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Alita: Battle Angel 2 And 5 Other Movie Franchise Disney Should Focus On Instead Of Star Wars

Alita: Battle Angel Alita winds up her fist for a punch

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Just when you thought we were at a point where the Star Wars galaxy would just keep printing money, the announcement came down the pipeline that the franchise would be going on a bit of a cinematic hiatus. While that doesn’t mean Disney won’t be making hay with shows like The Mandalorian on Disney+, it does leave an opening in the studio’s theatrical schedule. Which means there’s some room on the books to go back to some other franchises the studio now holds in its hands, franchises like Deadpool and Alita: Battle Angel, for example.

As nature abhors a vacuum, studio rosters hate open release spaces. So with the potentially vacated space on the Disney/Fox studio calendar, I’d like to take this opportunity to throw out some suggestions as to what can fill the Star Wars shaped hole in the wonderful world of Disney. Let’s start with the one that probably got you to click on this headline.

Alita: Battle Angel Alita holds her sword to the sky

Alita: Battle Angel

The prospects for Alita: Battle Angel 2 have been shaky since day one. While the Robert Rodriguez anime adaptation did well enough to earn some decent bank, some say it wasn’t enough to justify a sequel return to the Iron City. However, just as there are fans who really want to see the Snyder Cut of Justice League emerge, there’s a similarly motivated fanbase that holds out hope for Alita’s return.

Another vocal fanbase that the Internet has seen flourish in the months after Alita: Battle Angel’s release under 20th Century Fox, Disney could very easily take a calculated risk and feed the public’s want for a theatrical or even Disney+ sequel. While it’s not a surefire prospect for success, surely the company could see this not only as an investment in the Fox library of content they now own, but also a potential test of whether the franchise could have a future at Disney?

Deadpool 2 Cable holding a dramatic Deadpool in his arms


Yes, that Fox/Marvel unicorn known as Wade Wilson is someone who could benefit from the absence of Star Wars films on the upcoming Disney theatrical roster. With a Deadpool 3 movie being talked about quite often, there’s obviously still an interest in keeping the foul mouthed mutant putting forth a maximum effort at the box office. And since those in charge have sworn they’d keep Deadpool at an R-rated level, it’d be nice to see the studio start those engines up again.

With the Fox brand still in play, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe looking to never cross that MPAA PG-13 marker, a Deadpool movie would be a great way to flex the muscles of that particular brand. It wouldn’t have to interfere with the MCU’s progress, but at the same time, a back door could be left open for Ryan Reynolds’ character to make his way into the shining light of that multi-billion dollar universe, you know, at some point. It’s a prospect that Reynolds would undoubtedly get behind, and a statement that his fictional counterpart would probably chuckle at to no end.

Tron Legacy Sam and Quorra standing on the portal


If it wasn’t for some last-minute course changing, we might have seen Tron 3 movie come into existence. Yet, after the less-than-stellar reception of Disney’s Tomorrowland, the project was scrapped, and what would have been a movie called Tron Ascension was no more. As the studio has always stated the project was “on ice” due to financial commitments to powerhouses like Pirates of the Caribbean, it feels like the right time to de-thaw the digital world.

While there was talk of a Jared Leto-starring vehicle in the Tron universe at one point, it’d probably be best to stick with what director Joseph Kosinski had in mind for his next entry in the legendary canon, which would have been an invasion movie inside the machine and brought in other unique ideas. In either case, seeing the world of programs and users collide once again would be a pretty spectacular offing; even more so when you realize what Tron Ascension could bring to the table. Now that Disney+ has both films available in its library (which you can watch with a free 7-day trial), there’s even more of a reason to bring Tron 3 into the fold, either on the big screen or via the streaming service.

X-Men various mutants lined up, in costume


One of the key reasons fans were ecstatic for the merger between Disney and Fox to go through was the fact that it meant the X-Men could eventually come out to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Immediately, thoughts of Avengers vs. X-Men adaptations flashed into fan’s eager minds, and who could blame them? While there’s no specific timetable on when the X-Men could be brought into the fold, it could be argued that Professor Xavier and his gifted school’s youngsters should develop their new canon (probably parallel) to the MCU proper.

Since the X-Men occupy the same space that Deadpool happens to play in, keeping those two franchises separate, but totally in play, is the best idea to build a foundation to the eventual cross over between a future Avengers lineup and all mutant kind. Not to mention, there would also be plenty of time to figure out just how Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch ended up on the polar opposite end of the dimensional rift from her fellow X-Men.

