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18 Best Highlighters for 2019

Once upon a time, we just swiped some blush and bronzer on our faces and called it glowy skin. Now there’s highlighter—a whole lot of it—and finding your perfect highlighting powder, strobe cream, or glow stick is a little like Goldilocks testing out porridge. It all can feel a bit too too: too extra, too basic, too unicorn. That’s where we come in. We tested every single highlighter that’s come across our desks and narrowed down a list of our current favorites. Some are subtle, others can’t be missed, and, sure, some are fit for a unicorn, be it a very sophisticated one. Whatever your taste or skin tone, we bet you’ll love the J.Lo-level cheekbones they give you just as much.

FKA USA: Warner Bros. To Adapt This Wizard Of Oz-Tinged Dystopian Novel

FKA USA Book cover

The dystopian subgenre is an area of film history rich with bold and detailed (albeit bleak) visions of the future, but we’ve never seen anything quite like the one presented in author Reed King’s new novel FKA USA. Set just a few decades from now, and written like a memoir from the perspective of its protagonist, Truckee Wallace, the plot takes readers through the wasteland remnants of a post-secession America – with corporations controlling large regions, outlaws holding others, and vast segments deemed uninhabitable due to extreme weather conditions. And while the story may currently only exist in book form, that may not stay true for long.

FKA USA isn’t arriving in bookstores until this Wednesday, June 19th, but Warner Bros. decided not to wait and see sales numbers before imagining what the adventure could look like on the big screen. The studio purchased the film rights to the story all the way back in November, and this means we might only be a few years removed from seeing a cinematic adaptation. It will admittedly be an interesting challenge for filmmakers, as the storytelling is woven into a wonderfully complex and dense fictional world history, but it’s a challenge worth taking on if it means seeing Reed King’s frightening, funny, weird, and Wizard Of Oz-tinged vision come to life.

King (which is a pseudonym) has been working on the book for nearly a decade – which I recently learned from an email exchange with the author via his publicist. The inspiration for the story first stuck when he was doing a lot of traveling, and had the opportunity to witness and experience the many different cultures that all exist within the borders of America. What seemingly turned the plot toward the dystopian, however, was the fact that he also taken aback by the disconnect that exists between all of the different populations. Wrote the author,

I’d had a few years of doing a lot of cross-country travel, and been struck again and again by the sheer size of the United States and the diversity of its landscapes. I’d been struck, too, by how little many of the people on the coasts seemed to understand the interior of the country, and vice versa. It struck me as incredible the United States had even lasted this long.

It was from here that FKA USA started to piece itself together. Readers are introduced to Truckee Wallace as a nobody teenager living in what used to be Little Rock, Arkansas (now known as Crunchtown 407). He has assimilated to the hellish life that exists on Earth, full of chemically-created food and addiction to electronics, but everything changes with the reemergence of his former best friend – who attempts to kill a talking goat in a vat of chemicals at the factory where Truckee works. This sets off a chain of events that sees the would-be hero on a cross-country adventure trying to stop a potential apocalyptic event.

Along the way Truckee is joined on his journey by not only the intelligent-but-fainthearted goat, named Barnaby, but also a friendly android named Sammy, and a lobotomized giant (a.k.a. “Straw Man”) named Tiny Tim. It’s an ensemble purposefully reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz – with each respectively standing in for Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow – and it was apparently a key element that came together as the author began to define his lead characters. King explained,

Truckee and Sammy were the first characters who came to me. As soon as I knew that Truckee would be getting on the road with an early-generation android, I thought of Dorothy and the Tin Man. The archetypal quest embodied by the four central characters —to return, to restore, to fill, to repair—immediately struck me as having thematic parallels to FKA USA.

It’s an element of the book that could come together in a fascinating way on the big screen. After all, Warner Bros. owns the rights to Victor Fleming’s 1939 classic, which means that the movie could potentially recycle some iconic cinematic imagery. I specifically asked Reed King about it, and while he noted that the final decisions would certainly be in the hands of the director making the adaptation, he added that trying to get around those elements would probably be a challenge:

You know, it’s funny. We toyed around for a bit with the idea of referencing the original Frank L. Baum cover for the book before ultimately settling on the current design. I’m not sure! I think that’s up to the director. But to some extent it will be unavoidable, just by virtue of having a quaternary of characters set off on this journey.

