and the entire ordeal begins again, but the pain is one of the few things that still feels real. 

Sarah—whose sometimes improvised portrayal by Milioti proves the actor should headline every major comedy in the future—feels completely trapped, unable to escape the stressors caused by close proximity to her family, and even worse, herself (sounds familiar). It’s Sarah who we get to see explore every possible option to break the loop before briefly surrendering to her newfound fate. 

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11 Best Face Masks on Amazon, According to Reviews

With face masks constantly going in and out of stock on brand sites, people are turning to the best face masks on Amazon to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend “wearing a cloth face covering in public settings when around people outside of their household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.” So whether you’re hitting the streets to protest, commuting to work, or simply stepping out for fresh air, don’t forget your mask.

Despite mask-wearing managing to become a political issue, scientists say refusing to wear a mask is dangerous, and there’s data to back the safety measure’s efficacy in slowing the spread of the virus. Even though face coverings are obviously in high demand right now, countless brands have stepped up to the plate, utilizing their fabric and factories to pivot for the greater good of the public. Amazon has a range of masks available, from disposable and reusable to floral-print and classic black. If you’re unsure of which ones to add to cart, we scoured the site for top-rated styles with rave reviews to back them up. Ahead, the 11 best face masks on Amazon to shop now.

All products featured on Glamour are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Could An Alita: Battle Angel Sequel Find A Home At A Different Studio?

There’s a lot of moving pieces that need to fall into place with Alita: Battle Angel’s prospects for the future, and Emma Watts’ hiring at Paramount could be the key to pushing things along at a new, more interested home. Should this be the case, there’s hope for not only reviving Alita: Fallen Angel, but also The Mouse Guard or any other discarded properties in previous development at Fox. Ultimately, the fans will need to make their voices heard, and the powers that be will have to have some meetings to discuss those wishes. It doesn’t seem impossible, as Alita: Battle Angel was made in the first place, and that feels pretty spectacular in and of itself.

Please Join Me in My Obsession With Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Bearded Dragon

The toddler-aged reptile, whom I have personally never met, has quickly become a focal point of my day. Early each morning, I scour the internet for Sebastian content, scrolling through Instagram and Twitter, Teigen’s twin empires. I check tabloids for paparazzi shots of Sebastian, sunning himself on the estate he shares with the family. I watch compilation videos of Sebastian’s journey. I watch an IG story of Chrissy and her two year old son Miles playing Hungry Hippos, and I think about how I am a hippo, hungry for more media featuring Sebastian.

Grown to the size of a beautiful sperm, the lizard appeared in a video on Chrissy’s Twitter, where he was measured and weighed. (Sebastian is a quarter of an ounce. Miles is a comparatively hefty 25 pounds, making him the weight of approximately 1,600 lizards.) Early in Sebastian’s media career, he appeared in absentia in a Teigen post—a picture of Miles sitting next to a sign showing off his weight, height, and the prompt “I don’t like…” followed by the words, “my pet bearded dragon.” Real Housewives is canceled, replaced by celebrity children doing talking head segments, talking trash about their pet lizards. But on June 18, Teigen posted a picture of Sebastian repelling up Miles’ pajama-clad body, with the caption, “He LOOOOOVES his beardy now.”

On June 20, every Teigen summer storyline came together in one satisfying twist, when she Instagram story-d a picture of Sebastian resting on her “healing boobies.” I, too, am healing by way of Sebastian.

There is a special pleasure in watching this inhumanly beautiful, rich family interact with a minuscule reptile. Teigen’s voice sounds like a seltzer can slowly cracking open. And her family’s home has the kind of luxury I have only experienced personally while loitering in a Restoration Hardware. But knowing that all this gentle luxury is now being intermingled with a small scaly animal and its (according to pet websites) thousands of cricket and cockroach snacks? This is what puts this content over the edge for me.

I worry about Sebastian. Look what has become of other celebrity animals—Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas walk their dogs so constantly that it seems more like a kind of performance art than pet exercise. And what about the animal formerly known as Piggie Smalls? When Pete Davidson gifted Ariana Grande a baby pig, it made headlines around the world. But after their breakup was out of the news, we never saw that pig again. Is Piggie Smalls bacon now?

I trust the Teigen-Legends to care for their family lizard, even though they are currently on vacation on some kind of multi-story yacht, with no lizard in sight.

“It takes a serious commitment to be a responsible owner of a bearded dragon,” according to the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk. “Beardies can live for six to ten years—and some have lived twice that long!” Watch this space—we’ll be back here in 2040 discussing the life and legacy of Sebastian, bearded lizard and friend of Glamour.

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