Fantastic Four running from gigantic hands

Fantastic Four

Meanwhile, the other prodigal child of the Marvel lineup, the Fantastic Four franchise, would very easily make itself a perfect candidate to be worked up directly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its status as the other comic title fans have wanted to see vindicated by the Disney/Fox merger undoubtedly makes it another prime candidate for workshopping in the near future. Unlike X-Men, these superheroes could be plugged directly into the source without having to worry about any adjacent spinoffs being able to play freely.

As such, the new Fantastic Four origin story could eventually build up to the point where Reed Richards starts tooling around with multidimensional science, and eventually opens a rift so great, it allows them to bridge the X-Men and Deadpool with The Avengers. It’s a prime opportunity to build up to the next mammoth crossover event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and with both sides of the dimensional gate primed and ready, the seeds could start being laid down in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Haunted Mansion ghosts milling about outside the mansion

The Haunted Mansion

We’re going to close things out on an oddball, as The Haunted Mansion has already seen itself made into a film, courtesy of an Eddie Murphy-led vehicle in 2003. While that particular film wasn’t received with a burden of positive praise, there was eventually talk surrounding a potential reboot, with writer/director Guillermo del Toro promising a scarier take on the classic Disney attraction.

The studio has kept the idea of film franchises based off of theme park rides alive in the post-Pirates of the Caribbean age with films like Disney’s upcoming adventure-comedy Jungle Cruise, so that’s not going away anytime soon. Reviving this particular idea that fell by the wayside could be a further investment in an original Disney I.P., as well as a great way to bring the talents of Guillermo del Toro into a Disney context.

While there are a ton of movies that could be revived in the temporary absence of cinematic Star Wars entries, these are the projects that feel like the best prospects for a bright future. You can be sure we’ll see some sort of new and exciting action in that galaxy far, far away on the big screen again at another point in time, but if Disney wants to fill that gap with something that has a track record, and is almost assured to excited audiences young and old, they should look no further than these fine candidates.

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Pregnancy Skin Care: Best Tips for a Pregnancy-Safe Routine

My skin is still adjusting to pregnancy life, so I’m trying to give myself a little grace that this is just part of the process. I certainly don’t have a pregnancy glow, more like a few hormonal acne spots and undereye bags. I have had lots of issues with nausea and exhaustion, so I don’t have the energy to stand at the sink and do a long skin care routine. Three to five minutes, and I need to be done.

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty products. My pre-pregnancy skin care routine was pretty intense. I would try new brands and products every few weeks. If it was new and trending, I wanted in.

But with pregnancy, you have to be careful about what might be harmful to you and baby. Early on during my pregnancy I learned that I had to stop using tea tree oil, which I used faithfully on my breakouts, because it could potentially send me into early labor. It’s a muscle relaxant, and my doctor immediately alerted me that the scent alone could be a trigger.

Finding products that are safe and useful during pregnancy can be tough, so my pregnancy skin care philosophy became “get back to basics.” Clinique’s 3-Step System was one of my go-tos, since it had worked for me in high school when I had crazy hormonal outbreaks. I also indulged in my fair share of vitamin E oil. I really liked Nature’s Truth. The oil really helped with the extreme dry skin that pregnancy brought on.

That was probably the biggest change I had to deal with–I found that throughout each trimester, my face slowly became more and more dry. So every few weeks I found myself adding more moisture to my skincare regimen. I vividly remember my skin feeling rough and scaly the last week of my first trimester. It was so hard to camouflage the changes, especially because I kept my pregnancy a secret until 16 weeks. [Triena’s son, Brave, was born in late October 2019.] I indulged in facial masks, steam sessions, and heavy creams and oils. The Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator was one of my favorites.

My favorite part of my pregnancy was my second trimester. It was primetime! I had the mom-to-be glow, and my skin tone was even and radiant. I felt beautiful.