On theme with his willingness to leave those kinds of decisions to the filmmakers adapting FKA USA, Reed King also wrote in his responses to my questions that he doesn’t have a personal desire to be directly involved with the writing of the project. On the contrary, he’s curious about seeing another creative’s take on his work (not to mention that the whole experience writing the novel was apparently exhausting enough). Wrote King,

I think it would be more interesting, actually, to see how someone else approaches the world. Plus, the book alone nearly killed me.

We’ll see what happens as FKA USA navigates its way through development at Warner Bros. – but you don’t have to wait for the film adaptation to experience the epic and wild story for yourself. The book will be on shelves everywhere on Wednesday, so go pick up a copy, and enjoy.

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Noah Centineo Calls He-Man Role A ‘Really Big Responsibility’

The long-awaited big screen reboot of Masters of the Universe finally has a 2021 release date, directors in Adam and Aaron Nee and a star in Noah Centineo. The actor has broken out in the past couple of years thanks to roles in Netflix romantic comedies like The Perfect Date, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, and now he will be taking on his biggest role yet as He-Man.

Starring in such a massive film as a beloved character is not something Noah Centineo takes lightly. The actor made it clear he understands the burden, saying:

Noah Centineo is under no illusions about Masters of the Universe being just like any other role. He knows that the role of He-Man is not like a character in a Netflix rom-com; it comes with lots of baggage and the weight of expectation. So there is a major responsibility to get it right and do the character and the property justice for the legions of fans that have loved Masters of the Universe over the years.

The actor seems to understand that that responsibility will in many ways fall on his shoulders, and as such he has to work extra hard on a level of production he never has before to deliver. He may not have been alive when He-Man was at his pop culture height, but Noah Centineo still understands that this movie is a big deal for him and for the fans.

As he tells MTV News, he knows it’s a big opportunity for his career, and fortunately, Noah Centineo sounds ready for the challenge, confident that he has the power.

He’ll need to have the confidence of He-Man and not Prince Adam because as is the case with the casting of a role in any major genre adaptation, Noah Centineo will face tons of scrutiny (and already has). Some have complained that the actor isn’t muscular enough to play He-Man, a condition he appears to be remedying by bulking up for the role.

Noah Centineo may not look the part quite in the way Dolph Lundgren did in the 1987 Masters of the Universe, but Lundgren’s He-Man likeness didn’t make that a great movie (it had its charms though), and as we’ve seen with Heath Ledger, Ben Affleck, Hugh Jackman, etc, it’s best to wait and see before casting a final verdict.

The big question now is what sort of movie Masters of the Universe will be and what the tone will be like. It seems like the property could be played like more serious, grand, high fantasy in the vein of Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings or more colorful and light like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok. Noah Centineo wasn’t able to shed any light on what tone Masters of the Universe will be going for, but we’ll be eagerly awaiting details on that front.

Vince Vaughn Only Plays 5 Different Characters

Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti in Fred Claus

It’s far from uncommon for particular actors to get associated with particular kinds of roles. If audiences react particularly favorably to a certain combination of performer and character, there is a natural desire, especially by those who make decisions impacting the box office, to combine what works over and over again. Having said that, it seems like Vince Vaughn plays the same roles in his movies even more often than other actors. Like, literally, the same characters.

If we’re being honest, Vince Vaughn sort of plays the same character over and over again. Even in the examples below, the nuances between one character type and another are only a matter of degree, but, even if we’re being generous, you can pretty much divide up all of Vince Vaughn’s feature film roles into five different categories. Here they are.

Sarcastic Mentor With A Heart Of Gold

Vince Vaughn in Fighting with My Family

Fighting With My Family (Hutch)

Fighting with My Family is Vince Vaughn’s most recent big screen role. He plays the character of Hutch, a professional wrestling coach for the WWE who trains a group of up-and-coming female sports entertainers. Hutch is a sarcastic jackass who is always armed with a quip to make his students feel stupid. It seems clear he hates Paige (Florance Pugh), the main character of the film, more than anybody, but don’t worry, he actually has a heart of gold and is using his rough exterior as a way to inspire her to show she has what it takes.

Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge (Sgt. Howell)

Sgt. Howell in Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge is basically Hutch, just with the volume turned all the way up and the stakes raised to the point of actual war. He’s there to whip his students into shape, whether they like it or not, just like Hitch. Sgt. Howell seems to hate Private Doss (Andrew Garfield), the main character of the film, more than anybody, but don’t worry, because eventually Hutch, err Howell, realizes that Doss has what it takes.

