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Steve Carell Would Totally Do Anchorman 3

While Will Ferrell has had plenty of comedy hits in his career, there’s arguably none quite as iconic as Anchorman. The over the top romp was a massive hit when it arrive in 2004, helping to elevate the status of its cast and making a ton of money at the box office in the process. Basically every line in Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy is quotable, with some of the film’s most iconic moments actually coming from actor Steve Carell.

The Office helped Steve Carell become a household name, and Anchorman cemented the actor as a film star. Carell played bizarrely dimwitted Brick Tambland, the weatherman of the news station. Carell nailed his performance, and ultimately reprise his role in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. And it seems he’d be happy to return for a threequel, recently saying:

By the beard of Zeus, it looks like Steve Carell would be down to play Brick in Anchorman 3. Considering how beloved his performance is, this will no doubt excite plenty of cinephiles out there who are waiting for the news team to return to the silver screen.

Steve Carell’s comments to Variety show how much fun the Office alum had on the set of both Anchorman movies. It’s a truly ridiculous franchise, allowing the actors to be as cartoonish as they’d like. Carell’s Brick Tambland is arguably the silliest character in the cast, which is saying a lot. The actor enjoys filming those movies, so perhaps Anchorman 3 could become a reality after all.

While most moviegoers associate Steve Carell with his comedic roles like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he’s been doing a ton of dramas recently. Carell’s movies are often tear jerkers lately, with projects like Beautiful Boy, Welcome to Marwen, and Last Flag Flying all tackling super heavy material— especially for Carell. As such, he might be eager to do a light and frothy project like a possible Anchorman threequel.

As a reminder, you can see some of Brick’s finest moments below, with Steve Carell’s fun on set shining through.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Steve Carell and the rest of the Anchorman cast and crew return for a threequel. Anchorman 2 was a critical and box office success, so there’s certainly reason to continue the story sometime in the future.

You can catch Steve Carell in Welcome to Marwen on December 21, 2018, just make sure you bring your tissues. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New year.

Janet Jackson, Radiohead, More Are 2019’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

Every year, the internet gets very mad about who didn’t get nominated for or inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And every year, there are valid points about inclusion, especially as it comes to the race and gender of the folks who end up with guaranteed spots. There’s also the larger question of whether or not such designations matter at all — much like whether art needs to be commodified and rewarded with shiny baubles like Grammys and Oscars — or if it’s really just the music that’s important.

These are all worthwhile conversations to have! But it’s also worthwhile when legitimate legends do get recognized and inducted. In fact, it’s worth celebrating. This year, Janet Jackson, Stevie Nicks, and Radiohead lead an impressive class of inductees, as revealed on December 13.

The Rock Hall also welcomes goth-pop phenoms The Cure, arena-rock scorchers Def Leppard, glam experimentalists Roxy Music, and ’60s baroque-rock forebears The Zombies to its 2019 class.

Also nominated this year were Rage Against the Machine, Kraftwerk, MC5, Rufus & Chaka Khan, LL Cool J, Devo, Todd Rundgren, and John Prine.

The newly inducted artists will (presumably) accept their newest honor in March 29 ceremony at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. I say “presumably” because certain artists — namely Radiohead — have made known their feelings on the very idea of an institution dedicated to Rock and Roll greats. “I don’t care,” the band’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood — no stranger to awards himself — reportedly said in a 2017 interview about the band’s then-potential recognition.

Then again, it’s terribly exciting for anyone’s faves to be honored at such a level. And if MTV’s reigning EMA Global Icon Janet Jackson will be there, that sounds unequivocally great to me. Relive her expansive 2018 EMA performance below while you count down the days until the ceremony.

Miss USA Slammed for Mocking Asian Miss Universe Contestants For Not Speaking English

Miss USA, Sarah Rose Summers, is facing controversy after a video surfaced of her making what seems to be negative comments about two non-English speaking contestants taking part in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant being held in Thailand.

According to People, the video (which you can watch here) was part of an Instagram Live posted by Miss Colombia Valeria Morales, who appears alongside Summers and Miss Australia Francesca Hung.

“She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English,” Summers said of Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie. “And then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she goes — .” She then makes a blank, smiling expression that seems to mock H’Hen before laughing and adding, “She’s adorable.” Morales asks her to repeat the look and Summers obliges.

The trio then discusses Miss Cambodia Rern Sinat, who had earlier posted an Instagram photo of herself with Summers. “Miss Cambodia is here and doesn’t speak any English,” Summers said. “And not a single person here speaks her language. Can you imagine? Francesca said that it would be very isolating and I think yes, and just confusing all the time.”