Aadilah Tootla Saley, founder of South African modest apparel brand Zaynah

I have always been a firm believer in taking care of my skin through nutrition. Vitamins and raw foods are the best ingredients for hydrated, youthful glow. And eating a clean, balanced diet—including a lot of greens and protein—has always contributed to my skin being clear and bright. In the morning, I have a green smoothie with spinach, cucumber, green apple, and vegan protein powder. After my workout I usually have eggs. Lunch and dinner consist of fish or chicken, rice and broccoli. In between I eat plenty of fruit, and I keep away from dairy. I also take a marine collagen with vitamin C. I actually started my own supplement brand, called FitForce, to get the exact mix I like. It really makes a difference.

This is my second pregnancy, and my skin is still pretty clear and glowing, but relatively dry compared to normal. I don’t have specific brands I’m loyal to—I change it up depending on how my skin feels. But I do always use a face wash and a konjac sponge, followed by an SPF. At night, I use a cream and I add a lemon anti-bacterial night serum to deal with my skin dryness.

Sara Gaynes Levy is a writer in New York City. Follow her on Instagram @saragayneslevy.

Jimmy Fallon And Kristen Bell Brought Back All Our Disney Feels With One Magical Medley

Disney+ has only been out for a day, and already, I’ve streamed three episodes of Boy Meets World, two episodes of That’s So Raven, the original Toy Story, and A Goofy Movie. But, of course, everyone’s been celebrating the launch of the new streaming platform differently — especially Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Bell, who just last night (November 12) took us through “The History of Disney Songs” with a medley of hits from movies new and old.

Yep! The Frozen star and the late night host took the Tonight Show stage for a performance we won’t soon forget, starting with Pinocchio‘s “When You Wish Upon A Star,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins, and Snow White’s “Heigh-Ho.” The duo really kicked things up a notch or ten about midway through the performance when they started bringing in props, including a magic carpet for their rendition of Aladdin‘s “A Whole New World” and a Simba stuffed animal for The Lion King‘s “The Circle of Life.”

As the performance went on, Fallon and Bell transitioned into singing popular songs from more recent Disney movies, including “Remember Me” from CocoMoana‘s “How Far I’ll Go,” and “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2, which hasn’t even hit theaters yet! That song, of course, made way for Bell’s shining moment, when she took centerstage for a powerful rendering of the Frozen classic “Let It Go.” And yes, there was snow — lots of it.

Overall, Fallon and Bell’s medley was a sweet reminder of all the incredible songs (and movies) that Disney’s give us over the years. Classics like Beauty and the BeastThe Little Mermaid, and countless others have given us music that has soundtracked our childhood, and this brief history lesson really made us want to dance on our — what do you call ’em? — oh yeah, feet! For now, though, we’ll just keep reliving the magic through Disney+, which we’ll be watching for the rest of, well, forever.

Wow, Avengers: Endgame Originally Featured Nebula Wielding The Infinity Gauntlet

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a fascinating place right now, as we’re currently in the midst of the interim months between phases. Phase Three was a huge success, with every single release being a critical and box office success. But the biggest hit was obviously Avengers: Endgame, which delivered on fan expectations and eventually became the highest-grossing movie of all time. But it turns out that Nebula almost had a very different fate in the movie.

Nebula and Rocket were the only Guardians of the Galaxy to survive Thanos’ snap in Infinity War. This brought the two characters together, although we met another version of Nebula about halfway through the movie’s runtime. 2014 Nebula popped up alongside her father and sister during the Time Heist, and Gamora tried her best to bring her to the light side, before current day Nebula put an end to her doppelganger. But another form of the story saw 2014 Neb actually wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, in an attempt to stand up against Thanos. This was revealed in a companion book for Endgame, which reads:

Well, that’s a pretty epic ending ending for 2014 Nebula. And it likely would have made comic book purists very happy, considering the character’s life on the page. Unfortunately, that moment ended up on the cutting room floor.

In the theatrical cut of Endgame, the 2014 version of Nebula was never redeemed. The blue Guardian was simply too obsessed with pleasing her father at that point in his life, and enduring his emotional and physical abuse. She was ultimately put down by the modern Nebula, in order to save Gamora and Thanos from procuring the Infinity Stones.

In the comics, Nebula actually wields the Infinity Gauntlet, and isn’t killed by its power as Tony was in Avengers: Endgame. Instead, she uses it to restore herself after being injured by Thanos, while also casting him out. Nebula never got this big moment on the big screen, but she’s had one of the most drastic character arcs in the MCU.