Sarcastic Sidekick

Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in Swingers

Swingers (Trent)

For many, Vince Vaughn first got noticed thanks to Jon Favreau’s indie comedy hit Swingers. It was here that Vaughn’s general character would become the most defined. While Trent is “the cool one” of the pair, he is ultimately the sidekick for the purposes of the film. He’s always got a quip ready, and while he spends most of his time insulting his friend, he does care, even if he has a hard time showing it.

Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in Made

Made (Ricky)

Made would bring Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn together again, and Vaughn’s character Ricky is basically just Trent from Swingers if Trent found himself working with the mob. The pair are still friends, even though — like in Swingers — they seem to fight more than not. In the end, however, the friendship wins out.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith, yes Vince Vaughn is in this

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Eddie)

And If Ricky is just Trent if Trent wanted to join the mob, Eddie from Mr. & Mrs. Smith is if Trent decided to become a professional assassin. This is a smaller role for Vaughn, but the one-liners don’t come any less frequently. It should be said, while Eddie is basically just the comic relief, he knows how to handle a gun more so than his other sidekick personas.

Underachieving Man Child

Wedding Crashers crashing actual wedding

Wedding Crashers (Jeremy Grey)

This category could, almost by itself, encompass the career of Vince Vaughn, because frequently he plays characters who are less than mature for their age. Still the difference here is that the character’s lack of maturity is often part of the point. In the case of Wedding Crashers, we have a pair of guys who are far too old to be living lives like this, and mostly seem to do so because they’re not capable of much else. Jeremy isn’t an idiot, but he has chosen to remain immature.

Old School Vince Vaughn in hat

Old School (Bernard “Beanie” Campbell)

Nothing says lack of maturity more than a bunch of adult men who decide to start a fraternity. In many ways, Bernard is actually one of Vaughn’s more mature characters. He’s a father, after all, but one gets the impression that if life had taken a slightly different direction with him, he might have become as big an immature fool as some of his friends here. Still, he’s the one who sets the wheels in motion on this insane idea. He’s not the best role model for his kids.

Fred Claus with Santa

Fred Claus

As the title character in Fred Claus, Vince Vaughn’s lack of maturity is at least understandable. He’s the immortal brother of the actual Santa Claus. He feels rejected by his own family, and thus his lack of maturity is something of an act of rebellion. The basic aspects of this character type are on display here in every possible way. He’s selfish and he takes advantage of people as much as possible to get what he wants with no regard for others.

Delivery Man kids

Delivery Man (David Wozniak)

Delivery Man‘s David Woziak at least gets some points for wanting to be more than the underachieving man-child that he is, he’s just really bad at it. He’s nothing more than a delivery man who paid his way through school by donating sperm, which has led to a a fairly unfortunate situation where he has fathered several hundred children. It’s one thing to be a little overwhelmed by this, or to want to help out those children in some way, but while his heart may be in the right place, his abilities as a mature adult really aren’t.

Sarcastic Husband

Four Christmases cast still with present

Four Christmases (Bradford ‘Brad’ McVie)

Things don’t change for Vince Vaughn when his character gets married. He’s still a wise-talking smart-ass, just one who has a significant other while he drops the one-liners. In the case of Four Christmases, that significant other is played by Reese Witherspoon in a story where the pair have to visit all of their divorced parents over one exceptionally long Christmas. While the relationship between the couple isn’t really the focus here, it’s clear that Witherspoon’s character is the more together of the pair.

Couples Retreat vince vaughn with his shirt off

Couples Retreat (Dave)

Spoiler alert, at the end of Couples Retreat, Vince Vaughn’s character is compared to an ass, as in the animal. Is there anything more that needs to be said?

The Break-Up

The Break-Up (Gary Grobowski)

Ok, technically the characters in The Break-Up are not actually married, they’re simply in a committed relationship, but the dynamics of that relationship play out in essentially the same way. Jennifer Aniston’s character is the mature adult one and Vince Vaughn plays the screw up. Everything would have likely worked out if he wasn’t an idiot.

Underdog In Over His Head

Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Peter La Fleur)

Peter La Fleur is a bit of an idiot, and he’s just as sarcastic and sardonic as any Vince Vaughn character, but what sets him, and others in this category, apart is that he’s ultimately a decent guy at the start and the end of the movie. The story in Dodgeball is about a struggle for success against a villain (in this case Ben Stiller), but not redemption, as most of his jackass characters tend to be more focused on.