Summers has since apologized in an Instagram post, although—as you’ll see below—social media reactions are coming fast and furious.

Obviously, social media users wasted no time in letting their criticisms of Summers’ comments be known.

“Do you speak any language except English?” one Instagram commenter asked. “Absolutely enraged that Miss USA, Miss Australia and Miss Colombia made fun of Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam for not being able to speak fluent English, TRASH,” wrote another user on Twitter. Another said, “@MissUniverse i wonder if you will still allow Miss USA, Columbia, and Australia to continue in the competition after their racist/ bigoted remarks toward fellow contestant Miss Cambodia. I can’t believe these ladies will be repersenting [sic] their countries!”

The Miss Universe pageant will air live Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. ET on FOX.

Once Upon a Deadpool Has A Special Post-Credits Tribute For Stan Lee

Marvel Comics and MCU fans were shocked last month when we all learned that Stan Lee, the face of Marvel, had passed away at 95. The tributes have been coming in from all corners since then, but the real question many of us had was how the actual Marvel movies would handle the fact that Lee was no longer with us. While Once Upon a Deadpool is something of an anomaly movie-wise, it is the first Marvel movie to hit the screen since Lee left us. This makes it extra special that the movie takes a moment to honor Lee after the credits of the new movie.

Stan Lee doesn’t cameo in person in Deadpool 2, one of the few Marvel movies where that’s the case. There were apparently some scenes shot for the new PG-13 rated version of the film, but rather than seeing them inserted in the film, Complex reports that they’re included as part of a post-credits sequence of Once Upon a Deadpool. Beyond simply showing the scenes, however, the post-credits bit also includes interview footage of Stan Lee reflecting on his own legacy. That legacy is now being considered by a lot of people, making it a perfect addition to the conversation to know what Stan Lee thought himself.

For the record, he didn’t really care. Stan took a pretty pragmatic view of the topic, realizing that once he was gone, it didn’t really matter what other people thought.

It is somewhat humorous that Once Upon a Deadpool, the Marvel property that takes itself the least seriously, becomes the first movie to pay a serious tribute to Stan Lee. However, the filmmakers clearly felt that doing so was necessary under the circumstances. Stan Lee probably would have loved the irony.

Stan Lee has a brief cameo of sorts in Ralph Breaks the Internet where Sarah Silverman’s Vannellpe Von Schweetz runs past him during the Disney infused sequence of the film. The audience in my theater let out an audible sigh seeing his digital avatar. We can expect similar things to happen over the next few months as the final Stan Lee cameos appear in movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Avengers: Endgame.

Of course, while Stan Lee might not have cared about his legacy, there’s no argument that he left an indelible one. Lee was instrumental in creating numerous comic book superheroes who have gone on to become pop culture icons. Lee crafted an image of himself which became larger than life and almost a character in its own right. Stan Lee the comic pioneer and Stanley Martin Leiber the man were barely the same person. It was fitting that the former ended up in the movies about the characters he created.

The characters that Stan Lee helped create will live beyond him. At this point, it’s difficult to imagine that names like Spider-Man, Iron Man, or The Incredible Hulk will ever not be part of the popular imagination. Fans owe him a lot and Once Upon a Deadpool shows that those making the films won’t forget it.

Kate Middleton Drove Herself to Buckingham Palace—Is That Common?

Stop what you’re doing, people: Kate Middleton drove herself to Buckingham Palace yesterday (December 12).

Actually, don’t stop. Feel free to carry on with your life, because this actually isn’t a big deal—despite what the Internet is saying. Yes, it’s true the Duchess of Cambridge rolled up to Buckingham Palace in her car, firmly planted in the driver’s seat, but this isn’t a breach of royal protocol. (The Sun reports Middleton was at BP for a quick hangout with Queen Elizabeth II. Ya know, just a breezy grandmother-in-law luncheon!)

“Royals have long been known to drive themselves, from the queen and Princess Diana, and it’s not unusual or a break in protocol to do so,” Myka Meier, founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette, tells Glamour. “We typically, however, see royals driving themselves to less casual events, and being driven to any official or formal events they are attending.” (This strengthens the theory that the queen and Middleotn were having a casual kickback as opposed to something fancy.)

A fan caught Middleton in driving action and posted a video to Instagram. Check it out for yourself, below.

This is the third time this year people have raised eyebrows at car-related situations with the royals. There was all that hubbub in September when Meghan Markle was praised for shutting her own car door. Before that, the Duchess of Sussex sparked chatter when she entered a car before the queen. “This is just a case of habit, not protocol (protocol actually says the most important person sits diagonally behind the driver) but the Queen has always preferred being directly behind whoever is driving her,” a royal etiquette expert told Daily Mail Online about that incident.