The Internet Is Having A Field Day With Sonic The Hedgehog’s New Look

When the original trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog dropped, the internet let the creators of the film know exactly what they thought of it. What they thought wasn’t good. The attempt at a realistic look rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and people sort of freaked out online. The outcry was so loud that the movie actually went back to the drawing board, delayed the film, and redesigned the character.

This week we got our first look at the new Sonic the Hedgehog and the internet is once again making its feelings heard. Although this time, people are much more complementary, which is not to say that people still aren’t having a lot of fun with the whole thing.

We’ll probably never know exactly how much time and money was spent on the complete redesign of the character. Needless to say, the answer is almost certainly, a lot, on both counts. It has to be said though, that the response now is so overwhelmingly positive. It feels like every concern that fans had have been addressed, creating a version of Sonic that is pretty much exactly what everybody wanted.

It’s pretty remarkable that all this happened this way. It’s hardly unusual for fans to express displeasure when a franchise or character takes a turn they don’t like. It feels like that’s all Twitter is good for anymore. Most of the time, the creators of said characters and franchises don’t respond at all, or they justify the choices that were made. In this case, they reacted to the negative feedback and did exactly what was being asked.

On the plus side, it seems that fans, for the most part are responding well to the fact that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie went to these lengths. Several on social media are pushing fans to buy tickets to the movie as a way of thanking the creators for making the changes. In the end, box office success is the reason these changes were made. If the fans who complained still don’t show up, then the movie bombs that much harder, following the extra expense.

It’s remarkable how different the Sonic the Hedgehog movie feels with the newly designed character. None of the rest of the movie has changed, as far as we know, but the tone has taken a shift. Now, the buzz that had surrounded the film that was utterly ugly is now optimistic. It’s enough to make you believe anything is possible.

Of course, this is all very good news for the movie, and Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler is very happy to hear it. He took to social media himself to thank everybody for the kind words.

Sonic the Hedgehog races into theaters February 14, 2020.

Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes’s ‘Lover’ Remix Is Valentine’s Day In A Song

Taylor Swift enlisted the help of Shawn Mendes to bring an extra-sweet version of her track “Lover” to life.

The shimmering remix is a beautiful anthem that expands upon the original, with Shawn giving it his own flavor, complete with rewritten lyrics and plenty of falsetto. It was already a warm and cozy love song, but it’s been beefed up considerably into something transcendentally romantic.

Taylor teased the song herself on early Wednesday (November 13) as featuring someone she had “always wanted to collaborate with” before revealing who she had recorded with in the same video: Shawn.

“He has taken ‘Lover’ and he has re-written parts of it, which I think is so important because I love him as a writer,”Swift said of the remix in a brief clip on her Instagram.”And I also think that everybody would write a different love letter to their lover and I think his take on it is so beautiful.”

Mendes weaves an incredible love story throughout the song, saying he’d “go down with the Titanic” for the “girl in his story.”

“We could light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen baby,” he croons, with glittery, romantic lyrics that really drive the song’s message home. “Pictures of when we were young they hang on the wall / And we would sit on the stoop and I’ll sing love songs to you when we’re 80 / See I finally got you now, honey I won’t let you fall.”

Shawn later took to Twitter to thank Taylor for letting him join her on “such a beautiful song,” clearly excited to have been part of the process.

The “Lover” remix is available to stream now across all major platforms, so you can listen to it all day long if you’d like. It may even help get you through the winter chill.

The Greatest Showman: Every Song From The Soundtrack, Ranked

Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman

On December 8, 2017, 20th Century Fox released The Greatest Showman — one of the most successful movie musicals of all time. It is also one of the greatest cult film successes, proving that word of mouth matters in the movie industry. Not only did the movie become the fifth highest-grossing live action musical of all time, but it also grossed over $400 million worldwide. The Greatest Showman soundtrack songs have been even more successful.

The Greatest Showman soundtrack reached number one in the U.K., Japan, U.S., Australia, and other billboard charts. It also sold over 5.3 million copies worldwide, and even inspired additional albums like The Greatest Showman: Reimagined that features some of today’s biggest pop artist like Pink!, Kelly Clarkson, James Arthur, and Panic! At The Disco. It is easy to find yourself humming along to many of The Greatest Showman songs, because they are just that catchy. You can also often find them being sung by contestants on reality singing competitions like American Idol, X Factor, and The Voice.