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business (Daniel Trunkman)

Did anybody even see Unfinished Business? Not really, but that’s OK, because you’ve seen the character before. Vince Vaughn is getting shit on by people more powerful than he is, but the little guy is ready to fight back to the best of his ability. After being overlooked at his job Dan leaves and strikes out on his own. Here the villain is Dan’s old boss, played by Sienna Miller. Dan and his scrappy team have to overcome the odds and show that they’re good enough, even though they can barely keep up.

The Internship

The Internship (Billy McMahon)

Another place where Vince Vaughn has to defeat a bunch of bullies to show that he’s good enough is The Internship. In this case he’s re-teamed with Owen Wilson as they try to get jobs at Google. The pair of old dogs try to learn new tricks, and their hearts are in the right place, but they clearly have little clue what they’re actually doing in the tech sector.

Give Vince Vaughn a role where he can smirk at the camera and deliver one-liners, and he’s a happy guy. Beyond that, there are only a few details that differentiate one Vince Vaughn role from another. For the most, there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s still entertaining, even if we’ve seen something very similar before.

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Why The Dead Don’t Die Cast Kept Cracking Up While Filming Key Scenes

The world of writer/director Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die is one where the dead have come back to life, and while everyone’s cracking some of the driest humor know to humanity, no one in the town of Centerville, Pennsylvania seems to laugh. This deadpan humor is a Jarmuschian specialty, and it’s particularly effective when portrayed by the talents of cast members Adam Driver and Chloe Sevigny.

But, as these two terrific actors are only human, there were bound to be moments that made even their professional exteriors crack. And as CinemaBlend spoke to both actors during The Dead Don’t Die’s recent press day, we got them to talk about some very specific moments where they just couldn’t help but slip into fits of, what Ms. Sevigny would call “the giggles”:

Chloe Sevigny and Adam Driver got to spend a lot of time with each other in The Dead Don’t Die, alongside Bill Murray’s equally expert chops in deadpan comedy. And you wouldn’t be able to tell that this cast of hardened actors had moments such as the one detailed above, as the film maintains a very dry comedy about itself at all times.

Adam Driver in particular has some of the hardest gags to land in the film, as his character has a few moments where he drops some meta jokes into the otherwise self- contained universe of The Dead Don’t Die. Though, like any good fictional hero, it’s sometimes the material that we’re made of that is also our undoing.

And just as Chloe Sevigny admitted to that same practice, Adam Driver had some instances that he added to the pile of scenes to watch really carefully on the next go-around:

Oh, those damned giggles, they’re almost like Star Wars questions out of the blue. Just when you think you’re safe from catching them, a scene where several dead bodies get decapitated in a rural hotel happens and the laughter comes oh so naturally. Again, that may sound weird in any other circumstance, but the way The Dead Don’t Die presents its universe of death and occasional dismemberment, it’s played for the best comedic value possible.

Humor is a very subjective subject, as what one person may find funny, the other might not. Knowing that despite their stony facades of reserve, as well as their typically dramatic leaning role choices, Adam Driver and Chloe Sevigny found some choice moments to laugh it up while making The Dead Don’t Die is something that makes their performances in the film all the more entertaining, and definitely funnier to watch.

Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’ Video Is Full Of Easter Eggs — Let’s Break Them All Down

As promised, Taylor Swift dropped the highly anticipated music video for her bright and pride-filled new single, “You Need To Calm Down,” this morning (June 17) on Good Morning America. Quickly since its release last week — and at just the right time given that it’s Pride Month — the song has already become an LGBTQ+ anthem. Packaged in a box that’s perfectly pop, the song takes aim at haters and homophobes while spreading a digestible message that’s important for all to hear: We support and love the LGBTQ+ community, and we reject those who don’t.

Unsurprisingly, the new video is just as direct as the song itself, and Swift even rallied together some very familiar faces to help drive home the single’s message of love and acceptance. Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Ryan Reynolds, Laverne Cox, Ciara, the cast of Queer EyeJesse Tyler Ferguson, Hayley Kiyoko, RuPaul, and several others were called in to be a part of the star-studded video. Even Katy Perry, who was engaged in a longtime feud with Swift, made a cameo, further proving Taylor’s point that it’s much easier to spread love rather than hate.

But even though the video’s main message is clear, we all know that there’s typically way more to a Taylor Swift music video than what’s on the surface. Take the “ME!” video, for example. Just about everything that was packed into that roughly four-minute video alluded to something else fans could expect from her upcoming seventh studio album, which we now know will be titled Lover. And while Swifties did an excellent job dissecting each and every Easter egg their queen left for them when, was released, they’re also well-aware that making these small discoveries is part of what makes being a fan so fun.