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Taylor Swift Will Premiere a New Reputation Concert Movie on Netflix

Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy Taylor Swift‘s Reputation tour from the comfort of your own home, because Taylor is coming to Netflix.

On Dec. 13, Taylor rung in her 29th birthday by announcing that a concert movie of her Reputation adventures will air on Netflix on, of course, New Year’s Day 2019. Based on the trailer she dropped, the movie will cover the Reputation concert, including opening acts Camila Cabello and Charli XCX. (Maybe it will also show pals Gigi Hadid and Emma Stone dancing at her shows?)

“Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! Today I finally get to show you something we’ve been working on for a while… the trailer for the Reputation Stadium Tour!” she wrote. “You made this tour so insanely fun for all of us on stage, and I’m really excited that we will have this memento of the memories we all made together this year. I also got to share the stage with such wildly talented people @camila_cabello, @charli_xcx, my band and dancers who shine so brightly in this film. You’re the best. Thank you for everything.”

Swifties, of course, are all about this new development. One fan wrote, “So my netflix just became even more serious then it was because @taylorswift13 just announced her REPUTATION STADIUM TOUR MOVIE IS GOING TO BE ON NETFLIX.” Another added, “It’s literally HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US. Thank you. SO excited to experience this in another way, and be able to relive it over and over again.”

If you, like me, saw the Reputation tour in the pouring rain (or if you didn’t get a chance to see it at all), you’re in serious luck, since a New Year’s Eve spent in bed watching Taylor Swift perform sounds like the perfect way to ring in 2019.

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The Greatest Showman Was Originally Going To Be A Broadway Musical

There’s usually one big movie musical a year, which often makes a ton of money at the box office, as its soundtrack is quickly adopted into pop culture. While all eyes are on how A Star Is Born and Mary Poppins Returns will perform during Awards Season, last year’s musical blockbuster was The Greatest Showman. Starring Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, the movie performed extremely well in theaters, and has remained relevant over the last calendar year through projects like the cover album.

Now separated from his iconic role as Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman is taking his musical talents on the road with a tour, including songs from The Greatest Showman. The actor recently spoke about the movie’s development, including original plans to make it a stage musical. As Jackman tells it,

While the iconic musical numbers and visual affects are part of what made The Greatest Showman a new classic, it appears that the project could have originated on the stage. Does that mean a Broadway bound musical could be on the way? Fingers crossed.

Hugh Jackman’s comments to THR might not come to a complete shock, considering the career of composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. The songwriting duo has its roots in theater, recently having a massive hit with Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen. Pasek and Paul also worked on projects like La La Land, so The Greatest Showman could have easily ended up on either film or the stage.

Ultimately, crafting The Greatest Showman into a movie allowed the story to be told in a grand scale that it couldn’t on stage. It’s a massive movie, with visual effects elevating the musical numbers and allowing zoo animals like Tigers and Elephants to appear digitally. It ultimately helps put you in the world of Barnum’s circus, although a stage play doesn’t seem out of the question for the future.

Hugh Jackman specifically referenced one Youtube video, where actress Keala Settle sang “This Is Me” for the first time in public. The video currently has 34 million views, and you can check it out below.

Pretty powerful stuff. And given how both Keala Settle and Hugh Jackman have a history on Broadway, the duo easily could have starred in The Greatest Showman, if it ended up a Broadway musical.

You can catch Hugh Jackman singing The Greatest Showman soundtrack on his tour. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New year.

Jason Momoa Made A Serious Entrance For The Aquaman Premiere

Jason Momoa is having the best time playing Aquaman, whether that be talking to reporters about the movie or having a blast at the premieres for the latest DC movie. It’s pretty clear he’s living his best life as Arthur Curry. Last night, at the U.S. premiere in fact, the actor took a break on the blue carpet to do a traditional haka dance, hearkening back to his Maori roots. Check it out.

Jason Momoa was front and center at the Aquaman premiere as the actor and his energetic crew performed a routine that included chanting, dancing and Jason Momoa wandering around holding a trident prop. At one point, he got so excited he snapped the trident in half.

If you watch the video (via Variety) closely, you can see Jason Momoa’s kids, daughter Lola Iolani and son Nakoa-Wolf, also performing the haka in the background.

This isn’t the only evidence of Jason Momoa having fun at the premiere. The actor also sipped on a beer while talking to reporters in a moment caught by the LA Times.

It’s pretty crazy how amped up and energetic Jason Momoa was, considering Aquaman director James Wan had just shared an image of leads Momoa and Amber Heard traveling back from Manila just in time to make the big, splashy (pun intended) premiere of the DC flick.