These songs have become a major part of the pop culture lexicon, but which are really the greatest songs on The Greatest Showman soundtrack? Let’s take a look at all the songs that have permeated pop culture over the past year and figure out which ones stand out most.

Come Alive The Greatest Showman Soundtrack Song

11. “Come Alive” Performed By Keala Settle, Zendaya, Hugh Jackman And Multiple Artists

“Come Alive” is used to highlight P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman)’s transition from opening the circus to its eventual success. Hugh Jackman leads the ensemble but this song gets most of its power from Keala Settle’s high notes. “Come Alive” is written and performed as an anthem for any misfit who needs some inspiration to embrace thinking and living outside of the box. In that aspect, the song works fine, but the entire The Greatest Showman soundtrack is filled with similar themes and anthems, so among those songs, this one just didn’t resonate and standout as much.

A Million Dreams Reprise from The Greatest Showman

10. “A Million Dreams (Reprise)” Performed By Austyn Johnson And Cameron Seely

Austyn Johnson and Cameron Seely, who play P.T. and Charity Barnum (Michelle Williams)’s daughters, sing “A Million Dreams (Reprise),” as they start to dream just like their dad. It inspires Hugh Jackman’s character, and he starts to see an even clearer version of his circus dream. In general, the song “A Million Dreams” is designed to inspire the young and the young of heart to go after their dreams “however big, however small.” It’s a song very much geared toward the dreamers in everyone, and who are bigger dreamers than children? The reprise has a sweet touch thanks to featuring the innocent voices of children, but it’s not necessarily a song that needs a reprisal to get the message across; the other “A Million Dreams” is not enhanced with this version.

The Greatest Showman Michelle William's Tightrope

9. “Tightrope” Performed By Michelle Williams

Charity sings “Tightrope” to highlight her devotion to P.T., but the scene also shows how his absence thanks to being on tour with Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson), effects the circus and its performers. It also highlights Lind falling in love with P.T. Barnum. “Tightrope” is Michelle Williams’ only solo in The Greatest Showman, and she gives an excellent performance, but it’s one of the songs that doesn’t make much of an impact on the album. The lyrics and music don’t quite have the same oomph as the visuals.

Michelle Williams and Hugh Jackman The Greatest Showman

8. “A Million Dreams” Performed By Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, And Multiple Artists

Young P.T. Barnum and Charity sing “A Million Dreams” to highlight all the obstacles that they must overcome to be together. It also highlights P.T.’s big imagination even at such a young age. Eventually, “A Million Dreams” transitions from young P.T. and Charity to their adult counterparts, who have reunited and can start a life together. The song is a sugary sweet song about first love, imagination, and perseverance. “A Million Dreams” also works to setup P.T.’s background and the start of his imagination and ambition. It’s memorable, but not the best this soundtrack has to offer.

Zendaya At The End Of "From Now On" in The Greatest Showman

7. “From Now On” Performed By Hugh Jackman

Every great story needs the hero to lose everything, and then win it back after doing some soul searching and seeing the error of his ways. “From Now On” is that moment and song for The Greatest Showman. Surrounded by his friends and circus performers, including a tender moment between Zendaya and Zac Efron’s characters, P.T. Barnum realizes where he lost his way and his family. Hugh Jackman starts the song off with an honest sincerity in his voice, as it goes on, “From Now On” and his voice gain an upbeat tempo. The song delivers it aim of showcasing P.T.’s regret and epiphany about his life, but it might have been more powerful if it had kept to the ballad format.

"Never Enough" The Greatest Showman

6. “Never Enough” Performed By Loren Allred

In The Greatest Showman, Jenny Lind performs “Never Enough” as she stands onstage showcasing her talent. Her singing mesmerizes everyone watching her, including P.T., which leads to him somewhat abandoning his family and friends to help her career. The entire scene is breathtaking, and it makes easy to see why P.T. Barnum finds himself overtaken by her beautiful performance. This is one of The Greatest Showman’s most popular songs, rightfully so, because of its message and Loren Allred’s wonderful singing abilities (although that’s actress Rebecca Ferguson in the role). It’s a song that powerhouse singers like Kelly Clarkson perform to emphasize their exquisite voices.