That said, it should come as no surprise that the “You Need To Calm Down” video came full of even more clues for diehard Swifties to uncover. Fortunately, we’ve made the process a bit easier for you by taking the magnifying glass out ourselves and combing through all the wildest fan theories on social media. Here’s what we found.

  • A reference to Cher

    For many Swifties, the framed quote that says, “Mom, I am a rich man,” was one of the first Easter eggs to jump out at them upon watching for the first time. However, it’s important to note that these particular words were never said by Taylor herself. In fact, the quote comes from a 1996 interview with Cher, and it was actually the pop icon’s response when her mother suggested that she should settle down and marry a rich man. (Yeah, right!)

    While the framed quote definitely makes a statement, it’s unclear at the moment just how it will link back to Lover. Knowing Taylor and her attention to detail, though, it’ll all make sense eventually — likely when the album drops on August 23.

  • A not-so-subtle hint at track 5

    Another more obvious clue came when Hayley Kiyoko shot a bow right into a target labeled “5.” As all true Taylor stans know, the fifth tracks on Tay’s previous albums have been some of the most heartbreaking, including “Cold As You,” “Dear John,” “All Too Well,” and many other tearjerkers. This could only mean one thing: Track 5 is going to be an emotional one, and are we ready for it? Probably not.

    It also shouldn’t be overlooked that Hayley is the one to shoot the arrow here. More likely than not, this could mean that track 5 on Lover is a collaboration, which is something fans have been dreaming about ever since they performed “Curious” together on the Reputation tour. Not to mention, Swift has been hinting at track 5 for a while now.

  • Ellen’s tattoo

    One of the harsh realities of being a Taylor Swift fan is that most of the time, things only make sense in hindsight — like her recent interview on Ellen, for example, where Taylor jokingly asked if the talk show host would like to be featured in one of her upcoming music videos. Turns out, that was another hint. Ellen appeared in “You Need To Calm Down” getting a tattoo by none other than Adam Lambert.

    The tattoo, which says “Cruel Summer,” could literally mean anything, but Twitter’s best guess is that it’s the title of one of the songs on the upcoming album, and possibly her next single. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that Kanye West has an album of the same name, and given their history, this could just be shade.

  • A 13-hour watch

    We all know that watches only go up to the number 12, but when Taylor peers down at her watch in this scene, we see that the numbers go all the way to 13. This, of course, is an ode to the pop star’s favorite number, and it’s definitely not the only time she references it in the video. It’s actually shocking how many ways she’s found to throw 13s all over the place.

  • Ryan Reynolds painting the Stonewall Inn

    If you thought perhaps there was an Easter egg hidden in the brief scene where Ryan Reynolds was painting on a canvas, you’d be correct. Upon closer inspection, the actor is actually painting the Stonewall Inn — the site of the 1969 riots that started the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Taylor also performed at the New York City landmark on Friday night in a display of solidarity.

  • The red dice as a possible album countdown

    Did you notice those red dice in the music video? According to some fans, the numbers on the dice add up to the number of days left until Lover‘s release. The problem? Fans are coming up with a few different numbers, and for many, the mathematics are simply not checking out. (For what it’s worth, Lover is still 67 days away.)

  • The hair, the stars, the necklace

    In this scene alone, there’s a lot to unpack, so let’s start with the hair. Not only is Swift rocking the rainbow hair of our dreams in this portion of the video, but many fans were quick to point out that colors match the bisexual flag. Of course, we love an inclusive queen, and we also love her commitment to continuing her “13” motif as the video progresses. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the number is on her necklace, and there are also 13 stars on her shirt. She’s nothing if not detail-oriented.

  • A mailbox exclusively for love letters

    Clearly, love is a major theme throughout this music video, so the filled-to-the-brim mailbox that says “love letters only” could very well just be an on-theme detail rather than a full-blown Easter egg. However, fans think there’s a chance this could be another hint, and while the future Lover connection still remains to be seen, it’s possible that she’ll squeeze something about love letters and mailboxes into the lyrics somewhere. After all, that’s kind of what she’s known for.

  • A bottle of pink champagne

    You’re going to want to hold on tight, Swifties, because this Easter egg has the possibility to turn into the pop collaboration of the century. After all, Ariana Grande just so happens to have a song called “Pink Champagne,” which is why some fans are utterly convinced that a duet is on the way. But not so fast — other theories suggest that “Pink Champagne” will merely be a title of one of the songs on the album, and not necessarily a collaboration at all. Still, we’re going to roll with this Ari collab theory while we can because, wow, that would be epic.