That’s a lot of travel in a very short time, considering it was only recently the cast and creative team were in China celebrating the premiere of the DC movie as well. Still, they looked refreshed and ready to run through another set of press lines. Fellow Aquaman actress Amber Heard also looked like she was having a pretty good time, sharing an image from the premiere featuring herself, Jason Momoa and his wife Lisa Bonet.

Warner Bros. and DC are pulling out the stops for Aquaman. While the studio has put out other big movies this year–recently Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldAquaman is the lone DC outing on the calendar this year.

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not the new movie ends up really resonating with audiences, but the flick is off to a good start overseas and some estimates say it could make as much as $100 million during its opening weekend. We’ll find out soon enough. Aquaman opens on December 21 and if you are itching to know more, be sure to check out our full guide.

The Aquaman Movie Uses Water, But Not Nearly As Much As You Think

You can’t make an Aquaman movie without using a ton of water. Right? This was something I paid very close attention to on a second viewing of James Wan’s Aquaman. For while the bulk of the action is set underwater, there’s far less water involved in the making of the movie as one might have originally believed. CinemaBlend brought this up with the film’s cast during a recent Aquaman press day, and learned the following:

The consensus from the Aquaman actors is that very little water was actually involved in the shooting of the film. They all explained how it’s impossible to actually film in water, and that the only way to get water to properly show up on screen in an image is for the subject to be soaking wet.

So, the alternate was wire-work, which allowed characters played by Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren and more to “float” in water as they interact, and fight, and it looks extremely credible.

In fact, during that second viewing of Aquaman, I spent so much time looking at how CGI wizards made hair “float” on screen. It’s amazing.

That doesn’t mean that Aquaman didn’t use any water whatsoever. You can tell in several important scenes that gallons of water were used to lend authenticity to the surroundings, as Arthur Curry’s environment is supposed to be all about water. James Wan assured CinemaBlend:

To me, this aspect of Aquaman was the most compelling. If you can’t convince us, visually, that the action is taking place underwater, then the movie kind of fails. Technology has improved drastically even from when Jason Momoa had to fight Steppenwolf underwater in Justice League. And most of that credit has to go to James Wan.

Aquaman is cleaning up in international theaters already, and is making its way to theaters in the States on December 21. I wish you guys didn’t have to wait that long. It’s so much fun, and is a fantastic step in the right direction for DC. Our full review is here. And for more on the DCEU, in general, bookmark our Portal Page and visit it often.

Women’s Tennis Association Revises Rules for 2019—and Allows Serena Williams to Wear Her Catsuit

When Serena Williams returned to the tennis court in May, following the birth of daughter Alexis Olympia, at the 2018 French Open, she did so in a custom black Nike catsuit. It wasn’t only an epic, symbolic look—”all the moms out there that had a tough pregnancy and have to come back and try to be fierce, in [the] middle of everything, that’s what this represents,” she said at the tournament—it was specifically designed for Williams to prevent blood clots from forming while she played. She has a history of blood clots and was especially at risk following childbirth. Still, Williams’ outfit didn’t sit well with everyone: A few months later, Bernard Giudicelli, the president of the French Tennis Association announced a new dress code that would prohibit catsuits like Williams’ from appearing on the court in 2019. Many denounced this proposed ban, and Nike stood in support of Williams. Now, ahead of the new year, the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is clarifying the rules surrounding female players’ wardrobes, including compression pieces like Williams’ now-famous French Open catsuit.

The WTA released a summary of rule changes for 2019, which touched on rankings, price money withdrawals, and attire, the BBC reports. “Leggings and mid-thigh-length compression shorts may be worn with or without a skirt, shorts, or dress,” the organization wrote.

2018 French Open Tennis Tournament. Roland Garros.

PHOTO: Tim Clayton – Corbis

That doesn’t override the French Tennis Association’s proposed banning of the catsuit at the French Open—but, should Williams want to re-wear the catsuit, she’ll likely face less pushback from officials at other tournaments. (Though, don’t expect to see her play in it again—following Giudicelli’s comments, Williams noted how she wasn’t that interested in rewearing the outfit, anyway: “When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be a repeat offender,” she told ESPN.)

2018 French Open Tennis Tournament. Roland Garros.

PHOTO: Tim Clayton – Corbis

The revised rules also grant more protections to new mothers returning to the sport in regards to their rankings, according to the Telegraph. You may remember how Williams arrived to the Glam Slam this year with a lower ranking, which seeded her at a shockingly low No. 453. The WTA will now guarantee that returning players won’t face seeded competitors in the early rounds (and thus not risk early elimination); how they’re seeded themselves in these tournaments, however, remains at the discretion of officials.

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