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Don’t Expect The Harry Potter Movies On HBO Max For A Long Time

While not necessarily as impressive as HBO Max’s lineup, NBCUniversal has a decent amount in store for Peacock. Besides the Harry Potter franchise, the competing streaming service will have old favorites like The Office and Parks and Recreation; new revivals for Saved By the Bell, Battlestar Galactica and Punky Brewster; a new comedy from Tina Fey called Girls5Eva; and an interview series from Kevin Hart called Hart to Heart.

8 Movies We Thought Would Never Happen, But Are Actually Coming

Bill And Ted Face the Music

The first two Bill & Ted movies came out fairly close together, and while nothing about the way the second film ended necessarily required a third film, that’s certainly the way these things usually go. Alex Winter, who played Bill. S. Preston, was seemingly always interested in going back and making a third film, and while talk started to heat up back in 2014, we just never saw much forward momentum. The fact that so much time had passed, that international audiences had no association with the characters, and even that George Carlin had died, all made it seem like a trilogy would just never happen.

Are The Bad Boys For Life Directors Really Doing Beverly Hills Cop 4 As Well?

But hey, neither Beverly Hills Cop 4 nor Bad Boys 4 have release dates yet, so for now, anything’s possible. Granted, Eddie Murphy previously said that production on Beverly Hills Cop 4 will begin once Coming 2 America has wrapped, and cameras on that sequel stopped rolling last November. So regardless, one can logically assume that it won’t be too much longer before Beverly Hills Cop 4 gets underway, whereas Bad Boys 4 has a long road ahead to reaching principal photography.

Nicolas Cage’s Craziest Fan Encounter Involved A Home Invasion And A Fudgesicle

The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse actor recalled the disturbing anecdote to Extra, with this incident taking place at a time when he was living in Newport Beach, California with his wife and once-two-year-old son. Apparently the intruder would often break into Nicolas Cage’s home when he was working and try on his clothing. One time, the man decided to do it when he was home, and it understandably scared him!

Disneyland’s New Magic Happens Parade Will Mark A Classic Disney Character’s Theme Park Debut

Disney has been making animated movie for more than 80 years and the company has had a massive theme park where those movies have come to life for for more than 60 years. With everything the park has done to remain fresh and new in that time, you’d think that every old school Disney movie would have been mined by now, but apparently not. Starting next month, Disneyland will debut a brand new parade, entitled Magic Happens, and along with that parade will come what is apparently the theme park debut of The Sword in the Stone’s Arthur, a character who may have never been seen in the park before as a flesh and blood person.

What Really Happened With Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Backstage at the SAGs

They’re the photos currently breaking the internet: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reuniting backstage at the 2020 SAG Awards. Their interaction was brief but memorable: Pitt was already backstage having just won the prize for Best Supporting Actor, and following closely behind him was Aniston for her Best Actress in a Drama Series win. Their photos together are so sweet—not romantic, to be clear, but rather two friends seemingly catching up and congratulating each other. That’s what I think, at least.

And it’s what the photographer who took the pics, Emma McIntyre, says happened. She gave some details about Pitt and Aniston’s well-documented run-in to People magazine, and it seems like it was good (platonic) vibes only.

“[They were both backstage] doing the circuit of awards press,” she tells the publication. “Jennifer had just signed some posters for SAG and was about to walk the press line. I was running back and forth between the two backstage areas and had just taken some photos of Jennifer. I was about to leave when I saw Brad coming down the hallway and sensed there would be a photo-worthy moment.”

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

She continues, “He called out ‘Aniston!’ and she turned around and they embraced and congratulated each other. It was a moment of two accomplished people at the top of their game, acknowledging each other’s successes and genuinely seeming happy to see one another…The moment was really touching and you could sense the respect between two people who have known each other 20+ years and are both outstanding in their field.”

This is the kind of energy we all should have with our exes, TBH. Hopefully, people aren’t actually buying into the idea Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are getting back together. It’s beyond clear they’re just good friends who are happy to see the other one do well. Nothing more, nothing less.

In fact, Pitt said this himself when Entertainment Tonight asked him at the Golden Globes if he would mind running into Aniston. “I’ll run into Jen. She’s a good friend,” he said.

Meanwhile, Aniston said Pitt staying back to watch her acceptance speech at the SAGs was “sweet.”

“We’ve all grown up together; we really have. And it just feels like a really fun night to celebrate and cheer each other on and keep working,” she told Extra TV.

Ian McKellen Recalls Last Day Of Filming On Lord Of The Rings In Recently Revealed Diary

A few hours later, all the members of the cast and crew came together to celebrate the last day of filming for Ian McKellen and Billy Boyd, who played Pippin and also wrapped that day. They gathered around the Minas Tirith set, and from the battlements, Peter Jackson said a few words about each of them. As Ian McKellen wrote in his blog post on, after Peter Jackson’s remarks, he received a tribute and a special gift:

Tyler Perry Says He Isn’t Trying To Exploit Women With Abuse-Related Storylines After Netflix Movie

There have been some scathing commentaries published on this topic following the release of A Fall From Grace, but now Tyler Perry has addressed the topic bluntly, saying his stories are about choices people make, particularly women, and that they are choices that can be made differently. In fact, he feels like he’s been a big advocate for females and particularly black females in the industry in general. For A Fall From Grace, he’s also talked about giving Crystal Fox, an industry veteran, her first big starring vehicle.