  • The familiar teacups

    There’s no denying that the teacups used by Taylor, Todrick, and the cast of Queer Eye seemlessly fit the aesthetic of the video, but is there more to it than just that? On Twitter, many Swifties have speculated a connection between the teacups and one of Swift’s favorite sitcoms Friends, since Phoebe used what appeared to be the same teacup on the show. Sure, it’s possible that Taylor and Phoebe could just have similar taste in fine china, but let’s not forget the Friends pins that Swift was wearing in her May cover of EW.

  • Katy Perry’s cheeseburger costume

    Ready for a case of the chicken or the egg? If you moved past the shock of Taylor and Katy putting their rocky past behind them, you may have noticed this isn’t the first time the “Never Really Over” singer has dressed up as a cheeseburger. In May, Perry also wore a burger costume to the Met Gala — but was this outfit a subtle (if outlandish) preview for the “You Need to Calm Down” music video, or was it the inspiration for what ultimately inspired their looks for the epic scene? Hmm…

  • The homophobic protesters

    The “ME!” singer made another reference to her favorite number in the shot with the aerial view of the protesters. If you count the amount of people protesting, it comes out to 13. Again, this could just be another opportunity to stay consistent with the use of her favorite number, or perhaps it’s an even bigger nudge toward track 13 on the album.

  • The reference to an anti-LGBTQ+ senator

    At first glance, the misspellings in the homophobic signs held by protesters might seem like a statement against their uneducated and ignorant views toward the LGBTQ+ community. And while that’s certainly part of it, we’d like to turn your attention to one particular sign, which says, “Get A Brain Morans!” While staying on track with the spelling errors, this sign also seemingly calls out Kansas senator Jerry Moran, who’s taken an anti-LGBTQ+ stance throughout his career in politics.

Apparently Robert Downey Jr. Wants Ironheart To Join The MCU

Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame are ahead!

It’s been nearly two full months since Robert Downey Jr. made his final appearance as Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, in Avengers: Endgame. The billionaire genius sacrificed himself to save the universe, and while his buddy James Rhodes is still rocking the War Machine armor, unlike how Steve Rogers passed on the Captain America mantle to Sam Wilson, it doesn’t look like the Iron Man mantle will be passed to anyone.

However, if you ask Robert Downey Jr., Riri Williams, a.k.a. Ironheart, who was introduced to the Marvel Comics universe three years ago and uses her own suit of armor to fight the forces of evil, should be introduced to the MCU. Downey said this while speaking at the Gene Siskel Film Center gala after being introduced by Eve Ewing, who’s writing the current Ironheart comic book series.

Created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Deodato, Riri Williams is a teenage prodigy who built her own Iron Man-like armor while attending MIT. Along with meeting Tony Stark in person, Riri also used an A.I. modeled on Tony’s consciousness to help her control her armor and mentor her while the actual Tony was physically recovering. Following HYDRA’s takeover during the Secret Empire crossover event, Riri joined the latest incarnation of The Champions.

Outside of the comics, Ironheart starred in the Marvel Rising special Heart of Iron and is also a playable character on several video and mobile games. It goes without saying that featuring her in a movie would introduce her to a lot of folks, and with other young, recently-introduced Marvel heroes like Miles Morales and Kamala Khan becoming more popular, Riri could easily be part of that group.

While Robert Downey Jr. saying he’d like to see Riri Williams appear in the MCU doesn’t guarantee she’ll show up, perhaps him expressing support for the character is enough for Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios brass to at least consider bringing her in. Downey may not be part of this franchise anymore, but you can bet his opinion still holds sway.

With all the Marvel movies currently in development, along with the Fantastic Four and X-Men expected to be rebooted within the franchise, I suspect that the chances of Riri Williams leading an MCU movie are smaller than her being thrown in as a supporting character or a player in an ensemble piece, but anything’s possible.

For now, there aren’t any armored-antics in store for the MCU going into Phase 4. After Tony Stark died after harnessing the power of the Infinity Stones to turn Thanos and his forces to dust, all the major MCU characters attended his funeral. Gwyneth Paltrow has said that she doesn’t see herself playing Pepper Potts in any major capacity again, but perhaps we could see Tony and Pepper’s daughter Morgan again when she’s older, thus allowing for Katherine Langford to reprise the character.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest updates on the MCU, which continues with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2. In the meantime, feel free to plan your trips to the theater this year in our 2019 release schedule.