Zach Efron and Hugh Jackman perform "The Other Side," The Greatest Showman

5. “The Other Side” Performed By Zach Efron And Hugh Jackman

P.T. and Phillip Carlyle (Zac Efron) perform “The Other Side” at a bar as P.T. tries to convince Philip to join him in his circus venture. Philip is reluctant and doesn’t want to face the shame from his upper-class colleagues for being part of the circus business. P.T convinces him that partnering with him will let the Philip get the adventure that he desires. The song is one of the most fun to watch as it’s plays out like a dance battle between P.T. and Philip, almost similar to a “Make ‘Em Laugh” style. “The Other Side” gives us another example of why Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman are two of the most sought after performers currently.

Rebecca Ferguson Sings "Never Enough" from the Greatest Showman

4. “Never Enough (Reprise)” Performed By Loren Allred

Jenny Lind performs this version of “Never Enough” after being rejected by P.T. and having her heartbroken. She then decides to end her tour early, which could ruin his career and his life. As great as the original “Never Enough” is, it gets a little too repetitive. This version is short, so it allows you to hear the emotion behind Loren Allred’s performance. “Never Enough (Reprise)” makes it easy to understand Lind’s feelings of hurt, anger, and not being good enough for someone she loves. Allred giving a mesmerizing vocal performance helps too.

Hugh Jackman performs the Greatest Show from The Greatest Showman

3. “The Greatest Show” Performed By Multiple Artists

“The Greatest Show” highlights P.T. at his best: flashy, theatrical, and a showstopper. It’s the scene that gets fans the most out of their seats, clapping and singing along to the lyrics. “The Greatest Show” highlights all the extraordinary performers at the circus as well as the main cast. It’s also the scene where P.T finally understands what’s important and gives the circus to Philip. The song not only highlights everyone’s vocal prowess, but it’s such a big production number that it highlights everything great about the film: the songs, costumes, performers, story, etc. So why is it in third? Because there are a few more marketable songs below.

Zendaya and Zac Efron Perform "Rewrite the Stars"

2. “Rewrite the Stars” Performed By Zac Efron And Zendaya

Philip (Zac Efron) and Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) perform “Rewrite the Stars” as Philip is trying to confess his love for Anne, but she lets him know that it will be impossible for them to be together because of the prejudice surrounding their interracial romance. The scene involves acrobatics, and “Rewrite the Stars” showcases the stellar chemistry between Efron and Zendaya. The Greatest Showman gets you invested in the romance between Philip and Anne, and the song does a great job of highlighting how much they want to be together but it might be too complicated due to this time. The song is the overall most marketable one as a pop hit.

Keala settles sings This is Me

1. “This is Me” Performed By Keala Settle

The bearded lady and the other circus performers feel rejected by P.T, because of his new association with the upper class. Instead of accepting this rejection, the bearded lady, played by Keala Settle in The Greatest Showman, leads them back into the party, showing that they will not be pushed into the shadows again. This is one of the most well-known songs from The Greatest Showman. It’s the anthem to everyone who wants to say this is who I am, accept it or not, I’m not changing “This is Me” gets most of its power from the showstopping vocals by Keala Settle, who gives it her all.

The reason The Greatest Showman became one of the biggest soundtracks and films during the holiday season last year is because it is a feel-good movie that has really good pop music. No matter where they rank, these eleven songs make you want to sing them all night as you put on the greatest show in your own living room.

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Hillary Clinton Wants to Give Meghan Markle a Hug

Meghan Markle is in the middle of a legal battle with the British tabloids and recently admitted how difficult the negative media attention directed at her since she married Prince Harry has been. But over here in the U.S., she’s racking up high-profile supporters, like Beyoncé, Serena Williams, and Ellen DeGeneres. Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also a big fan.

“Oh my God, I want to hug her!” Clinton, no stranger to being derided in the press, said in a recent interview with BBC Radio 5. “I feel as a mother I just want to put my arms around her. I want to hug her. I want to tell her to hang in there and don’t let those bad guys get you down. Keep going, do what you think is right.” She even offered some techniques for dealing with the public pressure, like humor and deflection—but added “it is tough what she’s going through and she deserves a lot better.”

“I have a great deal of feeling toward and about her [Meghan] because it’s one thing to be told what it will be like when you step onto the biggest stage with the brightest spotlight, joining the royal family…and yet it still is really hard to imagine,” Clinton continued. “It takes some getting used to, to have your every move scrutinized and analyzed, and frankly things made up about.nAnd I really wish her and her husband the very best because they are struggling to have a life of meaning and integrity on their own terms—and that’s hard enough if you’re just walking around in today’s world, but if you’re on that big a platform, it’s really difficult.”