Netflix’s Murder Mystery Star Adam Sandler Reveals The Co-Star He’d Pin A Murder On

In Netflix’s new original film Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play a married couple on a European vacation that wind up getting framed for the murder of an elderly billionaire. It’s not a fun situation to be in, and everyone knows it’s much better to be the framer than the framee. So if the roles were reversed and Adam Sandler could pin a murder on anyone he’s ever worked with, who would it be? His answer may not surprise you.

While Jennifer Aniston played it coy, not giving a definitive answer to Fox News’ question, Adam Sandler had no problems coming up with a co-star to pin a murder on. The person he would get the most pleasure out of destroying and ruining their lives by framing them for a murder is none other than his frequent co-star Rob Schneider.

Jennifer Aniston’s response is great here, as if Rob Schneider was the obvious answer that she should have seen coming from her Murder Mystery co-star. Not only would Adam Sandler frame Rob Schneider for murder, he’d visit him in prison to rub his face in it with a hollow apology.

Adam Sandler’s reasoning here about wanting to hurt Rob Schneider and see him behind bars is truly hilarious, and if it wasn’t coming from such a jokey individual it might actually seem twisted and sadistic. So why after so many years of friendship and movies together like 50 First Dates, Grown Ups, Eight Crazy Nights and Big Daddy would Adam Sandler pin a murder on Rob Schneider, what did he do to cross him?

Nothing it turns out. As Adam Sandler said, “That’s the beauty of this joke.” Adam Sandler is just singling out and ribbing Rob Schneider, like his character did in Big Daddy, because it’s funny to mess with your friends. For Schneider though, Adam Sandler has good reason to try and get him locked up. The actor and comedian responded to Adam Sandler’s nefarious plans in a statement to Fox News, where he said:

Rob Schneider simply knows too much and that’s why Adam Sandler needs him to be silenced and locked up with the key thrown away. I’m not sure that stealing Kevin James’ Happy Meal will accomplish this, but I guess the implication is that if that Happy Meal gets taken away, someone’s getting murdered and the blame has to go somewhere.

No word on how Kevin James feels being roped into this faux feud and hypothetical murder plot, but it sounds like it has the makings of a hilarious new murder mystery. These co-stars are clearly taking the old ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ adage to heart.

You can catch Adam Sandler on the receiving end of a murder framing in Murder Mystery, now streaming on Netflix. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see everything coming to the big screen the rest of this year.

Meet The New Toy Story 4 Characters: Gabby Gabby, Duke Caboom And The Rest

Toy Story 4 the almost full lineup of toys standing in the antique store

In the pantheon of Disney/Pixar films, the release of Toy Story 4 makes Toy Story the longest running series to have ever run in the studio’s world of computer animated stories. Being the trailblazer that it was back in 1995, that first film detailing the adventures of characters such as Tom Hanks’ Woody and Tim Allen’s Buzz opened new pathways to animated splendor. And every sequel has managed to captivate the imaginations of audiences to this very day.

So with a new Toy Story movie in theaters, it’s time to become acquainted with some new toys. Whether they be new protagonists and/or antagonists, humorous comic relief characters or a set of cameos from comedy royalty, there’s quite a few new friends to catch up with in Toy Story 4’s adventure on that great road trip that awaits the toys.

Before going further, it should be noted that while we see several Combat Carls pop up for the first time in Toy Story film history, and still voiced by the always awesome Carl Weathers, we have seen that particular toy debut previously in the short Toy Story of Terror! So he’s not exactly new, but it’s pretty cool that he’s made his way to the big screen after all this time!

That having been said, we’re about to introduce you to the big additions to the family, starting with a rather chatty toy from the ‘50s who just wants what every toy should want in life: a friend.

Toy Story 4 Gabby Gabby talks in her stroller

Gabby Gabby (Christina Hendricks)

Gabby Gabby isn’t wrong in wanting to be someone’s special play pal. There’s just one problem: her voice box doesn’t work correctly, and as she’s been sitting in the Second Chance Antique Store for some time, she hasn’t exactly had the time to be repaired. Not to mention, she’s kind of a creepy/intimidating figure in the Toy Story 4 cast, or at least she seems to be that way in early materials released.

With an entourage of three ventriloquist dummies, known as “The Bensons”, by her side, Gabby Gabby’s the defacto queenpin of Second Chance, and she still hopes to find that perfect kid to take her home. And meeting a cowboy doll made around the same time, with a perfectly working voice box, may help her fortunes yet. Voicing Gabby Gabby is Mad Men and Good Girls star Christina Hendricks.

Toy Story 4 Duke Caboom lays down his tragic story in somber lighting

Duke Caboom (Keanu Reeves)

Another toy hiding out at the Second Chance Antique Store, Keanu Reeves’ Duke Caboom has his own tale of woe. A toy based on a famous 1970s Canadian stuntman, Duke was promised to be able to jump a ramp through a toy ring of fire. But as this toy’s little boy found out, that wasn’t exactly a promise that could be kept by this plastic powerhouse.

As such, Duke Caboom was abandoned and eventually became a fixture at Second Chance, while also making friends with Annie Pott’s Bo Peep. With a can-do attitude and poses to spare, if you need a stunt toy ready to take a crazy leap of faith, Duke is your guy.

Toy Story 4 Forky freaks out about his existence

Forky (Tony Hale)

Not all toys are created equal, and in Toy Story 4, we get to learn that information firsthand! Out of the sadness of her day at kindergarten orientation, little Bonnie creates a brand new friend to bring home to her toy collection: Tony Hale’s Forky. With a very existential mindset about whether he’s a toy or a piece of trash, Forky’s antics cause quite a few headaches for Woody and the gang.

It’s his departure from the toy gang that starts off Toy Story 4’s big adventure, and it’s his story that in turn helps Tom Hanks’ beloved cowboy reunite with the love of his life, as Bo Peep has been absent since events prior to Toy Story 3. So that little spork serves more of a purpose than he thinks.

Toy Story 4 Ducky and Bunny make a run for it at the carnival game

Ducky and Bunny (Keegan Michael-Key And Jordan Peele)

Carnival toys are a new field of character that the Toy Story series is about to branch into, and they couldn’t have found a better pair to do that with than Keegan Michael-Key’s Ducky and Jordan Peele’s Bunny. The famed comedy duo play the inseparable pair of fluffy friends that have been traveling with the same carnival for what seems like forever, waiting for some kid to win them and take them home.

Unafraid to plush rush a foolish toy, they give Tim Allen’s Buzz some hell in Toy Story 4, as he tries to rescue the lost Woody and Sporky in his own space ranger way. Trust us when we tell you, you’ll want them on your own shelf before the movie’s over.

Toy Story 4 Woody and Bo, with Giggle McDimples sitting between them

Giggle McDimples (Ally Maki)

While Bo Peep has been out in the world in Toy Story 4, she hasn’t been alone. Her best friend and confidante has been a pocket-sized playset, with a toy known as Giggle McDimples (seen pictured above, between Woody and Bo). Played by Ally Maki, Giggle is a police officer for the renowned Pet Patrol, and she’s got a healthy distrust for Gabby Gabby, ever since she and Bo escaped Second Chance Antique Store.

Feisty, but kind hearted, Giggle isn’t exactly sold when Woody comes calling with an adventure to return to that very place. But as a loyal friend, and a force for good, she comes along for the ride as part of the team.

Toy Story 4 Chairol Burnett, Melephant Brooks, Bitey White, and Carl Reineroceros looking at Woody w

The Closet Toys (Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett, Carl Reiner And Betty White)

Last, but not least, there is a new batch of toys at the beginning of Toy Story 4 that mark one hell of a cameo crew added to this latest adventure. When Woody gets banished to Bonnie’s closet in the first act, he meets some new toys we’ve never seen before in the rank of this young girl’s play pals.

With the rather apt names of Melephant Brooks (Mel Brooks), Chairol Burnett (Carol Burnett), Carl Reineroceros (Carl Reiner), and Bitey White (Betty White), these early development toys are a relic of Bonnie’s time as a baby. Wisened by their years, they help clue Woody into the realization that maybe he’s just not as popular a toy as he used to be.

As you can see, there’s clearly a lot of new toys to keep up with in Toy Story 4, with unique personalities all their own. But don’t worry, these characters all get their chance to shine, while keeping this fourth installment on the straight and narrow in terms of its overall story. Chances are, these new kids in the box are going to surprise you with their individual antics, and you might just want to bring some of them home with you as Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toy gang’s latest adventure wraps up.

If you’re as excited as we are to meet these toys, then you’ll want to get your tickets for Toy Story 4, which is set to release in early shows this Thursday night. And keep it tuned to CinemaBlend, as we’ve got plenty of coverage pertaining to one of this week’s huge debuts.

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