Clinton also said that she thinks race and gender do play a part in the coverage of Markle. “I don’t think there’s any doubt of it,” she said. “I think even if you go back and look at social media from the time the engagement was announced, race was clearly an element in it. And to think that some of your, what we could call mainstream media, actually allowed that to be printed in their pages, or amplified, was heartbreaking and wrong.”

“She is an amazing young woman. She has an incredible life story. She has stood up for herself. She’s made her own way in the world. And then she falls in love and he falls in love with her, and everybody should be celebrating that because it is a true love story,” Clinton said. A young Meghan Markle, of course, famously wrote the then-First Lady a letter as part of her campaign to get a sexist dishwashing soap ad changed when she was just 11. (Spoiler: It worked.)

Here’s hoping these two amazing women can get together to work on a charitable project together soon—or at least meet up for a glass of wine.

Summer Walker Cut 20 Tour Dates So She Can Heal: ‘I Want To Give You All I Can’

Summer Walker has pulled 20 show dates from her First and Last tour. She announced yesterday (November 12) that she’s dealing with social anxiety and needs to scale back a bit for her peace of mind. The singer, who recently dropped her debut studio album, Over Itjust wants to take it easy as she gets acclimated to such a high level of fame.

Walker posted a video to Twitter informing fans that she was nixing tour dates because performing was taking a toll on her introverted personality. “I really hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day, I’m a person, I have feelings, I get tired, I get sad, and it’s just a lot,” she said. “I don’t want to lose myself for someone else. I want to give you all that I can.”

Earlier this month, Walker hinted at possibly leaving the music industry altogether. In an Instagram caption, she implied that, after wrapping up the now-shortened trek, she’d be done. “Y’all can have the music & ima just head out. fuck the interviews, photo shoots, videos, & really the shows too. I’ll finish this tour out tho,” she wrote.

Last month, Walker dropped Over It that featured Drake, Jhené Aiko, and more. She also performed for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series.

Check out Walker’s explanation video up above.

Greedo’s Viral Final Line Might Have A Connection To The Star Wars Prequels

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Yesterday Disney+ launched and the thing that we all expected to be talking about, at least as it regards Star Wars was the debut of The Mandalorian, and while we certainly did talk about that, the thing that really went viral yesterday was that the original trilogy of Star Wars has been changed…again.

The famous cantina meeting between Han Solo and Greedo in Star Wars: A New Hope, which had already been changed by the Star Wars Special Editions to include Greedo firing at Han first, showing that the professional bounty hunter is literally the worst shot in the galaxy, has been changed once again.

The new sequence gives Greedo a last word. (You can check it out if you sign up for a Disney+ 7-day free trial here) It’s delivered in Huttese, and isn’t translated in the subtitles, but one eagle-eared fan has apparently tracked the word, being referred to largely as “Maclunkey” to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It’s used by the pod racer Sebulba at one point.

It’s certainly an odd addition to A New Hope, if only because the rest of Greedo’s dialogue is given subtitles, but this line is not. However, as Star Wars aficionado Bryan Young points out, the word is used elsewhere in the Star Wars films. Sebulba, another speaker of Huttese, uses it when talking to Anakin Skywalker after the young boy steps in to keep Sebulba from beating the crap out of Jar Jar Binks.

While I can’t find a decent video clip of the scene, I can confirm that Sebulba does tell Anakin “It will be the end of you,” and the word he actually says sounds a lot like what Greedo says in the new shot from New Hope.

George Lucas had begun yet another remastering of the Star Wars movies back in 2010 so that the entire saga could be released in 3D. The films were to be released in episode order, and so The Phantom Menace came first. However, Disney purchased Lucasfilm before any of the other films could even be theatrically released. The other two prequels got shown in 3D at Star Wars Celebration, but the original trilogy was never seen in the format.

However, work had apparently been done on the conversion prior to Disney taking ownership of Star Wars, and this was part of that change. No other major changes to the other two original trilogy movies have been found, but even this is a “blink, and you’ll miss it” sort of moment, so it’s possible we just haven’t found all the other changes yet.

It’s far from surprising that this change is connected to the prequels. George Lucas continued to make minor tweaks to the original trilogy in every new format in attempts to make the six films feel more cohesive. This was just another one of them.